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  1. Good afternoon, My apologies if my question was not clear.... it is my second cruise with Royal.... my daughter 16 is on the spectrum and I didn’t know this was an Autism able cruise until after we booked .... We booked for the NY eve reason which is also the reason we booked the Legend over 10 years ago..... my child loved it! I was simply trying to get a feed back from other cruisers who sailed while AoTS was providing services because we are booked directly with Royal and in my experience with NCL .... we were able to get basically all the services listed by AoTS .... my child attended the kids club... we had seats reserved at the shows .... had personal embarkation without the lines and separate drill, I received an email which I needed to print to bring to the port for that personal embarkation. Its been over 10 years I sailed with Royal..... don’t know how their services are.... just wondering if I had to be booked with AoTS to receive what I did with NCL. Thanks Aj PS: Don’t know what happened with the signature .... I used to have an image with a boat with the Autism puzzle colours 😞
  2. Welcome to CC and coming out of lurk mode. On Legend they raffled off some of the memorabilia from the ship.
  3. 100% correct imo as well. It's been a while now (over a year for sure) when talking about Legend's departure vs. Empress coming back, and the upcoming departure of every Vision Class ship to come... It was ChengP I believe that explained the maintenance schedules, mandatory drydocks/inspections, etc for older ships. I also remember looking back at not only Monarch/Sovereign, but a couple other of the more modern mass market lines as well. It looks like the sweet spot to remove ships from the fleet is at around 25 years. I'm sure there's capital cost depreciation, elevated maintenance costs, insurance, economies of scale (passenger to public space ratio), revenue producing suites & venues, etc etc etc ... so many things that factor into more expense with some of the older ships. I'd love to find that thread or have Cheng comment again on the "sweet spot" (or so it seems to me anyways) of that approximate 25'ish year plateau. Enchantment/Rhapsody and Vision coming up to 25 years by 2022 (two more Oasis Class, two more Quantum Class and Icon Class by that time as well). And perhaps even more incredibly, it's Voyager's 20th birthday next month!!! 😮
  4. Not sure she'll get much. Splendour and Legend went about a year apart. With this announcement, I think Enchantments' days in the RCI fleet are numbered.
  5. Found it strange that RCI bought back the Empress, and cancelled the sale on Majesty...but supposedly it was to be able to call on Cuba. Though they sold Splendour and Legend. Miss the Legend, love the Vision class series. Had lunch with IT manager on Rhapsody two years ago, who told us she was being sold the end of the year...but she is still here. 🙂
  6. Ive been on both Legend and Splendour since they have become TUI ships (In fact my first cruise was on the newly renovated Legend of the Seas In 2017). They are great ships, but I guess they are not in the direction of travel for the big companies like RC as all new orders are just bigger and bigger. im going on Oasis this summer, which will be my first time on of these modern mega ships, so will be interesting to compare. Have to wonder however if certain ports will just not be viable for these huge ships, so if they lose the smaller ships from the fleet, will they just stop serving some of the ports these ships frequent today?
  7. Have a fresh Radiance of the seas with box to swap for legend , rhapsody most preferred but consider others ☺️ Happy day all
  8. We have 2 extra Grandeur blocks. We will be on Symphony 2 and 9 Nov cruises. Anyone need a Grandeur and want to trade for either: Mariner, Freedom, Empress, Jewel, Serenade, Enchantment, Allure, Legend, Adventure, Liberty, Oasis, independence, Harmony or Anthem? Let me know and we can arrange to trade on the Symphony next month.
  9. Classes are almost always named after the first ship in the class. The Visions are different because, first, they aren't a true class, but were originally 3 pairs of sisters (Legend and Splendour, Grandeur and Enchantment, and Rhapsody and Vision) who were grouped together as a "class." I believe Vision was actually named after Project Vision (which the class was named for), Royal's plan to create ships with more glass/windows than any other ship at sea.
