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  1. So we just returned from the March 9, 2020 sailing of Jewel of the Seas. It was supposed to do Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Yas Island and later Oman was dropped and an extra day was added to Abu Dhabi, but honestly that doesn't matter as everything changed due to the coronavirus. I thought I would give you all a review to read as it looks like we will all be quarantined for the next two weeks. Who were are: my hubby and myself late 30s our twins who are 7, would have turned 8 right after we returned home, but that will come later. We are diamond and so are our kids who always vacation with us. This is meant to be fun so refrain from comments on my writing, how long it takes, and basically being a troll as I will ignore you. We live in California so our adventure behinds at LAX so on with the show.
  2. There's a river cruise currently underway in Germany. A French line is selling iteneraries From France (mostly only French ports, but I think one UK as well) from next month. Tui is looking at German ports only cruises for later in summer. etc I have a feeling Royal will also start with similar things....Asia cruises that only port in China, EU cruises with only one nation or only certain sets of nations with all good control and monitoring of covid-19, etc. We are currently booked to sail Jewel from Copenhagen to Barcelona mid August. I doubt that itenerary will remain unchanged, but at this point I would sail it if it did, especially if only passengers who are residents of the Schengen zone are allowed onboard. I woudl worry about infection in a balcony cabin on a ship sailing those ports, with EU passengers less than I would worry just going out to teh store in teh US right now.
  3. I did majesty out of florida about 20 years ago. I'm usually fine with insides, but even I upgraded to a window. Those cabins are so tiny. I'm not sure what ship is doing that route this fall. I have jewel booked for the perfect day in Bahamas feb 7th. Someone else said they have it jan 25th. It's out of Galveston. It's considered a smaller ship. But the prices for next feb are terrific. At least jewel is beautiful. I'd pick it any day over majesty. Liberty is more fun for the kids, but going to cost more. Good luck.
  4. I know, but it's what a extra $350 pp but carnival does a free up close to the lock. Taxes and port fees I think were already a additional $379 pp and carnival goes to Aruba and Cartagena and other ports I'd like to see and go out of Galveston. 4 new places I havent been, so it's not that easy of a choice. Ports vs rcl which I prefer. Still fence sitting. I'd like Aruba too, the 14 day especially the ports are just better.4 new places. Jewel dec 11 and 22 out of Galveston is rcl choice right now out of Galveston. I'd rather not have the bother of flying when it's so much more convenient to go out of Galveston, so those two 11 day jewel cruises seem to be rcl only current choices to colon panama. So the choice is jewel 11 day or carnival 9 or 14 days, unless I travelled which I might. I cant decide. I guess I'm a indecisive person.
  5. Wamos A330 arriving at Madrid soon from Barbados. The aircraft had an odd pattern the last few days flying to Bogata, Colombia, Santiago, Chile, Mexico City, Mexico and then to Cancun, Mexico, each time returning to Barbados before the flight headed back to Madrid. It seems they are about 2 weeks behind schedule for the South American and Mexican repatriations. Jewel is in anchorage now and likely soon joined by Majesty outside of Southampton.
  6. Interesting Trip Report .. certainly not a typical one we see on here. We were on Jewel 3 yrs ago in the Caribbean. I know others might disagree, but i did find this report way too heavy on the kid pics. No need for them to be in almost every pic (IMO).
  7. I'm in a jewel group elsewhere and a lot got partial cruises out of exotic ports and I knew was in Dubai. Some are still trying to get refunds straightened out from last march. Some did packages to complicate things. So we too have been tracking jewel. I'm also booked on a b2b on jewel next feb. A whole bunch of us seem to have the perfect day booked on jewel.
  8. Latest rules in Europe: Spain will open its borders from July 1. France closed to all tourists until June 15 at the earliest. All visitors must go into 14 day quarantine. Italy borders open from today and there is no mandatory quarantining at all. I believe having Jewel over on this side of the pond she is only a few days away from Spain the moment they allow ships. I have not seen in any announcement though of ANY country saying they will admit ships specifically?
  9. Not exactly the same thing but I really would prefer a partial panama on rcl than carnival. Jewel has 2 this dec that go to colon panama and then I realized the ship doesnt do a up close to see the locks, it's not part of the itinerary. The carnival ship does a up close look at the locks as part of the itinerary. But I'm reluctant to book carnival. Only carnival and rcl go out of Galveston and I would like to see the locks. I wish rcl had this itinerary.
  10. Agree, Love my Sea Days. Supposed to be on Jewel's TA this Nov2020 with 4 Port & 10 Sea Days. The Aug2021 Brilliance MIA/BOS Repo with 7 Ports & 6 Seas Days. Then of course done the Boston/Florida Repo 11/12/13 niters on Brilliance or Serenade, 7 out of 9yrs and always has 6 Sea Days...
