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Found 259 results

  1. I hope somebody can tell me how much obstructed the view is from those cabins on ms Nieuw Amsterdam or Koningsdam. They are behind the tenders not the lifeboats. Is there still oceanview or only on the tenders/ Thanks
  2. So as I began contemplating a last minute Alaskan cruise this year, the limited selection (especially for cabins) at the last minute had me looking at cruises for next Summer. I was planning to take the Nieuw Amsterdam (as we did last year), BUT it is being replaced by the Koningsdam. Last year we had a Signature Suite on the Nieuw Amsterdam and, of course, I started by looking at those. As some other threads here on CC have pointed out there are VERY few Signature Suites on the Koningsdam, which was surprising to me. However, as I began to compare the online videos of the various Koningsdam suites I was surprised at the new layout for the Signature Suites. Indeed, I'm not a fan. More investigation shows that the even pricier Neptune suites on the Kdam are much closer equivalent to the Signature Suites in everything from layout to size to deck positioning and number of suites. Even then, you lose the extra little "make-up" desk on the Kdam (although Kdam's Neptune cabin is wider). One of the biggest disappointments of the Kdam's Signature suites, however, involves the size of the balcony - they are much more shallow than the equivalent NA/Eurodam SS balconies. The Neptune balconies on the Kdam are essentially the same depth as the SS on NA/Euro. At the end of the day, to get the same Nieuw Amsterdam "Signature Suite" experience on the Kdam, I feel like I would really have to "pay up" for the Neptune suite...bummer. Given how few signature suites there are, I'm not sure why HAL bothered with them on the Kdam. Definitely a bummer and a clear "revenue generation" move by HAL (not surprising of course - Corporate America FTW!). Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. On Discovery Channel, Mighty Cruise Ships is back for season 3, and is kicking off with a show about the Koningsdam. It's fun going 'behind the scenes' a little bit, and seeing new ships.
  4. What are your favorite Koningsdam restaurants & why do you like them
  5. Considering a future cruise on the Koningsdam but am concerned that it might “feel” more crowded as opposed to the slightly smaller NA. Sailed on the NA 1.5 years ago and did enjoy the cruise. Relaxing and never felt crowded. Sailed on several Celebrity ships and sometimes the ships felt VERY crowded. I know this is really a very subjective questions as feeling crowded can be a very personal thing. But any comments would be welcomed. Trying to decide to sail the K or just go back to the NA for a cruise. BTW, the time of the cruise would be wither October or December. And I would **think** that those times of years would not be incredibly crowded, but who knows!
  6. us. Need 2 more to join us on an "Acropolis Skip the Line Hidden Gems Tour". Check out the website: https://www.withlocals.com/s/greece/athens/?keywords[]=acropolis-tour&msclkid=fb10425a78d81af54d651f2332fee686&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Athens_Tours_EN_All_MB&utm_term=+Acropolis++tour&utm_content=A_Acropolis_tour . Tour is with Elisavet, who got excellent ratings as a tour guide. Tour can be adjusted/changed as we wish. Please let me know--Cost for 2 (including booking fee) is only 60 Euros per couple which, for a 4 person tour is unbelievable to me! Let me know...
