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  1. Hi, our Millennium cruise starts this Friday and I wonder from those of you who just went on the Alaskan cruise on our ship... is there any need to pack a swimsuit? Indoor pool? Hot tubs that are on this time of year? Thanks!
  2. In lieu of starting a new thread, if you are interested in following our Northern Glacier Alaska cruise adventure, I am writing a trip report of same live (ish). The ish is reality for me, I cannot write on the fly all the time; but will try my best throughout this cruise. Below is the link to my "Trip Report" in the ports of call area, for Alaska. Heather (hvbaskey)
  3. Can anyone who sails on the Northbound itinerary please save and post the Celebrity Today Newsletter. I am sailing June 7th and would like to review. Thanks in Advance!!
  4. I have changed my Alaska cruise twice but hopefully I've got it straight. Hopefully my cabin is ok. We are going on the southbound trip from Seaward to Vancouver on May 29 in 2020. Any issues known about my cabin? Thanks for any info
  5. 2nd cruise to Alaska for my DH & I. 1st was on HAL. We were set on I Millie but now wondering on ROTS. We have only gone on 2 cruises. 1sr was New Amsterdam & Summit. If if you have sailed on both what are the pros & cons any specific to Alaska? The itinerary is the same starting in Vancouver and ending in Anchorage. Sailing inside passage. We are definitely booking a veranda and maybe Aqua class if we go Celebrity. Good service & helpfull staff is extremely important to us. We also enjoy food. I’m a vegan but my husband is an omnivore. Were usually in bed by 11 so nightlife is not that important to us. We enjoy going to shows. Thanks for any help
  6. Hi all My DH and I are looking at millennium. We have never sailed her. We are looking at Aqua class cabins on deck 10. Is one cabin better over the other? The other aqua class cabins are on deck 9 which are under the pool. We're worried about the noise under the pool. Other option is deck 7 verenda 7102. We're waffeling between this cruise & doing a North bound cruise on the Royal Princess. Royal isn't stopping at icy strait. It is scenic cruising College Fjord. TIA for any help
  7. Well here it goes again I am going to give it another try. This is my 3rd review. First one was in November on the Eclipse. I did a Med Cruise out of Barcelona and then a Trans Atlantic ending in Buenos Aires. that was some cruise 29 days of fun. Met some great people for sure. Second was a 7 night on the Equinox with my family for winter break out of Miami. A little about myself, my name is Norma and I am traveling with a friend of mine Sharon. I met Sharon in Portland some 30 years ago, as we worked for the same company. She moved to Washington DC and then to Florida with her husband when they retired. Somewhere along the line we lost touch but reconnected about 3 years ago thanks to Facebook. She now lives in Houston near her children. I can not wait to travel with her, we did our first cruise together in 1984, hope I am not dating myself. Back to me!!!! I live in Novato Ca which is about 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I travel solo quite often and enjoy it tremendously. I have cruised on many lines, with Celebrity being my favorite. I love cruising and once I retired that's what I planned on doing. I love other peoples live blogs like Chicago Paul and Jim and Iian just name a few. My grandkids are sad I am leaving without them as they love to cruise as well. This time I have taken the surf package as I don't really do a lit of streaming. It was $84.20 after my Elite Plus discount, if it doesn't work out I will change to the regular internet package on the ship. Sharon and I are both flying Eva Air Premium Economy. Both flights leave April 24 around 1am we will connect in Taipei and fly onto to Narita, Tokyo's Airport. I have never flown Eva air, but have read a lot of good things about them. From SFO to Taipei is 13 hours. We then plan on spending 2 days in Tokyo and do a little sightseeing. Our ship leaves out of the industrial pier called OI. There has been much confusion because it was originally to leave out of Yokohama. It resolved but was a mess for many weeks. Roll call members can attest to that. We have settled one the Limo Bus to get from the airport to our hotel. A taxi or private car service was out of the question at $200.00 or more. We will take a cab from our hotel the Shinagawa Prince to the pier. Celebrity has provided instructions in Japanese for the taxi driver. There is a free city shuttle that many will take but standing on the side of the road waiting is not my idea of fun. The roll call has been very active with lots of good information I can't wait to meet these people. As a side note many people wonder if Celebrity reads Cruise Critic. Surprise they do. On the first night of my Eclipse trip the Hotel Director Jamie came up to me and asked me if I was doing the "Live Blog" believe me I was surprised. I did this same cruise 2 years ago and live all the sea days, crossing the International Date Line, where the date stays the same for 2 days in this case its May 4th. Almost feels like getting a free day!! The Millie just recently had her Revolution make-over. I will try to post as many pictures as I can. I know there has been lots of talk about the furnishings. We are in a C1 cabin on the aft of the ship, 7212. These C1 cabins have very large verandas, my last TP I was in 9164, I would not recommend this cabin as there was too much noise from the Ocean View cafe. Now we are right above the 2 Penthouse suites, sure wish I could afford one of them.... Well enough for now, please, please, please if you have any questions just ask. I am so excited I was awake at 4AM, please I will be exhausted by the time I take my shuttle to the airport at 8PM tonight. Here is our itinerary for the TP portion of our cruise.
