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  1. My sister and I are going on the Imagination March 8. Our flight lands at LAX at 7:45am. What time does this ship/port usually start letting people on board? We do have FTTF but in our experience other ports won’t let you board until about noon. If everything goes according to schedule and we can’t board until 12, any suggestions on what to do in Long Beach before we board? Thanks!
  2. Had a spa Balcony for the first time on my last cruise (Dream) and it was amazing! No kids in sight and easy access to the lido and the serenity deck!! Not to mention free access to the spa amenities. I will book spa balconies any chance I get now! Highly recommend!
  3. I’ve only ever cruised out of Galveston but this March I’m cruising out of Long Beach on the Carnival Imagination. I’m landing at LAX at 7am. How is the traffic to/from the port? Any tips I should be aware of? Would love to hear differences between the Galveston port and Long Beach. Thanks in advance!
  4. To all the people assuming things about my post. Here you go: All of you have this misconstrued view of how that conversation went and would love to paint me as the devil but its not the case. Here is how it went: “do you receive the tips we pay to Carnival?” The answer was no. I never asked how much they make. I asked about TIPS.
  5. Of course he would say its untrue! Lol! I addressed your other concerns in my original post. If you want to believe a corporation thats on you. I’ll continue making sure my stewards and waitstaff get the tips they deserve.
  6. An awesome room steward I had a few years ago. He told us if you tip at the bar, the bartenders get the tips but the room stewards and wait staff do not get the electronic tips. We asked our steward because we had a relative that told us about this and we didn’t believe him.
  7. Oh, I’m sorry for actually caring about their tips! I asked about tips because I was worried they weren’t getting the money they deserve. It’s our business if Carnival is labeling OUR money as gratuities when in reality it’s not. This should be your concern as well if it involves your money.
  8. I’ve had two different Carnival employees tell me that Carnival gives them a set wage and doesn’t include additional tips. AKA they don’t receive anything extra. Yes they could’ve been lying to get cash; however I would never take this chance. I ALWAYS tip in cash for this reason. I tip more than the recommended amount so its not about being a cheap skate. People don’t believe tips aren’t given to employees because they don’t WANT to believe Carnival is screwing over these employees (even though we already know they get paid trash in the first place).
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