  7. We are considering a transatlantic of the Koningsdam. Can someone recommend OV cabins they liked.
  8. We need an accessible cabin and the only one available on our ship (Koningsdam) is cabin 4167 that is a balcony cabin with obstructed view (there is a lifeboat). Wondering if we will be able to see anything at all or if the lifeboat blocks everything. I would like to be able to see some of the port area etc. Any info appreciated (I can't find any pictures or info on any sites I checked). Wendy
  9. I have cruised quite a bit but this will be my first HAL cruise and going to Alaska. On HALfacts I saw pictures of a K category interior cabin on the Nieuw Statendam that actually had a window. This cabin number was 11058 with outside wall on jogging track. I believe that if this is correct the other cabin on the end with outside wall on the jogging track would be 11057. Has anyone stayed in either of these cabins on the Koningsdam? If so could you tell me if there in fact were windows in these two cabins. Also where was the TV located due to the window being where the TV is generally located as I like to watch TV in bed sometimes. Also wondering if anything else I should know about the set up/noise of these cabins. I will be traveling solo so would love to have a window and also be able to walk right out onto an outside view as I usually have a balcony cabin. Any other comments about all K cabins on sun deck generally would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jamie
  10. So last year my (extended) family and I booked the Nieuw Amsterdam in Alaska. The short summary is we all loved it. Along those lines, I was thinking about booking a last minute trip this year on the same boat. As cabin options are limited I started looked at next year. To my surprise, the Nieuw Amsterdam is being moved to the Mediterranean next year and the Koningsdam is replacing it on the same route (Vancouver, Inside Passage, Round Trip). Anyway, in looked at the Kdam, it seems a bit like an "upsized" Nieuw Amsterdam. The biggest "downsides" I see are 30% more people (2650 or so vs. 2000), and the "smaller" promenade deck (both narrower overall and really narrow in many places and blocked by the lifeboats in others). The latter is a bit of a bummer of course in Alaska given the scenery. Based on the Hal "route maps" it appears to still follow the same path through the "true" inside passage (i.e. East of Vancouver Island, etc.) so the increased size doesn't look to be an issue in terms of route. I have to admit, the "newer" boat does have its own attraction (i.e. not a 100% replica of prior cruise, some newer venues like Rolling Stone Rock room, etc.)...oh one more downside: it looks to be pricier! Any other comments (pro or con)?
  11. We're looking at a cruise on Koningsdam and trying to decide on the cabin. We like the aft-wrap Neptunes and always try to get the ones on Deck 7, but unfortunately, both of those are taken. I thought we'd go down to Deck 6, but looking at the deck plan, the aft-Neptunes on Deck 6 look smaller than the ones on other decks. There are some photos of SB6229 on HAL facts, and it looks tiny and cramped in the photos too. Has anyone stayed in SB6210 or 6229? Are they as small as they look in the deck plan? Would the ones on Deck 5 be bigger?
  12. First cruise on HAL having previously been on RCCL a few times. Picked the cruise mainly because of dates and itinerary and wasn't quite sure what to expect from HAL. We all had a great time and no real grumbles. Couple of points that may be of interest to others. - There's been a few queries on which venues are included if you have a drinks package. We had Signature beverage package and no charges were taken when we went to Grand Dutch Cafe for either alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks. We did though though get charged when when we ordered a drink that was $10 or $11 from Notes. Guest Services early on tried to argue that this was as the $11 limit did not include the service charge. They did eventually back down on this and refunded the charges although the issue continued to recur relating to Notes only. I suspect something on the billing system isn't set up correctly relating to Notes and it's flagging a charge at $11 instead of $11 plus 15%. - One of the party had a quench beverage package which should include the Coke Freestyle cup on Konigsdam. This wasn't supplied and again guest services tried to argue it wasn't included in the package until I showed them an electronic copy of the purchase which clearly listed it. It's worth taking electronic copies of everything pre purchased as guest services are either not trained on some of the detail of what's included or were being a little difficult at times. - Service in main dining room (fixed time) was excellent as was the food. Quality of ingredients used and preperation of food both definitely a step up from RCCL. A previous post queried whether scallops were served in MDR. I was suprised to see them on the menu as ingredients on at least 3-4 nights out of 11. When ordered these did turn out to be sea scallops rather than the small bay scallops although there would usually only be 2-3 along with other sea food. - Cabin stewards also excellent (as they also were on RCCL) - Comments about the couch bed in balcony rooms being too small are accurate. Not really suitable for anyone over 5'2". It seems to be down to the design. There's a gap a the top of the matress and then it's constrained by the desk at the bottom. - Did not have any difficulty getting into shows that we wanted to see although the itinerary was pretty busy so entertainment was not my main priority. - I can understand some of the negative comments about the Lido. I can see the advantage of the food being served rather than guests helping themselves but it was difficult to tell at times what was on offer at each station without a fair bit of queueing and wandering around. The quality of the food served though was very good. Including the Lido lunch menu on the app would help. I didn't try the Lido for breakfast as tended to use MDR unless we had a very early start in which case room service breakfast. Overall though had a great time and would have no hesitation in booking again.
