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Found 135 results

  1. We’re just home from this cruise and want to thank Celebrity for making it such a great one. The crew, officers and everyone we met on board were happy and could not have been more helpful. After 3 stops at Vietnam ports the cruise hit the buffers with intended ports changing daily and on one day the ports were changed twice. As it turned out either Celebrity cancelled ports for our safety or countries refused us entry. The cruise was ultimately cut short by 5 nights and we terminated at Singapore rather than Hong Kong. The compensation offered to all passengers by Celebrity was very generous and in addition they covered all flight changes and hotel accommodations on touch down at Singapore. We ate every evening at the MDR and the food was all delicious. We usually have a couple of nights in the speciality restaurants but no need as MDR was the best. The Oceanview food was all so good. Service on board was excellent maybe better than usual as the ship was far from full. The cruise was probably the happiest we’ve ever taken due to every interaction with crew and passengers alike and we can’t wait to do it all again.
  2. To anyone who has sailed in the FV corner wrap on Millie, have the large dining table and chairs been replaced on the verandas? Thanks for your responses.
  3. My Apr 10 sailing cancelled. I wonder where the ship will go now. I’d like to still go on it even if it is for Alaska or west coast US. Thoughts?
  4. I came across this story on another site https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22457-royal-caribbean-to-sail-free-cruises-for-crisis-responders-with-displaced-tonnage.html What a great move by RCCL.
  5. I am currently booked in Aqua Class cabin 9043 on the Millennium but have an opportunity to switch to cabin 1138 or 1140 at no charges. Are these two cabins better than 9043? I know they both have large verandas but 9043 also has a large veranda. Could someone tell me if cabins 1138 & 1140 have any other advantages over 9043 besides the large veranda?
  6. Does the Millennium 2B veranda cabins (8146) have shower doors or curtains after the 2019 refurb?
  7. Just curious what impact the coronavirus will have on sailings departing Asia to North America in the coming months as ships return for their Alaska season. Currently there is a lot of hysteria (some valid concerns some not) but only in the coming months will we learn the real ramifications this will have on travel to and from Asia, not necessarily China. I live in Thailand where the country is bracing for more virus related illness in the coming months. Due to its proximity, tourism from China has been on the rise. At the moment the few cases seem to be contained but with a two week long incubation period it's hard to know what will happen. People from affected areas in China refuse to go back. They aren't showing symptoms so they are leaving Thailand and heading elsewhere in Asia. Many are heading to Japan and other destinations. That's OK for us in Thailand. But not so good for Japan. According to what we are hearing it won't be OK to travel (to China) till June. We are scheduled to take the Millennium to Vancouver in May. We do this sailing every year along with many Chinese families heading home to Canada, most returning after extended stays in China. Just curious how things will shape up this spring. What do you think?
  8. Is anyone on this forum currently on Millie? I see it’s in Hong Kong today/tomorrow on an overnight stop. Can someone give first hand knowledge of what it’s like on the ground regarding the corona virus and the restrictive steps being taken? We’re joining Millie in Hong Kong on 15th February for the trip to Singapore. Flying into HK on 13th February. While we feel for those caught up in this, we’d be devastated if Celebrity did something like cancel the HK embarkation. We’re happy to travel, just holding out that there’ll be a ship there to get on!
  9. Hi folks we are about to book another cruise with Celebrity, this time on the millennium. Has anyone had a midship inside or Oceanview stateroom on deck 2 or 3 that they found to be quite. Not too many are listed on the spreadsheet and after a noisy cabin last time we want some decent sleep this next holiday. cheers.
  10. Has anyone on a recent Millennium cruise with a stop in Shanghai been denied boarding because they did not have a visa for China? I know there is a lot of controversy about the need for a visa or not - but there are stories all over the place recently and even people with visas have been denied entry into China. And there are plenty of posts about a recent Millennium sailing with unhappy passengers about the stop in Shanghai. We are not cruising until late 2020 and plan to take an X sponsored tour just to be safe - but getting a Chinese visa for us would be a lot of cost and hassle traveling to a Chinese Consulate and we frankly do not care if it all blows up and we spend two days on board the ship in Shanghai and spend our money touring at the other ports. We just don't want to be denied boarding in Tokyo. I plan to ask my X TA via email tomorrow - but trust answers here.
