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  1. I am pleased you liked my video. The Rotterdam was in fine shape and we enjoyed our cruise immensely!
  2. I am glad you liked the video. We looked into the Lanai cabins too, and were not sure we would like having people walk by our window. That you enjoyed the Lanai is a great recommendation and we will book one next time! Thank you!
  3. I am glad you enjoyed the video. The Rotterdam is, indeed, a small ship, but after the first day we did not even really notice. The Rotterdam is now our second favorite ship...The Maasdam is still our favorite!
  4. You may want to take a look at my youtube video from our March, 2019 cruise on the Rotterdam and judge for yourself. The video is kind of long as it was a 14 day cruise, but there are many photos of the ship and the music I used is pretty good too!
  5. Hi, Jean! I am so sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope you both are now well and enjoying health. The Summit repo cruise out of Bayonne in a couple weeks is not going to be the same without you guys! Jim and Toni
  6. Tell her Jim and Toni sent you. It makes her smile.
  7. Yes...you can do that. We never get the all inclusive day pass, but I do not remember what the chair/umbrella rental is, but it was not a lot. If the rental was a LOT, I would remember...probably around $20 or so. If you reserve through Gail beforehand, she will arrange a cab for a slightly lower fare than you can get on your own.
  8. Thank you! Clearly, we rarely spend money in the casino!
  9. I just downloaded our express pass for our up-coming cruise. It says "ELITE -PEARL." I know I am Elite, but does anyone know to what the "PEARL" is a reference?
  10. I am glad you finally connected. You will not be disappointed with Beach Limerz...long, quiet, clean, uncrowded beach...charming old school Caribbean bar...great food at reasonable prices...what more can you ask for???
  11. It is a good idea to contact Gail and Barry to reserve. They will arrange for a taxi that is a little cheaper($5pp each way) than just grabbing one in St John.
  12. I just emailed back and forth with Gail, telling her of your difficulty in reaching her. She is in Trinidad right now, but she will check for missed emails! If you still can not reach her, let me know.She gave me permission to give you her cell phone number and Barry's cell phone number. Just let them know Jim and Toni sent you!!! :)
  13. I am glad you enjoyed the video. Beach Limerz is one of our favorite places in the Caribbean. You will not be disappointed. Tell Gail and Barry that Jim and Toni said HELLO!!
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