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  1. Worth it? I would have paid extra to GET OFF it...it was that boring.
  2. You are quite welcome. Gail and her husband Barry are lovely people. They will make you feel at home. Toni and I have never had anything other than a wonderful, relaxing, great time at Beach Limerz. Oh ...and when you are there, say HELLO to Marvin for us as well!:)
  3. Yes...beach loungers, umbrellas, restrooms and a really great bar/restaurant. Check out my recent youtube video on Beach Limerz...it will show you everything you need to know. If you end up going there, tell Gail that Jim and Toni recommended Beach Limerz. It will make her smile..and she has a great smile!
  4. We were there on March 16, 2019. I did not think the waves were too bad.There was some errant wave action due to a storm the night before, but it was not consistently rough. Will there be calm seas when you are there? Tough to predict. It's the OCEAN! here is a video of the beach/waves from March 16, 2019. DSCF3369.MOV
  5. I have no doubt you will have a great time at Beach Limerz! Isn't Gail a sweetheart? and her husband, Barry, is a very personable and funny guy!
  6. I have been a professional underwater photographer for over 20 years. For still photos when scuba diving, I use a Canon EOS 80D in an Ikelite Housing with twin Ikelite strobes and a 15-85mm canon lens. I have only recently started to make underwater videos, but,so far, only while snorkeling. For the videos, believe it or not, I used a $99 Fuji XP 130, and a $100 Nikon Coolpix W100, both basically point and shoot cameras. I was pretty pleased with the results from such inexpensive cameras. Also, Mark Brown only does shore dives, which is one reason his rates are so much less than rates of most other dive operators in Curacao. All my youtube videos of Curacao were shore dives.
  7. I recommend Twin Divers in Curacao. Mark Brown, the owner, will pick you up at the pier and, at most, you will have 2 or three other divers with you. Most of the times i have dived with Mark, it has been just him and me. I have been a dive instructor for over 20 years and Mark is not only one of the most personable and funniest guys I have ever met, but he is also without doubt one of if not THE best diver i have ever dived with. He was born and raised in Curacao and will take you to spectacular dive sites where there are no other divers. His prices for dives are incredibly reasonable. Here is his email:mebrownie@gmail.com . Keep trying to contact him if he does not get right back to you...he will EVENTUALLY!!! I have known him for years and sometimes I have a tough time getting in touch. Tell him Jim from Connecticut recommended him. it will make him smile. Also, here are some of my videos from dives I have done with Mark. Check them out and decide for yourself:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXsg1Gls4m3k4R_CNYEkQDpFmBSdHRpV5 p.s.....don't believe any stories he tells you about me!
  8. Here are my suggestions: Antigua... Beach Limerz...here is my very recent (April) youtube video of our time at Beach Limerz.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVwvq2bNGo Wonderful, uncrowded beach and a great bar/restaurant. Contact Gail at info@beachlimerz.com. Tell her Jim and Toni recommended you go there. It will make her smile and she has a great smile! St Kitts..https://stkittsislandparadisetours.com/st-kitts-tours/rosevelts-special-best-of-st-kitts-panoramic-tour/ we have done this tour a couple times over the years. It is great. Barbados...http://www.actioncharters.org/ to snorkel with turtles OR Harrison Caves Tour through your ship..OR just cab it to Carlyle Bay, walk all the way down the beach to the left and snorkel the wrecks and with turtles right there St Lucia..Viggie Beach is close to where the ship dockshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYc7StBhkn8...cheap day at the beach! OR a day at Pigeon Island OR Sugar Beach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYFuvJ_DPQA with Spencer Ambrosehttp://spencerambrose.com/ I hope this helps!
  9. We were on the Rotterdam for 14 days in March and had an OV cabin on deck 2. We liked it. You might find our youtube video of that trip helpful. It is long, but it has many photos of the ship through out the video.
  10. I am glad to hear you enjoyed Beach Limerz as much as we do.
  11. Sometimes there are 3 or more cruise ships in port, so a reservation is a good idea. And, yes...Gail will arrange for a cab to pick you up and bring you back at $5 per person each way. Tell her Jim and Toni sent you. It will make her smile.
  12. We were just there in April. here is my recent youtube video: You will really enjoy it. Order the conch fritters and the coconut shrimp...best in the Caribbean! Give Barry and Gail hugs from Jim and Toni say HELLO! from us to Marvin!
  13. You are quite welcome. The Rotterdam is a lovely ship and the itinerary was fantastic. I was surprised at how much we liked Tampa! You are correct...what a shame it is no longer a HAL port.
  14. Thank you for your kind comments. I have only recently been doing underwater video while snorkeling. I have been working as a professional underwater photographer for a couple decades now and have always preferred still photos to video. Recently ( a year ago), I picked up a $70 waterproof Nikon point and shoot, which also did video. To my surprise, the video was far superior to anything I had ever done with a much more expensive GoPro AND you could ZOOM the Nikon while doing video. here is a link to my pro underwater photo youtube channel with one of my first videos...turtles in Curacao about a year ago, shot with the $70 Nikon:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QieXtCuj9uY For the Rotterdam trip, I gave the Nikon to my wife and I bought a Fuji FinePix xp130 point and shoot for video. I was pleased with it. It also took pretty good still photos...not magazine quality, but pretty good! I no longer take my $5000 Canon to the beach! The Rotterdam docked at Havensight, one of the two docks in St Thomas. The other is Crown Bay. We took a ferry over to Water Island. We love Water Island...cheap, uncrowded, and easy to get to. The turtles are always there...dozens of them!...just a few yards swim off the beach. Again, thank you for your kind comments. I am very glad you and your husband enjoyed the video. p.s. I give my wife all the credit for how good of a couple we are...she is really a wonderful person! I think she is even prettier now than when we first met...and that was 40 years ago!
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