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  1. Thank you for posting the history of the Golden Princess. She holds a special place in my heart. My husband and I did the “North to Alaska” trip in 2018 and were met with our daughter and her family in Whittier. The whale watching tour and the glaciers were certainly the highlights of the cruise. This was our last cruise. I wish her the very best with her new itinerary. Mj
  2. We were introduced to cruising in 2004 with our very first cruise being a 7 night Caribbean cruise on the Golden Princess. We fell in love with cruising and with Princess.
  3. The Golden was our introduction to the modern era of cruising in 2009. It was also memorable as a last-minute booking after cancelling other plans and we got a Caribe Balcony for the cost of an Inside (and I didn't even quite realize the benefits of that location at the time until we were on board). It was our one-and-only on that ship with many more Princess cruises to follow.
  4. We went on the Golden Princess last May to Alaska, she looked a bit tired on the outside, but internally she was lovely, loved our cabin, and the layout of the ship. We will hopefully go on her under her new name with P&O here in Australia, will be interesting to see what they change.
  5. Going on my first cruise to Alaska on the Golden Princess and looking for some good reviews with lots of pictures. Any recommendations or tips on the Golden? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wondering if the Golden has on demand tv? Thanks!
  7. Farewell to the Golden Princess. We did a few of the short 3 &4 day cruises in 2013. We were scheduled to do the Rt from Los Angeles to Alaska in a window suite until yesterday. I guess that sadly, we will never know the joys of a window suite.
  8. Our first cruise on Princess was on the Golden to Alaska in 2012. Had a window suite and loved it. Sorry to see her go.
  9. Have enjoyed almost 100 nights on the Golden.... and have a lot of wonderful memories a couple of snaps taken between 2016 and 2019 around New Zealand Cheers Don
  10. Count me as one of those that has wonderful memories of the Golden and her crew. I did search for cruises in hopes to find just one still in tack. So very sad to be losing her. On my search, I also noticed that the Grand is being repositioned away from the West Coast too. Too many changes for this long time cruiser with favorite shops. Beautiful send off. Thank you for taking the time to capture her life's service.
  11. On the Cruisemapper ship tracking app, Golden Princess is already showing as "Pacific Adventure" (currently off the NW coast of Australia, heading to Asia it seems).
  12. There is NO coronavirus on Golden Princess. One passenger was tested by NZ health authorities and the result was negative, Princess has confirmed. The person was on the same flight as someone who tested positive. The positive airline passenger was not on Golden Princess. Unrelated to that, the ship is returning to Australia in line with the NZ and Australian governments' decisions. International cruise ships are banned from docking at any Australian port for 30 days, NZ has banned cruise ships for 3 months. All Australia-based ships currently sailing are heading back to Australia to disembark passengers.
  13. with regard to the health issues that the tread seems to have taken. Instead of complaining about the 'chronic conditions that the CDC has defined'. Take your passion and desire to do something you love like going on a cruise and let it motivate you to do something healthy for yourself! Use this a your motivator to change that chronic condition, Obesity , heart disease , diabetes, etc. You just have to be good enough to get that bill of Good health from the Doctor, not super man or wonder girl! A good attitude and commitment to achieving healthy goals goes a long way with your doctor and your reward at the end of your hard work may be that golden ticket to get on that cruise and a have well deserved vacation you worked so hard to achieve and in the end your are a little better you, too.
  14. The ships already in NZ waters were allowed to continue with their cruises, except for the Golden with its three suspected cases on board. It will be interesting to see what happens when the Ruby and the Golden are due to return to Australia in several days' time. It has just been announced that no cruise ships from other countries will be allowed to dock. Will they have to stay in NZ and the passengers fly back to Australia to then undertake 14 days self-quarantine?
