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Found 87 results

  1. Question for those who have recently sailed on the Golden. I was curious as to what type of televisions are currently on the ship? We are sailing a 10 Day Sea of Cortez cruise in May 2020 and I was specifically wondering if they were still the old View Sonic monitors or have they been upgraded? When we were on the Star last year that had newer flat screens that let us hook up a Blu Ray player. On the Ruby earlier this year, they had newer flat screens where the HDMI inputs were disabled. They were not On Demand types as on the Royal, etc. I know the cruise is a ways off and things can change, but I was just curious. Thanks in advance for any replies.....😊😊😊 Bob
  2. Last summer we were on the Golden and Jover was our Head Waiter. We got such good service from him we would go back on the Golden if he is on the Ship again this summer. Anyone on the Golden that could ask next time you go to one of the main dining rooms. Thankyou!
  3. Can anybody recently (or currently) on board Golden Princess help out with a beer list? Particularly Pale Ales and IPA's. There was word of a possible upcoming revamp of the beers as well as the wines available. Reason being, we're about to do the Trans Pacific crossing from San Francisco to Sydney and I'm readying myself to become a wine drinker for the month if need be. The list is apparently quite different to what we are accustomed to when sailing from ports outside Aus/NZ.
  4. Anyone who has recently sailed the Golden notice if there are mahjongg sets on board? They are usually found in the library with the other games.
  5. We will be on the Golden sailing from Sydney to Los Angeles in April 2020. Previously I read that the Golden would be getting MedallionNet by December 2019, but that is no longer indicated on the latest announcement from Princess. I'm thinking they may have decided not to do it since the ship is being sold. That would really be disappointing since I was looking forward to a good internet connection. Does anyone know the latest scoop?
  6. Hi all! This weekend I am heading out with my family on our very first Alaskan cruise! We will be sailing on the Golden Princess from Vancouver --> Anchorage from June 29 – July 6 on the Golden Princess. Our itinerary is: Vancouver --> Day at Sea --> Ketchikan --> Juneau --> Skagway --> Glacier Bay --> College Fjord --> Whittier. During the trip, we will be doing the following excursions: Snorkeling in Ketchikan (my brother and Dad will be hiking there), Whale Watching and the Yukon train. My husband and I are traveling with my family and the group consists of my mom and dad, my sister and one of my brothers. My grandparents and aunt are joining us as well but have a different set of excursions, so may not be joining us for anything except for dinner. My husband and I are avid cruisers – we go on at least one cruise a year, which includes getting married on Norwegian Breakaway last year. We are generally Royal Caribbean fans, but have spent the last few years trying out a few different lines (including RC, Carnival and Norwegian). This will be everyone's first time trying Princess. Most of my group has also only ever done a Caribbean cruise (with the exception of my husband and I, who did a Mediterranean cruise three years ago), so it’ll be interesting to see what the difference is (such as the nature guides on the ship, how slow the ship goes through the glaciers, etc.) My husband and I just switched to Google Fi, so I’m hoping that I get good international service on the water (we cruised with a friend a few years ago who also had Google Fi and she was getting service in the middle of the Atlantic!) The reason I called this thread semi-live is that I plan on live-blogging what I can on my Instagram stories. However, I will pop on here as I can to share what we did each day, and share cruise-specific discussions such as food, shows, etc. that my may not be interesting on Instagram (But if you want the visual side of things, then checking out my Instagram stories is best!) You can follow along on Instagram here. I will also be covering this in my blog in the weeks afterwards (Link to blog in signature). We have been planning this trip since last August. One of my brothers, who isn’t coming with us, went with his girlfriend on an Alaskan cruise last summer and raved about it. This convinced my Mom, which convinced my sister, which convinced us, and it turned into a family affair. Some other details about our trip: We have a 7:15 p.m. seating, which is a different pace for me and my husband. We usually prefer Any Time Dining. Other than that, what I am looking forward to most is trying the Crown Grill on our second night, where we plan on celebrating my grandfather’s recent 90th birthday. (My husband and I got engaged on Independence of the Seas and went to RC's steak restaurant that night and it was truly one of the best meals I have ever had. We have been meaning to try another cruise line's steak restaurant). We decided to make the most of our first visit to the PNW/Canada, so we stopped in Seattle earlier this week before traveling from Seattle to Vancouver this morning. Therefore, our pre-cruise itinerary looked as such: travel to Seattle (Wednesday), explored Seattle (Thursday), took a train from Seattle to Vancouver (Friday morning). Now, we are going to explore Vancouver (Friday afternoon/night) and then embark on the boat as soon as we can Friday morning. If anyone is interested, I’ll share my thoughts on Seattle/the train to Vancouver, etc. Otherwise, I will start sharing updates when we embark tomorrow. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Can’t wait! :)
  7. Can anyone inform me whether the Golden Princess still has Mini Golf available?, as both my partner and I enjoy playing this, and hope this activity will be available during the Southern Australia cruise from Melbourne to Adelaide in October this year.
