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Found 381 results

  1. Does anyone know if a wine package is offered in the dining room? When we were on RCI they offered a package where you could purchase 3 bottles of wine (up to a certain price) for a discounted price. By any change does Princess offer the same or do you have to purchase the wine bottle by bottle?
  2. Does the Caribbean Princess have the new beds? Did a search and didn’t find the answers. Thanks
  3. Does the Caribbean Princess have a small library or some shelves tucked away with books?
  4. HeLp..haven’t cruised for 3 years ‘ would luv to kno what is Nes to cruising & what great or not so great about the Caribbean Princess? Food? Entertainment? Coffee? Can I bring liquor, water on board? Anything I might need to know would be fabulous! Thank you!
  5. Good morning, Has it be determined when the propulsion issues have been scheduled to be fixed? Thanks
  6. Hi! My family recently took a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Royal Princess (our first cruise with Princess), and now we're planning to book our next one, this time in the Caribbean. We're booked on the Sky Princess in December, but we could take the same cruise with the same ports in July for basically half the price, but on the Caribbean Princess. Does anyone have any thoughts on which one we should pick? Thanks!
  7. I've been checking to see if the Cuba pricing has been released and found all of these documents with itineraries and pricing for the next release of cruises. I don't know when they will be for sale, hopefully someone else has that information. PC_2020_2021_WestCoastReferenceFlyer_04_2019.pdf PC_2020_2021_WestCoastSailingScheduleFaresAmenities_04_2019.pdf PC_2020_2021_CaribbeanReferenceFlyer_04_2019.pdf PC_2020_2021_CaribbeanSailingScheduleFaresAmenities_04_2019.pdf PC_2020_2021_PanamaCanalReferenceFlyer_04_2019.pdf PC_2020_2021_PanCanSailingScheduleFaresAmenities_04_2019.pdf
  8. Just got off the Aug 11 sailing on the Caribbean Princess to the western Caribbean. Will likely write up a complete review later, but for reference, it is possible to connect your HDMI device to the new TVs that are part of OceanView/Ocean Medallion on Caribbean Princess. Our room had new 4K LG TVs that were roughly 40-45 inches. The procedure is a bit tricky and unintuitive, but here is the procedure: Connect your HDMI device to the HDMI port on the left side of the TV. Use the open HDMI above the ethernet port that the OceanView box uses. Using the remote, launch one of the live TV channels. The bridge camera or the ship information channel usually work, but you may have to try one of the live TV channels (e.g. MSNBC). Reach under the middle of the TV to find the on-TV directional jogger. Press in once to open the circular four-way menu, then toggle left and select the input selector. A menu will open on the right side of the TV. There should be a red dot next to "Live TV" (if the dot is next to HDMI, you didn't do step two correctly). Toggle down to HDMI and select it. This should successfully switch the input to your HDMI device. Audio carries over HDMI like it should, but do note that at least on our TV, the edge calibration was a little off and I lost about 2% of the edges. Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else on the Caribbean Princess.
  9. Are all cruises already available for booking? Or will more come out?
  10. Hi, Can we take food off the ship?
  11. This is a slightly odd one (or maybe it's just me!); an online ta here in the UK is offering a 2 ship cruise of North America in June/July 2020. The to and from New York legs are on the QM2 and I have no problem finding these cruises on other websites but the ta is showing the Caribbean Princess sailing out of Quebec on 21/22nd June (we have a night on board before sailing) and I simply cannot find this cruise as a single entity!!! What am I doing wrong?
  12. We chose an interior aft Rivera cabin for our cruise in June. I received an upsell offer for an Ocean View way forward for $99 each. However, we are sailing with parents and they don’t want to move from their cabin right next door to ours. So, I mentioned that while we couldn’t take that offer, if they had a balcony aft Rivera, we would take it. He didn’t have that type of cabin on his sell sheet so he looked a little deeper and found us what we wanted... He offered us a balcony cabin right across the hall from Mom and Dad for $200 each. Sometimes all you have to do is ask nicely...
