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  1. We will be on the Golden Princess in Alaska in June and it will not have been upgraded to MedallionNet before then. Has anyone had experience with the onboard internet on the Golden? I had heard it was not the best quality, and I am hesitant to purchase a package.
  2. Golden Princess Transformation Just seen a link to this article detailing changes afoot for the Golden Princess once it moves to P&O Australia. May be there’s still a chance Princess will add a waterslide or two to a future ship 👿
  3. Has the Golden Princess got the new beds and mattresses?Anyone recently cruised on her? I tried to look this up but this site not very user friendly now to do a search. Even Princess website not easy to navigate.
  4. I was on the Golden in Alaska August this year. The internet is extremely slow and frustrating. I ended up doing what I needed internet for while in town on port days. Now I had very minimal need to send or receive anything over the internet so this worked for me. I was also gifted the 120 min I had but if I had to pay for them I don't think I would have been happy.
  5. The only real change seams to be the water slide....... Good bye to the Golden.... I do not think a water slide on a princess ship is in keeping with the lines direction. Cheers Don
  6. We're on the 6/13 Golden sailing, five people in two Minisuites, and I *did* have a promotional of 240 minutes apiece for the three-person room (12 hours!)... But I just refared for a better rate with specialty dining. My presumption is that north of about Seattle, the coverage will not be worth having. I figure we can share one or even two $99 packages for necessary messages between LA and Seattle, and go cold turkey on the rest.
  7. Probably not. Haven't compared the prices. But I have never favored way up high/way up front. I have my sea legs, but there have been occasions where I've been on the verge of being sea sick. Can anyone tell me if the Sky Window Suites are priced as suites (I know...they are listed in the suite category, but wondered if they cost as much as a full suite with a balcony). Golden/Grand/Caribbean Window Suites are listed under suites, but cost about the same or less than Mini-Suites CC. I have one last Golden WS booked. So sad to see "my" ships relocated. You should try it once...JF - retired RRT. Glad Princess considered having more Window Suites....Guess they took up valuable real estate by being on the Fiesta Deck (cram in more shops).
  8. Just wondering if the Terrace Pool on Golden Princess is open to all and if it has stairs to enter pool- not ladders. If it doesn't have ladders, is there any pool available that does have stair entry to water? Thanks.
  9. Considering a 29 day Pacific crossing offered on the Ruby and the Golden in April 2020. I’m not familia with either ship so would like your thoughts on these two ships. The Golden’s price is lower🤔. Thanks
  10. Thanks for this info -- with the Golden leaving the fleet I also wasn't sure what upgrades she'd had (and which like MedallionNet were skipped).
  11. Yes the Golden Princess got the new beds about a year ago...... and yes they are comfortable... Cheers Don
  12. I let you know in a week time. We sail next Sunday on the Golden Princess.
  13. Thank you for posting that. I don't know why I couldn't find it. Will be on the Golden in May and was hopeful they have the new mattresses and glad to see that they do.
  14. According to the Princess website... https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/princess-luxury-bed/ *The Princess Luxury Bed is now available on board Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess, Coral Princess, Sun Princess, Grand Princess, Caribbean Princess, Majestic Princess, Pacific Princess, Golden Princess, Sea Princess, Star Princess, Island Princess, Sapphire Princess, Crown Princess and Diamond Princess. And will debut on Royal Princess & Regal Princess in 2019.
  15. We're veterans of 20 something Princess cruises including 15 on Grand class ships (Grand, Golden, Star, CB & Ruby) 3x on Coral and a few on other vessels. We booked back to back Mexico itineraries on the Royal departing September 29th. We were in L107 with a forward Club Class mini with the giant balcony - I'll post separately regarding the cabin. We had read a lot about the Royal prior to booking and had some concerns, we like the prom deck and worried that we'd miss it. We were concerned about the size and passenger load. The negative comments go on and on, but loved the itinerary and especially the ability to reach the ship from our central valley home without air travel. Having completed 15 days we came off with very few nits and a very high level of satisfaction overall. Highs: + We loved this crazy cabin (again, more on a separate thread), we tend to like "strange" cabins - we love the Window Suites on Grand/Golden/Caribbean and will be very sad to see them go. It's possible we found our Royal class oddball cabin to replace them. + Medallion. Our first Medallion experience, and it was good overall. + The ship just sparkles, yes it's newer than anything else we've sailed by many years, but it's also a big step up in decor and 'glitz'. We enjoyed it. + The Horizon Court / Horizon Bistro were fantastic. My wife HATES buffets but you're forced on port days if staying on board, even she agreed this is the best buffet in memory. Crowds - few. Variety - immense. Seemingly something for everyone. We've never seen anything on Princess that compares. + Staff, with the exception of Crooners (below), were uniformly terrific. + As we mentioned we sailed back-to-back with our turnaround