  11. I have been looking for reviews and can't find them. Has anyone been in one of the extended balcony rooms on deck 7 on Jewel of the Seas? I found a video online showing that the last couple feet of the balcony has just a short rail divider between rooms. Any insight from anyone who has been in one of these rooms? I have a friend contemplating switching to an ocean view guarantee on our British Isles cruise in June 2021, it's a huge savings for their family...just wanted to check out the different rooms that they might end up in, and if it would be worth the savings. Here is the video that I found... https://youtu.be/AX9La6fMYqI
  12. Will Jewel make Cruises in nothern Europe, she is under Way to Southampton now....
  13. Great!! Glad that it helped you. Re the differences between Brilliance & Jewel are extremely minimal. I wish you and your family an incredibly awesome vacation 👍
  14. Do you think that the Jewel on September 5 will be a go out of Tarragona, Spain?
  15. Adventure OTS - Clo O'Connor July 6 for 2 months. Then who? Allure OTS - Jimmy Rhodes March 11 for 4 months, then Mitch Merucciis scheduled to return August 12 for 2 months. Anthem OTS - Dennis Charles May 12 until September 6, then Chris Brown starts September 6 for 4 months. Brilliance OTS - Mike Szwajkowski July 3 (for 2 or 4 months?) Empress OTS - WHO is the current CD? Enchantment OTS - Bobby Broughton April 6 until early-September. Then who? Explorer OTS - Topi Ylönen returns June 8 until July 27. Then who? (Graham Seymour may return as regular CD again for the rest of 2018, or Dennis Charles is also rumored to be joining Explorer). Freedom OTS - Drew Devine March 17 until July 28, then Topi Ylönen returns July 28 until September 29, followed by Drew September 29 for 4 months. Grandeur OTS - Bob Leininger June 2 until October 6. Bobreturns December 1 for another 4 month contract. (Mitch Merucci is unsure if he is joining GR in October as planned. It may be Mike Szwajkowski instead.) Harmony OTS - Dru Pavlov April 21 until early-September (need handover date) then Abe Hughes returns early-September for 4 months. Independence OTS - Joff EatonMay 28 until September 22, then Tim Connor returns September 22. Jewel OTS - Simona Ferraiuolo June 16 until August 19, then Andrea Olivieri returns (for 4 months?) Liberty OTS - Jeff Arpin May 27 until July 22, then Marc Walker starts July 22 for 4 months. Majesty OTS - Patricio Honores late-June (for 2 months). Mariner OTS - Ricky Matthewsuntil July 9, then Carlos Torres joins July 9 for 2 months, then Ricky returns in September for 4 months. Navigator OTS - Rob McNally May 6 until late-August, then Cuddy Cudworth returns in late-August. (need handover date) Oasis OTS - Dan Whitney early May for 4 months. Then who? Ovation OTS - Mike Hunnerup March 23 (until late-July? then who?) Joff Eaton returns November 28 for the Australian season. Quantum OTS - Is Fang Lixin is the current CD? Paul Rutter returns in the Fall (Sept/Oct) for a few months. Radiance OTS - Cuddy CudworthJune 15 for 2 months followed by John Blairin August until January. (need handover date) Rhapsody OTS - Tim Connor June 23 for 2 months, then Elvis Pinto returns mid-August for 4 months. (need handover date) Serenade OTS - Jamie Fentiman May 13 for 4 months. Then Who? Symphony OTS - Michele Scarpato March 11 until late-July (need handover date) then Bobby Brown returns through the TA November 9 Vision OTS - Steve Davis April 6 until August 6, followed by Ken Jones for 2 months. Voyager OTS - Michelle Oliveira began late-May (for 4 months?). Jerome Sueur is reportedly joining Carnival and getting married soon. Keith Williams has been cleared to return from medical leave, but does not currently have a ship assignment. Casey Pelterworks shoreside for Celebrity as Manager of Entertainment. Graham Seymour is semi-retired but fills-in from time to time as needed Rich Edwards sadly passed away in June 2017. RIP Rich. John Perry is Operations Manager at Hyatt Hotels (per LinkedIn) Ken Rush works at corporate in Miami as RCI's Director of Entertainment, and occasionally fills-in as CD Amy Fickert-Southgate works shoreside Luke Aerowsmith is working at the corporate office in London Gordon Whatman is retired, but fills-in from time-to-time if needed. Allan Brooks works for Celebrity in their corporate office. Richard Spacey is a CD with Celebrity Becky Thompson works for Celebrity Cruises in their corporate offices in Miami. Dave Chapman is a CD with HAL James Andrews is a real estate agent in Sydney Leo Papa is a Product Manager at Tauck Corp in Connecticut Anna Bass is a make-up artist João Pereira is the Cruise