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  1. Hey Frequent floaters! My name is Joshua and I work remotely for a software company. Since I can work from anywhere with good internet, I've been working aboard Royal Caribbean ships for a change of scenery (6 Cruises last year, 12 this year). I've found Royal Caribbeans internet to be the best in the industry, however, there IS a difference from ship-to-ship within their fleet. Not all "Voom" internet is the same. They use different satellites based on geographic location AND based on the technology on the ship. And it's all marketed and priced as if it's the same. It's not. 🙂 Here's where you come in--I'm trying to compile a Ship List that will expose which ships have REAL Voom Internet (fast speed, low latency/delay, O3B Network-BEST) and which have NOT-REAL Voom Internet (moderate speeds, high latency/delay, SpeedCast Network-Just Ok). A speedtest from the wifi-connected device will reveal this on the ship. The NOT-REAL Voom internet operates much slower as the delay from ship to satellite is 650+ms whereas the REAL Voom internet operates around 200ms. This is most notable when doing video calls like Facetime or Zoom or playing videos on Facebook/Youtube. For me, the internet is my life on the ship. Here is my list so far. SHIP Adventure--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019 Thanks @John&LaLa) Allure--REAL Voom (as of Nov 2017) Anthem--Coming Soon (Sailing Aug 2019) Brilliance--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019) Empress--NOT REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Enchantment-- Explorer-- Freedom--REAL Voom (as of Dec 2018) Grandeur-- Harmony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Independence--REAL Voom (as of April 2019) Jewel-- Liberty-- Majesty--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Mariner--NOT Real Voom (as of July 2019) Navigator-- Ovation--REAL Voom (except when in Alaska, then terrible internet) Oasis--Coming Soon (Sailing Dec 2019) Quantum-- Radiance-- Rhapsody-- Serenade--NOT Real Voom (Thanks @John&LaLa) Spectrum-- Symphony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Vision-- Voyager-- LOCATION/ITINERARIES Alaska--Real Voom NOT available regardless of Ship Technology (O3B network isn't available above aprx Vancouver Lattitude) Caribbean--REAL Voom Available depending on Ship Technology Bermuda-- Canada/New England--Sailing August 29 on Anthem Panama Canal-- Mexico Pacific-- Meditteranean-- TransAtlantic-- MiddleEast-- For what it's worth, I've asked Royal Caribbean for clarification on which ships have the O3B Network Technology ("Real Voom") and they declined to answer. If you've been on a recent cruise, or are on one now and did a speed test or asked the IT manager, would you help me update this list? Here are two examples of speedtests through Ookla's Speedtest App, showing the difference between REAL Voom and NOT REAL Voom. Would you help me out?
  2. Updated, thanks @hostclarea and @Ourusualbeach SHIP Adventure--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019 Thanks @John&LaLa) Allure--REAL Voom (as of Nov 2017) Anthem--Coming Soon (Sailing Aug 2019) Brilliance--NOT REAL Voom (as of Jan 2019) Empress--NOT REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Enchantment--REAL Voom (Thanks @twangster and @serialcruiser48) Explorer-- Freedom--REAL Voom (as of Dec 2018) Grandeur-- Harmony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Independence--REAL Voom (as of April 2019) Jewel-- Liberty--REAL Voom (Thanks @Biker19) Majesty--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Mariner--NOT Real Voom (as of July 2019) Navigator-- Ovation--REAL Voom (except when in Alaska, then terrible internet) Oasis--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach) Quantum-- Radiance-- Rhapsody-- Serenade--NOT Real Voom (Thanks @John&LaLa) Spectrum-- Symphony--REAL Voom (Thanks @Ourusualbeach!) Vision-- Voyager--
  3. Below is a list of the ships in the fleet. Cruise Directors play an important role in the entertainment onboard, and their assistant is the Activity Manager. If you know the name of the Activity Manager onboard one of the ships, please reply. Adventure OTS – Allure OTS - Anthem OTS – Brilliance OTS – Enchantment OTS – Explorer OTS – Freedom OTS - Grandeur OTS – Independence OTS - Jewel OTS - Legend OTS - Liberty OTS - Majesty OTS - Mariner OTS - Navigator OTS - Oasis OTS - Quantum OTS - Radiance OTS - Rhapsody OTS - Serenade OTS – Splendour OTS – Vision OTS - Voyager OTS -
  4. I fly to Miami Saturday evening and will board the Empress for a 6 night getaway to Key West, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. This was (for me) something of a last minute booking, just a couple of months ago. My style is a bit different than many, I will normally post just once a day unless something unusual, and my style tends to be narrative more than pictorial. This thread will be a companion to my blog (http://getawaysfrom21044,wordpress.com) which will also be the hosting site for my photos, and at the top of the page are tabs to pages with Compass and menus. A bit about me. I’m pretty much an out of control, sailing on several lines, but mostly Crystal, Cunard, Holland America, and to a lesser extent Royal. My totals for this year will be 94 days HAL, 33 Crystal, 26 Cunard, and 6 Royal. My Royal activity has been mostly out of Baltimore (Enchantment and then Grandeur), but I’ve also sailed Allure, Anthem, Monarch, Jewel, and Radiance (not yet on the mid-size ships). I tend to prefer smaller ships although amenities and service are also important. I’m a bit unsure of the Empress as although my 3 favorite ships (Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony, and Prinsendam) are roughly the same size the Empress carries more people than any 2 of them combined. I hear she isn’t crowded and hope that will be true; I really like her Bermuda itineraries next year. This will be my first cruise as D+. I welcome questions although it may take me a little while to respond. I also invite any of my roll call members to add their perspectives to the thread. Roy
  5. I have read that people feel like the Radiance of the Seas is their favorite ship. Just wondering why. I have been on a couple other ships in the same class (Jewel, Brilliance, Serenade) and wondering if there is anything different about the Radiance.
