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  1. Just received the cancellation of my upcoming cruise on the Star. Looks like the accelerated the transfer of these two ships. I've been on both many times... Sad they are moving on. Wonder what will replace them here in California for Hawall, Alaska and coastal trips. I'm sure it impacts many folks like us who were booked and paid for the trip. Oh well it's the second cancellation on this ship this year. Let hope for a speedy return to all cruising soon!
  2. We also had a cruise booked on the Star Princess that we cancelled about a month ago due to covid and low and behold, Princess cancelled the cruise the other day and transferred the Star and Golden to P&O. We've since rebooked another cruise for April 2022. We're hoping that covid will just be a bad memory by then...
  3. Thank you for the links as I’ve only ever accessed the Princess bridge cams from the Princess website. On the website list, Golden, Sun, & Sea are no longer on the list; though Star is still there this morning:
  4. Indeed the cams of Golden / Sun / Sea / Star are still working until now (23 Oct). You can click on the direct links below to watch them. https://www.princess.com/webcam/golden_bridge.jpg https://www.princess.com/webcam/star_bridge.jpg https://www.princess.com/webcam/sun_bridge.jpg https://www.princess.com/webcam/sea_bridge.jpg
  5. Golden has already been removed from the bridge cam list. Here is what may be one of the final views from the Star while she’s with Princess:
  6. I would like to update my Meet and Greet Coordinator List. I have updated it to make it easier to find a ship so coordinators are now duplicated. Please post any updates. Caribbean Coleen Reyes (661)284-4447 creyes@princesscruises.com Coral Bernadine Grayr (661)284-4448 bgrayr@princesscruises.com Crown Jodi Rudolph (661)284-4450 jrudolph@princesscruises.com Diamond Diana Hall (661)284-4449 dhall@princesscruises.com Emerald Rosanne Pennucci (661)284-4443 rpennucci@princesscruises.com Golden Jan James (661)284-4452 jjames@princesscruises.com Grand Jenny Streeck (661)284-4444 Streeck@princesscruises.com Island Rosanne Pennucci (661)284-4443 rpennucci@princesscruises.com Majestic Rosanne Pennucci (661)284-4443 rpennucci@princesscruises.com Pacific Jan James (661)284-4452 jjames@princesscruises.com Regal Bernadine Grayr (661)284-4448 bgrayr@princesscruises.com Royal Darlene Howell (661)284-4455 dhowell@princesscruises.com Ruby Craig Blish (661)284-4417 cblish@princess.com Sapphire Jenny Streeck (661)284-4444 Streeck@princesscruises.com Sea Coleen Reyes (661)284-4447 creyes@princesscruises.com Sky Star Diana Hall (661)284-4449 dhall@princesscruises.com Sun Stacey Anderson (661)284-4333 sanderson@princesscruises.com
  7. Aft facing corner balcony on Grand, Star & Golden were fully covered when I was on them. Caribe deck.
  8. One of our first cruises was a guarantee mini. Ended up with one of the minis at the aft of the ship (Caribbean, Diamond, Golden, Grand, Sapphire, Star). Originally intended as handicap, but didn't pass the test. Great location, enormous balcony, handicap bathroom with huge shower, no bath tub. I was so disappointed...I wanted a bath tub. Ended up delighted. One of the best cabins we've been in (never had a suite...yet). OP: to answer your question. If you're willing to gamble you could end up with a great cabin or even an upgrade. Or you can just be happy that you're on a cruise.
  9. I booked 2b2 cruises on the Grand Princess for March 2022....yes...the day it opened. I am so thrilled she will be ported out of San Pedro. I have hesitations that by 2022 she will be also gone. I would have preferred Princess to give away the Grand and keep the Golden, but am thankful there is still one left. I'll sail on the Coral but never the Island. They pulled this switch once. I WAS booked on the Grand but given the Regal.
  10. Will there be any original Grand-Class ships (or smaller) left for us to enjoy in the US? Gone: Golden Star Sun Sea Pacific (soon) Sapphire? Not a happy cruiser.
