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  1. I have the option of a 2D balcony on the hump of Deck 7 on the Freedom, or a 4B "spacious" balcony cabin (non-hump, but various locations available) for practically the same price. Do I take the hump balcony, or the more spacious cabin? Is the spacious cabin noticeably more spacious? Thanks friends!
  2. I just watched the video about the changes planned for FOS. Looks pretty good to me. All I can say is I hope there are no further delays in finishing her as we are scheduled for the first cruise after her upgrade. I hadn’t scheduled to be on the first voyage because I didn’t want to worry about being canceled. But now she is already delayed up to our cruise.
  3. Hi. Just a heads up for any users of the Chase Freedom Card. You receive 10% cash back if you charge your Crystal Cruise using the card. (635 limit) offer expires soon
  4. Hello all and thanks I can advance for all of your input! My girlfriend, myself and 2 other couples are planning on taking our first cruise this December. We’ve narrowed the search down to two options. One is a 5-day cruise to Yucatán and Cozumel, on the Dream. The other is a 6-day cruise to Costa Maya, Mahogany Bay, and Cozumel, on the Freedom. We are three couples, ranging from 24-32 in age. Enjoy a little bit of everything, and looking forward to excursions, the casino, maybe the night club, and of course, relaxing and anything else that catches our attention. Im hoping to get some input on which ships people enjoyed more, which destinations people enjoyed more, and frankly any other tips or information that a first time cruiser should know. thanks again for any input!
  5. Hey Frequent floaters! My name is Joshua and I work remotely for a software company. Since I can work from anywhere with good internet, I've been working aboard Royal Caribbean ships for a change of scenery (6 Cruises last year, 12 this year). I've found Royal Caribbeans internet to be the best in the industry, however, there IS a difference from ship-to-ship within their fleet. Not all "Voom" internet is the same. They use different satellites based on geographic location AND based on the technology on the ship. And it's all marketed and priced as if it's the same. It's not. 🙂 Here's where you come in--I'm trying to compile a Ship List that will expose which ships have REAL Voom Internet (fast speed, low latency/delay, O3B Network-BEST) and which have NOT-REAL Voom Internet (moderate speeds, high latency/delay, SpeedCast Network-Just Ok). A speedtest from the wifi-connected device will reveal this on the ship. The NOT-REAL Voom internet operates much slower as the delay from ship to satellite is 650+ms whereas the REAL Voom internet operates around 200ms. This is most notable when doing video calls like Facetime or Zoom or playing videos on Facebook/Youtube. For me, the internet is my life on the ship. Here is my list so far. SHIP Adventure--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019 Thanks @John&LaLa) Allure--REAL Voom (as of Nov 2017) Anthem--Coming Soon (Sailing Aug 2019) Brilliance--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019) Empress--NOT REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Enchantment-- Explorer-- Freedom--REAL Voom (as of Dec 2018) Grandeur-- Harmony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Independence--REAL Voom (as of April 2019) Jewel-- Liberty-- Majesty--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Mariner--NOT Real Voom (as of July 2019) Navigator-- Ovation--REAL Voom (except when in Alaska, then terrible internet) Oasis--Coming Soon (Sailing Dec 2019) Quantum-- Radiance-- Rhapsody-- Serenade--NOT Real Voom (Thanks @John&LaLa) Spectrum-- Symphony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Vision-- Voyager-- LOCATION/ITINERARIES Alaska--Real Voom NOT available regardless of Ship Technology (O3B network isn't available above aprx Vancouver Lattitude) Caribbean--REAL Voom Available depending on Ship Technology Bermuda-- Canada/New England--Sailing August 29 on Anthem Panama Canal-- Mexico Pacific-- Meditteranean-- TransAtlantic-- MiddleEast-- For what it's worth, I've asked Royal Caribbean for clarification on which ships have the O3B Network Technology ("Real Voom") and they declined to answer. If you've been on a recent cruise, or are on one now and did a speed test or asked the IT manager, would you help me update this list? Here are two examples of speedtests through Ookla's Speedtest App, showing the difference between REAL Voom and NOT REAL Voom. Would you help me out?