Sales Manager on the Liberty of the Seas. Kirk Detweiler is now CD with Silversea cruises. Simeon Baker- is a sales exec at a Porsche dealer in Saskatchewan Matt Baker - Sim's brother - is a radio presenter. Kieron Buffrey - CD with Viking River Cruises Tom Canosa - teaching 6th grade science in North Carolina Peter Benfield and Johnny Osborne have emigrated to Thailand Anthony Richards is working for Royal Media Partners as Manager Port Revenue Operations Rico du Breil is a CD with SilverSeas out of Italy Paul Lancaster is no longer with RCI, and resides in England Abel Jeney is with The World - Luxury Residence at Sea Parker Cristan is living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - staging/choreographing for local theater Ashley Kerr - married and living in Vancouver BC, working as a marketing rep for a PR firm Karen Maybury - has a consultant/pr/entertainment agency Jannie Cloete - leading expeditions on small ships Warren Allen (aka Warren Melhuish) lives in Ontario, Canada. He has retired from ship-life but still works on the stage Thomas DeCell is no longer with RCI Leigh Xuereb and his AM Frankie Portera are CD's for Carnival
  16. Just to keep up appearances of normality. I have NO idea who's on now. Adventure OTS - Capt Krzyszthof Szymkarczuk (started rotation 4-19-20) Adventure OTS - Capt Carl Graucob Allure OTS - Capt Claus Andersen (started rotation 5-10-20) Allure OTS - Capt Ron Holmes Anthem OTS - Capt Felix Srecko Ban (started rotation 5-24-20) Anthem OTS - Capt Iv Vidos Brilliance OTS - Capt Ante Cavala (started rotation 5-16-20) Brilliance OTS - Capt Ole-Johan Gronhaug Empress OTS - Capt Diego Lombardic (started rotation 5-11-20) Empress OTS - Capt Shawn McDuff Enchantment OTS - Capt Malvin Bardnes (started rotation 5-25-20) Enchantment OTS - Capt Arild Hansen Explorer OTS - Capt Kjetil Gjerstad (started rotation 3-29-20) Explorer OTS - Capt Toni Tomljanovic Freedom OTS - Capt Thomas Busto (started rotation 5-17-20) Freedom OTS - Capt Frank Martinsen Grandeur OTS - Capt Pehr Pehrsson (started rotation 4-11-20) Grandeur OTS - Capt Patrik Jukes Harmony OTS - Capt Johnny Faevelen (started rotation 5-24-20) Harmony OTS - Capt Gus Andersson Independence OTS - Capt tbd (started rotation 4-4-20) Independence OTS - Capt Teo Strazicic Jewel OTS - Capt Trym Selvag (started rotation 5-24-20) Jewel OTS - Capt Anders Ingebrigtsen Liberty OTS - Capt James MacDonald (started rotation 5-24-20) Liberty OTS - Capt Dustin Castelsky Majesty OTS - Capt Per Kristoffersen (started rotation 5-2-20) Majesty OTS - Capt Daniel Budzelewskiis Mariner OTS - Capt Aris Medina (started rotation 3-30-20) Mariner OTS - Capt Tobias Oster Navigator OTS - Capt Angel Oviol (started rotation 5-29-20) Navigator OTS - Capt Mattias Persson Oasis OTS - Capt Tore Grimstad (started rotation 4-19-20) Oasis OTS - Capt Claus Andersen Ovation OTS - Capt Sverre Ryan (started rotation 5-9-20) Ovation OTS - Capt Henrik W Loy Quantum OTS - Capt Erik Standahl (started rotation 4-3-20) Quantum OTS - Capt Sindre Borsheim Radiance OTS - Capt tbd (started rotation 5-5-20) Radiance OTS - Capt Marek Slaby Rhapsody OTS - Capt Trond Holm (started rotation 5-16-20) Rhapsody OTS - Capt Toni Calne Serenade OTS - Capt Kjell Nordmo (started rotation 3-29-20) Serenade OTS - Capt Stig Nilsen Spectrum OTS - Capt Flemming Nielsen (started rotation 3-28-20) Spectrum OTS - Capt Charles Teige Symphony OTS - Capt Rob Hempstead (started rotation 4-25-20) Symphony OTS - Capt Rick Sullivan Vision OTS - Capt Michael Lindberg (started rotation 3-29-20) Vision OTS - Capt Juan Luis Caranti Voyager OTS - Capt Ervin Pajic (started rotation 4-25-20) Voyager OTS - Capt Huimin Wu
  17. I did notice some went up though I made one more to lift and shift. Was worth it if I can lift and shift. I dont know how much they went up before I got the cwc email that I could move to feb jewel which was still a bargain. .. within last 2 weeks. And solo cruise and I'm not military but still good rates. I got jewel feb 7 and feb 14 b2b, with the perfect day in coco cay. Lol I'm not sure where I'm going to next week. Been there before, done that. The only one I havent done is panama. The one I want is radiance which is scraped, next oct 2021. None of the others fit into what i already have booked. I havent seen the panama locks. Jewel dec 11 goes to colon panama, and in assume a $350 excursion. Carnival does a actual partial transit where you see the locks up close. My brain closed down right now, i cant even stand to look any more so many unknowns. I spent 2 1/2 hours today trying to reach loyalty to get emails addressed to me not my slow learning sister. The only