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Hiring a Taxi
I was hoping someone might give me some insight to hiring a taxi for the day in Cozumel.How much to expect,to barter,etc.Thankx
No Gratuities
I heard today that if you stop at reception after embarking and tell them that you are not paying the on board gratuities and will tip out on your own discretion.They have you sign off and thats...
Sea of Cortez Beaches
Hey just wondering if anyone has any information re:buses that go to Balandra beach and also to Chileno beach? Or if any taxis go out that way.....any information would be appreciated.Am on the...
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tours by van
Look no further than Tours By Van...Rudy is second to none on his knowledge of Acapulco and all the hidden gems of this great city.His suggestions insights and the passion he brings to the tour make...