  6. Updated, thanks @hostclarea and @Ourusualbeach SHIP Adventure--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019 Thanks @John&LaLa) Allure--REAL Voom (as of Nov 2017) Anthem--Coming Soon (Sailing Aug 2019) Brilliance--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019) Empress--NOT REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Enchantment--REAL Voom (Thanks @twangster and @serialcruiser48) Explorer-- Freedom--REAL Voom (as of Dec 2018) Grandeur-- Harmony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Independence--REAL Voom (as of April 2019) Jewel-- Liberty--REAL Voom (Thanks @Biker19) Majesty--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Mariner--NOT Real Voom (as of July 2019) Navigator-- Ovation--REAL Voom (except when in Alaska, then terrible internet) Oasis--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach) Quantum-- Radiance-- Rhapsody-- Serenade--NOT Real Voom (Thanks @John&LaLa) Spectrum-- Symphony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Vision-- Voyager--
  7. Below is a list of the ships in the fleet. Cruise Directors play an important role in the entertainment onboard, and their assistant is the Activity Manager. If you know the name of the Activity Manager onboard one of the ships, please reply. Adventure OTS – Allure OTS - Anthem OTS – Brilliance OTS – Enchantment OTS – Explorer OTS – Freedom OTS - Grandeur OTS – Independence OTS - Jewel OTS - Legend OTS - Liberty OTS - Majesty OTS - Mariner OTS - Navigator OTS - Oasis OTS - Quantum OTS - Radiance OTS - Rhapsody OTS - Serenade OTS – Splendour OTS – Vision OTS - Voyager OTS -
  8. Time for a new review: Summer Break 2019!!! We cruise the Breakaway out of Miami this time (despite my rule of not cruising the same ship more than once LOL). I try to do a different ship each time but it had been awhile since we cruised with NCL (2016) I still had 2 cruise certificates that needed to be used up before the first of the year. We've been trying to do land vacations in Aruba during the summer months and reluctantly decided we would need to forego that this year in order to use up certificates. I have to say that one of the main reasons we started trying other lines is that for some reason NCL seems to think that cruisers don't want to cruise the Caribbean during the summer months and don't have many options during that time frame. Yet, here are all the other cruise lines...cruising the Caribbean during the summer! Hmmm.... The other issue is that they just seem to cruise to the same ports over and over with no variety like the other cruise lines we've been cruising with lately. Come on NCL, spice it up a little. Well...my only option this time around would be on the Breakaway (which we cruised to Bermuda in October 2015 and had a blast) going to the "normal" routes: Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Costa Maya. However, I did notice that it would be going to Harvest Caye in Belize instead of Belize City. At least I would get to experience a new port. WOO HOO! The other great thing about NCL is....I'M PLATINUM and enjoy the platinum benefits PLUS those free drink packages is always an added plus! So, why not? We booked and looked forward to this cruise and the planning began. OUR ITINERARY: August 4 Sunday: Board the ship August 5 Monday: Sea day August 6 Tuesday: ROATAN 10-6pm August 7 Wednesday: HARVEST CAYE BELIZE 8-5pm August 8 Thursday: COSTA MAYA 8-5pm August 9 Friday: COZUMEL 8-5PM August 10 Saturday: Sea day August 11 Sunday: Back to port This time around would just be myself, the hubs and our daughter Sakari. The rest of the family decided to sit this one out, especially Kendra and family since they had just joined us on RC Freedom a few months ago for Spring Break. This time around, we picked an interior room. The prices were a little high and I figured it would just be best to get an interior. Honestly, balconies are nice to let the sunlight in and watch us pull in or out of port, but other than that, we really don't hang out on the balcony or enjoy it the way a lot of others do. We are hardly EVER in our room and it just seems like such a waste for us to upgrade to one (unless there's just a deal we can't refuse). To each their own I guess. The last time we sailed the Breakaway we had a balcony (I think it was a mini suite) and loved the shower area (it had the shower spouts up and down the wall that were amazing!) and the shower was pretty big as well. But other than that, it was your normal balcony room. So, I just expected the regular interior room when I booked. The other nice thing is that when I booked, I was allowed to use 2 cruise certificates for the booking and was able to use up those last 2 I still had in one shot. But before the review begins...just a few non-legal formalities heh heh heh..... ***********************************************************NOTICE******************************************** ALSO...notice my new signature line...I have my website up and running. In my signature line you will find all the hotels in various areas we have stayed in, all the ports we have been to, and all the ships we have sailed along with my land Aruba vacations and all the things there is to do there. Hopefully this will help others when planning and hopefully you'll find it useful and easy to navigate. If you find any broken links or anything wrong, please let me know.