  8. Can someone please advise the times of the evening theatre show performances on the Millennium. We are looking to make advance reservations for speciality dining and would base these around the theater shows.
  9. Am I correct in thinking the only speciality restaurants on Millennium are Tuscon Grille, Qsine and Sushi on Five? And no Murano?
  10. Would like to see photos of Veranda ans concierge photos post edgification of the Summit and Millennium not stock photos from Celebrity.
  11. I’m looking to make a reservation on Millie for 2020 and ideally in Aqua Class. The X booking process is offering only 4 cabins as A2 (9105; 9040; 9042 & 9045) and 2 as A1 (1000 & 1006). Does anyone have any knowledge of these particular cabins and can comment? I’ve searched the M Class cabin thread, and spreadsheet, and not found much to help me there. I can see that the A1 offerings are the new ones in the spa area and I was erring on counting these out. My concern with the remaining A2’s is that they haven’t been booked because there’s something undesirable with these.
  12. Arrived on the Millennium yesterday, dumped the bags, and headed up to the OV buffet. Looked for the Purel sprayer person. None. Looked for the DIY Peel dispenser. None. I asked a staff person who pointed to a fairly hidden area with four sinks. 24 hours later, I've seen damned few people using those sinks. I suspect many passengers don't even know they exist. Those that do are there for maybe 15 seconds. (What happened to save the oceans? For each person that actually washes their handsb at least one paper towel is added to trash.) There are still a few Purel machines around the ship. Not many, and at least one was empty. They do still have a staff person squirting when you get back on the ship. But nobody at the entrance to the MDR. I'm absolutely not a germophobe. I eat at street stalls in Thailand and taco stands in Mexico. But this is the very first time that I'm concerned about getting 'cruise ship cooties'. Was this part of the Edgification? Whoever approved that probably forgot to check with the Chief Medical Officer.
  13. I have searched but can't find any recent examples of menus in the Millennium main dining room for an Alaskan cruise. Has anyone seen that posted, or do you have a link to it? My inlaws are coming with us this summer, and they are a bit picky when it comes to food. They asked last night if I had seen any menus, and I promised to try to find some... We sailed on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas last summer, and I had no problem finding images of each night's menu in the main dining room, but no such luck with Millennium yet...
  14. Now that the ship is Edgified, may I get things straight in my head about the Retreat. It is open to all suite passengers. There is a free bar at certain times of the day. Canapés are served at certain times of day. Have I got that right? If so, what is the timetable?
  15. There has been a flood on the Millennium in the corridors of Deck 9 where our cabins are. Not sure why yet but super impressed with the response. People everywhere dealing with it including senior officers and the Captain to check everyone was okay and to keep our cabins dry - which they did. Many water vacuums?? sucking the water off the carpet very quickly. One of our party has photos but can’t get them off his phone yet - will post when I can.
  16. Power went out on the Millennium this morning as we are sailing from Seoul to Tianjin - at about 11.30am local time for around 10 minutes. We had an announcement from Captain Alex saying that the engineers and electricians were troubleshooting and power would be back on in a few minutes and it was. At that time he said not to worry as we were sailing in safe waters. 😳 At a Captain’s Club event 30 minutes later, Captain Alex joked around, pulling out his phone and asking ‘did you pay the bill?’ After the event when he was talking with people his phone rang, and he turned away to talk, spoke to an officer and left the room. Hmmm. The Internet has just come back on about 3.15pm.
  17. Were the A1 Aqua cabins on Deck 10 Millennium, numbered 10000, 10002, 10004.......... and within the Spa area, added as part of the “revolunising” re-fit? Any comments on the desirability or position of these cabins?
  18. Might not get a response to this, as it’s to new, but here goes. On the millenium, they added 7 new ocean view rooms to deck 3 in January of this year. Rooms 3115 to 3127. Would anyone know the size of the windows in these staterooms ?