  11. Hello all ~ Sailing on Millennium soon. Currently have the Classic Beverage Package. I understand it covers beverage prices up to $9 USD and anything over that we pay the difference plus gratuity. Does anyone actually have current bar menus from the Millennium? I've tried searching the net and Cruise Critic but it seems everything I am finding is a bit dated. Wondering if the Classic Package covers anything @ the Martin Bar and what the prices of drinks are around the ship in general. Trying to determine if an upgrade would be worth our while. Anyone with anyone up to date bar menus or a link/advice as to where they can be found; your response is much appreciated! Safe travels to all! 😊
  12. Is there a FAQ on the differences between Equinox and Millennium? I have just come off the Equinox and am considering a trip next year on the Millennium. I did a search and found many posts on each but I'm curious about a comparison between the two
  13. Anyone sailing recently on the Millennium - did they offer a "coffee card" at Al Baccio Cafe ? This may be an ad-hoc offer on some ships.
  14. Hi. Can anyone who has recently been on Millennium (in Asia) comment on the temps on-board (i.e. in the main dining room, casino, theater, etc) Some ships are colder than others. Thanks!!
  15. So you're not supposed to post cabin questions in the sticky threads. So not sure if OK to ask this. I am debating a cruise on Millennium. Prefer mid ship but it's really a bit more fore/aft. Midship proper is already booked. Debating between being a little fore or aft of mid-ship, maybe 9081 or 9127. Searched the cabin thread and found a few comments. Found a suggestion for 9127 and area. Not many comments on that section just fore of midship 9081 etc. Not sure why. Just wondering which location might be better for someone trying to avoid motion sickness. (We take meclizine.) I have been on Equinox but I understand M class is smaller. (We would be cruising Asia in December. Not sure what ocean is like there/then.)
  16. We've just booked a cruise on Millennium and our favorite OV cabin (3112) is taken, along with all the adjacent cabins. Our choice is 3132-3140 or the brand new cabins added on the port side. Can anyone tell me if those starboard cabins are still noisy (vibrations), were they also remodeled and did they keep the huge round windows? And has anyone seen the new cabins (3117-3125, I think)? Do they have the big round window or the normal rectangular one? Are they the same size as the other OV cabins? And which of those would likely be quietest? I'm really hoping someone who's on board now can help....
  17. Has anyone stayed in the new port side Oceanview rooms on the Millennium on deck 3? If so, are the windows that same size as the starboard side ones 3112 and so on. Is the overall cabin size the same as the starboard side? Thanks
  18. We're thinking of doing an inside cabin for a future Millennium cruise. For those who've stayed in them on this ship (or even stayed in a cabin near them), what specific inside cabins (or groups of inside cabins) do you recommend on Millennium and why? I don't know if they're all the same size, all configured exactly alike, etc. Obviously, there would be some differences in location and we would not want one near a maintenance area or crew area where there'd be round-the-clock traffic and noise. Also, being over/under some kind of noisy area such as a dance lounge or kitchen would probably not be ideal, unless you can tell me you've stayed in such a cabin and the noise didn't penetrate. We won't be in the cabin much beyond showering, dressing and sleeping, but hubby is a light sleeper. I did look through the thread on cabins and didn't find much on the inside cabins. Please let us know if you'd had a great (quiet!) inside cabin experience on Millennium or there are any cabins-from-hell that should be avoided. Thanks in advance!
  19. We just booked this SS 6132 for the Pacific coastal 2021 I’m curious if anyone has any pictures of the room and especially the balcony . I also have another question I know Qsine has became le petite chef but is that every night or do they also have the old Qsine menu On some nights?? I have searchEd for this question and I’m not sure? but on my cruise planner for millennium it still shows Qsine and the old menu and also Le Petite chef? thanks for info
  20. Welcome all Cruise Critic’s to join us as we enjoy our firstB2B2B. I enjoy live blogging, to bothhelp out other on CC answering questions as well as a location that our familycan follow along on our travels. I will be posting daily (bandwidth depending). I will be publishing pointers and tips alongthe way in the hope that others will find them helpful. About Us – We live in Sunnyvale, CA which is right in the middle ofSilicon Valley, about an hour south of San Francisco and have been together for29 years. We retired a couple years ago and have really enjoyed beingable to have extended vacations that would have been impossible whileworking. I try to answer allquestions asked and will do my best to find the answer if I don’t know. We are really active and enjoy walking about 12-15miles a day even when on a cruise. I’ll try to post the dailies as there are oftenrequested. You