  9. Larry, let me clarify my earlier posted because I think it was received incorrectly. Crystal has two parts to its dress code -- they have the "house rules" and they have the "suggested dress." The house rules cover the decency suggestions, and those -- if anything -- have only gotten stronger over the years as the suggested dress has gotten more vague. I think that is ENTIRELY to your point. As you give people more freedom on what to wear, you have to establish more fences on what's unacceptable under any circumstances. Also as society is changing, you have to tell people more specifically on what is never going to fly. There are notices in Reflections telling people what not to wear that I never would have imagined in a million years. The "no daytime attire after 6:00pm" is an example of a house rule, along with no jeans on BTO nights. Crystal needs to, and I assume always will continue to, enforce these rules in order to maintain their desired atmosphere. Agree completely. What I disagree on is the "suggested" dress portion, where there are no hard and fast rules. Everything is "examples of" this and "we request" that. This is the part that is globally changing everywhere, and I have a really hard time setting that aside. This is my every day world working for a major company in 2019, and Crystal seems to be responding to the same business climate that my own company is. When my company adopted a suggested dress portion of the dress code like Crystal did (while also keeping the house rules part of what's unacceptable), everyone thought it was going to be the end of the world. Has it gotten more casual? Sure. But the rules keep the offensive pieces out of play, and everyone's own sense of what's appropriate in an office has proven a lot more resilient than I think everyone expected. The power of our staff to want to look good has triumphed over the will to dress fast, easy or cheap. I don't think Crystal moving from a list of things you have to wear to a suggestion of things you can wear has really been THAT dramatic. Luxury cruise passengers MOSTLY want a somewhat fashionable experience and mostly dress well. There are examples of people that don't, and while they may have gone up a little, I feel like there were always rich people that dressed badly -- their garments of choice may just have been a little more fitting a guideline than actually tasteful back then. Anyway, just to clarify, I agree about the "house rules" completely, and I don't see Crystal ever stopping that part. However, for better or worse, Crystal puts the coat on BTO nights in the suggestions with "we request" and NOT the house rules -- and that was the foundation of my earlier message. Vince
  10. Yep, Freedom has 2 different itineraries that alternate weeks. Freedom will be staying in PR (at least through what’s been listed so far into 2021...
  11. $15 for last years Freedom of the Seas sailing. Usually we pay $18.
  12. Super disappointed that Hooked wasn’t mentioned. We love Hooked so much and heard rumors they were replacing Sabor with it on Freedom. boo!
  13. I have been happy with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, my husband has a Chase Business Ink Preferred, they work well and do have travel insurance benefits ..much more robust that just my Chase freedom unlimited...both are great for accumulating those Chase Ultimate Reward points.
  14. I have the CSR, as well as the Freedom and the Freedom Unlimited. I got it when it first came out, when the bonus was 100k, I think. It's been a great little card. The fee is a pain, of course, but the points are good, and there's a free Emerald Club membership at National, a free Priority Pass to use in airports, and free global entry, among other things. Their definition of "travel" is also one of (or the) loosest in the industry--a remarkable number of things qualify for the 5-point rate.
