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  1. It cost nothing to file a complaint with the AG office, and it can be done online. It has gotten to the point that when I call a company to place and order (when the online site isn't cooperating) or address an issue I always use the speaker function and record the conversation. I tell them as soon as they get on the phone that I am recording. Since real customer service has all but disappeared, I don't trust people as far as I can throw them.
  2. Sorry...but I have to strongly disagree. In ANY world, a companies IT department would correct this. I can think of logical reason to automatically add a travel protection plan. A change fee...yes, even if there would be significant customer push-back. We have a company that KNOWS their system is adding unauthorized charges and apparently nobody cares enough to stop inconveniencing their customers? A senior manager worth his weight in cow dung would DEMAND it be fixed before the IT department left for the day. You may not want to admit it, but there is obviously a pattern of it happening. Consistently and knowingly adding unauthorized charges is fraud.
  3. Based on my experience...that is simply not true. Might be a good idea to avoid making absolute statements...unless of course you are the DHS Secretary. I have been asked for my Medtronic ID card and when had trouble finding it in my wallet (never had to produce it) was asked if I needed to step aside while I looked.
  4. If you have a concern that security won't believe you, get a note from the doctor. I have a pacemaker and cannot go through the machines. I simply tell them and they either pat me down or wand me from the waist down. Only once have I had anyone in security ask to see me card with the device serial number. Usually get a quick pat down when returning to the ship. The up side is, I usually get through security a lot faster than the spousal unit as there isn't a line for a pat down
  5. The spousal unit and I are considering the Canada/New England cruise out of there next summer. I think we have found a decent priced hotel for the pre-cruise one night stay. However, they don't offer transfers to the port. How much should we expect to pay to get from the Newark Airport area to the cruise port? We are comfortable with just about any method (Uber, taxi, limo, etc.) Similarly, we would be staying for a few days post cruise but will be staying in the vicinity of Time Square/Central Park. How much should we expect to pay to get from there to LGA? Thanks,
  6. Ok...I'll bite. How in the name of horse feathers can you think it is invasive while you are in a public area? Ignoring the fact the US law doesn't apply outside the US, when you are in public you have absolutely no expectation of privacy.
  7. People fall for almost any gimmick. In Texas, today starts "Sales Tax Holiday" for back to school shopping. Anything someone would need to attend school (supplies, shoes, clothing, etc.) with a price of $100 or less is exempt from sales tax. Last weekend my wife and daughter went clothes shopping (both are well past school age) and found sales in virtually every store ranging from 20-40% off. The stores were almost empty. Those same items will be back up to the "non-sale" price this weekend and the stores will be packed. Why? Because I can save 8%! More proof of the wisdom of Ron White.
  8. The "plastic straw war" is, in my opinion, all about being politically correct and wanting to look like you are doing something to help the environment and other people. Major cities in California are having huge problems with used plastic syringes (that still have the used needle attached) and humans defecating in the streets...but plastic straws are deemed to the most important thing upon which to focus. Go figure... Is there actually a lot of plastic (straws, cups, etc.) getting loose from the trash on ships? Are they going to start searching you for contraband plastic straws, cups and packaging when you re-board during a stop?
  9. Without even reading the thread I can tell you most will say the best gift is cash. My opinion...give them whatever you feel to be a nice gesture and is something they would like/use. Which is the same approach most people take when giving anyone a gift. Or, you could take the approach that nothing more than the customary assessment levied by the cruise line is necessary. Unless they do something special that I requested, I don't feel anything further has been earned. If I request something extra and get it then a gift of some kind may be warranted. However, if I give a gift and the recipient doesn't like it or want it, then it is up to them to either re-gift or throw the gift in the trash.
  10. What makes you think even the majority of those who cruise feel exactly like you feel?
  11. The case involves the sexual assault of a minor. Most people are going to equate "sexual assault" and "rape". I know the two have different legal definitions...just stating what most will do.
  12. Last time I was on a cruise ship there were more than two crew members onboard. Maybe the ships you sail on are different. Do all of you really think it would require one person per monitor? Please tell me you don't think that. Walk into any office building with security and you will see one guard watching a dozen monitors.
  13. I never said you can catch 100% of the rule breakers 100% of the time (and I would hope there are no cameras inside the rooms of the customer). Only an idiot would think that is possible. But you can do better than 2%. Keep in mind, at that time of the morning you wouldn't need to be monitoring EVERY camera. For over a decade there have been motion activated cameras. If there is no activity in an area at 2:00 am (say inside a venue that has been closed for hours) the camera would turn off. It's pretty easy to monitor a screen that is off. I'm not saying it would be easy. And I am certainly not saying it would have stopped this crime. Those two things being true doesn't mean you simply don't try.
  14. Really? How do places like MGM, The Venetian, etc. pull it off 24-7.
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