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  1. So only the "Dawn" now with P&O Aus. is the only one left of the these four wonderful ships. Our first Princess Cruise was in 1997 on the Dawn (inaugural year) and the following year on the Sun (also the Sun in 2002). Loved these ships and sad to see them move on, but completely understandable. Sun will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the last cruise we took with my Mom and Dad (she just passed last month). They had the 3rd most sea days on Princess and we now have the Venice Glass plate (love those) they used to give out with the Sun Princess logo on the back. Hopefully Princess can use the Dawn, Sun, Sea. Star, Golden and Ocean names again and get rid of the stupidly named Discovery; Enchanted and Majestic. 😞
  2. I'm thinking about taking a 14 night Alaska cruise from LA in May on the Golden. I know the ship is not getting MedallionNet since it is going to P&O later this year, but do they have the larger flat screen TVs with on demand programming? We had that on our last cruise on the Caribbean Princess and loved it. My husband is disabled, and requires plenty of downtime throughout the day. He really enjoyed being able to start a movie anytime he wanted to without having to look at a guide and coordinating when he needed to be available to start a program he was interested in. If anyone has been on board recently please let me know. We'll likely be booking an outside cabin if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  3. Dawn & Aria are part of the CCL fleet (P&O Australia line). I'm sure they're going as Golden & Star replace them. So yeah, I'm tracking them. Bored I guess. Majestic is shifted up here. But there will be 5 PCL ships downunder. I'm on one Dec 2021 (Sapphire)
  4. We have our fingers crossed that they find another ship to do the LA-Alaska cruises next summer. Maybe even on to do them for the full season like the Golden was scheduled to do this year. It's been quite a while since having my fingers crossed has helped - this will be our 5th cruise canceled since the pandemic (Yes, I know - it is very much a first world problem)
  5. I was wondering if anyone has been on the Golden recently that could tell me if the extra barrel chair is the room? I know they took them out and am hoping they placed them back.
  6. We just booked a Golden Princess Cruise to Alaska. As part of our booking the premium beverage package was included. I understand that the price of each alcoholic beverage is limited to $12 with this package. I was very excited knowing that the Robert Mondavi Cabernet has been $12 a glass on our recent Princess Cruises. However, after doing further research on the internet I have discovered that it is $16 a glass on the Golden Princess. Would anyone happen to have recent pictures of the drink menus (including prices) in Crooners or the Vines Bar on the Golden Princess?
  7. Thats because the Golden is no longer part of: The Princess Fleet Caribbean Princess Coral Princess Crown Princess Diamond Princess Discovery Princess- Just Announced Emerald Princess Enchanted Princess- Coming Soon Grand Princess Island Princess Majestic Princess Pacific Princess- Small Ship Experience Regal Princess Royal Princess Ruby Princess Sapphire Princess Sea Princess Sky Princess Star Princess Sun Princess It's now the Pacific Adventure in the P&O Australia fleet
  8. I didn't see the Golden Princess mentioned anywhere either.
  9. Has anyone stayed in a suite on the Golden Princess Sun deck (15)? Because this is the only grand class ship with cabins on the Sun deck, I cannot find much information about these cabins. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. We're currently booked on a Ruby 29-day Sydney-LA in April, but we're thinking of jumping to the Golden four days later, similar itinerary but much cheaper. Can anyone advise, Ruby or Golden? And why might the Golden be cheaper? Thanks!
  11. HI All Just got off the Golden after a B2B ( 26 nights ) Had a great cruise, but one big thing was the Live Music, the Pianist and Guitarist along with the Princess Band ( the Drop ) Now are playing in 45 minutes blocks and shows are chancing every hour....... What happened to sitting down with drink and having 90 minutes of music.... ( are we going for the short attention span people ) Also loud music in the Piazza..... ( do not try to go to Guest Services while they are playing ) This was our 6th cruise on the Golden and a first with this Cruise Director ( Cory I believe ) So is the music planning a Princess thing or a Cruise Director thing or some other greater force. All one can say is that it saved us money, no after dinner drinks while watching live music Cheers Don
  12. It's obviously an older ship but it seems like I've been reading more and more negative things about smells, worn look, etc. and since it is being sold off soon, I'm somewhat hesitant to book though there is a 3 Day pacific coastal over the summer that could work well with my schedule. For those of you who have been on the ship the last few months, what are your general thoughts about the conditions, cleanness of room, food, etc. I'm not as concerned about entertainment.
  13. Does it fold out like most common ones for houses, or flip seat so the sleeper lays arm-to-arm? Degree of uncomfortable-ness? My mom had a flip-seat on the Zaandam and it was pretty comfortable...
