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  1. I was under the impression that the room we booked has 2 twins that can be pushed together with 2 uppers. But, when I logged in to my reservation with Celebrity Online (I booked directly), I can't change the configuration to 2 twins/together. I know we booked Celebrity over Princess because Princess seemed to only offer (and I could be mistaken) 2 bunk styles, with no sofa couch, or the ability the push 2 twins together- it is set up as 2 bunks. I am still happy to be sailing on Celebrity, but will we be able to push the twins together for a queen/king size bed with her in an upper berth? We are in room 2136 for an Alaskan Cruise in 2021 and any tips/suggestions is greatly appreciated as we've never cruised before! We do have pre-paid gratuities and $300 OBC. I am thinking to use the OBC as our drinks/specialty dining fund. I would love do the Premium Bev.Package, but don't think it's worth it unless we book it on sale (which I'll continue to see if they offer). Also, if you have any general tips for Alaska- we'd love hear all of your knowledge/tips/tricks! 🙂
  2. Was talking to my DD earlier today who described me kindly as "frugal". Nevertheless, even though DH has said why not sail in an inside, I am adamently a NO. We have sailed in an OV once and our next year's RCCL Empress is also in an OV, but after hearing about those quarantined to their cabins on Princess cruises, I cannot imagine being confined to a room w/o at least a window to the world. As far as noro...my DBiL contracted it on the Millennium in 2014. He was confined to their veranda cabin for 24 hours but his DW was free to move around the ship! He also was compensated for his missed day. A noro quarantine is nothing in comparison to a C-19 quarantine!
  3. Just upgraded to the RS from C1on the Millennium. It was a pretty good deal considering the premium drinks package, internet and unlimited specialty dining is included. I've only done the Haven on NCL (which I loved because as a bit of an introvert, I love to be able to escape from the crowds to the 'ship within a ship' concept) and I really value my space (and I am solo). Since I am doing a transpac, for 16 nights, I will treasure the space. So, it was worth it for me. What can I expect in comparison to the Haven? I understand I get two bottles of spirits-is there a list to choose from? How unlimited is the unlimited specialty dining? Could I order 5 entrees and no one would think twice (not that I would!)? I have no idea what will happen with my September 2020 cruise, but I am hoping for the best. If worse came to worst, I could lift and shift to RS next year. But I'm hoping it will happen this year 🙂
  4. Can anyone tell me who the cruise director is on Millennium? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find it.
  5. I have finally completed my trip report. It was a GREAT cruise. I will be happy to answer any questions. Alaska Cruise Review.pdf
  6. Disclaimer since I didn't read the article! But one reason NOT to delay booking for 2021 would be if passenger capacity is limited. With lift & shift 2021 cruises are being booked now and in tracking our 9/9/2021 Millennium sailing, cabin availability is decreasing daily. If ships sail half full waiting might lock you out. If prices do go down, you can still get the lower fare prior to final payment.
  7. Usually, a room that says it sleeps four on an M class ship (like Millennium) will have the main bed that can either be one queen, or two twins; and then a fold-out sofa bed, and one bunk that drops down from the ceiling. Whether you have the main bed together or separate is up to you, and wouldn't affect the other beds. You should select "Together/Both Together" on your cruise planner, if you want the main bed as a queen. The other two cannot be one bed. The reference to "both" is due to the fact that some suites have more than one true bed. Harris Denver, CO
  8. I have just called Celebrity to do a Life & Shift for our cancelled Millennium July 2020 cruise and there are NO inside cabins available through the whole of July and August in either direction. Any advise please? Celebrity said I would have to go for an outside at the current price offered on a Sale only, which is about £700 pp more expensive and I would be loosing my CBP and OBC, I think not! If I am right in thinking, I only have until mid June to arrange my Lift & Shift?
