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  1. I just received the deposits for two cabins I booked for the April 8th Golden Princess cruise but not the balance which was on a different card. Hopefully I will get that soon as it should have been processed at the same time.
  2. Aww people, we haven't been on Princess for 20 years because we have been sailing with another, ahem. line. So I had no idea Grand Princess is AP. Why not GP? Is that Golden Princess?
  3. The ships originally had 1000 cabins (2000 pax double occupancy) and the Island refit increased her to 1107 cabins (2214 pax double capacity), so about a 10% increase in passengers on any given voyage. As many have said it has impacted all the public spaces and dining areas as they were built based around the original pax #s, and had some public space emilinated to fit the additional cabins. That said, I always felt Island/Coral were quite a bit overbuilt for the number of guests and rarely felt crowded in their original state (which was a good thing). Having sailed Caribbean Princess as well as her older siblings Grand and Golden I agree with many people who have the similar feelings about the Caribbean Princess - too many additional guests (about 500 more than her older siblings), with no additional public space, so she feels overcrowded almost everywhere you go. Emerald, Ruby and Crown, while similar in passenger numbers to Caribbean, marginally fixed the problem by improving passenger flow and enlarging/moving several key venues like the Wheelhouse bar. Still more crowded than the original Grand triplets, but not as bad as Caribbean . There was a "cabin-stuffing" craze that started a few years ago across all the Carnival Corp Brands where they were chopping up perfectly good ships to increase cabins while decreasing public space - HAL Veendam and Rotterdam suffered the same fate as Island Princess as did the HAL Vista Class vessels (though the effect there was less dramatic). It seems to have come from the top and been mandated to the individual brands and then subsided to some degree. I am assuming it was determined that the reduced average fares (due to unfavorable passenger reception of the changes) on the "Frankenships" as I call them, does not justify doing any more of these projects.
  4. Crossing the Tasman Sea Nov 2019... only a little rough have had much worst ( 4.5 m seas and 96 knt winds over the deck ) Taken form Skywalkers on the Golden Princess hope the video works ( also turn volume up ) Cheers Don Tasman sea.wmv
  5. Favorite memory.... the crew particularly seeing them on another cruise and the way they welcome us like friends.... Favorite cruise..... the first one..... rough seas missed ports... great food and excellent service.... In an aft suite on the Golden for 13 nights to Zealand....... Did we like cruising after that.... we were hooked after two days...... Things learned from that cruise...... relax and enjoy... if you want something ask... and be nice to the crew.... We dined at Sabatini's 11 nights... the wait staff all want a turn to service us.... we were treated like royalty It always bring a smile to our faces thinking about the first cruise and all the ones after.... We have most thing happen a small fire on board, person over board ( lucky a false alarm ), non working toilets, more rough sea and missed port..... but we had always had a great time. Cheers Don
  6. Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary aboard Golden Princess. We weren’t expecting much, considering that it was a short, inexpensive cruise, but it turned out to be one of our most memorable cruises ever.
  7. Go to Marine Traffic and here are their names: Pacific Aria, Pacific Adventure, Explorer Dawn, Queen Elizabeth, Carnival Splender, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Panorama, Costa Venezia, Sun Princess, Majestic Princess, Golden Princess. These are anchored in Manila Bay. Just outside Manila Bay, in the South China Sea are Pacific Dawn, Pacific Explorer, Costa Serena, Costa neo-Romantica, Ruby Princess, Sapphire Princess, Sea Princess, Royal Princess, Celebrity Solstice, Voyager of the Sea and HAL Eurodam. These are doing random circling and doing their 14 days quarantine. Earlier in the week, there were 16 cruise ships in the Bay.
