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Found 2,914 results

  1. Hi all....We're looking to book a cruise from Barcelona in October 2021 with stops in Marseille, Livorno, Rome (Civitavecchia), Naples, Sicily, and Palma de Mallorca. And then a TA with stops in Seville, Funchal, Ponta Delgada, and Praia Da Vitoria (Azores). For those of you that have have had the experience of visiting these or some of these ports, what balcony location would be best arriving and departing ports? Port or Starboard? Thanks for any help.
  2. I would agree, but since I have a cruise booked on the Legend to go there......
  3. Would like to book one of these sailings in the Fall, I guess my biggest question is what you all think about the following?. Do you think Carnival will even sail to/out of Europe( Rome) in the summer and fall?? If so why? If not why? I strongly believe that Carnival won't even start up here in the US until Jan/Feb 2021 and they will stagger their ships out of the US. Will they even want to put one in the Med? Thanks!!
  4. If Americans are banned thru next summer from going to Europe, Europe will be in big Dudu. AS with others, we are on a Legend cruise for Oct 3 of the Greek Isles. I feel strongly they will go, that said, in the interview with the chief communication officer and John Heald, he mentioned something which gave me cause for concern. It had to do with dry docks. To make it a long guess into a short one, it makes me think that they might use the Radiance (after conversion) in place of Legend (total guess), because she will already be there. If that were to occur, I would be very disappointed.
  5. I am booked on the Legend out of Rome Sept. 15, 2021... it will happen!!! I am Canadian, so yes I can enter Europe (can go now). How knows what the new protocols and precautionary measures will be though....
  6. My guess is the State is calling you in because you have yet to obtain a Real ID Driver's license. It is a real pain in the neck, but you cannot dance around it. Here is a link to DHSMV that lists all the documents you need to bring to prove that you are in fact a legal US citizen. https://www.flhsmv.gov/driver-licenses-id-cards/what-to-bring/u-s-citizen/ That said, you should also obtain a full US Passport. Why? Because you cannot fly back into the US without one. If you are on a cruise that of course needs to stop at a foreign port (Jones Act) and you need to leave the cruise and come back home you will not be allowed in. Additionally, soon you will not be able to fly within the US without the Real ID Driver's License or US Passport. Now, I think you have plenty of time to obtain these documents as I don't see us cruising again for a long time. We currently have two on the books: The Legend out of Tampa end of November and the Mardi Gras out of Port Canaveral in April 2021. We are sure we will lose the Legend soon and to bad since we have Vista Suite 4228.
  7. Please post your experience on the renovated (stretched) Star Breeze, Star Legend and Star Pride. Since all the cabins were renumbered, we need to start this thread afresh!
  8. I did the old Legwnd was good for the breeze coming in and sunset pictures. Was booked on Breeze and switch to legend for fall 2021.
  9. Legend of 1900 an interesting movie The Perfect Storm Or Submarine movies :- K-19 Hunt for Red October Das Boot U-571
  10. Monkey Business (1931) Romance on the High Seas (1948) Bon Voyage! (1962) Ship of Fools (1965) Assault on a Queen (1966) Death on the Nile (1978) Table for Five (1983) Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) Out to Sea (1997) Legend of 1900 (1998) Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011) Like Father (2018)
  11. Not sure if this is allowed, but here is the Chief communication officers interview with John on his FB page where they discuss the Legend European sailings. With everything that has been happening these past few days I felt it was time for an update of our senior beard and our Chief Communications Officer So Chris, over to you sir. JOHN: We have recently canceled our October cruises and while many people are booking again some guests are waiting on refunds from previous cruises. What is the latest status of the refund process please? CHRIS: The team has put in tremendous work to clear through the backlog and also automate the process where we can. And I’ve been seeing more and more of your fans posting that they’re refunds have been received. As we’ve said before, the volume of cancellations is something we have never seen, and frankly, could never have imagined. We annually sail more than 5 million guests. We have cancelled cruises for more than six months – from March through October, including the very busy spring break and summer vacation periods. So our guests can easily do the math with regard to the millions of cancellations we have had to process (and continue to process). There might still be some small pockets of refunds that are still being processed from this spring and that is due to some back end technical glitches where the refunds were literally stuck in a queue that we could not see. So we have had to go in and manually pull, sort and process them. These were mostly transactions where guests had used multiple forms of payment, or some group bookings. So if you’re one of those several hundred guests still waiting, we apologize and promise that we are working them as quickly as possible. But I’m not going to make excuses here. Just offer our apologies for those few still waiting, our appreciation for those who were or have been so patient, and our commitment to handle these new cancellations in an efficient manner. JOHN: Our Carnival Legend European season is something so many of my readers have booked. They are now concerned that these cruises have been canceled as they no longer show on Carnival.com. Please can you reassure them that these cruises are still going ahead? CHRIS: Unfortunately, we are in a rather unprecedented period where no one can make any assurances about anything – cruises, school, the economy or life in general. But what I can say with regard to Legend is this. The 2021 European season is scheduled to follow on to a major dry dock