  8. We are looking at booking a Alaska Cruise - Northbound - in September. There seem to be two good options: 4 September (Coral) or 7 September (Golden), advice on which to choose would be appreciated. We are mid 30's couple, looking at an inside cabin. I do get travel sick, so the most stable ship would be preferable (if there is a difference between the two). I see that Golden has recently been upgraded, are there any real benefits from this? Previous posts have mentioned Coral having two good viewing decks (fore and aft viewing decks on Baja and Caribe) but I can't see any posts since the re-furb on Golden to assess whether this influences opinions. Thank you
  9. Looking over the deck plans and do not see a laundry room on Plaza forward. Star, Ruby, Crown etc all have a small laundry room. Can anyone confirm if there is none on the Golden? Thank you in advance!
  10. Has anyone travelled in the Golden Princess two bedroom suite? Do the bedrooms have doors for privacy? Is it suitable for two couples?
  11. Hi, first time cruisers on the southbound whittier to vancouver cruise in July. Can some of you people enlighten me on where some of the better viewing areas are on the golden when we cruise glacier bay, and hubbard glacier. We have a balcony, but would probably rather be somewhere with open viewing for some of those times that we sail in those areas. Thanks so much for any help
  12. Going on my first cruise to Alaska on the Golden Princess and looking for some good reviews with lots of pictures. Any recommendations or tips on the Golden? Thanks in advance.
  13. Wondering if the Golden has on demand tv? Thanks!
  14. We love the Golden - it's the Princess ship we have spent more days on than any other and are excited about the prospect of cruising round trip from LA to Alaska on it next year. I thought I saw somewhere that the Medallion is scheduled to roll out on the Golden this December which would be amazing. We were just on the Royal and really enjoyed having the Medallion Net and other aspects of the Medallion program. But on the other hand, I'm not finding any cruises scheduled on the Golden after August next year and I had heard that Princess was selling her off to another line. Just wondering if anyone knows if that is still the case? I would just be surprised if they added the Medallion technology to a ship that is about to be out of use. Seems like a pretty expensive upgrade for just a few months of service. It's not a deal breaker in any way - we are 100 percent going on the Alaska cruise on the Golden next summer, even if it's her last hurrah. It just would be nice to have the Medallion if they are really planning to go through with adding it. Any insights would be appreciated!
  15. interested in the patter of Golden southbound we'll be on board next month
  16. I will be on the Golden this summer, sailing from Anchorage to Vancouver. Just purchased a dual port USB plug in. The dimensions are approx 2.4"H x 2.3"D x 1.1"W . I am concerned that there will not be enough clearance between the bottom of the charger and the desk top. I am welcome to suggestions about what would be best to use to charge, phones, kindles and battery packs. Thanks a lot. Sandi
  17. We are looking at two sailings that are one day apart so both are at a good time and both itineraries look good. One is on Ruby and the other is on Golden. We’ve only done two Princess cruises both on the Island Princess so both ships are unknown to us and we don’t know how to pick between them. We would appreciate hearing observations on how these ships differ and the pros and cons of each. In particular, info on where there’s ballroom dancing and how much dancing is available on each ship will be great to get. Many thx in advance for sharing your thoughts!
