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  1. This is the exact reason I don’t eat in the buffet. I saw on the news today that buffet staff on the Grand were gloved (I don’t remember if they also had on masks) and serving the people what the people would point to.
  2. A few years ago we were on an Alaskan cruise and made four new friends at our dinner table that week. One night near the end of the cruise, one man at our table would see the shrimp cocktail every night on the menu and asked our waiter, can’t i get fried shrimp on this cruise? The waiter conferred with the head waiter and he was brought a small plate of fried shrimp a little later. The next night was formal night and as we were eating our entrees the head waiter brings to our table a ginormous platter of beautifully fried shrimp! We ate our fill and asked the waiter to take it around to other tables in our area. The head waiter got a VERY handsome tip that night 😂
  3. If the stock is held in both husband and wife’s names, do both get the stock obc ? What if it is in just one of their names (my husband gets the military obc and I don’t)
  4. Probably not in the salmon ladder. We saw them in mid July (they ran early that year) and in early August.
  5. There are five types of salmon so I’m not sure if or what they might have late in the season. That’s one reason to get there early. They serve it until they run out that day. Perhaps they catch some of the larger, deep water salmon that late.
  6. We love Ketchikan (we’ve been there 4 times and are going a 5th time in September). We’ve always done it on our own. You can catch the public bus by the pier and it will drop you off at a number of locations in the city. We like to go up Creek St. and work our way back to the pier. I think Creek St. has the best prices if you want to pick up things made in Alaska. If the salmon are running you can walk upstream along the creek to the salmon ladder (we found it quite fascinating). There is a funicular that will take you up the hill to a restaurant/coffee place. Working back through town there is a nice national forest discovery center. We like to wind up at The Alaskan Fish House for awesome fish tacos (we get there about 11:30 as it gets really crowded). A short walk and you’re back at your ship. https://exclusivealaska.com/our-restaurant
  7. We’ve been to Alaska on the Star, Sapphire and Grand. We slightly prefer Sapphire and Grand because they have Alfredo’s. We love having pizza there at least a couple of times during the cruise.
  8. I think it depends on the port where they stock their supplies. We sail from west coast ports and it has always been Crystal Geysers.
  9. Is it ok to use an essential oil diffuser in a stateroom?
  10. Even with early reservations at Alcatraz it would be a tight squeeze to make it to the theater in time for the play down on Market Street especially considering you need to store luggage first. The ferry takes awhile getting out to the rock. Also be aware, sometimes the ship is late getting into port. Our last trip returning to San Francisco we were were about 5 hours late. We had an emergency medical evacuation the day before off the Oregon coast and it put us behind our original arrival time. It was pretty chaotic getting off the ship.
  11. In Alaska we’ve been on the Star, Grand and Sapphire. We did the California Coastal on the Golden. She had just come out of a three week dry dock and was spiffed up. We had no issues with her. We also did a northbound Glacier Bay out of Vancouver on the Sapphire. We love the Grand and will be sailing on her this fall on a 10 day Glacier Bay out of Vancouver. As far as Alaska cruise special moments, it would be our first sea day out of Vancouver. We were up early sitting on our balcony with coffee and it was magical. We hope we get to relive it this fall. I’ll sail Alaska anytime on any Princess ship. Since we live on the west coast we go there as often as we can as we don’t care for warm weather ports.
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