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  1. At one time Princess owned 3 of the 8 R class vessels, R8 Royal Princess now Azamara Pursuit R4 Tahitian Princess renamed to Ocean Princess now Oceania Sirena R3 Pacific Princess Considering that it was built in 1999 it is getting rather on in age (21 years). Looking at past Princess Ships ages at time of removal from Princess Fleet (or planned removal for some pending transactions) Golden at 19 years Star at 19 years Dawn Princess at 20 Years Ocean Princess at 14 years The Oldest ships in the Princess Fleet are Sun built 1995 Sea built 1998 Grand built 1998 Pacific built 1999 Coral built 2002 Island built 2003 Diamond built 2004 Sapphire built 2004 Caribbean built 2004 The Pacific may well survive the shutdown, but its years are numbered. Maybe 4-5 at most.
  2. Hi All We will be doing a B2B on the Golden Princess in a few days, and on our last Cruise I noticed a printer in the Internet Café / Library ( deck 5 ) where the shared computers are..... Can you print something from your email to this printer ??????? As we are thinking of booking some extra tours and will need a way of printed the tickets out....... Also do not have a smartphone/ipad thingie or laptop with me....... Thanks Don
  3. We are about to cruise to NZ on the the Golden this Sunday, but the cricket test starts tomorrow. Any idea on how my husband might get access to a telecast? Will it be available on the inhouse tv or is there any other place that it will be available? Thanks.
  4. We were on the Golden, which went all the way to Vancouver To start the Alaska season. The trip was sold in segments so we go off in LA. Home in an hour. I prefer flying only one way on those long pacific flights and it makes sense to do the flying at the beginning, when you are high energy, and be home at the end of the cruise.
  5. We have stayed in the HC window suite on the Golden and the Caribbean Princess. The sink is not much lower. It just has the area free underneath it so a scooter or wheelchair can drive underneath it. I brush my teeth and don’t have to bend much further, if any, than I do in other cabins. There is fixed handrail on the right side of the toilet and one movable (up and down) on the left side of the toilet. There is a bench seat in the shower that folds up if someone else doesn’t need it. There is two handrails in the shower (if I’m remembering correctly). There is a drain that goes around the shower. Storage space in the shower is one small shelf. At the sink there is three shelves, but two aren’t really Accessible to a full time chair/scooter user. But there is plenty of storage at the desk for brushes, makeup, etc. we bring an over the door shoe organizer to make things more accessible to my husband. let me know if you have other questions. We loved this cabin!
  6. We will be on the Golden Princess in Alaska in June and it will not have been upgraded to MedallionNet before then. Has anyone had experience with the onboard internet on the Golden? I had heard it was not the best quality, and I am hesitant to purchase a package.
  7. Golden Princess Transformation Just seen a link to this article detailing changes afoot for the Golden Princess once it moves to P&O Australia. May be there’s still a chance Princess will add a waterslide or two to a future ship 👿
  8. Considering a 29 day Pacific crossing offered on the Ruby and the Golden in April 2020. I’m not familia with either ship so would like your thoughts on these two ships. The Golden’s price is lower🤔. Thanks
  9. Has the Golden Princess got the new beds and mattresses?Anyone recently cruised on her? I tried to look this up but this site not very user friendly now to do a search. Even Princess website not easy to navigate.
  10. Just wondering if the Terrace Pool on Golden Princess is open to all and if it has stairs to enter pool- not ladders. If it doesn't have ladders, is there any pool available that does have stair entry to water? Thanks.
  11. Actually our last cruise on the Golden in the Crown Grill one night in December 2019.. Staff were wonderful... calm seas.... Steak was perfect, so were the prawns to begin with and tasting plate for dessert Along with a great bottle of shiraz .. Compliments of our TA... Just every thing came together..... Will remember it.... as might be the last great dinner on Princess... well is was the last on the Golden anyway... Cheers Don
  12. Thinking about cruising on Golden Princess in May. Have sailed on Princess 2x before. Regal Princess was great. Caribbean Princess was not so much. Usually sail Celebrity. Itinerary on Golden looks good. Would like some comments about the ship. Thanks!
  13. I sure hope not. I love my Window Suites and it does "qualify" as a suite except without a balcony. Agree, it is about the same fare as a Club Class Mini, but much, much, much better. They've already moved the Golden to Australia and the Caribbean Princess is stuck in the Caribbean. Glad they are not moving the Grand out of Los Angeles.
