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  1. I was looking for a robe in the VF outlet in Williamsburg, VA and came across this. I’m still shaking my head.
  2. Aren’t the wife and the off button the same thing?
  3. For me, there is a big difference between “when will cruising restart” and “when will I start cruising.” Once cruising resumes I will probably wait at least a year or two before I book a cruise. I want to see what cruising will be like (the “new normal”) and what happens when someone on the ship inevitably comes down with Covid. If cruising changes too much, I may just start doing land vacations. The big caveat in all of this for me will be whether or not an effective vaccine is developed. That could be a game changer in my future cruising decisions.
  4. You have literally helped me thru this pandemic by all of the funny things you have posted. Thank you so much! And I would love to see some of your Tiger King memes! Everyone on that show was a hot mess so I’m sure you have some real doozies.
  5. One of my favorite songs so beautifully done that it made me cry. Bravo!
  6. Deb, I’m so sorry to hear this. Please make sure that as part of your mom’s bloodwork that a d-dimer test be done. If the test comes back elevated (positive), she could have a blood clot in her lungs. All that travel on the plane makes people susceptible for them because you’re sitting for such long periods of time. And it will definitely make you feel short of breath in your lungs. My 90 year old mother has them in her lungs now, and thank goodness the nurse practitioner had them run this test. She is now on a blood thinner. Anyway, I just wanted to mention it in case the Covid test comes back negative and they start looking for other things. Praying that they will be out of the hospital and back with you soon!
  7. Atlanta is a huge hub for Delta, and you may be able to find a flight to there if they aren’t flying to Florida. It’s about a 7 hour drive for you. Praying that you get them home soon!
  8. If they can swing it money-wise, try to get them a seat in first class, especially if the plane has the seats that flatten into a bed. For a long haul flight like this, they will be so much more comfortable. Sorry that they (and you!) are having to deal with this. Hope they have safe travels!
  9. Holland America Line Announces a Voluntary and Temporary Pause of its Global Ship Operations for 30 Days Due to the continued port closures and travel restrictions surrounding COVID-19 and in an abundance of caution, Holland America Line has made the decision to voluntarily pause global cruise operations of its 14 ships for 30 days, impacting sailings scheduled to depart through April 14, 2020. Three cruises that were scheduled to depart this weekend are now cancelled. Booked guests and their travel advisors are in the process of being notified. Guests on these three cruises cancelled this weekend will receive a 100% refund and 100% Future Cruise Credit. The cancelled cruises are: • Oosterdam: originally scheduled to embark Saturday, March 14 in San Diego, California. • Nieuw Amsterdam: originally scheduled to embark Saturday, March 14 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. • Koningsdam: originally scheduled to embark Sunday, March 15, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Any guests on back-to-back cruises beyond the dates above will now need to disembark the ship. Other voyages that are currently in progress are planned to debark as follows: • Eurodam: March 18 in San Diego, California, as scheduled. • Veendam: March 18 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as scheduled. • Zuiderdam: March 18 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as scheduled. • Maasdam: March 20 in Hilo, Hawaii. This is a change from the scheduled disembarkation in San Diego, California, on April 3. • Zaandam: March 21 in San Antonio, Chile as scheduled. • Volendam: March 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as scheduled. • Amsterdam: March 24 in Freemantle, Australia. This is a change from the scheduled disembarkation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 12. • Rotterdam: March 27 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as scheduled. Any guests on back-to-back cruises beyond the dates above will need to disembark. Ships not currently in service due to previous cancellations are: Nieuw Statendam, Noordam and Westerdam. Guests who have booked their own air should first contact their airline to make ticket changes. Holland America Line will rebook all guests who purchased their air through the Flight Ease program and will endeavor to help others who booked their own air if they are encountering issues. Guests currently booked on cruises beyond this weekend that will now not be operating will receive a communication from Holland America Line in the coming days regarding their options. To fully support guests on the cruises that were cancelled for this weekend and who are in transit, Holland America Line kindly requests that all those booked on cruises next week or later do not call reservations for assistance this weekend as hold times are expected to be very long. The line will be automatically working through the bookings of all impacted guests based on departure date and will send communications in the coming week regarding their options. We sincerely thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Recognizing the vital role travel advisors play in the success of the cruise industry, Holland America Line will protect travel advisor commissions on bookings for cancelled cruises that were paid in full and for the total amount of the Future Cruise Credits when guests rebook. Holland America Line’s corporate employees remain working and will focus on supporting guests and travel advisors impacted by these changes and preparing for cruise operations to resume. As more details become known about future cruise itineraries, they will be communicated.
  10. Sorry, for some reason I can’t get the link to work now. I’ll try to copy and paste from another post from this forum.
  11. Unfortunately, it looks like your adventure (and our vicarious enjoyment of it) will be ending on March 24th in Fremantle. I’m sorry for you and all the other passengers. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/news/holland-america-line-announces-a-voluntary-and-temporary-pause-of-its-global-ship-operations-for-30-days/
  12. 21 tested positive with 19 of those being crew members. Just announced by Pence.
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