  11. Time to Leave - the Tardis is Powered up and Waiting.... We find ourselves back at the entrance. It's been an amazing time here in the Cloud Forest, and I have to admit that I love this area the best of the two wonderful conservatories. I know that there is much more to see, and that I could spend another day here, as around every corner there is something unusual, not to mention the fantastic plants and flowers, which I have so enjoyed photographing. Poor DH is eminently patient as I stand in front of flower after flower, trying to focus up and get the best possible angle. The Lion King stands guard as we leave. It is fitting that this is the final sculpture as it was crafted from a very special wood, Golden Silk Nanmu, a very precious wood that is unique to China and South Asia. This lion was made from a single trunk of this wood, and you can see golden silk-like threads in its grain. This is the same wood that was used during the construction of the Forbidden City. We pass the staircase between the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome, and see close up some of the large masks and shields originating from Papua New Guinea. These masks were meant to protect you from black magic, and represent spirits that will ward off enemies. These pieces of primitive art are carved and painted, with large eyes and protruding tongues. Some of them are decorated with seashells and animal hair. As we wait to get back into the Tardis we see that outside they are cleaning the glass of the conservatories. What a job that must be! But before we go there is just time to pop into McDonalds, where, of course, AF-1 is already in the queue, with ice creams for all of us - hooray! Just what the Doctor (Who of course!) ordered! So here we are, dear Cruising Adventurers, back at the door of the Tardis, ready to transport us back to the 'plane, for the final few minutes of our flight, and the end of this fantastic journey together. Hold onto your hats and keep your fingers crossed we make it!
  12. Can you be more specific in what would be "best" for you? We have been to Alaska 4 times. Three of those were on Princess. 2X on the Golden (now gone from the fleet), and 1X on the Crown. I will have to say that we are big fans of Skywalker's because it offers spectacular viewing inside to be warm and just outside. It was never as crowded as the rest of the ship on glacier viewing days. We are big fans of Vines. Thrak has also pointed out strong and weak points of different Piazza designs. Many love the Coral, but we are not fans. It felt claustrophobic to us. To voljeep: Not to worry, we love the Regal in the Royal Class!
  13. The Golden Weaver This busy little golden weaver is making a nest. It's fascinating to watch as it flies backwards and forwards bringing strips of grass to complete the structure. At first it looks quite messy, but by the time it is finished it is a neat nest, where the female will lay two to three greyish white eggs. It is the male who initially creates the nest, but the female will help complete it. However, it is the female who will incubate the eggs, and once they hatch, she feeds the chicks with a little assistance from her mate. The male chooses a suitable patch of reeds or bulrushes and then it weaves this amazing round nest, with a side entrance.
  14. Tribute to Golden Princess (2001-2020) (credit: Bernard Spragg, 2016) With news of the extended cancellations released by Princess on April 14, 2020, it is all but certain that Golden Princess will effectively no longer be a part of the Princess Cruises fleet. Her round-trip Alaska sailings from Los Angeles this summer were noted in the press release as being cancelled, but her final voyage, a farewell transpacific from Vancouver to Tokyo to Singapore, has also fallen victim. Cruisers in the roll call have confirmed the cancellation. Lastly, her deck plan has also been scrubbed from the website. With the pandemic, it is possible that her conversion into Pacific Adventure for P&O Cruises Australia may be postponed, but I personally believe that she will be shed from the fleet anyways, in order to reduce overall expenditure. But regardless of what happens, let us take a look back at what has felt like a short, 19-year history, of the ship with the company. ====================================== In January 1998, P&O (Princess' former parent company) announced the order of two Grand-class vessels for Princess, scheduled for delivery in 2001, one of which would become Golden Princess. In May 2001, Golden Princess debuted in Southampton. Were you part of her inaugural season? Share with us some of the quirks you were excited about! Some of the ship's notable features upon her public launch were the "AOL Internet Cafe," the Princess "Wedding Cam", the "F/X Digital Photo Center", and "Voyage of Discovery" game and simulator center. Anyone also remember the Desert Rose specialty restaurant? (It was Southwestern-themed.) Her inaugural voyage was on May 16, 2001. Her inaugural season featured 12-day Mediterranean voyages between Barcelona and Istanbul, with Caribbean voyages from Fort Lauderdale, FL beginning on October 13, 2001. (credit: FK GOHLEN, 2001) In April 2002, Golden Princess was christened by Merlisa George, Miss US Virgin Islands 2002, in St. Thomas. (credit: Princess Cruises, 2002) For the summer of 2002, in the wake of 9/11, Princess modified the ship's Mediterranean itineraries, rerouting the ship from all port calls in Turkey. She embarked on a fall transatlantic in September from Venice