  14. Well, since we are on the Princess board........ Golden and Star were already announced to be transferred to P&O Australia. Golden end of 2020 Alaska season and the Star at the end of the 2021 Alaska season. Golden is already done in the Princess fleet and I'm willing to bet Star does not return either. If any other ships are removed from service with Princess the most likely candidates would be Sun and Sea due to their age and size. Given the recent deployment announcements this month for fall and winter 2021/22 with Pacific to Tahiti and Grand from LA to Hawaii and Mexico/Sea of Cortez, I'd be surprised if either of them were headed out of the fleet. If Sun/Sea were to leave along with Golden/Star, that would leave Princess with 16 ships once Discovery enters service. That would be a net decrease of 2 vessels from their pre-Covid fleet size of 18 vessels by end of 2021.
  15. Haha ... I've sailed under the Golden Gate at least 2 dozen times and call me lucky but, I've not seen it like that before. Don't get me wrong, I've seen the fog roll into SF on many occasion, just not my experience when cruising. Here is one from my most recent sailing out of SF ... a few months before the pandemic. It always thrills me to sail under the GG.
  16. I've been on the Grand several times, as well as the Golden and the Star (sister ships to the Grand) and I have never once seen the pool cover opened. Actually, I've never seen it retracted even once on any Princess sailing. Edit: Just read the post above and that makes sense to retract the roof of the covered pool.
  17. Trust me, there is nothing fascinating about sailing under the Golden Bridge.. In my opinion the most fascinating thing is to be stationed somewhere in the southern part beyond the bridge where there is a panorama on the city itself. Its way nice and you can take some nice photos from there.
  18. Think about this....at the LA terminal there is very little to do but in San Francisco there are man things near by & within walking distance. Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge is something to experience. I’ve only cruised out of LA because it was the cruise I wanted & the price was right. Tom😀
  19. I know the medallion hardware was installed on the Golden in 2018, but it's not a Medallion class ship. Does anyone know if it has Video on Demand in the cabins? How about the medallion internet. Thanks
  20. Has anyone visited a buffet in their hometown lately? Curious to see how they are handling the new rules? We have a Golden Corral in my town; but it has closed down due to the Pandemic.
  21. Since we booked on the Sun for July 2021 and some have stated it will be sold, which ship will replace her? We first lost our cruise to Alaska on the Golden for one last hurrah and now we look forward to experiencing the Sun as we have never been on her. I am hoping you all are wrong about the Sun.
  22. Wow my first time to hear about this. I only know that this is a trouble on the Royal Class ships, but never know GRAND also has this issue (since I've been on Diamond / Sapphire / Golden but they do not have this problem).
  23. At the beginning of February this year ... all the excitement of 3 cruises booked later in the year...... Now looking at where we are....... one would have never guessed..... Started just looking at land based trips locally..... A lot of the place we enjoyed to stay at have Closed.... which is sad Is 2020 is the year of Go Nowhere.... and now they are talking about restrictions in 2021 So the Golden age we have been living in has ended..... and the future will be different Remember you just can't flick a switch and everything is back on.......... Don
  24. I wrote out a review of my family and I's time on the Golden Princess on Alaska over the summer. I plan on doing a comprehensive review of Alaska itself soon, which I will also post here. Please read and let me know if you have any questions. I can answer here on the blog. https://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/alaska-on-the-golden-princess-a-cruise-review/
  25. *NOTE*: This intended audience for this post is the Princess cruiser who is interested in getting a second indoor chair for the cabin. If you don't want a second chair for your cabin but have helpful suggestions, please feel free to contribute. Please ignore this thread If you don't want a second chair for your cabin and don't have helpful information for cruisers wanting a second indoor chair for their cabin. Thanks! ----- I just got back from a B2B aboard Golden Princess a couple of days ago. (Yes I did have a great cruise!) There were two of us in our cabin -- a regular BE balcony (A630). The cabin had only one chair in the room: the desk chair. On the balcony were the two outdoor chairs. I did not expect to see the barrel chair in the room, given the helpful reports here on CC. (On my prior cruise ending the first week of January -- on Ruby, my unobstructed "obstructed" oceanview cabin still had a barrel chair in addition to the desk chair.) On this trip aboard Golden, before my steward was available to meet on the first day, I stopped at Guest Services and requested a second indoor chair for the cabin. The rep said that this request would be forwarded to my steward. I later met my steward before dinnertime. The steward had not received the chair request, but confirmed that barrel chairs (which he refers to as tub chairs) are gone from Golden.* *At least from regular balcony cabins and lower categories, was my guess. ----- -- Later on Day 1, after late dinner -- I returned back to the cabin to find that our awesome steward was able to secure a second chair for us: --- We used both chairs every day, to actually sit in. This was our setup for early morning coffee (and sometimes IC's almond croissant) before heading out later for breakfast or elsewhere: ----- So, even if there are no barrel chairs to be found, if you want a second indoor chair there may be other chairs available aboard that might work for you. Cheers, -RSS-
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