  13. Does anyone know who the cruise director will be on the Caribbean Princess after her drydock? I can’t seem to find the cruise director list any more.
  14. Please help me decide which to choose on the Caribbean Princess for a 1 week Western Caribbean cruise: Would you rather have an inside Lido cabin, L236 to be exact ($765) OR various obstructed view cabins on Emerald deck forward ($754) or aft ($762)? Pros/cons? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, We are sailing on June 8-22 on Caribbean Princess and I do not see anywhere where we dock at each island ? Am I missing it somewhere? Our roll call only has a few people on it and we leave in 49 days. Thanks everyone.
  16. Good morning, I have just spent the last 25 minutes trying to find out the answer to this by searching the boards with no luck. Does anybody know when the Caribbean Princess is scheduled for Dry Dock to fix her speed issues?? Thank you
  17. Hello Fellow Cruise Critics, We just returned from seven days Western Caribbean on Caribbean Princess. Our trip was 16-23 Feb. FLL- Cayman Islands-Roatan-Belize_Cozumel. It was a great trip and we were very happy with no big issues. Let me start this review by saying; out of perfect 10; this cruise was a 9.9 rating. We flew down on Valentines Day 14 Feb to FLL. So glad we went early; why you ask. Well for one we wanted to get out of the cold weather in Cincinnati, and we figured we could spend Valentines day on the beach. We were supposed to arrive FLL at 2:30pm on Delta. Well our flight coming into Cincinnati had a mechanical; which made out flight out of Cincy late and we missed our connection in Atlanta. We had checked bags so we could not get them back. When we got to Atlanta, we missed our first connection; then we missed the second connection because they only had one seat avail; and I was not going to leave my wife; we finally caught the third flight; which put us into FLL at 6:15pm. Our bags were on the original connection, so they were at Delta baggage when we arrived. Hopped in a taxi and went to Courtyard Marriott on FLL beach. Nice hotel and great location. We did get to celebrate Valentines Day with a late dinner. Friday was lounge and beach day and we left for port Saturday around 10:30am. Most of you know Caribbean Princess was first ship to have fully functional medallion class. I can say after 7 days using the new medallion system; it works, and it works well. Yes there are still a few glitches; one being; I could never order a beverage in Club Fusion. I could in all the other bars but that one. I could order room service with the app, and order beverages at the pool bars, etc. Getting on and off ship is a little faster; some people say it really is not faster; but I think it is a little faster. The main thing is the medallion unlocks the door to your cabin when you approach. You still have to push the door handle to open door; but it is a nice system. The track or find cruise mate works well. I was watching a jazz band in Explorers lounge, and next thing I know my wife is tapping me on the shoulder; she said she tracked me down with the digital screen by the elevator. There are digital screens by all the elevators on every floor. If you want to know how to get to the spa from deck 6; you just tap on the spa and then it asks if you want directions to the spa and it will give you the quickest route. If you buy something in the gift shops is a breeze. There is a medallion box at the check out counter. You place your medallion on the button and it will turn green; which mean the sale went thru. The biggest thing I noticed about the medallion system was on departure day. Some people never took a security photo prior to arriving at the port. Even though they had filled out ocean ready app; their security photo was not taken or they took a side shot of their face; which won't work. Anyway, once they tried to enter the ship the security officers had to retake their security photo's with an ipad. When they placed their medallion down on machine it never turned green; it stayed blue. There are more than 50 medallion personnel at the port willing and able to help with any and all medallion questions or issues. Same is true on board the ship. They have an ocean medallion desk with tech people manning the desk to help. On day two of cruise they teach a class with one of the medallion IT staff; it is held in Explorers lounge. So back to the cruise. This was our second cruise with Princess. We liked our Alaska cruise so much that we booked this cruise. Below I will list everything: CABIN: C749 aft Penthouse Suite. - Loved the location and the room; cabin steward Olympio