person I spoke to said my sister has to call in. I explained she isnt capable of emailing or handling calling in. Rcl has us mixed up. I once tried to explain to my sister even and odd numbers and ascending and descending numbers in case we got separated onboard. My mom made me stop and said I was pushing her too hard. ... and rcl insists she has to call in and say that is my email, she has no email, she doesnt know what it is, she cant call in and fix this. She can hardly finish a sentence and not lose her train of thought due to epilepsy and rcl says she has to call in to say it's not her email. Makes me feel rcl doesnt care about me that i cant get sales emails and stuff addressed to me. I'm to the pt I dont want to think about rcl right now. I actually called back for another hour plus. They say only loyalty desk maybe can fix this. Customer service says it's a glitch they cant fix. I'm just going to be happy with what I booked and try again some other day. Hours and hours on hold dont help.
  18. Thank you so very much for sending me the link to your review! It's taken me a few days to get through it, work and life kept getting in the way lol. But I am so thankful! You gave such great insight and tips! Our cruise is for July 15, 2021...hopefully it will happen. I am planning as if it will! We've had our rooms booked since the first day they were available last November! We scored 3 aft rooms on deck 10...so I think one of our rooms will be close to under your favorite Windjammer table! Our cruise will be a little different. We are on Jewel and not Brilliance. You've been on both... anything we should know in regard to differences between the sister ships? Our itinerary will be different as well. We will have two days in Edinburgh, and visit Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, Holyhead, Guernsey, and Dover. I have cousins in Edinburgh and Glasgow that I have never met, so we are excited to meet them. And we are big Beatles fans, so hopefully we will enjoy Liverpool! Again, thanks so much for the review!!!!! I will have to look for Sherri's review next! ~Chriss
  19. March 2021 Jewel is in Galveston; I wasn't talking about now. It was doing the Middle East out of Dubai when the pandemic shut down occurred ( I was on it), two cruises later it was transitioning to Europe. It was supposed to do Europe over the summer/fall and then return to the states in the fall to Galveston for Caribbean cruises, that is why it is in Southampton now. Who knows what the ships will do once they start up again...I have nothing better to do now then look up all this stuff.
  20. Jewel just arrived in Southampton... lol I think that's UK.
  21. Oops March 22, 2021, in 2020 Jewel was in Dubai I was just looking at these March dates because my daughter was all excited over the rocket launch, so I thought I would use my FCC out of Galveston or Cape Canaveral to give her a NASA visit.
  22. I'm on jewel b2b next feb. Yes jewel leaves sometime in april I think, depending which week the op is considering. For april liberty is the nicest ship but sure to cost more. I'll take my jewel b2b, 2 for the price of 1. I was told we probably wouldnt get anthem as it is specially made for cold water and out of colder ports. Everyone has a guess about allure. I hope I get a nice ship is all. I'm booking another b2b for march 2022. Looking for one more good deal to fit into my schedule. Maybe after august 1st there will be some who cancel if rcl does even a partial schedule. I'm ready to go.
  23. Old days Feb was one of the Cheapest months to Cruise, went 7 out of 8 yrs 1996-2003 for that reason. Plus got the extra Fed Holiday day off and my kids had Mid-Winter Break off school same week. Jewel and Brilliance has/had some really inexpensive Cruises Fall20-Fall21 though lot them have gone up last 3 weeks. Ended up with over $4000 in reductions last 2 months on Brilliance, Jewel, and 2 Vision Bookings for sailings Nov2020-Nov2021, Some the savings was Military/Veteran Discounts on multiple dates
  24. I'm going to recommend you look at cruises on the Jewel, Radiance, Rhapsody, Vision, and Serenade. We find these smaller ships to be a much better fit for us. We spent 40+ days on the Jewel last year and LOVED that ship. These ships attract families, but not in the huge numbers that the very large ships to, but they still have the amenities you speak of above. We have 2 Vision cruises booked for late next year, and the Rhapsody in 2022. What I like about the Vision is she has 10 and 11 day cruises from Fort Lauderdale, so you get a good deep Caribbean itinerary.
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