  15. Golden Melbourne to New Zealand Jan 30-feb 12. Bucket list just in the nick of time!
  16. Nov-Dec 2019 on the Golden Princess a B2B totaling 26 nights our longest cruise so far Twice around New Zealand from our home port of Melbourne Australia.... It was a great cruise... the Highlight was a Helicopter flight and walk around on White Island...... exactly a week before it erupted Cheers Don
  17. As a cruise ship destination, Mazatlan gets a bad rap - mainly because it’s located in Sinaloa, a Mexican state the U.S. State Department has designated a Level-4 hotspot (that means very bad) in its regularly-updated doom-and-gloom tourist travel advisory. To quote that advisory specifically: “Criminal organizations are based and operating in Sinaloa state. Violent crime is widespread. U.S. government employees are prohibited from travel in most areas of the state.” Not very welcoming verbiage. And, of course, it didn’t help matters when, in 2014, the most notorious Mexican drug cartel kingpin, El Chapo, was arrested in at a beachfront condo near the Mazatlan’s touristy Golden Zone. So, it’s no wonder many ship passengers opt to lock themselves in their cabins and nervously wait the port-stay out. On other visits, I’ve actually seen standing-room only crowds filling the rarely-used ship’s wedding chapel, where every prayer on the their lips beseeched salvation from the imminent drug cartel invasion… and also that Princess please not raise the daily-gratuity rate before the trip’s end. But, if you notice, a key phrase in the State Department’s travel advisory reads “most areas of the state.” Not every area. Digging deeper into the warning, as a nervous Nellie like me always does, you’ll eventually discover Mazatlan is listed as one of the few permitted areas for travel, as long as you stay within the tourist areas and exercise reasonable caution… you know, like El Chapo did. Beach along the Golden Zone This was our third visit to Maztalan, and for us it’s always been a decent stop. One time we took the challenging hike up to El Faro. At 500+ feet above sea level, it’s the highest-situated lighthouse in the world. And the views are outstanding. Another time, we booked a resort day-pass at the El Cid, El Moro Hotel which ended up being a decent bargain for an attractive, well-accommodated property. It’s also an option well worth looking into. But on this trip, rather than staying onboard as originally planned, we decided that the ship would be too crowded with drug cartel worry-warts. We knew wouldn’t be able to enjoy free run of the ship, so we opted to disembark instead. The weather was gorgeous and while it was too late to arrange for a resort pass, Mrs. Winks figured she knew the Golden Zone beachfront well enough to find a decent place for us to just hit up a chair/umbrella vendor and do our own day at the beach, on the cheap. If you haven’t deduced from the pictures so far, the beaches in Mazatlan are incredible. We took our time getting off the ship that morning, noting that the buffet and other amenities were atypically crowded for that late on a port day. And of course, Mazatlan doesn’t do itself any favors in the “make a good first-impression” department, since the cruise terminal is located in the middle of a very active industrial port. Passengers need to take a 5-minute free trolley ride (you’re not allowed to walk it), through a maze of shipping steel containers, speeding forklifts, towering cranes, and in-motion freight trains, just to get to the shopping terminal and egress to the city streets. Upon exiting the ship, we found there was no wait for a trolley, and once we got through the shopping area, we grabbed a cab to the Golden Zone for $10 - a bargain if just for the fact that the driver agreed to take us solo - and not make us wait to fill his cab up completely. He recommended a hotel in the middle of the strip, where we could walk straight through the lobby to access the public beach. From there, it didn’t take very long for the chair and umbrella crew to find us. The industrial port in Mazatlan Once we secured a place to settle-in, it was as if the guy who set us up with the chairs and umbrella cast a bucket of chum into the water. We were immediately accosted by wave upon wave of trinket sellers, all carrying their cheap wares in, on, and around their bodies. There was the silver guy, who carried a briefcase along with him on the beach, popping the latches to display his silver-plated jewelry at every party of beach goers he came across. When you said you couldn’t buy something for your wife – I claimed Mrs. Winks was allergic to silver – he’d counter, “Then how about for your girlfriend?” When I explained that Mrs. Winks had arranged for my girlfriend to die in a horrific car accident, he countered “Then for your pretty secretary at work, amigo?” When I told him I had just retired from the job, he said, “Then for yourself, to celebrate your retirement, senor?” These guys (and gals) just wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, and were among the most aggressive