in Europe. The pandemic and business closures have put shipyard scheduling and availability into a giant salad spinner like so many other things. So we are looking at all our dry dock and deployment options across the fleet and across the globe. Meanwhile, those Legend itineraries have been very popular – especially with so many of our guests anxiously awaiting to get back on board with us. So they’ve reached their self-imposed capacity limits and we are not going to book MORE guests on those sailings given new protocols we continue to think about. We know our guests get anxious the moment some change is made online. It does not mean we have made a decision. But we are carefully managing inventory as we work through these decisions. JOHN: One of the most commonly asked questions each day is “what procedures will be in place when we cruise again?” They are of course talking about facemasks and social distancing etc. Is there an update on this please? CHRIS: I think you’ve asked me this every time we’ve had one of these chats, and I’m afraid I probably sound like a broken record. The protocols and procedures continue to be refined. We remain hopeful that our sister lines at Costa and AIDA are going to return to operations in Europe over the coming days. Their protocols are a template for what we and other Carnival Corp. brands in North America might eventually implement. The difference is that we will need to have agreement from the CDC for our procedures. We’ve updated our Health & Safety Advisory page on carnival.com. While there are not details yet, there is discussion about the broad elements and the foundation for our plan at carnival.com/health-and-sailing-updates. But one thing is clear. We aren’t in a position to be a referee in the debate about wearing a mask. We’re going to follow the science. If the science says masks will promote public health and we ask our guests to wear them in the casino, the elevator, the theater or the comedy club, we are going to need our guests to support those decisions. Just like our smoking rules are made in the interests of public safety, our protocols and guidelines will be made in the interests of public health and the collective good of the guests and crew. JOHN: Finally, what is your personal take on Covid-19 and where we are with it in the world today? CHRIS: I’ve worked in the travel industry for almost 30 years. That covers a lot of things. 9-11. SARS. The Gulf War. Global recession. Ebola. Hurricanes. I’ve never seen anything like this current situation. But in each of those situations, the travel industry adapted and recovered. Travel is too important in our lives today for it not to recover. We will adapt again. And we will be back. And certainly the tremendous support of Carnival guests will be a critical part of getting us through this challenge. The loyalty of our guests and crew really are our secret weapons, and for that we are immensely lucky and grateful. ----- Thanks so much Chris for taking the time to do this and I am sure we will be hearing much more from him over the next few weeks as we get closer to the Fun returning #carnivalfamily
  12. I am holding my breath this time. I have been pretty fatalistic and calm about cruising since we got off the Legend in February. I was watching news stories about the virus in China while we in the Caribbean - without realizing how lucky we were to be on a cruise in 2020! We were scheduled to be on the Radiance out of Europe in May. Paid in full with gift cards (airfare too). 30th Anniversary cruise with our three grown children along. When that was cancelled, I shifted the entire thing including the airfare to the Legend in September 2020. That didn't last another month or so before it was cancelled, and then I chose the Legend in September 2021. I thought that surely by 2021 we would be able to cruise again, right? lol I am really hoping the 2021 European cruises go forward. Jimbo is correct that no one knows at this point. We can only guess- how we talk or think about possible future cruising is probably based more upon our own personalities than anything else. I would be fine if they slapped a bandage on the Victory and sent her back to sea to cruise around Europe instead of turning her into the Radiance. I think she is already too torn down for that,I however. Just a pipe dream. I loved the Victory. I will just wait and see what happens. It might make financial sense for Carnival to not invest in Europe in 2021 depending on how things go. We just have to wait and see. I get frustrated at not knowing, especially as my final payment date approaches for a November cruise I am certain will be cancelled. But there is no point in being angry with Carnival.
  13. The Radiance already is in Europe. I think Legend will move to Long Beach for 2021 and Radiance will do the Legend cruises in Europe. A lot of the Legend cruises for the first half of 2021 have disappeared.
  14. Small world. I lived for twenty years in Roswell in an Avida complex off 92 near the Cobb/Sandy Springs border. We moved Flowery Branch to be near our boat (5 minutes vs an hour drive) . Back to Scotch. I noticed Highland Park mentioned, I am quite a fan of Highland Park and Scappa both made on the Orkney Islands where my wife was born and we have visited numerous times to see family. The chart you have been offered is quite a good one. Notice the "Dalwhinnie" on the legend it is also quite good. Also Mcallan 15 is mentioned that is a nice smooth scotch and any 18, 25 etc would just get smoother. Be leery of distillers getting away from aging their scotches. Cardhu played that game several years ago. Everything on the bottle was the same except "12 year Single Malt". This label read Real Malt. It appears they were running out of the scotch. 75% of their production goes to Spain the number 1 consumer of the scotch and with Johnny Walker there was little left. According to the Malt Shop on the High Street in Edinburgh they were crooked and trying to sell a blend as the single malt Here is a Scottish toast for you "Here's to them what's like us..Damn few and there all deed" and in the immortal words of Robbie Burns "drink the water's of life" to keep you healthy.