  9. After a bit of lifting and shifting, we now have four cruises booked...a back-to-back on Millennium in April--14 nights Japan and 15 TransPacific, then two in July, the Apex followed shortly after by the Infinity, both in the Med...The cruises are 313, 327, 403 and 412 days away...We haven't cruised since the first week of January, so, by the time we board the Millie (And I sure hope we will all be cruising again by then), it will have been over 15 months between cruises.... I think it's been over 25 years since we have had a 15+ month gap between cruises. It feels strange. I am certain lots of you are in the same boat (So to speak, pun likely intended). It feels strange. BUT, OTOH, we really want this Covid-19 thing to be a thing of the past when we start cruising again...and I think all of those folks who keep shouting about "opening up the economy" either because they're bored, they have political motives or they just don't care are plain crazy. We really need three things to happen--and, really, to be entirely at peace with it--a combination of the three things: 1) A vaccine. 2) Treatment in the form of proven medication that minimizes the effects of the virus and also minimizes the death rates...and... 3) Accurate statistics based on widespread testing that demonstrates, conclusively, that the rates of infection and deaths are so low as to not be a viable threat. At that point, we really can get "back to normal". Anything short of that and we're fooling ourselves...rationalizing...taking risks--not only with OUR lives but also with the lives of everyone around us. I would LOVE for us to get to that point prior to my next booked cruise...but, in all seriousness, I am comfortable that we SHOULD get this thing under control within another 300 days...BUT I cannot be certain of that quite yet. We ALL should get behind the doctors, the scientists, the researchers...Our government should invest money--and a great deal of money--into the development of vaccines and other drugs. We should be cooperating and collaborating with pharma companies and researches from all over the world--this effort needs to be universal. So, please...EVERYONE--doctors, politicians, corporations and private citizens....Americans, Europeans, prople from all over the world, let's all get together on this... ...because I want to be cruising come this time next year.
  10. Not interested as we already have 2021 booked for March on Rhapsody (B2B cruise) and September on the Millennium.
  11. I have just lifted and shifted two bookings. I had an Alaska cruise that has just been cancelled for this July and I have moved it to July 2021....had to change from the Millennium to the Eclipse ie Vancouver to Vancouver as no inside cabins left on Millie for the whole of July/Aug 2021. Also moved our April 2021 to the following April 2022 Cycle Japan cruise, as not enough holiday leave to do two long-haul trips in one year. Very happy with the result, kept the price, perks and although we had originally an inside guarantee, they allocated us two very nice cabins straight away. Called less than two hours ago and just received both of the new invoices and price updated in the account already. Excellent service, cant thank them enough!
  12. Can't see any way Celebrity will run a ship with only top end suites. We already know that the break even point on Millennium class is 50% and all the fleet need at least 30% on board to cover EBITDA costs Personally I think they have just stopped taking bookings as they are already at or about the sweet spot of covering costs v social distancing reduction. The cruise probable will not go but if i does passenger number will be restricted. So taking off sale achieves a number of things. 1. If the ship doesn't sail less 125% FCC to give out 2. If it sails less or no one to disappointed by bumping 3. Keeps demand (and therefore prices) high for future sailing 4. Stops any repricing under the enhanced "Cruise with Confidence" However, if someone wants to take one of the empty high on suites at mega $$$ - I'm sure Celebrity will make room!!
  13. Thanks, your information seems to parallel what little I have been able to find. It seems that the Millennium class ships that haver been Revolutionized (Millennium, Summit) had a little more done such as the bathroom shower but the S class ships are newer and their bathrooms already a step above the older M class ships. Appreciate you taking the time to inform me.
  14. The same thing has happened on the Millennium TP for Sept. Yesterday all Eclipse sailing in August & September disappeared. Today 2 Of the sailings are back but with only suites.
  15. Welcome to my trip report. We’re going to talk about ALASKA. *the clouds part…(happy, white, fluffy clouds ala Bob Ross!)...radiant beams burst forth…a great multitude sings HALLELUIA in eight part harmony!* Unlike many “reviews”…this “trip report” will begin NOW…many days before we actually leave for our vacation. We will board the Millennium on June 22, 2018. In Vancouver. Sailing northbound to Seward, visiting Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, and Skagway. And Hubbard Glacier. Over the course of 7 nights. I am beside myself with excitement for our up and coming vacation! My mind is single tracked. All conversations lead to Alaska. I’m starting this report now…if only for the sake of my own sanity. You see, I want to share more than just what we did and how it went. I’d like to share a bit about the planning…because it can be quite overwhelming. Planning Alaska. I was overwhelmed. A LOT. I think many are when they think about Alaska. At least, that’s the impression I have based on WAY too many hours spent on this forum. I’m not sure why. It requires planning. Like most vacations. But something about Alaska. Perhaps it is the idea that going to Alaska is such a bucket list item. It FEELS like a once in a lifetime trip. And maybe it is? Vacation decisions carry weight that other, more easily repeatable vacations, do not. And let’s face it. Many excursions are ridiculously expensive. In EVERY port. And there are so many choices. Too many! How to decide? I hope that when I share all about our trip…beginning now…it will help those planning their own Alaska vacation. And I hope that beginning this trip report will entertain those like myself…who have planned all the planning there is to plan. Who are caught up in typical last minute details. But also wanting an outlet for all that anticipatory energy! Hopefully, this will be a good enough read…an interesting enough story to pass the time with a coffee…or LATTE…(or wine!). Because this forum lacks editing capabilities past 15 minutes?...if you are reading this post prior to June 20…you are engaging in the pre-cruise conversation…if you are reading this post after July 3…you will definitely be able to eventually read what ACTUALLY happened. The actual review part of this trip report. I will simply start writing this trip report as I would after returning…just starting earlier than that. So I’ll get to the nitty gritty of the actual trip immediately following the trip. This is my style…I like to write. And I would like to share my full story. It may be too much background for some readers…but I think it will be helpful for some. I’ve appreciated the use of color for the reporting aspect of a trip report in other reviewers. I will copy that idea. My posts will be in this blue color. I promise that there will pictures in the review portion of this report. But not too many. I tend to use words to create a visual. I do love to write. Sometimes, I feel that too many pictures prior to travel lends an unwelcome sense of Déjà vu during my own vacation. I’ll strive for that balance between helping everyone relive their own vacation…and taking you on mine without too many spoilers for your own. I welcome conversation. My roll call is small. No one has really been talking. Without further ado…I bring you…a discussion regarding all things Alaska…as it relates to our vacation.
