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Found 272 results

  1. Just got off liberty and was trying to find info on name of band that played in star lounge at night. Was 4 Filipino guys and said they were on Facebook but can’t find them. Something like “music venture” maybe?
  2. Do they have a place where you can get juices or smoothies made with fresh ingredients on Liberty of the seas
  3. We are taking Liberty this December. Does anyone know the days/times for the show Saturday Night Fever? Trying to plan my dinner reservations around that Thanks :)
  4. Howdy, folks: We just got off the Liberty in Galveston. 10 of us sailed in the 4 bedroom Villa Suite, and another 7 folks were in different scattered cabins. I am going to do a trip report in installments over the next few days, and I will post pictures to my personal blog and provide links to them where appropriate. I also have a PDF of all of the MDR and specialty menus, and I have PDFs of quite a few bar menus. For now, though, here is what stood out to me: The Good The concierge, Mangesh, worked particularly hard to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. I appreciated him very much. We paid for an embarkation lunch at Chops. If you are going to do one lunch at Chops, this is an excellent time to do it. I hit a $2000 jackpot on the last day of the cruise! I enjoyed the buffet more than in 2017. They seemed to have more curries available, and that is an item which keeps well on a buffet. We all enjoyed our dinners in the MDR. In Cayman, leave the pier area and turn left on the first street. Walk past the beach to the restaurant where some dudes are chopping fresh fish out front. Order the oxtail. You are welcome. Janet Crick and the Falmouth Culinary Tour were amazing. We booked that independently rather than through the cruise line. The Bad Embarkation Day alcohol has gone to the dogs. Royal elected to only pay taxes on very cheap stuff like McCormack's. Ugh. Pay the taxes on at least a couple of decent bottles. It is a flat $3.50 per bottle regardless of whether it is McCormack's or Four Roses Single Barrel. The weight limit for the slides is 300 pounds. I weighed 219.8 on the day I left, although I trust that went up a bit. On Wednesday, after riding all week, the same attendant who let me on all week demanded that I step on the scale in public to prove I was below the weight limit. I am deeply upset about the way they elected to handle that and a grossly inconsistent application of their own policy. The blackjack rules still stink at most tables. For the love of all that is good and holy, quit interrupting my dinner to take photos, sell me specialty dining, sell me onboard experiences, etc. Surprises Our balcony was 800+ square feet, and we didn't actually use it all that much. I suspect the leftover wine in the fridge and the alcohol we had delivered to the room as gifts made an excellent addition to the Room Steward Party Fund. I consistently kicked my kid's arse when we raced down the water slides. Dad still has it, kiddo. Now go clean your room. More later. It was, on balance, an excellent cruise. I'll do my best to answer questions as they come up.
  5. I know a lot of folks have done the Cape Liberty to Quebec City cruise. I am wondering if anyone has parked at Cape Liberty and found a way back to the car. I assume you can fly from Quebec City to Newark and Uber it. I am wondering if taking the train from Quebec City to Montreal and then flying back is any better (more direct flights, slightly cheaper, etc). Then again we have to worry about the luggage. We have never been to Quebec City or Montreal, so it may be worth doing both. I am sure this has been posted before, but my searches came up with nothing but roll calls. I know some retired person is going to suggest doing back to back cruises...
  6. Is there a messaging app for messaging others on Liberty of the Seas? If so, cost? We previously sailed on Disney and you were able to use their app free of charge. They also provided cordless phones for calling/texting. Any thing similar?
  7. The two sailings we've done out of Cape Liberty we taped luggage tags to our case of water and it was delivered with our luggage. Last year when we sailed out of Port Canaveral they wanted it in the luggage so we put a case in a small suitcase. We will be sailing out of Bayonne again this month, just wondered which it was currently for that port. Anyone know? Same as before or like Port Canaveral? TIA
  8. Hi - I need to know if there is reliable WIFI and WIFI calling on the Liberty of the Seas. It is VERY important that my husband have access to his labtop and phone while we are away for work purposes. I wanted to see if anyone has been on this ship RECENTLY or knows how I can find out RELIABLE information on this. I know the VOOM plan will need to be purchased, and we plan on doing that, and also we need to make sure AT&T allows WIFI calling and they do on our plan, but I am more worried about the reliability of the service, especially while out at sea. We basically will have to cancel this trip if he can't get service and we didn't buy insurance, so we really dont want to do that. :( Any help or assistance is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!!!!
  9. Does the liberty have a poker table? If so what are the buy ins and limits to their games and average stacks of players to start. We have only done carnival in the past and they have the awful video hold em tables with mega rakes.
