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  1. Yeah...that exactly the kind of comment that I find unnecessary. Adult gamblers are well aware of the risk their habit may incur. Point is, the choice to gamble is exactly that...a choice. One that many do happily. To each their own in how they spend their money whether it be for lavish excursions, jewelry, drinks, or the casino.
  2. Thank for sharing! So nice to read a positive review! We escape in September and are looking very much to it. I'm going on the Escape BECAUSE of my gambling, so I love to hear that someone hit a hand pay. We hit the casino late at night until the snacks come out, then we get a few more drinks and go to bed. Terribly indulgent and fun.
  3. There ya go! We've been on three cruises in the last 18 months from casinos. We were flown out to Reno by Harrahs and had a great time. Like you, we have a dedicated vacation fund and I'm constantly looking out for ways to enjoy this too short life. We're totally inside cabin people, we actually enjoy the complete darkness and spend money on experiences. Last year we rented a twizzy in Bermuda. We took a food tour in Jamaica. We walk the boardwalk in AC, and take an annual Vegas trip. I like the slots and will continue to budget for my habit. I'm hoping to use my trip to Atlantis. Have plans to go to Orlando and will stay (compd) at hard rock Tampa. Work hard, play hard, enjoy the ride!
  4. I've started cruising because of my gambling. Like others, it's not something i share readily. But it has afforded me a lifestyle I enjoy very much and share with my family. So I take advantage of perks gained. Like the CAS line, or free drinks. I don't judge how others spend their money, it's their business. And I have a great time with my "degenerate" habit.
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