  18. We will be cruising New Zealand this November. Can anyone tell me the price of drinks on the Golden princess. what is the price of the house wine ? Will the prices be in USD, AUD or NZD ? thank you.
  19. Does anyone know for sure that there is or is not a craps table on the Golden. I can only talk my DH into these cruises if he has a Craps table available. We are doing the LA round trip to Alaska on May 30, 2020, and looking forward to spending time in the casino.
  20. Hello all - This is my first cruise, and I have a bunch of questions. I will be traveling with multiple family members (3 generations) with the youngest being 18 months old. We are staying in normal rooms not suites or anything like that. 1. What is the earliest we can board the cruise ship? The cruise departs from Whittier, Alaska at 8:30pm. However, it would be preferable to board early so the toddler can eat at 6pm and get to bed by 7:30pm. 2. Do the rooms have metal ceilings? I read a blog post where they recommended using magnet hooks that stick to the ceiling and hang a curtain to create separation in the room for the toddler. 3. Any recommendations for excursions on this Alaska cruise suitable for our group that would not require a lot of physical activity? We will have both old and very young travelers. 4. Does this cruise ship have self-service laundry? If yes, how much per load? Any other tips for washing small baby clothing maybe in the sink?? 5. What is different about the formal dining nights other than everyone dressing up? I prefer not to pack formal wear and shoes. What would I miss by eating else where on those nights? Thanks everyone for your help. I'm excited for my first cruise.
  21. I will be on one of these next April and need t know how the internet is? I still have to work and internet is extremely important. Thanks I'm trying to decide on which ship since itinerary is similar.
  22. Will be arriving in Whittier around 5:30 from Danelli via train. The question is how does eating work on the first night? Thanks
  23. Does anyone know if there are any mini suites on the Golden that are not on the Dolphin deck? We would like to have a mini suite with a covered balcony and we can't seem to find one. Does anyone have experience with this question? It looks to me that all the regular balcony cabins do not have a couch, so the cabin is much smaller. Thank you for any information. PS. We are looking at the May 6th 2020 sailing to Sea of Corte Thank you.
  24. I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their help in the last few months that answered all my crazy questions. We just returned from our week long cruise northbound to Alaska from Vancouver. We had the most perfect weather possible, not a drop of rain until we were sitting at the airport in Anchorage waiting to come home. Mostly sunny every day. It was even warm enough that we had a swim/hot tub experience in Juneau and could lay out on the loungers to dry off instead of running to our cabin to get changed. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and the ship (for the most part). Our favorite parts were Glacier Bay and College Fjord. The ports were fine, just very touristy. (listed below all together) They all want your money and the stores in each port sold pretty much the same stuff, so shop first day and I wouldn't bother the rest. We found Juneau the nicest for walking along the board walk. I enjoyed trying the duck fart at the Red Dog Saloon. And it was nice getting a blackmail picture of hubby with Dolly on Creek Street. Going up in the funicular was a bit of a let down, not much up top really. We were on this cruise for the cruise not excursions as limited funds so only did one. In Skagway we did the "Summit, Yukon Suspension Bridge, Salmon Bar b q." It was ok, nice driver but he drove so slow we didn't have time to really look at either of the two stops. He never even mentioned the summit and no stops for photos. The suspension bridge, by the time we went to the wash room (long lines) and grabbed a coffee to have while walking around all we got to do was walk half way across and then head back to the bus. (oh yea had to buy a quick souvenir. At the bar b que by the time you went through the line for food and ate we had maybe 10 - 15 minutes to wander around liarsville. Couldn't gold pan or really look at the little town at all. Would I do it again No, would I recommend it probably not. If you have the money or the time take the train or a trip that actually goes into the Yukon and the Lake (can't remember the name). Oh yea, don't forget any of your camera equipment. Hubby forgot charging cable for our little movie camera, none on ship and no camera stores in Ketchikan or Juneau. Luckily one in Skagway and they