  10. Next stop was at one of many National Parks on the island, this one is the Kahuku Unit. Just to set expectations, there are no active eruptions or lava flows currently. This isn't a site where you will look down into an active volcano or walk near hot, red molten lava flows. Much of the Volcano National Park remains closed after the 2018 eruption of Kīlauea caldera. The Kahuku unit is far enough South of the area that erupted that it can remain open. Knowing how the island is entirely volcanic in origin and how long it takes plant life to grow it's amazing to see an abundance of plant life anywhere on the island. Our bus takes us to the site of am 1868 lava flow that produced tubes. Lava tubes are produced when slow moving flows begin to cool on the surface while the molten lava continues to flow below the surface. This results in a skin or tube like structure that hardens and becomes solid while the molten lava continues to flow eventually draining out of the tube leaving large cave like cavities. In some cases these can be large enough to walk into or in this area to live in. Historically the native Hawaiian tribes were somewhat a hostile people often at war with other tribes. Small battles resulted in some winners and some losers. Warriors defeated in battle would take refuge in these tubes in shame of losing a battle. This is a marker setup by natives that sometime ago came in search of their ancestors. Finding tubes that displayed signs of life these markers were a means to come back year after year to pay tribute to ancestors in a constantly changing island topography. Hawaii is home to an average of 84 earthquakes annually since it resides on fault lines. Between new lava flows and earthquakes areas like this can change overtime so the markers help them to return to places that have special meaning to them. There is one tree that is critical in the lifecycle of plant growth on lava. The Ohia tree has special enzymes that can break down lava and allow it's root to penetrate. Over time (hundreds of years) and with enough trees an area can develop a soil that allows other plants to begin their life cycle. The legend of the Ohia tree is founded in Hawaiian folklore. It is said the Pele, the goddess and fire and volcanoes met a warrior named Ohia that she wanted to marry. Ohia had already pledged his love to Lehua. Pele was so enraged by his refusal she turned the warrior into a tree and stuck him into the lava. Lehue was so distraught that other gods took pity on her and turned her into a flower on the Ohia tree so that the lovers could eternally be joined together. It is said that if anyone plucks the red flower from the Ohia tree it will rain that day as you are separating the lovers, Lehue and Ohia. The flower is loaded with seeds that winds will spread allowing more Ohia trees to seed and take root. It's not hard to imagine this back in 1868 as molten laving slow flowing down off this hilltop towards the sea. High in iron the lava is literally rusting turning a rust brown color in the process. This wall was built to separate and define the boundary between two native tribes in the late 1800's.
  11. I believe the legend of the "POSH" method was from the point of view of a European, i.e., going home would be Eastbound. The sun is on the port side for a westbound transatlantic.
  12. Speaking of Captain Tony, who is a KW legend and is no longer with us, I had the great honor of meeting him and spending time with him on a gambling boat out of KW one night. We got our pics with him in our ponchos that night as we all had to disembark together in the midst of the mother of all storm. Another great KW Bar is The Green Parrot.
  13. I thought it might be nice to have a singular place for all of the abbreviations one might see on this board. In my humble opinion, this should be a pinned post! Let me know if I missed anything (I am sure I did!) Ship abbreviations (Often seen with an OTS ending IE, Harmony might be shown as HOTS - Harmony of the Seas) NV - Navigator AD - Adventure MA - Mariner VY - Voyager EX - Explorer FR - Freedom LB - Liberty ID - Independence (also shown as Indy) AN - Anthem QN - Quantum OV - Ovation SY - Symphony OA - Oasis AL - Allure HM - Harmony RD - Radiance BR - Brilliance SR - Serenade JW - Jewel SP - Splendour LG - Legend EN - Enchantment GR - Grandeur RH - Rhapsody VI - Vision MJ - Majesty NE - Empress Room/Suite Abbreviations: OS - Owner's Suite JS - Junior Suite WS - Guaranteed Suite ATS - Aqua Theater Suite BWV - Boardwalk View (can be a Balcony) CPV - Central Park View PV - Promenade View Dinning Abbreviations: CK - Coastal Kitchen MDR - Main Dinning Room WJ - Wind Jammer SB - Solarium Bistro
  14. Anthem Blocks I have many Anthem blocks since we haven't been flying. I have duplicates of Explorer and Jewel. Also of Radiance however I believe John & LaLa are trading me a Mariner for my extra Radiance. With that said, I need: Harmony Legend Monarch Sovereign Splendor Symphony Voyager. Does anyone have duplicates of the list above that wants an Anthem, Explorer or Jewel. Please let me know.