  16. We had back to backs on Millennium 20th and 25th April. As soon as Celebrity cancelled we requested a refund. Original timeframe was 7 business days for taxes and fees to be refunded and 30 business days for everything else. On May 1st I disputed the transactions with my credit card company. Over a period of 2 weeks from 16th to 30th May I had 6 credits to my account from Celebrity for bizarre amounts, that made no sense, but finally on May 30th added up to our total cruise fare. I am currently on hold with my credit card company to say the dispute has been resolved. I am not sure whether I would have received my refund by now if I hadn't filed a dispute.
  17. All sailing in August & September have been removed from the Celebrity website- that includes the Eclipse 9/25 Vancouver to Yokohama TP, although the scheduled Eclipse October Asia sailings after the TP are a showing. The Millennium 9/11 TP sailing is sill showing but that will have to have a new embarkation port in order to sail.
  18. I guess that would be the September 11 Millennium cruise? If so, plenty of speculation on that at the Roll Call. If it goes forward, probably depart from LA or SF, not Seattle. I expect you’ll be getting some details this week.
  19. BlackDuck, I concur with your thinking. For me this question about what changes have been made, started in this past November when we booked a Dec 2020 cruise on the Constellation. It was supposed to be Revolutionized this May and those older ships would really benefit from the upgrade. The have done that on the Millennium and Summit and they have remade the rooms for us peasants to use your term. New bedding, new carpeting, new bathrooms and ditched the shower curtain. The rooms feel new. So when this pandemic hit us, Celebrity has put the Constellation Revolution on hold with most people thinking it will never happen, at least not before our scheduled Dec 2020 cruise. Without the refurb we are not interested in going on the very old and tired Constellation. So we are about to cancel that trip and were going to switch it to the Equinox, either this December or most likely the following year. As I started investigating it appeared that verandah rooms were not changed in any way other than possibly new bedding. Noticed that concierge cabins looked like they got that plus new carpeting. My thoughts are that Revolutionizing is a waste on S class ships since they are much newer and not really much of a difference from the Edge class ships. I find spending millions on public spaces on the ships is not anything I desire. They are perfectly fine as they are and wish they would just update the cabins on a more regular basis instead and it would be cheaper too. But of course these cruise lines find that publicizing these public spaces with the changes is good for publicity and I am sure just feeds their egos. I have not found fault with public spaces but a number of times found a cabin that needed some updating and repair.