on October 4th. It was our first B2B and it couldn't have been easier, the B2B group was about 75 escorted off at 10:10AM and back on by 10:45AM. The only glitch came when they asked us to come forward for re-boarding, an elite with 4 pieces of luggage sprinted ahead of the group, was taken aside by the should waving his Elite B boarding card all the while - there's always one right? + Club Class dining was very good though the space is divided into two sections one of which is shared one table to the next with ATD which seemed a bit odd. + Coffee (regular old coffee, not latte's cappuccino's or anything special) was really quite acceptable. Not sure what I'll do with my minibar in the future - don't need a coffee card on this ship! Lows: - Our embarkation on September 29th was the worst we've ever experienced. The ship had left Vancouver late on the prior coastal and this was widely cited onboard as the excuse for late boarding BUT the ship arrived at the pier in San Pedro on time so I'm not buying that. I think the problem may have been the fact that Coral was doing a turnaround that same day and perhaps the two good sized ships attempting to get turnover overwhelmed Princess personnel. No matter the cause boarding didn't start for Elites until 12:20 the terminal was shoulder to shoulder by then. Princess had made not one single announcement since we arrived about 10:50 and folks were, let's say grumpy. - The primary entertainment group was a very good troupe of Mariachi's. For the record I LIKE mariachi music and I do recognize these were cruises to Mexico. However, the group played in the Piazza 13 of our 15 evenings on board at the cocktail hour (7:00PM) and they were amplified to maximum volume everywhere in the Piazza. Want a glass of champagne at Bellini's - better find a menu and point - they can't hear you. Want a glass of wine in Vines - point and use hand signals for how many. A martini in Crooners - scream at the top of your lungs into the servers ear. Like to chat with your friends - impossible wait for dinner or head back to Wheelhouse which was always standing room only. Really this is my only substantial disappointment. - We're huge fans of the Sanctuary and the space is beautiful on Royal. The ship was obviously built with this in mind (it's an afterthought on all other classes) it's a lovely space but it was very hot for these Mexico sailings. The gaps around the glass that exist on Grand class ships are replaced by fixed glass on Royal - probably great in Alaska but the absence of even a hint of breeze made most of the space unusable for much of the day. Most folks who paid for Sanctuary ended up huddled in the large gazebo most of the day, not unpleasant, but not what you paid for either. A bit of shade, some fans for air movement or some ventilation would make the space more pleasant. - As I wrote, service was uniformly good with the exception of Crooners. In this lounge the 3 staff assigned were clearly miserable with their assignment. Their attitudes were, to put it very generously, very poor. Service was slow, no matter the day or time, the fact that all 3 behaved the same made me think something awful had happened - they were like whipped puppies. More positively the drinks were well made and always well chilled. Very refreshing. - Access to Club Class dining. As I wrote above CC is in one of the main dining rooms - as always. In this case though the entrance was also shared with the MDR which created huge lines the first several nights. Eventually we were recognized on sight deep in the line and pulled aside. The CC host said "just pass them by" but doing so wasn't easy and felt rude. The solution could have been very simple - Club Class to one size, ATD to the other, but this wasn't the way it was done. Ultimately we just pushed our dinner time back closer to 8:00 by which time the crowd had usually died down. - Medallion. Worked reliably for access and egress. Absolutely didn't work for the wait staff. Every cocktail person asked for "cabin number please". Some bartenders had tablets which showed them who was at the bar - they'd just verify your name. Shops sometimes had you scan your medallion, sometimes just looked at the tablet to confirm who you were. There's so much potential here - but it just isn't being used. On the whole we LOVED the Royal and would book her again anytime. Is she our new favorite - probably not - the Sanctuary issues are a biggie for us and would hold us back except for the coldest itineraries. But would I book her and look forward to her again - absolutely.
  16. They are both great ships. A lot of times for me it's always based on the crew who make the experience. there's great crew on both the golden and Ruby. But if I had to choose between both Ruby hands down over the Golden as it is a much newer ship compared to the golden. Making the venuea is a lot nicer. Ruby is bigger than the golden as well. I find the food to actually be better on the Ruby over the Golden.
  17. Look at HAL's Great Alaska Explorer -- 14 day R/T from Seattle. Several different ports (they do change the itinerary as well as what ship has it from year to year, so can't speak for 2021). In 2018 we visited Ketchikan, Juneau, Icy Strait Point, Anchorage, Homer, Kodiak, cruising Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, and Victoria. In 2020, we are going to cruise Princess (Golden Princess) 14 day R/T Los Angeles which means no flights for us (!). Our ports will be Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, cruising Hubbard Glacier, Skagway, Sitka, and Victoria. Again, cannot guess what they will offer in 2021; Golden Princess is leaving the fleet.