  14. We've just boarded Golden Princess in San Francisco and attended the first special event for Elite, Suite, and Platinum guests. We're Platinum. As you know, Princess usually has either a nice lounge for a free drink or three in the evening, or equivalent coupons to use around the ship. Now the party is in the Vista Lounge, and the only free thing is special appetizers. The "special" drinks offered -- about eight cocktails, which aren't of interest to us -- were a "special" price of $6.50 and everything else was regular price. Last trip on Princess for us. Unless of course Celebrity, RCI, and HAL do the same. Another silly thing to have to check before booking.
  15. It was announced last year that the Golden and Star were being transferred to P&O so nothing new. The Grand had its Skywalkers night club removed several years ago because its supports were metal and had metal fatigue. It was cheaper to remove it than rebuild it. The Golden and Star Skywalkers was made from composite material much like modern commercial aircraft. We are scheduled to be on the Sun Princess in July 2021 for the first time. Hopefully the ship will still be in the Princess fleet at that time and the ship will indeed sail. Our second cruise back in early 2000's was on the Elation and almost convinced us to never sail again as it was a tub and should have been scrapped at that time. Two years later our first Princess cruise was on the Grand and as they say the rest is history.
  16. We've sailed many times in the deck 6 (Fiesta) suites on Grand, Golden and Caribbean. These are full suites will all amenities including suite breakfast. F301 is slightly smaller though what goes missing is not moving around space, rather the massive counter under the large windows. Some complain they smell a bit of smoke from the nearby cigar bar, your sensitivity may be greater or lesser than some. F315 is handicapped accessible. The others F303, 5, 7, 9 & 11 are identical at least to my eye. We have loved nearly 100 nights in these cabins and in fact have chosen itineraries and departure dates solely based on availability. Noise from the casino is, as noted elsewhere, no factor. However, we were on the ill fated Grand sailing on February 21st, in one of these suites. As spacious and lovely as they are, with no balcony, and with the ship locked down for rough weather (4 days) followed by isolation to cabin (5 days) I can say you do miss the access to fresh air. As many nights as we've loved these suites - I sincerely doubt we'll book one again based on our most recent experience. In fact, we happily rebooked for Grand in '22, however we took a CC Mini at more or less the same price. No suite breakfast - but a balcony worse come to worse.
  17. Question for those who have recently sailed on the Golden. I was curious as to what type of televisions are currently on the ship? We are sailing a 10 Day Sea of Cortez cruise in May 2020 and I was specifically wondering if they were still the old View Sonic monitors or have they been upgraded? When we were on the Star last year that had newer flat screens that let us hook up a Blu Ray player. On the Ruby earlier this year, they had newer flat screens where the HDMI inputs were disabled. They were not On Demand types as on the Royal, etc. I know the cruise is a ways off and things can change, but I was just curious. Thanks in advance for any replies.....😊😊😊 Bob
  18. Last summer we were on the Golden and Jover was our Head Waiter. We got such good service from him we would go back on the Golden if he is on the Ship again this summer. Anyone on the Golden that could ask next time you go to one of the main dining rooms. Thankyou!
  19. I've done Alaska on the Diamond, Sapphire, Golden, Dawn, Pacific, Coral, Sun, and Royal. My favorite is the Pacific, followed by the Coral. I would never do it again on the Royal. She's not a good fit for Alaska and not a good fit for me. I avoided the atrium and activities there as it was way too crowded. Early shows were packed, buffet was packed, the ship left Ketchikan early and I couldn't do my excursion because they had to arrive in Vancouver on the low tide. We were fortunate with good weather, as the ship can't dock in winds greater than 25 knots. The food was good, but nothing really special. I cruise Alaska for scenery and wildlife, and I think this ship is the worst choice for that...
  20. Our only cruise on the Golden was last August. It was very special for as everything was GOLDEN. We celebrated our Golden anniversary, Princesses GOLDEN going to Alaska, on the Golden Princess. She is very special ship to us. Sure will continue being special for others in her new roll. Mike
  21. Can anybody recently (or currently) on board Golden Princess help out with a beer list? Particularly Pale Ales and IPA's. There was word of a possible upcoming revamp of the beers as well as the wines available. Reason being, we're about to do the Trans Pacific crossing from San Francisco to Sydney and I'm readying myself to become a wine drinker for the month if need be. The list is apparently quite different to what we are accustomed to when sailing from ports outside Aus/NZ.