was excellent Club Class Dining: Excellent; never had to wait for a table; food was great CROWN GRILL: Excellent. Food was great; staff was great; all in all great dinner WORLD FRESH MARKET BUFFET: Ate here for a few breakfasts, a few lunches, and a few dinners. Never had a bad meal. Met head chef and he showed me around the buffet and we talked about different types of foods and breads served there. (full disclosure, I have a food service background). Anyway is was interesting to hear about some of the regional foods they prepare. There was a lot of asian, and mediterranean food on buffet; and there was a fajita bar everyday for lunch. Food was good SABITINI'S: ate breakfast here one morning by myself. Good food and service; 24 HR INT'L FOOD MARKET ON PIAZZA: Had a few desserts here; never had a sandwich or salad ENTERTAINMENT: Comedy show was excellent; magic show was just ok, production show was very good SLICE PIZZA AND SALTY DOG: I had pizza at least a slice a day; was trying to see if there was any change in consistency between hours of the day or each day. Pizza was just as good every day. Burger and fries were good; fries were cooked to order MUTS: The movies for this week were: Black Panther, First Man, A Star is Born, plus a bunch of concerts; we watched the Who Concert on night SHIP AND STAFF: The ship was in great shape. Every port day the crew was all over the ship working nonstop changing carpet and painting while we were onshore. I never met a bad crewmember. When I sat down in buffett; there were no less than three servers at my table asking if I needed anything; same was true in main dining room . Our personal cabin steward was in and out of room all the time cleaning. cabin was spotless. CRUISE DIRECTOR: Micca Reitano from Australia. Funny, had a morining tv show from all over the ship. Was everywhere and very interactive with passengers. ***** I do not have anything bad to say about this cruise. The only reason I did not give it a perfect 10 was the following. We had one shore excursion cancelled because of high seas; we had our heart set on snorkling on barrier reef in Belize; and it was cancelled; so we ended up never leaving the ship. I know this was out of anyone's control. Only other thing; medallion program is up and running at maybe 90%. Two small no big deal things; We had perfect weather and calm seas. I posted a few pics from our trip. If you have any questions or concerns about this review or the ship I will try and answer the best I can. Thank you for reading along. Have a great day
  18. We will be disembarking in FLL from Caribbean Princess in June, and I am trying to get a better idea of what time we will be off of the ship. There are 6 of us and I am trying to plan some activities for the day before we go home. I have some slow moving teen-agers in the group and I am wondering about what time we will be woken up with announcements and be required to be out of the room. Thank you!
  19. I have read some recent reviews where port times and itinerary’s have been changed due to propulsion problems on the Caribbean Princess. I would assume something like that would be fixed quickly but it seems to have affected several sailings. Anyone have any input where the problem has been corrected? Thanks
  20. Hello, we sail in two weeks on CB and our cruise director is Michael Reitano. Can you give me feedback on his style; does he interact with passengers, and is he funny? Thanks for any info and feedback. Have a great day
  21. Can someone tell me what the total for the day gratuities are on Caribbean Princess?
  22. Anyone have any idea when it will be released? A call to Princess and an email didn't get results. I am trying to decide between a Princess cruise or Celebrity in Sep-Nov 2020 from Florida. We do only the 10+ days cruises now. I see Princess has many of their "world" cruises and some Alaska cruises on their web page, but nothing for the Caribbean. Thanks. Doug
  23. Anyone worried about the Caribbean Princess going into dry dock as scheduled after the accident at the docks. We docked at Ft. Lauderdale on schedule this morning and on the dock are 2 large cranes and hundreds of skids of materials to go on the ship for the work to be preformed. The ship will leave this afternoon as originally scheduled.
  24. I know there are on-line port webcams where we can watch the comings and goings of cruise ships, but does anyone know of a live webcam so we can watch the Caribbean Princess refurb? i think it would be interesting to watch the process. Not everyday you will see a hole cut in the side of a massive ship.
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