  15. I am booked on the Legend Sept 2021, and I am Canadian. Europe is accepting Canadians, and I do believe at the moment we would also have to self isolate for the mandatory 14 day period....... and when I try and search for a "European Cruise" on the website, none exist at the moment. I hope it is just a glitch
  16. Noilly Pratt and Boodles Gin, a dog named Boo and Rin Tin Tin. Canadian borders and Florida shores, I’m hot your cold let’s have some s’mores. “Urban” legend and “sub”urban sprawl, hard to understand it all. I grew up here and you grew up there, I win you lose but is it fair. Whether a stripper or a dancer be, either one is fine with me. Beautiful women and pugnacious men, Noilly Pratt and Boodles Gin. Now, in keeping with the topic at hand. Public opinion on cruising says that good waffles enjoyed among “friends” on a boat, makes all things good.
  17. I think people needs to remember, both John and Chris works for a corporation that needs to follow SEC disclosure rules and to follow company protocol of public relations. So as long as Carnival Corp do not confirm the cruises are cancelled, both John and Chris can not tell public that what the boardroom are discussing behind the doors. To them, they might believe the cruises may end up being cancelled, yet the PR would require them to not confirm nor deny but focus on facts that can be told. Did you not notice how Chris did not say what capacity they have on Legend across 2021 summer seasons yet? The ship could be 30% full but that dies not stop them telling public the ship is at capacity as such information is not known to public yet it can not be proved to be wrong. So take the word from John and Chris as reference but always remember what they said is only true to the time they said it. What would happen to Legend European itineraries is currently undecided. There are possibilities that cruise get cancelled or ship gets substituted. Something will happen it is not normal times.
  18. No, it was Discovery 2, ex RCI Legend of the Seas at about 70,000 tons!
  19. As Legend will be cruising in Europe (allegedly) http://www.imo.org/en/MediaCentre/HotTopics/Documents/COVID CL 4204 adds/Circular Letter No.4204-Add.26 - Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Guidance On Cruise EU.pdf
  20. Hi We were scheduled to be on the Radiance May 9. Like you we had everything booked. After the cancellation, I change everything to the Legend October then to May 2021. But if Carnival cancel Europe we will still going on our 25 days trip, checking MSC cruises or maybe a tour. Isa
  21. Radiance. Liberty. Dream. Splendor. Legend. Fantasy. Jewel. Princess: how many times will we use Royal, Regal, Sky, Pacific, etc.?
  22. I'm very alone in feeling this way, but those things were my worst nightmare. lol I loved the Asia Cafe Buffet, but they had horrible flow squeezed around the pool, there was little room for the queue for people waiting (until they got to food pictured above), so they had to hover over the people seated at tables trying to eat, none of the food was properly shielded, and half of it was held at improper temperatures. 🤢 I hadn't heard about the sculptures, but usually the more valuable pieces get sold off or saved from the dumpster everything else gets shoveled in. Urban legend was always that the bridge from Jade Garden ended up in someone's home in California -- not sure if that was anyone connected with Crystal or not. (Back then CA held a huge share of Crystal's passengers.) That was Prego's original 1995 Venice theme. As much as I rag on Serenity's original Olive Garden decor, Symphony's original Prego aged even worse. Funny enough the original Venice "bridge" at the entrance survives, but is thankfully more subtle. @ryndam Thanks for the pics Rob, they are awesome!! Vince
  23. We're considering a fall 2021 transatlantic on Carnival Legend. Looking at the deck plan, it appears that Sun Deck 10 may allow one to walk loops completely around the ship. Is that correct? Or does the waterslide at the stern block thru passage? Wife and I do much walking on cruises and the formal jogging/walking path is very short.
  24. Speculation. Such a waste of energy but what else do avid cruisers have to do with their time. Me, I'm working from home and need to get back at it! Legend Med/TA 2020 was cancelled. Re-booked Legend Med/TA 2021. My uneducated guess is that, again, she won't be sent to Europe and will remain in Tampa or relocate somewhere else in the States. If that happens, I'll be disappointed, but that means I probably won't cancel my NCL Escape TA April 2021 and will have more funds to apply to the OZ/NZ Feb 2022 Spirit/Splendor sailings.
  25. Upon further reflection and seeing now that ALL Europe sailings are gone, I don't think this is a capacity issue. I looked a week or so ago and a couple of the October Legend bookings were wide open with even the most desirable cabins that tend to book up first being open. If even a couple of them were still open, I would buy the capacity explanation. Plus, I also noticed that some of the excursions have disappeared or are listed as full even on the bookings I already have. My theory: I think they are going to pull the Legend out of Europe and use her for some of the sailings in the US for ships they scrap/sell. There is more risk in Europe, probably more regulations, and probably less profit. Plus HAL and Princess go there. They can probably simply make more money in the US with that ship with less hassle. That's my theory anyway. I bet the suits are at least considering it even if they haven't made the official decision.
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