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  1. Hi AndyMichelle, Thanks for the good thoughts.. yes we were aware of the traffic issues but we are going with Eavesway coaches so hopefully they will have factored that into the timing... We are being picked up at 7:30am so let’s hope so anyway. ouch!!. thanks again
  2. Hi there emam, just wondered how the ‘ norovirus ‘ problem is going?.. hope it hasn’t caused you any problems on your holiday... We are due on Britannia on Saturday so a bit concerned if it is still an issue...would appreciate you updating us plus any comments. It will be our first time on Britannia ( and P&O also ) so have been watching your posts with interest. Thanks
  3. Hi fastnloose, Thanks for your kind words... Looking forward to it all of course and appreciate your offer of help... will try not to bother you but good to know help is there if needed... Thanks again.
  4. Hi fastnloose, thanks for the advice.. looking forward to our holiday ( with or without the internet ). thanks again
  5. Hi and thanks for the replies , will take your advice I think.. thanks again
  6. Hi everyone, we usually have the Internet on cruises ( yes... really sad I know but we like it, and our grandson likes to keep in touch ).. but whilst the Internet package looks reasonable we wondered if the fiords themselves made reception poor and / or erratic. So wondered if anyone could advise us if they have tried this and how it worked for them. many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi.. Have you thought of ' Eavesway Coaches ' ?. Like you we live a fair distance and we have used them several times, they are super luxury coaches, wi-fi etc. They have good pickups ( we are in Leeds ).. Never had any issues..they take care of your luggage at the docks as well... worth you looking up on the net anyway, just to compare.. Hope you get lots of replies so you can compare...but each to his own of course..
  8. Hi everyone.. thanks for the replies... We are fine either way as usually no time to watch tv much..just wondered as a ' just in case '. Really looking forward to our cruise though so any advice always welcome. thanks again.
  9. hello.. whilst we probably won't spend much time in our cabin I wondered what channels are available on our TV on the Britannia ?... I realise in the fiords the reception will prob be poor though...so also can we use a USB stick in the to set ?.. Have tried to find this out but cannot as yet so sorry to bother everyone... Thanks
  10. Hi...thanks everyone... It is great to know about the cakes as well...will follow your advice pete14 and try the Costa out first though..Really looking forward to our cruise and hoping it will be the first of many on the Britannia ( or possibly the Iona as that looks super too ). We usually go on R Caribbean but liked the look of the Britannia. Thanks again.
  11. Hello... We have just booked our first P&O cruise and will be on on Britannia in June. We always enjoy a Costa coffee and wondered if anyone knows how much a latte is, small or medium. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi.. We sailed on the Baltic cruise in September 17. We booked late as we saw an offer...inside , low deck cabin..good budget price. The cabin was not a bad size actually..but quite tired. That didn't matter to us as such. Quite creaky and once you went to bed you were aware of dripping in the pipe works inside the walls ...suggest you take earplugs if that bothers you. Small tv ...it worked...Reasonable wardrobe.. Safe... Bathroom ok considering an old ship..but as with the cabin could have done with a deep clean in some places. No kettle or tea making facilities... We asked for one but were told, rather curtly, that only outside and above cabins were given them,..we offered to pay ...no chance. Suggest despite what you are told you pop in a small travelling one as if you have one anyway the worst that can happen is they hold it until you disembark back home. We didn't go on any excursions they looked expensive for what they were and we were glad afterwards as the weather was poor and we managed quite well under our own steam... If you have booked now.... Don't know if you have been on any other cruise lines, a cruise is what you make of it but I have written a review of our trip... We tried our best to make the best of it.. If you haven't booked yet... The above comment still counts of course but we will never ...ever ...book with them again... If we won a prize of a cruise with them we wouldn't go...you will no doubt get loads of pro-Magellan posts now... We can only say how we felt...any questions by all means ask... Best regards
  13. Hi everyone, My original posting was in September 17 so it was interesting to see some recent comments have been added... However I have to say after our Baltic cruise we will never...ever....cruise Magellen again... totally due to the ship and not the itinerary....Sorry to all who are loyal to Cruise Maritime but we felt it was a very poor in many ways .... And to add to recent comments on kettles for example...let's face it in 2018 what ship refuses a kettle unless you are in a ' superior ' cabin...we have posted a review so won't go into detail and bore everyone again. Bye for now
  14. We've just been on the Navigator. We played the first session of Bingo and it was $29 for 4 games. Before we started I asked the girls how the prizes were calculated and was told they only kept back money to replace the books etc... We are sure there were about 120 players so approximately $3900 taken in as we could see some bought more than one ' book '....the prizes totalled just short of $1300... so Royal Caribbean kept about two thirds of the money.. As said what a rip-off... Whilst we agree Bingo is part of the entertainment this leaves a nasty taste in the mouth...We should have been told the truth unless of course the flimsy pieces of paper cost over $2500... We did not play again and will not.. I mentioned this in our after cruise survey although I don't expect it will be considered worth a reply.
  15. Hi and thanks for replying...good to know...only a couple of weeks now!!!!
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