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Found 197 results

  1. Just wanting to make certain that formal nights on the Liberty are nights 2 and 6 for the western 7 night itinerary? Trying to plan when to schedule Chefs dinner...Thanks in advance...
  2. Sorry if this is not allowed, we have been collecting the magnets over the years however for one reason or another we are missing the liberty and radiance, if anyone is willing to pick them up I would greatly appreciate it and can send you the money accordingly.
  3. Why boring? No pictures, no suite or balcony, Emerald status so no Diamond Club. No specialty restaurants. No port excursions either. I mean how boring are we? Cruised with DH. We had the best time in our Promenade cabin, MDR dinners, paying for drinks. Wine most nights for dinner. Thank you RCI for allowing us to bring wine on board, in addition to a few cans of diet Sierra Mist soda. No questions asked upon check in, which was a breeze. Got to the terminal approx. 10:15 and was up in the Windjammer having lunch less than an hour later. Food improved over our last Liberty cruise in Dec. 2017. First night did not start off well. DH asked for a regular salad; lettuce, tomato, cukes, onion. Waiter told him only Caesar Salad was on the menu. What? No other salad? I said loudly (to DH's consternation) "this is NOT the Royal Caribbean I know" Waiter was miffed and then went into the survey talk. He didn't specifically order us to give him a 10 but he did his best to let us know we should favorably respond. He even told us not to blame him if we didn't like the food, that it wasn't his fault.....sigh. I tried not to give him the stink eye. I always loved the chopped tuti salad on sea days. Sad to say they don't chop the salad anymore. Not sure why they cut that out. (no pun intended)I Each cruise I take it seems the ingredients get fewer and fewer. Second night, until the last night, instead of this "no salad" waiter, we had the head waiter, the guy wearing the black jacket (used to be red?) that cuts out the lobster tail from its shell. He was WONDERFUL. My husband never got his salad but never asked for one after the 1st night. We had wonderful table mates and asked the wait staff to hurry things up and not drag dinner into the 2+ hours it usually takes. Out in approx. 1 hr and 15 mins. Nice! Mark, our Cruise Director was wonderful, funny and engaging. Out of our12 previous cruises he led the funniest Love and Marriage game I ever saw. Congrats to the couple that won, married 71 years, both in their 90s sweet and funny. Enjoyed the Country Band in the Star Lounge. Never got to the pub or Schooner Bar for their entertainment. Ice show as always was amazing. We enjoyed the aerial (did I spell that right?) show in the nightclub. Comic was ok but I'm getting tired listening to cruise jokes. OK so I DID laugh when he physically tried to show us how a certain umm activity is done in the shower. I'm a big Sat. Night Fever fan and did not enjoy RCI's production. We saw it back in Dec. and thought it was just ok. This time around was disappointing. Not sure why we even bothered this time around. I'm sure many loved it. Hats off and kudos to Capt. Anders for steering clear of the hurricane and getting us to all of our ports on time and safely. Other ships experienced bad weather and diverted to Jamaica. What made the cruise so wonderful was getting together with our friends Denise and Roger whom we met on The Voyager approx. 5 years ago. This was our 3rd cruise together. I know it won't be our last. We were also fortunate to have Sandy, Ken, Lynn and Dan at our table every night for dinner. Getting off the ship wasn't as bad as I feared. Whole process took less than an hour and we were on our way home. I don't remember how long it took last Dec. Oh, and we took a bottle of champaign off the ship but nobody asked questions. Custom forms are no longer used. Capt. Anders confirmed Oasis will be coming to Galveston in 2020. New class of ships to come named Icon. Smaller than Oasis, larger than freedom. OOps I forgot to mention that the pizza in Sorrentos improved greatly...yum. I rambled long enough. Questions anyone? If you read through my boring review, congratulations!
  4. Bit of a specific question I'm afraid! My other half and I are planning our honeymoon for late September/early to mid-October 2019, and we'd love to include a cruise as part of it. I realise we may have left it a bit late, but does anyone have tips on the best way to book room 6305 on Royal Caribbean's Liberty, Freedom or Independence of the Seas? We've got a bit of a couples 'thing' with cows, so the Ben and Jerry Sweet would be perfect to incorporate into our honeymoon if we can. I've heard it's a promenade view interior room when searching through room availability - can anyone confirm? Is the best way to just manually search through all of the sailings from these three ships for these dates, or would anyone recommend a specific way/ travel agent to use to check for availability? We don't mind too much where the sailing is/for how long, it's just the room would be a perfect fit. Thank you!
  5. I'm not young but I really want to try the water slide, ect. on the Liberty. Is it more for youngsters or have any of you more "mature" cruisers been brave enough to try it? What was it like? :cool:
  6. Hi Everyone, Two different questions, both to do with the Liberty of the Seas. We will be sailing on LOS in December and I was wondering if anyone who was recently on this ship knows if and when the Flo Rider opens on the Embarcation Day - i.e. does it open while still in port? What time? A second question is to do with the (new) entertainment. I'm trying to understand how it works now. I was told that you don't preregister for the different entertainment on the different days as on the Oasis class, but you still have to choose what you will see on different days, but only once on board? Thanks for clearing this up for me! Nancy (aka "Roo")
  7. Can anyone please tell me what hotels are the closet to the Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal in NJ? Would prefer not to be in NYC though. Thinking of going a day ahead of time before cruise. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello Royal Caribbean experts! I am posting an inquiry on behalf of my young nephew who is a first time cruiser! He will be on the LOS out of Galveston in January. I am a seasoned cruiser, but have only cruised Royal Carib once and I'm not a soda drinker so appreciate your help! The question... I think he can carry on (not check) a 12-pack of sodas. Is that correct? Is that a 12-pack limit per person? So he could carry on a 12-pack and his "cabin mate" could carry on a 12-pack as well? Thanks very much! ~Denise p.s., I am having issues with the new website format and I get a lot of errors using search, so I appreciate the replies here!