  18. I have done the 10 day Alaska out of SF on Princess twice as well as the 7 day Mexican Riviera out of LA on Carnival. I have several cruises on both lines. Carnival is called the fun ship for a reason. Fun for one is a nightmare for another. Carnival will have a much less formal formal night. Carnival food while flavorful is prepared with cheaper proteins. Meats are much better on Princess. Princess will have much more low key events. Carnival events are geared more for the passengers who want a party. Princess events are geared more for the knitter and knatter crowd. Sure they both have over priced bingo, along with trivia, and music. While princess uses an orchestra and carnival a soundtrack, theater entertainment on both is good. The ports of Alaska will be the same no matter which cruise line you choose. Do you have any more specific questions or concerns. Nothing compares to a sail away under the Golden Gate bridge in my opinion.
  19. Golden does have IC. It has a smaller Wheelhouse which is kind of mid-aft rather than forward. It also has some cabins that I don't think are found on any other Princess ship - although I may be wrong about that. Up on deck 15 - Sun Deck - all the way aft there are 6 Premium Suites and 2 Owner's Suites. There are also 2 Premium Ocean View cabins with full length windows. I don't know of any other Princess ships with cabins up on Sun Deck. Ruby has Club Fusion all the way aft on Promenade Deck and Golden has Vista Lounge. Ruby has Adagio and Share on Sun Deck. Golden doesn't have Adagio or Share and Sabatini's is on Promenade. Golden has Crown Grill mid-forward on Deck 6 (Fiesta) and Ruby has Crown Grill mid-aft on Promenade. There are probably other differences but those are what comes to mind.
  20. *NOTE*: This intended audience for this post is the Princess cruiser who is interested in getting a second indoor chair for the cabin. If you don't want a second chair for your cabin but have helpful suggestions, please feel free to contribute. Please ignore this thread If you don't want a second chair for your cabin and don't have helpful information for cruisers wanting a second indoor chair for their cabin. Thanks! ----- I just got back from a B2B aboard Golden Princess a couple of days ago. (Yes I did have a great cruise!) There were two of us in our cabin -- a regular BE balcony (A630). The cabin had only one chair in the room: the desk chair. On the balcony were the two outdoor chairs. I did not expect to see the barrel chair in the room, given the helpful reports here on CC. (On my prior cruise ending the first week of January -- on Ruby, my unobstructed "obstructed" oceanview cabin still had a barrel chair in addition to the desk chair.) On this trip aboard Golden, before my steward was available to meet on the first day, I stopped at Guest Services and requested a second indoor chair for the cabin. The rep said that this request would be forwarded to my steward. I later met my steward before dinnertime. The steward had not received the chair request, but confirmed that barrel chairs (which he refers to as tub chairs) are gone from Golden.* *At least from regular balcony cabins and lower categories, was my guess. ----- -- Later on Day 1, after late dinner -- I returned back to the cabin to find that our awesome steward was able to secure a second chair for us: --- We used both chairs every day, to actually sit in. This was our setup for early morning coffee (and sometimes IC's almond croissant) before heading out later for breakfast or elsewhere: ----- So, even if there are no barrel chairs to be found, if you want a second indoor chair there may be other chairs available aboard that might work for you. Cheers, -RSS-
  21. We've just boarded Golden Princess in San Francisco and attended the first special event for Elite, Suite, and Platinum guests. We're Platinum. As you know, Princess usually has either a nice lounge for a free drink or three in the evening, or equivalent coupons to use around the ship. Now the party is in the Vista Lounge, and the only free thing is special appetizers. The "special" drinks offered -- about eight cocktails, which aren't of interest to us -- were a "special" price of $6.50 and everything else was regular price. Last trip on Princess for us. Unless of course Celebrity, RCI, and HAL do the same. Another silly thing to have to check before booking.
  22. Thinking about cruising on Golden Princess in May. Have sailed on Princess 2x before. Regal Princess was great. Caribbean Princess was not so much. Usually sail Celebrity. Itinerary on Golden looks good. Would like some comments about the ship. Thanks!
  23. Golden is leaving the fleet in October 2020. It is the sister to the Grand and Star with the Star following the Golden in 2021 out of the fleet. The Ruby is a newer design with added features. We have sailed both ships several times and will be on the Ruby in April when it returns from Australia to North America for the Alaska season. I would choose the Ruby over the Golden any day.
  24. The Golden has 500 less passengers for the same size ship (well, the Ruby has an extra deck). The Golden also has a covered pool. The Golden is being transferred within the corporate umbrella. This is different than being sold to another company. It doesn't make sense not to keep it up as a sister company will have it.
  25. We are currently on the Ruby Princess transpacific from LA to Sydney. This is a long cruise, which might affect attire, but I haven’t seen so many tuxedos on men in quite awhile. Tonight was our fourth formal night and I lost count of how many there were. I do remember attire on the Golden Princess in Australia as being a bit less dressy.
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