  19. Hello everyone. This is my first live blog, and I make this post recognising that I am standing on the shoulders of some of the giants of live blogging on Cruise Critic! Hopefully I will be able to meet their standards and post regularly with tons of useful information. I wanted to do this live blog in appreciation of everyone else on Cruise Critic who provided SO much information about the 'revolutionised'' Millennium which we board this Friday for the 14 day China, South Korea and Japan cruise. We are my husband Alan and me (Maree) and my two sisters and their husbands: Jenny and Alan, and Elizabeth and Tom. We are all in our late 50s and 60s. I run my own consulting business so have some flexibility with scheduling a cruise, but Jenny and Elizabeth both work in schools, so our family cruises have to be scheduled around school holidays - and this cruise was perfect timing and length (14 days). Alan and I have been to Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo before, and Alan has been to Seoul and JeJu Island as well. Kate, our daughter, went to Japan a couple of years ago, so I've used her brain too in our trip planning. Everyone else has never been to these parts of Asia. We started to do family cruises when we realised we were 'orphans' after our mother died in 2015, and that those family holidays with our parents would be no more. We decided to cruise every few years to give us a way to add to our online contact and occasional get togethers in Australia - we live at opposite ends of the country, so getting together is usually organised around an event, birthday or similar, and the availability of cheap airfares! This is our second cruise together; our first was a South Pacific cruise on the Solstice in 2016. It was the first ocean cruise for Jenny and Elizabeth while this cruise on Millennium will be our twelfth with Celebrity. I have my own travel blog - Travelling & Cruising - and I'll be posting there too, that in turn, will post automatically to my Facebook Travelling & Cruising page - so that takes care of the sharing side of things! I will, of course, aim to answer your questions, but I must warn you now that Alan and I aren't night owls and usually wind down after the nightly show - so I'll have to task Jenny and Elizabeth with finding out required information about evening entertainment and activities. They stay up late - I get up early. So, a bit about what we have planned so far. We booked this cruise in mid-2017 after the success of the South Pacific cruise and started planning seriously mid-2018. We had originally booked veranda staterooms on Deck 7 but because I am a bit obsessive about checking the Celebrity website for price changes, I discovered one day not too long ago that the price of Aqua Class cabins were now $44 less than what we had paid for our veranda staterooms. And even better, three cabins in next to each other (9102, 9014, 9106)! Joy! We can dine in Blu again! I was soooo very excited. We had been in Aqua Class on two earlier cruises and loved Blu. I changed our cabins and - oops - only then did I check the cabin list on Cruise Critic to discover that - of course - there is a reason for such luck so close to sailing. These three cabins are underneath toilets and the OceanView Cafe on Deck 10 so we n t expect some noise. But honestly, I'm not even sure that knowing that beforehand would have stopped me from booking them - I really, really, really wanted to eat in Blu again! We have arranged to meet in Sydney on 27 March - we live in Melbourne, Jenny lives in southern Queensland and Elizabeth in North Queensland - meaning a long way apart from each other. The next day we fly to Shanghai where we embark. We are staying at Rydges Hotel at the Sydney International Airport, literally steps away from the terminal. We fly Qantas leaving at 10.55am in the morning and arriving in Shanghai about 6.30pm that same night. It's only a two hour time difference - less than the three hour difference between Melbourne and Perth in Australia - so we should, for once, not have to put up with jet lag after a long haul flight. We have a private transfer booked for the airport and are staying at the Fairmont Peace Hotel. Jenny's travel agent booked all the transfers and accomodation and I smiled when I saw the Peace Hotel on the itinerary because Alan and I had stayed there in 1984 on our very first overseas trip. It was a bit of a Shanghai landmark then so I'm keen to see whether renovations have changed its character - I hope not. We have planned a four hour walking tour the next day, following by a three hour river cruise and dinner in the evening. Since my time is my flexible and I'm not really a just in time planner, I ended up - with everyone's agreement - taking the lead on organising tours. I would have done this if we were sailing by ourselves and quite like doing it, so I was happy to find what looked like good tours and send details through to Jenny and Elizabeth and we collectively decided what to do. Here's what we are doing: a ship tour in Seoul (Art of Seoul); a two day overnight tour of Bejing, and a rest day on the ship for our third day docked at Beijing; a five hour tour of JeJu Island main sights, Day 1 in Kobe, I've booked a Shinkasen (bullet) train ride to Kyoto where we meet our guide at the station for a half day tour - the train ride will be