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  1. LOL, see the news headline now. Right after the very first port of call. "No one allowed back on Carnival Ship, after everyone test as having excessive temperature" And you look at a long line of people standing in the sun, sweating their asses off.
  2. The way I understand it, It's the ship yard that eats a huge loss, when the ship doesn't deliver on time. I'll have to dig around to find it, but on a Finnish forum, the ship about a month ago was ahead of the current schedule. They are throwing everything at it around the clock to get it done on time. This includes the Covid19 setbacks.
  3. Sorta doubt they are taking on very many contracts right now. Two months out from sailing, is a lot of time to have to feed, payroll and house everyone. I bet they end up leaving ships around the world to quickly pick up crews. Or just fly them in, since it's not going to be that many ships starting back up.
  4. Just to follow up on this, I was on a three way call today between my TA and Carnival. Carnival has this cruise locked up, meaning they are not allowed to make any changes to it other than cancellations. Carnival rep, indicated that it wasn't sold out, that their is availability, she said to try again in a month.
  5. Thanks for the info firefly333 😃 & Joe817 😄. Looks like this is going to be a uphill battle 🙃. I called the big box membership store, and they are not taking calls-at-all in relation to cruises. "Due to unprecedented call volume in relation to cruises, we are not taking calls, thank you and good bye"
  6. On a booked Mardi Gras cruise in November. Originally booked this through Costco. Is it best to try through Costco to pay for a upgrade? Or Contact Carnival. Try every day? Anyone been successful at a scenario like this? I'm not worried about price. Just changed my mind on the interior thing. Thanks
  7. That's super, they are keeping everyone employed then. No layoffs or furloughs. That's outstanding.
  8. Just throwing this out there. But Carnival is doing the great crew member swap in the Caribbean and starting to re-repatriate all the crews back to their countries. Once all of the ships are de-crewed. I'd imagine it would take two weeks if not a month, to get a new crew transported, and boarded, and trained. So even when CDC says your good to go. At this point it's probably 30 days or so beyond that date.
  9. It's 5 weeks ahead of schedule now. Meyer has everything riding on on-time delivery of this.
  10. Oh gad! Your post makes me think about how my Mardi Gras cruise in November might be. No Buffet, No Pools, No Shows, No Spa, No Kids Club, only 6ft social distancing. Mandatory masks. All restaurants closed with walk-up service or room delivery only. It's going to be sooooo much fun. My Nov cruise was already sold out, are they going to start cancelling half the cabins?
  11. Wow, that's quite the statement. They look at a lot of cancelled orders. Basically, they seem to think one or more cruise lines will fail. Causing a glut of cheap ships. Meyer Werft is renegotiating cruise orders to avoid cancellations, expects newbuild business won't resume for several years and will cut capacity to keep afloat. Shipyard owner Bernard Meyer and other management outlined the grim realities in an address to workers, with Meyer adding his assurance that the privately held business will adapt to survive this crisis just as it has met others during its 225-year history. However, Meyer called the current coronavirus crisis 'completely different' from challenges like the 1973 oil crisis, 9/11 and the 2008/09 financial crisis. 'Never before has the complete cruise fleet with over 400 ships stopped operating,' he said. Meyer predicts recovery is a long way off — he thinks it will be 2030 before the cruise shipbuilding market equals that of last year. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/amid-order-shifts-cutbacks-cruise-market-will-need-decade-recover-bernard-meyer
  12. I'm very much a glass-half-full kind of guy. The downturn on hotels, I believe, will come in large part from business travelers who are getting used to using Microsoft Teams and Zoom for virtual meetings. They are finding out that they don't need to make that flight/hotel to make the deal. I think this thing alone will soften airlines and hotels for years. For cruise lines, it's different, I think they will lose some of the lucrative elderly, and new cruisers will be more gun shy. There should be a bit of pent up demand, provided enough of the public still has jobs. I've been negative on CCL stock, but I think it's looking more viable now. It may take four years to recover. If they go for another round of dilution of shares, it will be that much longer. I could see the stock easily at 20 a share in 202
  13. Hah! Lots of inflation coming with all the Quantitative Easing, you don't just inject trillions of dollars with no limits, without the consequences coming due. I bet a 2023 Cruise will cost 50% more than a 2019 cruise. It's going to take awhile for people to get back to work, and have a comfortable pay check again. But all that horrid outlook. I'm super pumped to go on a cruise again, I will be way more appreciative to be on the cruise!
  14. If they get back to business by end of year, they should be able to reach $20-$25 a share, within a few years. Doubt it will be as high as it was before, due to share dilution, paying 11% interest on loan, and going into a bear of a world wide recession for awhile. I think it is a day traders dream right now, still heavily volatile. Long term seems, barring a second wave of Corona , they should not be facing any bankruptcy. They just are not going to be profitable for awhile.
  15. He mentions talk of stock. It's permitted, the subject is Stock under 40, Freedom of speech much. Stock has been on a wild ride lately. Not sure why so many of you come out ready to fight and beat your fellow Carnival fans, so readily. E
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