  15. Skipping through the video, I see slides, so I take it they're being added, so the effect may be somewhat like sibling ship Liberty of the Seas? Wife and I plus 2 more cruised Liberty years ago, before it had the slides. It was a really nice ship, Voyager-class on steroids, but I thinking about it I miss Central Park and the Board Walk from Oasis-class. Then again, I figure Freedom-class can hit some ports Oasis-class can't. For families with kids, adding the slides (Splash-a-Way Bay?) would be a plus, and might help mitigate the absence of the Board Walk somewhat. I like Southern Caribbean itineraries. Richard
  16. Six days on the Freedom, without a second thought. OK, maybe a second thought. If and ONLY IF, the spa is important to your group, Carnival hit it out of the park with the tile loungers and the T-pool on the Dream class ships. Either book spa cabins or get a day pass to the spa. Otherwise the Freedom would be my choice. I love that ship and 6 days is better than 5.
  17. Per the ***** post: Beginning March 8, 2020, the reimagined Freedom will sail year-round, 7-night Southern Caribbean itineraries from San Juan, Puerto Rico and will include stops in St. Lucia, Antigua and the ABC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. So not ALL ports are changing, but somewhere Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are getting tacked on, likely taking place of something from the existing itinerary. Per our RCI account it doesn't seem to indicate any changes at least as of right now.
  18. I have been on the Carnival Ecstasy in 2008 and the Carnival Triumph in 2014 both interior rooms. My fiance will be going on her first cruise for our honeymoon next April aboard the Carnival Freedom and we have aft balcony #7453 on the Empress Deck. I have exhausted most of the internet trying to find pictures of this particular room so that I can see for myself and show my fiance. Does anyone have any pictures and/or videos of this room? Thanks in advance! -Brandon
  19. There's lots of things I look at. Like where do I want to go. How big is the ship? (I like bigger) How long is it? I would do the freedom. 6 days and 1 more port is more vacation, which still won't be long enough. The Dream is bigger, but the Freedom is no slouch.
  20. We have Chase Sapphire Preferred, the poor sibling of the Reserve. I agonized over which one to get and opted for the lesser card. Perhaps we'll upgrade at some point, perhaps not. It's a great card. We use it for everything we possibly can. We also have a Hyatt card (Chase) and the Freedom card. The nice thing is being able to move points around from one card to the other (yes, you can, although it can be a little bit tricky sometimes). At this point, we've made a collection of credit cards to the point that I made a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. There is one specific airline card that we can't get rid of because we have so many airline points, but it charges a fee if used internationally, so I have very specific things I use certain cards for.
  21. Any plans for Freedom to return to the US?
  22. Freedom is going into dry dock in January and February 2020. Deck plans for my March and April B2B are showing no different than pre dry dock. Crown and Anchor has no details. Anyone here have any insight? Is this going to now be the Amped Up Freedom of the Seas?
  23. Subject TL;DR here. We're actually scheduled to be taking a 7 night cruise on the Freedom of the Seas end of March next year right after they are supposed to finish the Amplified upgrades. Based on other ships getting their Amplified upgrades, any likelihood of this getting the FotS supported in the RCI mobile app? Specifically it'd be nice to have the messaging function as a known fallback in lieu of trying the various messaging apps out there without paying for the internet access on ship.
  24. Can anyone tell me who the current concierge in the Diamond Lounge is? I tried to search the forum but haven't had any luck. Thank you in advance!
  25. I'm currently single. My friends are mostly married with kids as is my sister. I work full time and get decent vacation also. I cruised alone in January and will be doing so in September. I also have January 2020 and 2021 booked as solo. The only way I'd share a cabin with someone is a SO, close friend or certain family. I loved my cruise in January. I did everything and anything I wanted, when I wanted. When I wanted to be social I made friends in Nachi Cocum, by the pool and at the lounges. The fact we pay double is kind of a bummer (unless you like the studio cabins - I would need one with a balcony (yep balcony snob here)). However, the freedom it affords me seems to be worth every penny.
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