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  1. US$. Everything on your account on the ship is charged in US$. If you wish to give your room stewards or waiters an extra tip, AU$ is fine for that.
  2. Just attend the Catholic Mass if you really need to attend a Christian Service. You don't have to take communion - you are still worshipping the same God. 🙄
  3. Thanks Dianne and John for your wonderful blog. Enjoyed every minute. Until next year 😘
  4. I use the Apple email program on an iPad and I had no problems at all. I had the middle plan.
  5. No we still pay gratuities along with everyone else.
  6. I think she is finding the new CC difficult to use.
  7. Thank you for your honest thoughts. I have not been on either of the two new ships and I had no intention of booking. You have just confirmed what I thought.
  8. Surely the cruise has been paid for by both of you. If you turn up and your friend doesn't, it will just be treated as if she missed the boat. Nobody will have to pay anything extra. You will have the cabin to yourself. I think it would be marvellous. Do what you want, when you want.
  9. Well I certainly prefer somebody to react to my post rather than to say "Thank you for your post". Makes for a much less cluttered forum and each post would actually mean something rather than just an increase in the number of posts. And you can actually either like the post or laugh at the post. I haven't quite worked out what the trophy means. Maybe it means an exceptional post worthy of an award.
  10. Reacted means they "liked" your post. In other words they clicked on the heart in the bottom RH corner of your post.
  11. We travelled on greyhound bus Houston to New Orleans and return in 2003. Never again would you get me on a Greyhound bus. We were very naive travellers from Australia and had seen many movies of people travelling by Greyhound bus.
  12. Don't buy US$ just for tipping. Use what ever currency you will be using for your trip. The crew will be in the area for the season and will be able to use it or bank it.
  13. Are you going to be staying in NZ or just getting off the ship for excursions?
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