souvenir sellers we had ever encountered. Eventually, we had to feign sleep and totally ignore them in order to get them to move on. Vendor a Go-Go Which all reminds me, the best place to follow our adventures is really on Instagram. During this little beach stay in Mazatlan, I took advantage of the Wi-Fi access our umbrella guy gave us the password for, to upload video clips of these colorful vendors, their strange wares, and odd sales rituals. We don’t do Live From Such-and-Such Ship posts, since we really don’t have the time to write volumes of text while “living the dream”. But uploading a picture or funny video clip to our Instagram Stories is pretty effortless, and during this trip we posted noteworthy content several times a day. Sadly, all that material disappears after 24-Hours, which is why it’s important to follow us: @WinksCruises and @MrsWinksCruises and catch it while it happens. Ok, shameless self-promotion over. But did you see how the beach vendor’s tactics just triggered the salesman in me? They’re animals! And really do get under your skin. Okay, so aside from having to run the trinket sellers’ gauntlet, the beach stay in Mazatlan was inexpensive and beautiful. It would have been a true paradise without their presence - but I guess the authorities are too busy keeping the drug runners at bay to enforce any local street peddling laws, if in fact there are any. So I guess we have to be grateful for that. And it’s not like these merchants are starving; it was truly amazing how many other small groups we saw actually buying souvenirs and services from them. So after a few hours on the beach, we cut back through the hotel and walked along the commercial street a little. There were various colorful shops, an amazing shell “museum” (which was really just a giant store) and sidewalk restaurants. From there it was easy to hail a cab or golf cart, with us choosing the latter to head back to the ship via. Our cart was especially tricked out with a powerful sound system, and we turned many a head as we flew down the Malecon beachside drive jamming to an unusual playlist of pop Mexican tunes, old school hip-hop, and Reggae. As Royal P. sailed out of Mazatlan later that evening, I only wish we had had time to finally take the heavily cruise-ship touted “blue line” tour of Old Town. Apparently, once out of the cruise terminal, you follow a blue line painted along the roadway that leads you past all the architectural and religious landmarks of the original city. The route is heavily patrolled to ensure safety and it’s supposed to be very culturally enriching. Has anyone here done it? I’ll have to make a note to do it next time we do this itinerary. Sunset Sail Away Next up: More observations about the ship and highlights from the Mexican Night Open Deck Party.
  18. November 2019 - December 2019 Golden Princess from Melbourne to Auckland. I was supposed to be on Grand Princess March 22 - April 5, 2020. 😞
  19. This past January--15-day Los Angele-Hawaii R/T on the Star Princess. I thought it was the best cruise we've ever taken. Of course, that is, pretty much, my feeling after every cruise. Most summers we cruise to AK, and I was planning on booking something on the Golden Princess, this year, but that plan has gone away. BTW, we have taken that 10-day San Francisco-Alaska cruise on the Grand Princess twice over the years, and, yes, I thought those were the best cruises we've ever taken. We, currently, have a 10-day Sea of Cortez cruise booked in December on the Emerald Princess, but I don't see any way we will be on that ship if it even sails.
  20. We love the Golden - it's the Princess ship we have spent more days on than any other and are excited about the prospect of cruising round trip from LA to Alaska on it next year. I thought I saw somewhere that the Medallion is scheduled to roll out on the Golden this December which would be amazing. We were just on the Royal and really enjoyed having the Medallion Net and other aspects of the Medallion program. But on the other hand, I'm not finding any cruises scheduled on the Golden after August next year and I had heard that Princess was selling her off to another line. Just wondering if anyone knows if that is still the case? I would just be surprised if they added the Medallion technology to a ship that is about to be out of use. Seems like a pretty expensive upgrade for just a few months of service. It's not a deal breaker in any way - we are 100 percent going on the Alaska cruise on the Golden next summer, even if it's her last hurrah. It just would be nice to have the Medallion if they are really planning to go through with adding it. Any insights would be appreciated!
  21. These are from the Golden Princess, South Pacific, Jan 2019:
  22. Loved street painting in Valpariso, any sailing from or to home under the Golden Gate Bridge, and we love a good formal night. 584E6A6F-C64A-4486-BD47-C5E59899861F.MOV
  23. interested in the patter of Golden southbound we'll be on board next month
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