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  1. creel5857

    Tips for Cruising with an Infant

    As noted, make your own decision but DO NOT ASSUME you can easily purchase diapers at a value price just anywhere. Yes there are some Walmart’s but not in small ports and a lot of everyday products are much more costly in Alaska that lower states. That said, you could pack less clothes for yourselves and use laundry self/paid on ship if needed. Goin on a cruise is not cheap either way but doing your homework ahead is good
  2. In hopes of getting some pictures and comments on Vision when it starts a few weeks of trips to key west and Bahamas.......we saw some pictures from those who went on Panama Canal last 2 weeks and hoping to get some additional pictures of ship and services. We go on Jan 5 cruise and just wanted any comments or observations that you might have
  3. Sorry yall have been sick and you missed seeing some of New Orleans but wanted to thank you again for all your comments and pictures.
  4. So glad you have shared comments and pictures from your experience. We enjoyed our Panama Canal voyage on Holland last year. We are on the vision in January and i had hoped the food would be very good but guess i better lower my expectations based on some of the experiences noted on this board. I know food is not all that you go for but on this trip it wasn’t so many great ports that were included and we were going to chill out and enjoy the dining and a few shows......again, thanks for the comments or tips you have given
  5. Thanks for everything you have posted and for the time and effort it took. I might have missed something in earlier posts was was wondering: 1. Have the night time shows on Vision been good? 2. Could you post a sample of the daily activity schedule if you get a chance.....any day....just a sample thanks again and the pictures have been great
  6. Thanks for everything you have posted and for the time and effort it took. If you have a chance later and can post a sample of royal carribean daily itinerary/newsletter we would love it since we are going on vision in January and would love to see what one looks like ......
  7. Sorry you dont feel well. Hope you are much better tomorrow. Enjoying your posts very much!!
  8. Enjoying your posts very much. Are you finding that email and social media is slow or just uploading the pictures. Still trying to decide if we purchase the internet/WiFi package for our January trip.
  9. After on-line check in my paperwork says arrival time 11:30-12:00. Thought i had read that no rooms ready till about 1:00. We will have a few things with us I prefer to not check in with other luggage like 2 cpap machines and bag with meds. Can anyone offer a few thoughts about where you stay if room not ready.....are the dining options already overwhelmed with people ......just need tips on what we should do or if it is better to wait until 1:00 to even try to get checked in. We will be going out of New Orleans for the first time and I am not sure how long it takes to get parked and processed at that port. We have made decision to try to get parked in attached port parking area if we can locate a space. Any thoughts or tips appreciated.
  10. We will be on vision of the seas in early January visiting cococay. We have been reading about the 200 million upgrade. I kept looking for recent comments on current level of services, tender details, if food/buffet is included at no costs??? Can anyone share some details? Appreciate it very much.
  11. Enjoying your posts very much. This lets us relive our trip through Canal last year and we get to see areas around the ship which we will sail on in January . Thanks!!!
  12. creel5857

    Nassau - Things to Do

    Since we have not been to Nassau before could I ask following form anyone: 1. Is is safe and easy walk to do independent walk tour of the distillery, cigar and chocolate tour stops 2. Can you purchase and bring back to US any cigars without major ordeal with customs
  13. creel5857

    Vision of Sea drydock

    Ok thanks......I guess we have been lucky and on last princess and holland cruise as they had received some major updating with interiors (carpets, linens, dining chairs, deck chairs). because we had also sailed them before drydock so we knew what they looked like before drydock. but it doesnt matter because i plan to have a good time and am confident their routine maint will help it look fine. Thanks for all the pictures and comments
  14. creel5857

    Vision of Sea drydock

    I had hoped drydock on ship her age was going to include upholstery and linens but guess that was wishful thinking. We are scheduled on deck 8 so hope that issue with the leaks got fixed and rooms cleaned back up good. We have sailed holland and princess several times and we like mid size ships rather than larger ones and dont need all the bells and whistles at our age. We had chance at this one leaving from port we can drive to and i had hoped it would be fresh and clean after dry dock but maybe that was wishful thinking...........thanks for update
  15. Enjoying pictures of different things you see and run across .....been thinking about the outlets as most cabins dont have many......we have a cpap so hope there are some near bed as well.....appreciate the updates to familiarize our group with the ship a bit prior to getting on. We have been on holland and princess but upcoming cruise on vision will be first on RC