didn't charge an arm and a leg either. Now for the ship. No smells as some have said, we did see some leaking, actually there was a big one one day just down the hall from our cabin and when I reported it they said they would send someone to check it out. If they did it was quite a while before they did as we went out again a couple of hours later and it was still leaking and the carpet was soaked in that area. We had cabin B744 and I would recommend that cabin to anyone who wants a balcony. It is at least 40 sq ft larger that the average balcony completely covered and is the last one on the side of deck 11. It looks up the side of the ship toward the front as well as out the side. It can be a little cool at times but they you just have to sit back and look out the side like other cabins. It doesn't cost any more than the other cabins in it's category and is fantastic. We had booked an inside cabin but got the deal when they offered up balconys for a steal. Boy am I glad we did, I really didn't expect we would be out there much but we were out everyday for awhile. We spent half of the time out their in Glacier Bay, and most while in College Fjord. For those that say you need a starboard balcony going northbound I would say not at all, I think port is better as you get the better views going into both Glacier Bay and College Fjord while the commentary is going on. Coming out they stop the commentary when the good viewing would be on the starboard side. And as for just travelling there is land on both sides most of the time so it doesn't matter. Just my opinion. The part we don't like about Golden Princess is the fact it is chopped up. And the Piazza area deck 5 is quite small and crowded. Most times we went there there wasn't any seating. So after a few tries we never went back. Not all elevators went where we wanted to go and a few places don't have elevators going to them at all. I use a walker so that was extremely inconvenient. If you went in an elevator to say deck 6 aft and wanted to get to mid ships you were out of luck so had to wait for an elevator again to go up to 7 and walk their (this often too awhile). It took most of the week to get all that figured out. The shows were fantastic in our opinion. We saw most of them. Found singing and dancing very good. My husband is hard of hearing and they have a system in place where they loan you an apparatus that is hooked up to the performers and he could hear perfectly. Probably better than me. You just have to give advance notice, go to Passenger services and ask to speak to Production Manager and tell him you want them and then they reserve you seats (a big advantage) as the apparatus only works in certain areas. We only went to the dining room one night, we had my time dining or what ever it is called. MDR was ok. We are more casual eaters not appetizers and such. But we did like the buffet and other than lunch day one it was good, never had trouble getting seating, not always the best seats but it was fine. Food good, never went hungry for sure. Sometimes not hot though, in fact cold on occasion. We had burgers a couple of times too. Not sure why people say the pizza is fantastic on Princess I didn't enjoy it at all. And only 3 types. Had one piece and never went back. Also the Fettucini Alfredo is supposed to be amazing, I found it ok but wouldn't rave about it. As we had originally booked an inside cabin I had all kinds of things planned to do outside of the cabin, like going to Skywalkers to read and watch the scenery go by, only stopped in their twice but it sure is nice up their. So with the balcony cabin we didn't do what was planned but still had a great cruise. Would I recommend it absolutely. Would I recommend Princess. Sure for older people, I think younger people could be bored on Princess. And kids definitely. There were some and they didn't look like they were enjoying themselves (kids that is) Adults will make the most of it. Would I recommend a balcony. Absolutely, probably more on an Alaskan cruise than any other as there is way more to see than on any other cruise where all you see is ocean. So I hope I have helped some and given back some advice that I have received. If you have any questions I will try and help you. Keep on cruisin. Connie
  25. We are looking at a Pacific Crossing in September to celebrate an end to my chemo. It appears the Golden and the Ruby are currently doing this route and when checking into the Golden we found lots of complaints about maintenance of the ship. Both these ships are unfamiliar to us so would like to know which you would choose. We are looking at a mini suite cabin E728 so if anyone can enlighten us it would be appreciated.
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