won’t find any reportson the shows in my blogs as we very rarely attend. I maybe posting some reports on the lectures series depending on who is onboard. From what I have heard MickeyLive was originally scheduled for the TransPacific but he is changing hisdirection and will be concentrating his energies to starting a tour company. Itineraries – We booked about 2 years ago and werelucky to get the same Celebrity Suite for all 3 cruises. I’ve included the price and perks we receivedfor reference. We all knowthat prices go up and down. I’veincluded a graph of pricing for a CS from the time the cruise was firstannounced up to current. I downloadedthis from the “Fishy” site which I use to monitor pricing. As you can see prices took a good dive afterfinal payment date. Cruise 1 - Seward to Vancouver with Cruise Tour 1A - CS $10,113 – Go Big + $800 OBC from agent Day 1 Tuesday - Anchorage (Cruise Tour) Day 2 Wednesday - Anchorage / Talkeetna / Denali (Cruise Tour) Day 3 Thursday - Denali / Talkeetna (Cruise tour) Day 4 Friday - Talkeetna / Anchorage / Seward Cruise Departure Day 5 Saturday –Hubbard Glacier Day 6 Sunday – Juneau, Alaska Day 7 Monday – Skagway, Alaska Day 8 Tuesday – Icy Strait Point, Alaska Day 9 Wednesday – Ketchikan, Alaska Day 10 Thursday – Inside Passage (Cruising) Day 11 Friday – Vancouver, BC Cruise 2 – Vancouver to Yokohama $9,021 – $800 OBC from agent Day 1 Friday – Vancouver Day 2 Saturday – At Sea Day 3 Sunday – Sitka Day 4 Monday – At Sea Day 5 Tuesday – At Sea Day 6 Wednesday – At Sea Day 7 Thursday – At Sea Day 8 Friday - International Date Line Day 9 Saturday – At Sea Day 10 Sunday – At Sea Day 11 Monday – At Sea Day 12 Tuesday – At Sea Day 13 Wednesday – Otaru, Japan Day 14 Thursday – Hakodate, Japan Day 15 Friday – At Ssea Day 16 Saturday – Mt Fuji (Shimizu), Japan Day 17 Sunday – Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan Cruise 3 – Japanese Explorer - $8,356– Go Big Day 1 Sunday- Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan Day 2 Monday– Mt Fuji (Shimizu) Day 3Tuesday – Kobe, Japan (Overnight) Day 4 Wednesday– Kobe, Japan Day 5Thursday – Kochi, Japan Day 6 Friday– Hiroshima, Japan Day 7Saturday – At Sea Day 8 Sunday– Busan, South Korea Day 9 Monday– At Sea Day 10 Tuesday – Hokadate, Japan Day 11 Wednesday – Amori, Japan Day 12 Thursday – At Sea Day 13 Friday – Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan (Overnight) Day 14 Saturday– Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan
  21. I am on the Celebrity Millennium. We departed Tokyo on October 2 for a 10 day sailing. Weather has been fabulous except for one rough night. My balcony door blew off its tracks with high winds. Our itinerary was changed. When we were in Aomori it was announced that the port of Yokohama has been closed. We were supposed to dock there today. Instead we went back south on the Sea of Japan instead of taking the Pacific route to Yokohama. The cruise has been extended by two days and will arrive in Yokohama on Monday, October 14 instead of Saturday, October 12. The port of Nagasaki has been added for today. We are arriving at 130pm. Many passengers disembarking there. Weather should be sunny and mid 80s. It is 520am as I write this and it is balmy outside. Very calm seas. Celebrity has done an amazing job on all fronts! Very impressed in general with the Millennium and staff. A++. This is coming from a perspective of being a Silversea and Seabourn lover. Many aspects of this cruise are not only on par, but superior to true "luxury" lines. Keep in mind even though Millennium has been "Revolutionized" it is the oldest ship in the fleet. To be able to provide this level of service all around is impressive. As a disclaimer, I am speaking as a suite passenger.
  22. Just returned from the Millennium seven day Northbound Alaska Cruise. Had a wonderful time. Will post a full review later this week. I have scanned the daily newsletters! I also included the mini bar price list and the Captains club Select benefit sheet. cruise_day01.pdf cruise_day02.pdf cruise_day03.pdf cruise_day04.pdf cruise_day05.pdf cruise_day06.pdf cruise_day07.pdf cruise_mini bar.pdf cruise_captains club select benefits.pdf
  23. I’m sure these will change for next year but hopefully this will give those folks doing a Transpacific on Celebrity in the future an idea of the daily activities. Here is a link to the dailies from the September 2019 Vancouver to Tokyo Transpacific. Let me know if any questions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-nCNT1UmPSZ4cbEkEB3A6vH3hOQtnKMQ_GW2CgHApvo
  24. I couldn’t find any info on 7134 on millennium on this site, so thought I’d ask on here we have booked stateroom 7134 for our March 2021 cruise. Wife asked TA for a balcony room mid-ship but looking at the deck plans it looks like 7134 is 2 rooms away from 7138 & 7140 and these 2 staterooms appear to ‘jut out’ a bit? does anyone know if this is the case and would they stick out far enough to obstruct our view? any advice would be helpful thanks
  25. Hi everyone, since they updated the ship, I read they also put in new TVs. Can someone let me know if the Millennium has the USB or HDMI plug on the TV ? Thank you.
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