  10. I am looking for reviews for any cruiser that purchased "The Key" and thoughts on how things went on Liberty of the Seas with the "benefits". We purchase the internet for 2 devices anyway so I was weighing subtracting out that cost and weighing the options. There is a fairly lengthly post with 1000's comments about why they wouldn't pay for it and I'm sure there are some that have used the benefit but could not locate it for Liberty ship specifically Thanks.
  11. We are about book Liberty for next May. There will be 4 of us, myself, DW, DS and our 6 year old granddaughter, who has been on Harmony twice and Anthem once. She would spend hours on both the carousel and the lucky climber. LOS has neither of these. She really enjoyed Adventure Ocean on HOS. How does that compare with AO on Liberty. I hope there is enough on Liberty to keep her amused. DW is somewhat mobility challenged. She will use a scooter as much as possible. Her favourite port is Grand Cayman. That is a tender port. With some effort she will be able to get on/off the tender but it is quite a walk to where you get the excursions vans/ buses or taxi. Are there wheel chairs available
  12. quick question does the liberty of the seas offer the wrist band key cards that can be used liked the set sail card ????
  13. Who's on the Liberty right now? Wondering if you're having a good time.
  14. My wife and I are traveling on Liberty of the Seas this fall. What are the best menu items in the specialty restaurants? (Chop's Grille, Giovanni's Table and Sabor) Thanks!
  15. Hi to all who have boarded and disembarked from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, I hope to leave on Saturday, Dorian permitting. I walk with a cane and stairs and slopes are problematic. I have used wheelchairs and porters in the past when the gangways are really long and steep but would prefer not to if possible. From the videos I have seen, I think there is an elevator and then a pretty level gangway onto Anthem of the Seas. Can anyone confirm this from their experience? Or should I wave down a wheelchair when I get there? I have 'booked' a wheelchair at other ports but have still needed to flag one down once I am in the terminal so I am not sure how helpful 'booking' is. Thank you for your responses.
  16. Which side of the ship and which deck do you board on the Adventure of the Seas out of Port Liberty? Thank you, Yanceycruiser.
  17. How many hours at a time is a baby allowed to be in the nursery? Does anyone have experience with leaving their baby in the nursery while going ashore for an excursion?
  18. My family has traveled on a few cruises, but we've always chosen itineraries instead of ships. I was wondering if it might be worth trying our home port (Cape Liberty) since we have 3 kids including an infant to be on a fun ship for the kids. My dream for a long time had been to travel to Cuba, but since that isn't an option I'm wondering if a local ship for an easy vacation might be something to try. The ships in Cape Liberty are: Oasis of the Seas Vision of the Seas Adventure of the Seas Anthem of the Seas Empress Are there any ships among these that would be your top choices of activities for a young family (children are currently aged 8, 4 and 9 months) . We'd wait until the baby was over a year to sail.
  19. Any new information about this? Latest I heard was that an Oasis class ship would be deployed once the new terminal was finished. Supposed to be fall of 2001?
  20. When I checked in for our cruise, the earliest arrival time I can pick is 11:30am. If we get there around 9:30 or 10, do you think we will have to wait long to get on board? We’re arriving early because 2 people are flying in and they will be at the port early. 6 of us are Gold members but 2 grandparents are not. Will the 2 be able to come aboard w us instead of a separate line? Thank you.
  21. Anyone know what time do they normally start boarding Liberty of the Seas in Galveston. Our information packet says check in begins at 10:45, is that info correct? TIA
  22. I have My Time Dining reservations at 6:45 everyday, and I'm questioning if I should keep it, or change to the Main Dining times. I have been reading that on some ships, even those with MTD reservations are having to wait 30 minutes for their table. I believe that was for the Oasis class ship, but I'm not sure. Anyone from Liberty have My Time Dining recently and can give me an idea of how their experience was? Or what time worked out well in order to see most of the shows? I realize that shows are planned around the Main/Late seating dining, but those exact dining times were just a little too early/late for our group. Also....If I keep the MTD, I'm considering changing to a 7:30 seating (assuming the wait time isn't 30 minutes with reservation). I'm just really wrestling with what time would work best. Thank you all for any help with my decision.
  23. how many years has the LOS sailed from galveston ? 6 or 7?
  24. I haven't tried Sabor yet. I was wondering if anyone has been given a good discount for dinner? We are vegetarians and there really isn't many food options for us and $30.00 a person for dinner is a lot when we don't eat meat. I was thinking of asking for a deal the first day when they hassle us for speciality restaurants. Was wondering if anyone has ever got a 2 for 1 offer? Thanks.
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