  9. We are sailing on Oct 7. We have MTD with reservations each night at 5:30pm as we understood the kids will be picked up at 6:15pm for kids club activities. I looked at a recent post which included the kids club dailies and it appears the evening program in kids club doesn’t start until 7pm. Is all of this accurate? If so, why the 45 min gap (pickup at 6:15, program starts at 7)? I’d actually prefer to eat a bit later but don’t want to miss the kids pickup time. We have 4 kids and our last cruise on NCL was great, except we had to leave halfway through dinner every night to walk the kids to the club. Really looking forward to the family time dining service. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Just the Two of Us! We typically travel in groups. We have a large extended family and we vacation together. We have a large circle of friends as well. On our four previous cruises we have had 8, 16, 20 and 20 people in tow. In June of 2019 we currently have 57 booked for Harmony! We like our big group of cruisers and we love taking new people with us who have never cruised before. But this time, it’s just the two of us! In June of 2017 our group of 20 flew home from a great trip on Adventure in the Southern Caribbean. When we returned we knew our next big group cruise would be two years away. My DW said to me, “I don’t want to wait two more years before we cruise again.” Post cruise depression was in full effect. We had a couple of obstacles in our path though. One, our daughter was getting married in June of 2018 and that costs money. Two, I had an uncertain work schedule for at least the first 8 months of 2018. I was in charge of bringing a new community center online and moving out of two existing buildings with an AmeriCorps work team to manage as well. So, I couldn’t be gone for any length of time while the construction and move were underway. My DW has always insisted on an oceanview balcony, so I have always obliged her. But since post-wedding money would be tight I ask her to consider a cheaper room and I could look for a reasonably priced sailing in September. We had a narrow window of opportunity during Hurricane season, we would have to take our chances. I found a Promenade view room on Liberty of the Seas that seemed to fit the bill so within a week of departure from Adventure we were booked on Liberty! Post cruise depression averted…somewhat. Reader alert: I hoped to post pictures...but after over an hour frustration and 4 different photo sharing sites I guess it is just impossible to insert pictures via the computer into Cruise Critic these days?? I'll attempt to post some from my phone app. If anyone has any tips on posting from the computer I'd love to hear them!
  11. Will the porters at Cape Liberty take a case of water with a luggage tag taped to it, along with your baggage? Yes, I am aware that the ship's water is just fine.
  12. Anyone know where Liberty is headed now, due to Michael?
  13. About us: The title sums it up. We are Brian and Keith from Maui, Hawaii. We have 4 kids, including two kids currently in foster care. I’m worried about the documents needed for foster kids. We are a very busy family, with all of our kids playing two sports. My husband (Keith) has a busy private practice and I’m always busy as a special education advocate. If you can’t read between the lines, relaxation time is hard to come by. We love to cruise because (in general) the kids are very entertained and we can get some much needed downtime. It also allows us intermittent bursts of family fun together. Our kids are 7, 10, 12, 14. All have made their way through (or currently in) the foster care system. If you can’t tell, I’m quite passionate about helping kids in care. All have their issues but are great kids. One thing we are quite nervous about is one of our kids has PTSD and we are hoping the kids club staff will be able to work well with them. We contacted the Access department ahead of time and they’ve done the documentation. We booked a Panoramic Ocean Suite for the 6 of us. We are flying tonight (redeye from Maui to LA and then onto Houston). We will be staying at the Hyatt House near the Galleria on Saturday night. On Sunday, we plan to grab an Uber after breakfast and make our way to Galveston. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. From Long island what is an alternate route to the pier if the Bayonne Bridge is closed?
  15. Wanting to bring some magnets to decorate for someone's birthday. Can anyone confirm whether the exterior side of the cabin door is magnetic?
  16. We are booked on Liberty of the Seas in an aft balcony on deck 7. We have been on this ship before in an aft balcony so I am aware of the superstructure on the back of the ship. There is an available aft balcony on deck 8. I have tried to research the difference, all I can find is pictures of deck 9 which show a more open view. Is there much of a difference between deck 7 and 8 as far as the structure goes? Just wondering if it is worth changing cabins. I love to watch the wake and relax with a book on aft balconies! Thanks for any input!
  17. Hi All! I am sailing out of Bayonne NJ this Saturday and was wondering what is the earliest we can board the ship? I see online that they ask to choose a check in time, but I had thought we could get on earlier. TIA
  18. We are considering this cabin. Does anyone have pics? Does the cabin have sliding glass doors ?
  19. Hi, First time poster, long time stalker (i.e. unregistered user). Just a simple question: How many (what %) of passengers get dressed up on formal night? My definition of "dressed up" is suit & tie for men, a nice dress for ladies i.e. dressed like you are going to a wedding but not IN the wedding. I’ve been in 8 RCI cruises over the past 10 years and noticed that the percentage of people getting dressed up tends to vary with the ship & itinerary from a high of about 80%+ to about 50% on my last cruise in April on Oasis. I don’t mind getting dressed up 1 or 2 nights a week but from what I’ve read, cruising out of Texas tends to be more casual than Florida or New York. This will be my first cruise out of Galveston so I’m looking forward to advice from recent LOS cruisers. Thanks in advance!
  20. First time royal cruiser here! When can you start using the card in Galveston? I know carnival you can’t use it until the second day but wasn’t sure how royal worked. Also how much is the drink limit per day, carnival has 15 a day limit. How much is the price limit, carnival is $50 per drink. Thank you in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. Is the Flowrider open on embarkation day? If so, do you know the hours? Thank you.
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