  22. We will be on the Golden sailing from Sydney to Los Angeles in April 2020. Previously I read that the Golden would be getting MedallionNet by December 2019, but that is no longer indicated on the latest announcement from Princess. I'm thinking they may have decided not to do it since the ship is being sold. That would really be disappointing since I was looking forward to a good internet connection. Does anyone know the latest scoop?
  23. Anyone who has recently sailed the Golden notice if there are mahjongg sets on board? They are usually found in the library with the other games.
  24. Hi all! This weekend I am heading out with my family on our very first Alaskan cruise! We will be sailing on the Golden Princess from Vancouver --> Anchorage from June 29 – July 6 on the Golden Princess. Our itinerary is: Vancouver --> Day at Sea --> Ketchikan --> Juneau --> Skagway --> Glacier Bay --> College Fjord --> Whittier. During the trip, we will be doing the following excursions: Snorkeling in Ketchikan (my brother and Dad will be hiking there), Whale Watching and the Yukon train. My husband and I are traveling with my family and the group consists of my mom and dad, my sister and one of my brothers. My grandparents and aunt are joining us as well but have a different set of excursions, so may not be joining us for anything except for dinner. My husband and I are avid cruisers – we go on at least one cruise a year, which includes getting married on Norwegian Breakaway last year. We are generally Royal Caribbean fans, but have spent the last few years trying out a few different lines (including RC, Carnival and Norwegian). This will be everyone's first time trying Princess. Most of my group has also only ever done a Caribbean cruise (with the exception of my husband and I, who did a Mediterranean cruise three years ago), so it’ll be interesting to see what the difference is (such as the nature guides on the ship, how slow the ship goes through the glaciers, etc.) My husband and I just switched to Google Fi, so I’m hoping that I get good international service on the water (we cruised with a friend a few years ago who also had Google Fi and she was getting service in the middle of the Atlantic!) The reason I called this thread semi-live is that I plan on live-blogging what I can on my Instagram stories. However, I will pop on here as I can to share what we did each day, and share cruise-specific discussions such as food, shows, etc. that my may not be interesting on Instagram (But if you want the visual side of things, then checking out my Instagram stories is best!) You can follow along on Instagram here. I will also be covering this in my blog in the weeks afterwards (Link to blog in signature). We have been planning this trip since last August. One of my brothers, who isn’t coming with us, went with his girlfriend on an Alaskan cruise last summer and raved about it. This convinced my Mom, which convinced my sister, which convinced us, and it turned into a family affair. Some other details about our trip: We have a 7:15 p.m. seating, which is a different pace for me and my husband. We usually prefer Any Time Dining. Other than that, what I am looking forward to most is trying the Crown Grill on our second night, where we plan on celebrating my grandfather’s recent 90th birthday. (My husband and I got engaged on Independence of the Seas and went to RC's steak restaurant that night and it was truly one of the best meals I have ever had. We have been meaning to try another cruise line's steak restaurant). We decided to make the most of our first visit to the PNW/Canada, so we stopped in Seattle earlier this week before traveling from Seattle to Vancouver this morning. Therefore, our pre-cruise itinerary looked as such: travel to Seattle (Wednesday), explored Seattle (Thursday), took a train from Seattle to Vancouver (Friday morning). Now, we are going to explore Vancouver (Friday afternoon/night) and then embark on the boat as soon as we can Friday morning. If anyone is interested, I’ll share my thoughts on Seattle/the train to Vancouver, etc. Otherwise, I will start sharing updates when we embark tomorrow. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Can’t wait! :)
  25. We are looking at booking a Alaska Cruise - Northbound - in September. There seem to be two good options: 4 September (Coral) or 7 September (Golden), advice on which to choose would be appreciated. We are mid 30's couple, looking at an inside cabin. I do get travel sick, so the most stable ship would be preferable (if there is a difference between the two). I see that Golden has recently been upgraded, are there any real benefits from this? Previous posts have mentioned Coral having two good viewing decks (fore and aft viewing decks on Baja and Caribe) but I can't see any posts since the re-furb on Golden to assess whether this influences opinions. Thank you
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