  8. You are right. It was a typo. I meant 'unjustly accused'. Thanks for pointing that out.🙂 I suppose my mind is made up.🙂 I have followed the issues surrounding the Ruby Princess debacle very closely. A representative from the NSW Health Department testified that they were following their 'protocols' (their normal time lines and procedures). Ruby Princess was required to advise them on the morning before docking (9.30am from memory) how many people on board were ill. Because the number of passengers reported to have respiratory infections was a tiny bit less than 1% (.96% from memory), NSW Health Dept assessed it at "low risk". If the department had asked the question again later in the day or had staff working during the night before the ship docked, they could have found out that the number had increased to more than 1%, thereby triggering a shift to "medium risk". The bottom line is that coronavirus had not caused NSW Health to change its procedures, so instead of proceeding with caution and keeping the passengers on the ship until tests were complete, they OK'd them to disembark. BTW, when the Golden Princess docked in Melbourne the previous day, passengers couldn't start disembarking until 3.30pm or so until tests had been done on ill passengers. None had COVID. To make matters worse with the Ruby, swabs from ill passengers sent to NSW Health for testing at 3am after the ship docked, were not tested until 36 hours later. Another error by NSW Health and that is what these were - errors. And you ask why my mind is made up????? 😁
  9. We were on Golden LA to Sydney and made Platinum on the first leg LA to New Zealand. It was booked as a single cruise - in the UK it seemed only to be available like that. On board we asked Captains circle rep if we could have the wifi for the NZ to Sydney leg and were told NO! We met others who had booked as 2 separate cruises and they were moved up to Platinum for the second leg.
  10. There is no such thing as "Australian Princess" unlike P&O Australia.... Main ships were the Golden and Majestic ( plus others ) .....and now the Sapphire to replace the Golden.....which is due August 2020 Basically they were using the off season ships from Asia and Alaska to offer cruises in Australia ... If something goes ahead good if it does not fine...... Looking at it Australia would be a good starting point of the cruise line..... plenty of coast line so lots of sea days and it is all one country..... so logically it would be easy to do out and back cruises in Australia than other parts of the world... Please note the above is the rambling of some old bloke whom is stuck in an apartment and want to go on a holiday.... even a drive would be nice.... Cheers Don
  11. https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/ All Remaining Alaska, Canada & New England and Europe Cruises and Cruisetours in 2020 All Remaining Australian and Caribbean Cruises through August, Japan Cruises through October 1 and Taiwan Cruises in July All Fall 2020 Tahiti & French Polynesia Cruises on Pacific Princess Summer 2020 Cruises Departing May 11 - June 30, 2020 All 2020 Alaska Cruises and Cruisetours for Star, Golden, Pacific, Coral, Royal & Grand Princess July 2020 Mediterranean Cruises for Enchanted Princess Select Australia Homeport Cruises for Sun & Sapphire Princess Departing June 23 - September 2, 2020 Select Australia Homeport Cruises for Sea, Sun & Sapphire Princess Departing May 8 – June 15, 2020 All Destinations & Ships Departing March 12 – May 10, 2020
  12. There was a Peer Reviewed study published today that believes 10% of the world's population as already been infected, which means the mortality rate is about 1/3 of the average flu. The issue is, this disease targets a very specific clientele...those that are in their Golden Years with comorbidities and any younger folks with multiple comorbidities. If this holds true, then we need to focus on isolating those folks and the rest of the world can get back to living (with precautions not to infect the at risk). Could be good news and could help with that cruise planning in the cloming months. Personally, we have a 40th Anniversary scheduked for Walt Disney World with about 30 children, spouses of children, and grandchildren for May of 2021. We best find a fix by then. 🙂
  13. We had our Golden Princess Alaska from LA canceled - we were bummed, it was going to be a special cruise for us. We booked the Sun Princess for next August when we were on the Star in January. We were extremely disappointed in the offerings from LA next year. We have our fingers crossed that as things shake out, perhaps they will reconsider only offering only four cruises from LA on their oldest ship. Our main issue is not the age, but the balcony design. We have become very used to booking Carib balconies on Grand Class ships. We may wait for better choices in 2022 -- besides that the ship isn't to our taste, the itinerary, time of year and price are all worse than what we had on the Golden. ☹️
  14. We sailed on the Golden twice and were suppose to be on the April 8th 29 day cruise from Sydney to L.A. that was cancelled. So sad, hate to see the ship leave. One of the last remaining ships with a Vista lounge at the back instead of Club Confusion.