short but it was on our list of 'must dos'; Day 2 in Kobe we have a full day walk tour; in Shimizu (Mt Fuji) we have nothing planned and will decide once we are on the cruise; the final stop is Yokohama where again we have nothing planned, but I am a bit of a Disney fan so I suggested Tokyo Disneyland but the others aren't convinced; we have three days in Tokyo post-cruise and again, nothing planned, although I have a list of possible places and things to do! There is more info about planning and the tour companies I have used here. There have been quite a few posts and photos now on Cruise Critic about the new Millennium but if you have any specific questions, let me know them now, and I'll aim to answer them as soon as I can. We fly to Sydney this afternoon, and I'm doing the happy dance because our points upgrade to Business class has come through 🙂
  20. Are there any inside rooms that are more than 170 sq. ft.? Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. Cruising Alaska 2020. Have been on Silhouette and Equinox not Millennium. Concierge cabin deck 8- do the showers have curtains or doors. Are the pools heated and are the pool towels readily available or do you need to sign them out? We are 3 in our cabin - can we get a third chair on the balcony and are there 3 bathrobes supplied? When they refurbished were there storage room and outlets added or was it mainly soft furnishings upgraded? Thanks
  22. I appreciate this is a difficult request but I have an FV grade cabin booked and would love to see any picture from these cabins after revolution They're a bit of an odd shape so would be interesting to know what they have done. At one point there was talk of these becoming S1's but this doesn't appear to be the case Any help appreciated
  23. We will be staying in a family veranda on our upcoming Summit cruise to Bermuda. If anyone has updated photos that they could share would be most appreciated. If this was a corner unit, was wind a problem on sea days? Thank you, Elaine
  24. We finally made it to Singapore and are onboard Celebrity Millennium. We travel for two days, Miami to London on Virgin Atlantic and then London to Singapore on Singapore Air. On Virgin Atlantic we were on Premium Select (would HIGHLY recommend it) and on Singapore Air regular coach. Singapore Air is definitely better than most airlines when it comes to regular coach, but after flying a total of about 26 hours, I would opt for Premium Select the next time for the whole trip. Due to work we arrived the same morning as the ship embarkation date of 3/2. We booked this trip before the news that the Millennium was going to be the first ship to go through the ‘Revolution’ process. We picked this cruise because of the itinerary. This is a 14-day cruise leaving out of Singapore and cruising to Hong Kong. 3/2 – 3/3 Singapore 2 days at sea 3/6 – 3/7 Port of Laem Chabang (Bangkok) * overnight in this port is reason #1 why we picked this cruise 1 day at sea 3/9 Phu My (Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon) 1 day at sea 3/11 Port of Chan May (Hue / Danang / Hoi An) 3/12 – 3/13 Halong Bay (Hanoi) *overnight stay at Halong Bay reason #2 1 day at sea 3/15 – 3/16 Hong Kong * overnight in Hong Kong reason #3 I have been researching and planning this trip for the last year. Once the Millennium revolution was announced I read all that was available on Cruise Critic to get an idea of those changes. I know that people are curious about the changes, so I will post pictures of the ship and our cabin in the next post. Some background, I became an avid cruiser about 10 years ago. Most of our cruises have been on Celebrity and as a matter of fact our first Celebrity cruise was an Alaskan cruise on Millennium in an ocean view room. We have sailed mostly in the S class in Aqua class. We were also on the Edge on its first three-day preview cruise. Originally we were booked on Aqua class room for this trip, but when the price dropped (5 months before the cruise) on a suite we grabbed it. We grabbed room 6145 once it became available about 4 months before the trip. On this board everyone is always talking about this room since it’s the S1 room right next to the Penthouse suite. The room is really different than the other S1 suites, my sister and mother are staying in 8117. There are things that I love about this room and other things that for me personally are OK. This is also our first time in a suite for this length of time. We were in a S2 suite on the Edge for the preview 3-day cruise. Concerning the ship, I love the new colors and most of the changes. They are still working on some things, but nothing that big that takes away from the enjoyment of ship. Still jet lagged so I have not seen all of the ship. Later on today I will post pictures of cabin #6145. If you have questions about the Millennium or about this itinerary ask away and I will try to answer them. Lourdes
  25. As well as 3095 to 3103? And others in similar positions on the other side. Since the price of the cruise has decreased, we have been offered a change of cabin. We are currently in 2194 as a OV guarantee. We like that it's going to be quiet above, but past cruises have proven that midship locations are much more convenient for us. We are not light sleepers at night, but do like afternoon naps.
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