to New York that was quite the ride. She performed her first season of Canada/New England fall foliage cruises that fall. She spent her summer of 2003 in Europe again, with her sister, Grand Princess, sailing between Barcelona and Venice. For the summer of 2004 until summer 2005, Princess doubled down on its commitment to the Caribbean, sending Golden to San Juan for 7-day cruises. It was also announced in the same year that Princess would bring the poolside movie theater (now colloquially known as MUTS) to all ships, including Golden. [discussion] For the summer of 2005, Princess sent Golden to Southampton for British Isles and new Western Europe itineraries (e.g. "Western Europe Capitals"). For the summer of 2006, besides Southampton sailings, Golden also visited the Southeastern Med, including the Greek Isles and a unique 12-day sailing visiting Egypt. In December 2006, Princess introduced a new port into its history: New Orleans! Golden helped roll out the red carpet with three Western Caribbean sailings. Later that winter season ('06-'07), she began sailing around Cape Horn and South America for the very first time. For the summer of 2007, Golden homeported in Seattle, sailing to Alaska for the first time, a deployment that would continue for the next few years. This succeeded her debut in San Francisco in April and preceded her debut in Los Angeles in the fall for Mexican Riviera sailings. In the fall of 2008, she began Hawaii trips from Los Angeles, a deployment pattern that would continue for the next four years. In the spring of 2009, Princess allowed fans to follow along Golden's 3-week dry dock in Victoria, B.C., in which she received her MUTS screen, the new Piazza-style atrium, the International Cafe, the Sanctuary, and the Crown Grill. In the summer of 2009, Golden displayed a copy of the Declaration of Independence in Juneau, AK. In February 2011, Gavin MacLeod was feted on Golden for an extravagant 80th birthday bash. 2013 was, unfortunately, not the brightest year in the ship's history: she made the news for wastewater violations in Glacier Bay committed in 2011 and a CDC sanitation violation in February 2013. In the fall of 2013, Golden was deployed for short 3-/4-day cruises from Los Angeles, a first for Princess. That winter season, she returned to sail around Cape Horn. The rotation was repeated the following year. In the summer of 2015, Golden performed round-trip Alaska sailings from San Francisco for the first time. The summer also marked Princess' debut for its "North to Alaska!" program. For the southern hemisphere's summer season ('15-'16), Golden debuted in Melbourne, Australia, marking her debut in the South Pacific and becoming the biggest ship homeported in Melbourne. In the summer of 2016, Golden was deployed to China for her first time, sailing cruises from Tianjin. She returned to Melbourne that fall. For 2017, Golden performed unique itineraries, and did not homeport in North America for the entire year. Most notably, she sailed a 75-day Circle Pacific cruise from May. In the summer of 2018, Golden returned to Alaska, sailing from Vancouver/Whittier and Los Angeles. She returned to Melbourne that fall and returned to Alaska for Vancouver-Whittier runs in 2019. For 2019-2020, she performed her very last active season, homed in Melbourne. She was to sail to Los Angeles in April 2020 and perform 14-day Alaska trips, before making her farewell transpacific to Vancouver, Tokyo, and finally, Singapore, for her dry dock. ====================================== Over the years, many of us have had the pleasure to interact with the thousands of people making Golden the ship and home that it has been thus far, for 19 years. Golden's departure comes just three years after the departure of Dawn Princess, in 2017. Were you lucky enough to cruise one of Golden's long cruises or exotic itineraries? Along with the bevy of awe-inspiring destinations we've been able to cruise to on Golden, let us honor the many crew members who have made our experiences what they were, as none of our cruises would be possible without them. In a tribute, even if it's a brief distraction from the perils of our circumstances, let's reminisce on all the things, big and small, and share some of our memorable experiences that we've been so lucky to encounter through our sailings on the ship. Many of us also had sailings booked for the last few months it was scheduled to operate in the fleet and I'd love to hear what you were hoping to look forward to, either forming new memories or returning to see old faces and places you've cherished over the years. And lastly, if you, a loved one, or even a friend(s) you've made from Golden Princess, are currently suffering from complications from the coronavirus, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Here's to hoping sunnier days for all of us will come soon. I leave you all with a link to one of my favorite recollections of one's experiences on Golden Princess, courtesy of PescadoAmarillo. I conclude with Dionne Warwick's rendition of The Love Boat's theme for the show's final season:
  15. I was wondering if anyone else on this trip got sick? I did the land tour first and then the cruise. I came down sick five days after this tour started. Chills, fever, lethargy, cough. Stayed sick for over a month with this. Anyone else? I'm curious. Thinking it was COVID. Wondering if anyone else had symptoms. On a side note, Day 1 I started feeling bad I stayed in my cabin. I wasn't wanting to infect anyone no matter what I had.