  15. Hello @MONKEY20... it’s been a few years!! Legend 2007...? When I travel solo I sit at a large shared table. When I was on Explorer in May, it seems that the same people usually turned up at the same time so we were generally seated together.
  16. We cruised on Legend OTS from Yokohama to Tianjin (Beijing) back in 2012 with 15 and 17 year olds. It was a "Culturally Enriching" cruise with the vast majority being Chinese passengers. We did find them to be pushy around buffets and elevators, but we also learned that the way to deal with it is to hold your ground and otherwise ignore it. We had the pool and bars to ourselves which was a nice bonus. But, our attitude was that we were there to see a part of the world we had never been to. In our mind, that included dealing with the local cultures for better or worse, including entertainment and food which may not be familiar to us. In the end, it was a great trip, and the kids loved it in spite of the lack of other teens to hang out with. If my goal was to see a part of the world we haven't been to, with the added bonus of a cruise to get me there, I wouldn't hesitate to do that again.
  17. Several years ago we did a Fall Colors cruise on the Legend of the Seas in October. It left and returned from Quebec. Worst cruise I've ever been on. 95% French only speaking cruisers. Not friendly. And no colors, of which to speak. We had better colors here in Chicago.
  18. Legend of the sess lovely ship 😊
  19. In the next seven months, I will earn an Oasis and Majesty that I need. I am also working on a trade for Rhapsody. Those 3 will get me to 23 . What I will still need are the Empress, Independence, Legend, Quantum, Sovereign, Spectrum and Splendour. .
  20. Yes. Look at the deck plans. Check the legend. There is a symbol for "obstructed". If you see that symbol in the cabin, it has an obstructed view
  21. If you are asking whether they are in the same class of ship: They are not. Grandeur and Rhapsody belong to the Vision class. Its other members are Enchantment and Vision. Gone (to Marella) are Legend and Splendour. Majesty is Sovereign class. Its two sisters, Sovereign and Monarch, are now part of the Pullmantur line. The other similarity that twangster didn't mention is that they all have a Centrum. But Majesty is quite different. Check out all of my posts on this thread. You will read the descriptive differences.
  22. My mistake --- had no idea. I knew Splendour and Legend were different but thought the other 4 were the same and all the same class. Sorry! So I guess going to the spa on Enchantment this year, won't help me see the balcony situation on Rhapsody for next year. Oh well. Have to run the lack of privacy by the Mrs. She likes her morning coffee on the balcony in her pajamas lol
  23. NV Navigator AD Adventure MA Mariner VY Voyager EX Explorer FR Freedom LB Liberty ID Independence AN Anthem QN Quantum OV Ovation SY Symphony OA Oasis AL Allure HM Harmony RD Radiance BR Brilliance SR Serenade JW Jewel SP Splendour LG Legend EN Enchantment GR Grandeur RH Rhapsody VI Vision MJ Majesty NE Empress
  24. What a great group of interesting stories. Reading them brought me back to the interesting adventures that we had on RCI ships. We did not start cruising until September 1995. Since then we have enjoyed 49 cruise vacations, a majority of our vacations. 27 of them have been on RCI ships –Adventure; Anthem; Brilliance; Explorer; Freedom; Grandeur; Legend; Serenade; Navigator; Radiance; Sovereign]; Voyager; and Quantum of the Seas. Some have had more exotic ports of call but the one standard that has always held true: RCI has always had great entertainment, good food, and fabulous service. Many things have changed over the years. No longer do we midnight buffets but we now have the flow rider. Even though the themes have changed to address more active activities on board, this old couple still makes cruising their number one choice in vacations and RCI is on the top of our list. We are sailing in January on the Anthem.
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