  20. See this link for an article in today's San Diego Union-Tribune. I didn't know there were some South American passengers still aboard Eclipse. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/tourism/story/2020-04-30/cruising-has-stopped-but-ships-with-thousands-of-crew-members-still-in-san-diego-waiting-to-return-home Cruises have stopped, but ships with thousands of crew members still in San Diego waiting to return home
  21. They make the rules...so they can pretty much do whatever they want...AND the rules for what happens has changed over time. There are different "options" and different time limits based on a lot of odd factors... We had been told by my TA that our back-to-back cruises on Infinity in July could ONLY be lifted and shifted to a very limited number of sailings--ALL on Infinity. Why? First, there are no other M-Class ships cruising next summer in the Med which do 7-night cruises...And, even the Infinity mixes in some 8, 9 and 10 night cruises--including the sailing that is, basically, on the same nights we were originally booked--In 2021, that week will be an 8-night sailing--so, NOT eligible. The Connie's in the Med, but no 7 night sailings. So is the Apex--and doing 7 nighters, but not eligible as a different class ship. So, it's an extremely limited option... To make things worse, the Infinity itineraries are NOT the same in 2021 as in 2020. We booked back-to-backs as the itineraries alternated with different ports. Any "eligible" 2021 back-to-backs repeat 3 ports. On the alternative, we were told we could take the 125% FCC option, then re-book any ship, any sailing. But prices are way up and we'd lose all of our perks (Of course, we would get whatever perks are currently offered). So, for example, we could ALMOST shoehorn some Apex sailings into the 125% FCC--if we had some additional $$$--probably what they'd like us to do... We are actually in the process of working something out right now--we think...But, here's another big problem--you have limited time to elect the lift and shift option...BUT, the Celebrity phone lines are so overloaded at present, that it's hard to get through to someone to speak with. Even our travel agent is complaining that THEY wait on hold for hours...And, today, my travel agent, after over three hours on hold had the call get disconnected in the middle of the call. So, we have to pick it up again tomorrow! BTW, the reason they've allowed that Millennium/Eclipse thing is that after next Spring, the Millie is being pulled from those Japan and Transpacific routes...so, they've relented on that specific replacement... But, anything that doesn't follow their strict interpretation is deemed ineligible. IF you can get through to them, try hammering home the idea that there is no replacement for your current booking and that what you want is NOT a major change, especially in terms of price. Really, if they were smart, they would WANT people to lift and shift--keeps them cruising with Celebrity, keeps the money in Celebrity's pocket...AND they really don't know if, when cruising resumes, they will be able to fill the ships. It would suck for them if they drive people away, then, a year from now, they can't fill the ships...
  22. Are you on the Millennium or Eclipse? We are on the 9/25 Eclipse which has disappeared from the X site. The Millie is still showing. Eclipse is also not showing on 2 other large sites. Maybe just a IT mess-up but hope it means they cancelling. Final payment is coming soon.
  23. After a slight delay of ten years, in 1999 we finally took our honeymoon on the Mercury. I had never been on a true vacation before and was quite worried if I would be able to figure out how to cruise. It was supposed to be a one and done, but we booked the Millennium for the next year and we continued to vacation (land and cruise) from then on. Yes many changes have come about with Celebrity, but we still find the product to be very good. We are currently looking at doing a Lift and Shift for our upcoming January cruise. Not ideal, but with the current situation it makes sense for us.
  24. Was wondering if anyone here might have some knowledge on a question of mine regarding "Revolutionizing" on the Equinox. From pictures that I am able to see it appears that cabins in the Concierge level and higher got new carpeting. Scant pictures that I can find seem to show the same old carpet in Verandah rooms. Is that correct? Looking at the Revolutionization on ships like the Millennium and Summit it does not appear from what I have been able to see that the verandah cabins on Equinox were upgraded at all. Anyone that give me more information about this either confirming or correcting my ideas, would be greatly appreciated.
  25. I was on the Millennium last April and again in August. The one thing that was noticed was the poor quality of the refurbishment as one went up in the ship. Mainly here I am talking about cabins. We had a C2 on Deck 8. You see when they started gutting the cabins they started on deck 2 with the plan to do 50 cabins a day. They only did 10 the first day and 15 on day 2. So they were 75 behind after day two and things didn't get better. This was due to the number of trades needed to redo a cabin. They were tripping over each other. So as time was ticking down they started to take short cuts such as not allowing the grout in the bathroom and showers to dry properly. Our shower was missing most of the grout about 6 weeks after refit. We had screws break through the desk top. The over spray of the paint was everywhere on the ship. We even had an electrical fire in our cabin due to the refit. In August I was on the ship again and some things had been fixed but over spray and grout had not yet been fixed. I managed to talk to the Captain about it and he said once the ship returned to Asia a crew was to board the ship to fix the many problems. Don't get me wrong the ship was in great shape otherwise. Many things done were for the better with a few odd things such as the new bed lights in the Cabins that required one to get out of bed to turn on/off and Glass Doors to cupboards and closets. One of the more interesting things added were large sinks as you walked into the Buffet so you could wash your hands. In light of what is happening today this will be of great interest. I am planning on being back on Millennium next year. So the problems have not deterred me from sailing on here again. Hope this helps and don't be afraid to sail on her.
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