  16. Well, if you book one in that case, they will give you at least a window suite but maybe a suite with a balcony. It would be rare but, stranger things have been known to happen. Now, my DH is always saying how much he needs a balcony. When I first booked that Window Suite, we walked in and he was so happy he couldn't see straight. Now, it is no longer about the balcony for him .. he always wants a window suite! Unfortunately, they are usually snagged pronto and it doesn't always fit into our budget. But, if I can make a convert out of him, I would bet that you could also make a convert out of your wife. There are just so many perks you will get in a full suite and like I said, they are usually a lot cheaper than a Club Class mini. The size of the room alone is incredible ... more like a spacious hotel room. And the location ... can't be beat! There are only 7 of them (something like that) on the entire ship and there are only 3 ships in the Grand and Crown class ships that have them, the Grand, the Golden and the Caribbean. I think there are some on a couple of the Royal class ships (maybe the Sky) but, I believe they are all the way forward. Someone will know the answer to that.
  17. Hidden among the leaves is this beautiful owl The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is visible through the roof of the conservatory. One of my favourite sculptures, Famille de Voyageurs - or Travelling family, is a bronze which portrays a mother, father and child who, after visiting the gardens, fly home. With parts of their bodies missing they are quite surreal, as they appear to float with little or no support. The sculptures by a French artist, Bruno Catalano, were a gift from Changi Airport to the Gardens by the Bay. They are very realistic, and I love the suitcase which looks as if it is ready to be checked in at the airport. Another bronze sculpture, of a child holding a golden apple, which she has taken a bite out of.
  18. Yep the biggest one currently fits under the bridge is Noordam and will become Pacific Adventure when it arrives. However Pacific Adventure as Golden Princess never went to White Bay - same goes for Ruby but can be understandable (Ruby has one more deck than Golden) After the sale of Sun and Sea it'd be Coral, Island & Pacific for Princess to White Bay only IMO - everything else will be at OPT Michael
  19. I think you will really love that! We've done both separately before and absolutely love those itineraries. If I had to fly any distance, I'd have done the B2B as well. And, you will be right there in the center of the Embarcadero on turn around day so, you can go explore the city. And yes, sailing under the Golden Gate 4 times will be a real treat. And that view of the Bay Bridge if you can catch it at night (I think they are still doing it) is quite the show. They are two different bridges and you will get views of both from the ship while docked in SF. The famed GG bridge connects SF with Marin County to the north. The Bay Bridge connect SF to Oakland to the east. You probably knew that already ... I believe one of the beer companies actually stepped up and paid to make sure the light show continued on the Bay Bridge when they threatened to stop it after funding ran out ... it's such a beautiful backdrop while enjoying dinner on the ship. If you aren't staying in town the night before, you may not get a chance to see it 😪. We sometimes sail from LA on a Pacific Coastal that has an overnight in San Francisco just for that reason. Oh ... and we live nearby but, that never gets old to me. Anyway ... enjoy your B2B ... it sounds like a wonderful trip!! I wish I could get my DH to sail that long. This lockdown here in the SF Bay Area has been rather strict (thankfully, they are loosening many of our restrictions now) but, it has turned my DH into a total homebody. We have a 15 night cruise planned for next year and he is now doubting that he would enjoy being away from home for that long. He was all in when I booked it before the pandemic. Maybe I will need to change it to one of those 7 night coastals instead.
  20. Nothing negative to say vs. the 7 day. Positives are extra sea days, which are always welcomed in my book. Sailing under the Golden Gate bridge is a wonderful memory!