  13. Hi First Time Cruiser Here, We are leaving July 4th at 4:30 pm (that's what the itinerary says) from Vancouver for a 7 day Alaska cruise. We intend to fly into Vancouver a few days early and go to Victoria. The ferries from Victoria run hourly. Do you think it's safe (of course the world could blow up - but barring something bizarre) to stay in Victoria until the 4th and come early and go directly to the port? I have no clue what time we need to be at the port to embark - I assume earlier than 4 - we're Neptune suite. I know the ferry is 1.5 hours though not sure where in Vancouver it docks - it says Tsawwassen. I will probably ask the Vancouver Tripadvisor forum how to get to the port, but you guys are the experts on the time I need to arrive. Don't want to miss the cruise! Thank you so much. Ellen
  14. Are there tubs in cabins other than suites? From the pictures I've found it looks like most just have showers. TIA.
  15. I was looking into booking a B2B on the Koningsdam in the fall of 2020 but don't see any cruises listed for the week of Sept 26 - Oct 3 of that year. Does anyone know what is happening that particular week. She is in Vancouver on 9/26 and in San Diego on 10/3. Is she chartered? It does seem to be an awfully short dry dock with a re-positioning to boot. Hmmm?
  16. We sailed on the Koningsdam last winter for our first HAL experience and really enjoyed it. My one major disappointment was the cleanliness of the retreat cabanas especially the curtain dividers. Any recent experiences and opinions?
  17. Can anyone tell me if these cabins have a full bath since they are handicap cabins. Thank you.
  18. Does the Komningsdam offer Dinner in the Culinary center? I can not find it listed on the web page under the dinner options. I have seen articles about the dinner but not able to find any information on the site for my March 2020 cruise. Also does the ATK offer the hands-on-workshops on some shore days? I have enjoyed them in the past and know that you sign-up for them while on the ship.
  19. Does anyone know who will be captaining Koningsdam this year in December to the Caribbean? I'm hoping for Capt. Timmers but he seems to do mostly Europe.
  20. On now for 22 day voyage. Internet has been out for six of the last 8 days. I addressed it to the captain last night and he said he was unaware of it before talking to some other people a few moments before I spoke to him. Many guests were upset. It is working now and I hope it keeps working but this is unacceptable for a relatively new ship especially since I paid a premium price for it. I did get a refund for the days it was offline but the internet manager seems overwhelmed and unable to get a handle on the problem.
  21. Heads up specially for the Canadians amongst you , It will be on later in the US . Koningsdam to be Featured on Mighty Cruise Ships Submitted by: Daniel If you’re a fan of Holland America Line, and of documentaries, we have some news for you! Koningsdam will be the focal point of the first episode of season three of Mighty Cruise Ships: Koningsdam airing this Sunday, March 31, 7:00 p.m. (EDT) on the Canadian network Discovery Canada. After airing in Canada, the episode will also air in the United States, Europe, Australia and elsewhere on the below television networks: United States: Smithsonian United Kingdom: Quest Netherlands: Discovery Channel Netherlands Australia: 7mate Belgium: Discover Channel Belgium (Note – dates and times are to be determined, so make sure to check your local listings.) Mighty Cruise Ships is a documentary series that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the voyages of a variety of cruise-ships. It is produced by Exploration Production Inc. for Discovery Canada and distributed to more than 70 countries including the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. An aerial shot of Koningsdam during the filming of Might Cruise Ships. The first of Holland America Line’s Pinnacle-class ships, Koningsdam combines 21st- century elegance and nautical tradition. Inspired by music, her design features fluid lines, light-filled spaces and innovative, new dining and entertainment venues—from the dazzling, two-story World Stage to Music Walk™, with Lincoln Center Stage, B.B. King’s Blues Club and Billboard Onboard. If you’re in Canada, mark your calendars for this Sunday, March 31st at 7:00 PM (EDT) to watch Koningsdam on Mighty Cruise Ships and make sure to follow @HALCruises for more information on airing times in other markets. Can’t wait to watch? Get a sneak peek below!
  22. Does cabin 5048 have a standard bathroom or is it handicap accessible? Any thoughts on this cabin is appreciated David
  23. Anyone been on deck 7? Could you recommend which cabin(s) are best? Also what is there beside cabin 7081? (empty space on plan/ same on deck 😎
  24. Greetings. We are due to embark on the Koningsdam in 22 days. I have been watching to see if the photo package became available online, and today, it popped up as an option under Indulgences. It is almost double the price we paid two years ago, though, which surprised me. Can anyone who has been on the Kdam recently confirm whether there are different packages available (we don't need the 8x10 prints as I do digital scrapbooks of our trips), and give me an idea of the prices? As a family of 6, I value the group photos we usually get on our cruises, but the current price quoted ($289USD) surprised me compared to previous trips. Thanks to anyone with any information/recommendations!
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