  15. Princess has re-used past abbreviations. If you look on the Princess site and click on a ship you will find the proper abbreviation as part of the URL. For reference: Princess Ship Abbreviations CB - Caribbean Princess CO - Coral Princess KP - Crown Princess DP - Dawn Princess DI - Diamond Princess XP - Discovery Princess EP - Emerald Princess EX - Enchanted Princess NP - Golden Princess AP - Grand Princess IP - Island Princess GP - Regal Princess RP - Royal Princess RU - Ruby Princess SA - Sapphire Princess CP - Sea Princess TP - Star Princess SP - Sun Princess MJ – Majestic Princess YP – Sky Princess PA - Pacific Princess
  16. Our first ever cruise was on the Golden - the 2006 12 day Mediterranean that included Egypt. It was a wonderful cruise and hooked us. We have cruised on the Golden a number of times, Mexico and Hawaii that I can remember without looking up past cruises. Cindy
  17. Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate them. Greg, thank you for the info on the Sun/Sea ships. I found some photos of the Sun, and, yes, the mini suite looks great; the balcony not so much. Polmcs, I agree with you. We had a great price/perks on the Golden. I'm not sure the Sun is going to be a comparable experience. It looks a bit dated. Adstz, thank you for the suggestion of checking the Princess site regularly. Who knows? Maybe something will pop up. Kamloops50, good points about prices going up and smaller ships having higher fares. AtlanticCruiser72, my TA sugested booking a balcony and getting on a wait list for a mini. I didn't know there was a wait list available for sold out cabins. We may try that. This cruise was going to be our 50th anniversary celebratiion. It was leaving on June 27, our anniversary, and we had cabin #627. Also, Alaska was the first cruise we ever took. We usually take cruises that are port intensive because I am a sight-seer at heart. This one had/has 6 sea days, so we thought it would be a more relaxing vacation than our norm. The extra sea days made the mini suite more desirable for us. More room, a comfy sofa, a larger bathroom (and shower especially!) and a large deck to relax on. Bit by bit, this anniversary cruise is falling apart. We'll see what happens. We're looking at other options, but so far we haven't come up with "the one." Again, thank you all for taking the time to give me information and suggestions!
  18. The Grand Princess was a big story here in Northern California. I don’t remember Governor Newsom opposing the docking, The President, however, is on video opposing it. Roughly half the passengers were Californians. He seemed to be truly focused in the wellbeing of all those in the ship, as well as, local residents. I think his big concern was it would be hard to dock the Grand in a controlled situating right in the middle of San Francisco. I don’t think there was much opposition from Californians either, especially considering how many were onboard. In fact, motorists crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at the time she passed under it, got out of their cars and cheered the passengers on their balconies. It was evident that he was deeply involved in the planning along with Oakland Mayor Schaff. I listed to the Governor’s press conference held the day before the docking(while on hold with Princess to unfortunately cancel cruise). He described the process in great detail. He was very instrumental in choosing the site in Oakland, and in fact would take “any heat for that” in his words. But I don’t remember him ever saying the Grand could not dock.
  19. I think they should be building this size ship they are lovely to cruise on not too big and not too small. We loved our time on the Golden Princess and have also sailed on Sapphire and Diamond, beautiful ships.
  20. Rewarded with a sunrise . We had a mostly sunny day with a high of 65 and a low in the upper 50's . Sailing up the Tagus River into Lisbon we see the Belem Tower . It was built in the 1500's . And then , the Monument to the Discoveries We then sailed under Lisbon's version of the Golden Gate Bridge . It was noisy as heard on this video clip: We also saw the large statue Christ the King towering above us . We were not alone The April the 25th Bridge
  21. Thanks for the looks back at the Golden. We were supposed to be on her right now on the Trans-Pacific from Sydney to LA. We had been planning this cruise for over a year so are very disappointed not to get the opportunity to cruise on the Golden. We have been on the Star, which has the same design as the Golden, and most of the other ships in the Grand class. That is our favorite class of Princess ships. Can't wait to get back on a Princess ship--hope it is safe to travel soon!
  22. Have never sailed Golden; but sure appreciate those who have posted pics of their ship and their cruise. Thanks OP for starting this thread. I'm enjoying it. Happy Tuesday.
  23. Our second cruise ever and first on Princess was on the lovely Golden Princess. We sailed for 7 days in the Eastern Caribbean Nov 2003. This ship and its crew made us fall in love with Princess and we have since sailed on her numerous times. She will be missed.
  24. I've been trying to find some reviews for cabin E731 on the Star Princess but was unable to find anything on these boards. I did find this in the cabin reviews "The balcony is longer and the view is the best. A little loud at times but not really." Not sure what that means ... noise from the ship, from the entertainment below, from being so close to the wake? We are kind of early to bed people and were never bothered when staying in E729 (a mini suite just around the corner from E731). E731 is not one of the mini suites on the Emerald deck port or starboard but a true aft facing balcony cabin. Does anyone have any information on this cabin on one of the Grand class ships (Grand, Golden, Star) they would be willing to share ... especially with respect to the balcony and if there is any noticeable noise from the stage below? thanks
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