  21. This is our most frequent cruise. I actually don't like 7 day cruises, I feel they are too short. Don't get me wrong, if that's what I get, I'll take it! My preference however is for a longer 10-15 day cruises from our of my home port of San Francisco. We love sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. We've done the Star to Hawaii out of San Francisco back in 2014 and really enjoyed it. Even though we are local to the Bay Area, we always do a pre cruise stay in SF to enjoy the great restaurants there. We've done the Mexican Riviera so many times on land trips and cruise ships that I feel like we've done most of the excursions too! We no longer do any excursions off the ship in these ports, but that's because we've found "our place" for those short hours in each place on the Mexican Riviera. In PV I did love the tours to Las Caletas and Yelapa for water and sun. These days we take the bus downtown, eat somewhere on the Malecon (breakfast across the street from the cathedral and while we don't have a favorite place for lunch, our last places have been to Cheeky Monkey and the place next door/across the street from there), then we shop at the Huichol shop (that also has Catrina's in the window) at the beginning of El Malecon. We hit it up last in case we buy something we want to be careful with. If we do make a large purchase we do a taxi back, otherwise we take the bus again. In Mazatlan we sometimes get a Pulmonia, open air taxi to drive us through town, pick up an 8 pack of beverages at a corner market OXXO, maybe get some pastries downtown, watch the divers from the cliff, drive through the Golden Zone, and grab a bite to eat somewhere. The Cathedral is beautiful if you've never been. In Cabo, we have a few places we like to go to. Uber is fairly cheap there. We sometimes go to Mango deck, there is a restaurant next door that has great steak for breakfast, and cheaper than Mango deck. The kids enjoy the beach time as well. I used to love the stop in Ixtapa and was very sad to no longer have it. Very romantic looking town, with cobble streets, its quaint, great food. I miss it. Manzanillo is not my favorite stop. There is a beautiful fish (blue marlin?) sculpture in town and when we went I think it was December 24 or 25 and nothing was open. I'm sure I can find something there to enjoy, just haven't been enough times to know what that is. While I do love sailing out of SF, when it comes to a California Coastal (not what you were asking about) I prefer to leave from LA so that Monterey and SF are port stops. I never want to get off the ship in LA and I prefer Monterey over Santa Barbara when only in town for a day. I know I can do both with a short drive, but it's nice to not have to pay for parking and have a cruise ship to take you home. 🙂 When traveling to port and considering LA or SF I would focus on Ship and cost to fly to each port. Cheaper airfare /cruise fare may help me with my decision making.
  22. We have taken this cruise twice in the last three years and have really enjoyed it. It is really great to have a 10 day cruise to make the travel more worth it for us (7 hour drive plus 3 hour flight). Leaving from San Francisco is a big bonus – lots of things to see before and being able to walk to the port. The first three sea days are a great chance to relax and really get into vacation mode. At Puerto Vallarta we usually just take a bus or cab and go to the Malecon and walk around, one time we took a ship tour to Yelapa that was really good. Manzanillo is sort of the undiscovered port – so many people seem to stay on the ship because they think there is not much to do. The first time we got off the ship and just wandered out of the port area on back streets seeing the main church and then shopping in the local stores away from the waterfront - probably the port with the best prices. The second time this past February, we got off the ship and turned left and walked around to Playa San Pedrito. This was very local with very little (or no) English. We sat under a palapa and had some food (bring pesos) and went snorkeling right off the beach by the breakwater. Mazatlan is always enjoyable. Usually we walk through town using the blue line and then later take the local water taxi to Stone Island for a very low cost and fun day of sight-seeing and beach going. Last time we took a pulmonia to the Golden Zone and sat on a beach at a hotel and went swimming. That was fine but next time we’ll go back to town and Stone Island. Cabo is not our favourite port so we have usually gone on a snorkelling or, this past time, scuba excursion. The two days back to SFO are long enough to not have to think about the end of our holidays right away and have more fun on the ship. This year, we did the disembarkation tour that dropped us at the airport. Got to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge on a beautiful, sunny day.
  23. Not likely be the Star is leaving the fleet earlier than originally planned in 2021. Golden leaves this fall.
  24. The Grand is a significantly smaller ship and rapidly becoming the oldest ship in the fleet. The Royal is a newer ship with all the bells and whistles of modern ships. If you want a smaller aging ship with design of yesteryear this may well be your ship. If you want a larger ship with up to date amenities pick the Royal. The Grand used to have a Skywalkers night club up over the stern like the Golden and Star (now both have left the fleet) but was removed due to cracks in the superstructure making it dangerous. The Grand does have an inside pool which may be important in the colder AK climate while the Royal does not. The Royal has more and varied food choices all over the ship including a redesigned and larger buffet (may not be any more though due to the pandemic).
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