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  1. Yeah...that exactly the kind of comment that I find unnecessary. Adult gamblers are well aware of the risk their habit may incur. Point is, the choice to gamble is exactly that...a choice. One that many do happily. To each their own in how they spend their money whether it be for lavish excursions, jewelry, drinks, or the casino.
  2. Thank for sharing! So nice to read a positive review! We escape in September and are looking very much to it. I'm going on the Escape BECAUSE of my gambling, so I love to hear that someone hit a hand pay. We hit the casino late at night until the snacks come out, then we get a few more drinks and go to bed. Terribly indulgent and fun.
  3. There ya go! We've been on three cruises in the last 18 months from casinos. We were flown out to Reno by Harrahs and had a great time. Like you, we have a dedicated vacation fund and I'm constantly looking out for ways to enjoy this too short life. We're totally inside cabin people, we actually enjoy the complete darkness and spend money on experiences. Last year we rented a twizzy in Bermuda. We took a food tour in Jamaica. We walk the boardwalk in AC, and take an annual Vegas trip. I like the slots and will continue to budget for my habit. I'm hoping to use my trip to Atlantis. Have plans to go to Orlando and will stay (compd) at hard rock Tampa. Work hard, play hard, enjoy the ride!
  4. I've started cruising because of my gambling. Like others, it's not something i share readily. But it has afforded me a lifestyle I enjoy very much and share with my family. So I take advantage of perks gained. Like the CAS line, or free drinks. I don't judge how others spend their money, it's their business. And I have a great time with my "degenerate" habit.
  5. I'm a horrible snorer, I admit it. BF had tried all sorts of ear plugs. The best ones he's discovered are actually found in the sporting section, the ones used for shooting. They're usually bright orange. They're cheaper and work the best in his opinion.
  6. While disappointed that all games are not included, I'm hoping that the yellow games have a minimum upcharge. It will be difficult for me to resist skee ball. Again, I can easily blow through $8/day blowing things up, shooting zombies, and speeding racecars on other games. It'll be awesome!!
  7. Thank you for pursuing this! I'm thinking that since no one knows of this pass, I may run into some issues. We'll see. What are the "others" in OSheehans that were referred to? There has to be something this pass can be used on. Dave and Busters has a similar unlimited, limited pass. Most riding, shooting, screen based items were included, as were skee ball, basketball, and things that you throw to knock over. Only the crane games and the super expensive games were not. My delusional hope is that they will change most things to green on Sunday morning by the time I get there rest to kick some arcade butt. Otherwise I will be going to guest service to discuss what exactly should be disclosed about this unlimited program. Is it like the bev package, where everything under $2 games is included? I'm going to make a list and bring it back to post.
  8. I sail Sunday! Boyfriend doesn't know...It's a surprise. I'll put him on photo duty to document everything...I'm sure we'll have ample opportunity to get pics of everything.
  9. Grrr... I was already envisioning my dance of glory after beating my boyfriend in skeeball.
  10. I totally will report back! (Probably annoyingly so...)
  11. I didn't realize that this was a newly available package. I hope there are no snags! I searched for a YouTube video too and saw that most everything was green (at least they were last year when the video was posted). I hope that it hasn't changed, but I did read a recent review that claimed about 25% of the arcade was green, and the remainder was yellow. I wonder if there will be difference to pay? I will bring back news upon my return. I do hope that most of the games are green, otherwise I may have to see if I can get a refund of some sort. It should then read "unlimited play on limited machines". The term arcade leads me to believe that most of the machines would be included...one can only hope!
  12. Thank you so much for this info! Just purchased the unlimited package for our cruise on Sunday! We could easily spend $8/day each, so this was a no brainer for us. Another way for us to burn off buffet and cocktail calories...
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