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  1. And the waterpark includes the slides?? Is that correct?
  2. We will be at Coco Cay on Saturday - fingers crossed they are wrong about the rain! I have reserved a cabana at the Thrill Waterpark and assumed that this included the use of the waterslides. Now that I have seen a few reviews, I am unsure. Am I required to buy passes for my grandsons? Can anyone help me with this question?? Thanks!
  3. Done deal - actually got it for less than my previous cabin! Thanks to all!
  4. We are sailing Royal Princess from Vancouver to LA in mid-September. Currently, we have angled balcony B428. L107 looks quite enticing but since this is a sailing with no ports, I have some concern that the balcony wind may make it less appealing. However if both balconies would be chilly, it appears from the YouTube video L107 would afford a nice cabin layout. Does anyone have experience with one or both of these cabins? What would be your preference?? Thanks!!
  5. It was very windy and chilly at the canyon overlook today but otherwise a nice sunny day!
  6. I just took this photo as we are approaching Nawiliwili. It’s a bit windy and we have small swells but nothing like described.
  7. We are in Honolulu today on the Emerald Princess and having beautiful weather. We are scheduled for Kauai tomorrow. The captain announced that HAL has rerouted but he hopes we will still be able to port on Saturday. Most reputable tour vendors do not charge if you aren’t able to port. Hope your weather improves to be as nice as ours has been on Maui and Oahu.
  8. Members of the travel industry have always been aware of inventory that is held back from public view and even the view of the agents which answer their customer service lines. This is done for a variety of reasons. Whether that’s being held specifically now for the bidding process, none of us could know.
  9. Thank you very much! If I buy the wine package, do you know if they still charge a corkage fee for those bottles?
  10. As the OP, I truly do not want to be the reason for any contention - so while I appreciate any info please - no negativity! Astro Flyer - the wine package is a great suggestion I hadn’t considered! When you purchase the program, are you allowed to have one of the bottles in the dining room perhaps keeping unused portions for another night? Thanks, Maureen!
  11. We are on a 15-day Hawaii itinerary. My husband has become spoiled with drink packages - but this itinerary would be too costly. If he brings the two bottles of wine onboard in LA, can he purchase and keep two more when we port in Hawaii? is it two bottles per cabin or per person? Thanks for your patience (I have poor luck with searching for answers after the CC website changes) Maureen
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