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  1. We know who the vulnerable population is. You know it, I know it, Bob Dole knows it. So for those people, take whatever precautions you need to. But for those of us who want to live our lives, live our lives. We all take risks in life. Life is one big risk.
  2. I think there are a lot of people who would. Maybe not smart, but I don’t think hose ships would be empty.
  3. Tough situation for Carnival. I don’t know the details of their finances, but if canceling another month would put them in serious jeopardy of going under, I can see why they might try to sail. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I don’t think this is necessarily a situation where Carnival is playing games by waiting until Monday.
  4. We should have a pool on the day/time when Carnival or the government shuts down the ports.
  5. It just seems like Carnival wants to ride this out. If the government doesn’t force a shut down, then Carnival rolls the dice and hope that between the offers they make to people to cancel, the ban in higher risk people, and their ability to clean the ships, no more outbreaks occur. Otherwise, why not just announce it along with Princess today? I get why people are saying cruises should shut down. But if they are consistent, then they should be saying all public transportation should be shut down. Planes, subway, buses....all of it. If this is really the plague that the
  6. Based on nothing but opinion but I’m guessing the government shuts things down before Carnival does. Meaning closes the port. Or, if there is another outbreak on a ship. But I think it’ll be a government thing first.
  7. So, you don’t you out in public at all? Is so, good for you. No chance I’m doing that.
  8. I agree. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. If I go on a cruise, people might say...you are part of the problem. But if I go on that cruise and then self quarantine after, I’m not part of the problem. But if I go to the store today and get infected . And then to a restaurant this weekend, and then a store next week, I may have infected several people. But all I did were things most people are going to continue to do going forward. The best way to keep the burden down on the hospitals is for older folks and people with underlying conditions to only be in public if abso
  9. The issue isn’t that it’s nothing. The question is: what is the proper response? I think anyone in a high risk category should stay at home as much as possible. If they have to work, fine. Otherwise, stay home. But I’ll bet a lot of people, who want things canceled, are likely going out in public even though it’s not necessary for them to do so.
  10. I can see Florida doing this. The level of hysteria is now beyond crazy.
  11. Good point. But sometimes, there is just a cascading effect. Meaning, they are doing it so we will do it. Tough times.
  12. I also think Carnival will follow suit, but if so, why not just announce it at once? Sort of like ripping off the band aid? But maybe it’s because Carnival is more Caribbean based? Just seems like the dye is cast here.
  13. Last week WHO estimated 3.4%. Good question on the ramp up. Maybe because we aren’t quite at the tipping point, but getting there? So let’s get more urgency? To me, it’s all about risk. If my cruise sails in 2 weeks, I’ll be on it. I know some think that’s selfish. But I also work from home and will self-quarantine for a couple of weeks after my cruise just in case. If I couldn’t do that, I probably would reschedule. One thing I wish we could do is cut out the politics over this (I don’t mean anyone specifically). It doesn’t help. You have one side saying it’s Trump’s K
  14. Ha, yep. I guess my point is, they were talking a much higher death rate early on. So it’s nice to get some good news out of today.
  15. Agree. But it’s interesting that it seems some people are taking his comment that the virus is 10 times more deadly than the flu as a negative. It was what, a week ago that the guy at the WHO was saying it was over 30 times deadlier. That’s not a small difference.
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