  6. Ptroxx, I've been tracking the Radiance of the Seas since I'm now looking at a future cruise. When we were on her in May, being on the starboard side gave us only one day when we were not looking at the dock. It appears to be random and not really predictable to know which ship booked when, will be parked for the best view. I'm also watching the Westerdam since we might book on that ship instead of the Radiance next time. Today both ships are docked starboard side facing away from pier. It appears to be a crap shoot when picking port or starboard for best view. As for packing memory cards, for us it was a once in a lifetime trip so I backed up all shots every night b4 retiring. Turns out, we will go back but I wasn't taking chances with memory cards taking a dump during travel. I also made sure to carry the cards separately from the portable HDD.
  7. Anybody have this cabin on a previous sailing. We've booked it for the Alaska NB, sailing 8/19/11.
  8. Considering doing consecutive cruises (Northbound and Southbound Alaska) in this OS. Is balcony large enough? Is balcony private? Is there a better cabin choice on OS category?
  9. Have sailed on Serenade the past couple of years in Jan/Feb for 30+ days. Will be on her again for the third time this coming Jan. It is an older ship, but the crew and passengers keep us coming back. Would not bring our son onboard for 3 weeks as he would be bored (confirmed that as he was bored on sister ship Radiance after 2 days). The ship is older, but maintaned rather well. She has elegance and reminds me of what cruise ships of old were about. More about all the awesome views of the sea from almost everywhere and not about all the bells a whistles like the larger ships. Met so many nice cruisers every cruise on Serenade, it has a feeling of family as we return year after year. Will be cruising with some couples that we have met and cruised with 2 years ago on Serenade. Met quiet a few people that stay on her for 4+ months at a time during the winter. What about the reviews has been a turn off about Serenade? You are correct that we love to people watch and love those aft facing CLS (others will disagree). I like the deeper balconies (but we dont spend that much time out there). I would just stay home and watch the ocean from my lanai if I wanted to see water. Here is a pic I took right now.
  10. Hi there Mafig. We will be sailing on Seaside from June 13-27 2020 in almost the same cabin as last year. What plans do you two have for that time? We met a great couple with a son our age on Radiance last month. They live in Jacksonville and we wanted to do another cruise together. Well they wanted to get to D on Royal and the subject of cruising with Royal to gain status came up. I mentioned that we started with Royal and enjoy what Royal offers. Status came as a byproduct of enjoying our cruises and we did not chase levels. After looking at the insane pricing for summer 2020 on Oasis class, they decided to try Seaside in YC. Sailing Oasis class I have seen my fair share of P's that get catered to at the detriment of suite guests. Another P that sails in suites and I have that discussion often of our observations. It is not like that on every sailing as there are some very nice P's that are low key and friendly. Then you have the other bunch tries to make CK and the SL their private club. Well hope to cruise with you two again. Will be on Serenade from Jan 10-31 of you would like to join us. The Jan 20-31 cruise has a great itinerary with an overnight in Aruba and stop in Colon.
  11. Sorry to date myself.. with a walk down memory lane Yes there was a Cap Club lounge in Michaels for Elite "lite breakfast", and a pm get together with drinks and snacks in Michaels for a long time on M and S Class ships...til they took the space away! We still miss it and have finally booked a suite on Constellation to get back in! Hope it is still nice. The numbers of Elite now could never fit once upon a time it was a great spot! There was also a very nice Diamond Lounge on Royal C ships (Radiance Class).. it was a nice cozy place with bagels, snacks, magazines and a Concierge on duty. It too was taken away for a suite lounge...a few yrs ago, we enjoyed the Diamond breakfast lounge and evening cocktail party on Oasis..,,one of the few plusses for that vessel. I expect on Summit the nightly Cap Club will be upstairs or on ones card???? On EDGE they had a set spot to gather ( most times at the CLUB) or a gen bar option. we did not go so not really sure,
  12. Good Afternoon! We are a group of 10 that will be doing the northbound Radiance of the Seas cruise from Vancouver to Seward on 05/29/20. We are looking at booking a private tour for our group in Ketchikan. We have done ship sponsored excursions in the past, but prefer the personalization and service we get from private tours. That being said, I am struggling to find private tour companies in Ketchikan. Anyone here have any recommendations for ones they have used that have provided great experiences and great customer service? Thank you, -Rebecca
  13. Vision and Radiance class ships are not part of the “Amped dry docks” Any dry docks during this time that are required will consist of the basic marine requirements as well as general upkeep such as carpet replacement, furniture repair etc.
  14. And this is Common as Royals been doing this for 10yrs. First with Vision Class, then Radiance, now Voyager and Freedom.
  15. Thanks for the review - they are almost all the same about the overcrowding. The leaking, well I agree with you there - you don't want to see that when sailing in the middle of the ocean! I have also read that the crew is fantastic, which helps the overall experience. I'm hoping Carnival gets this feedback and will maybe make some changes to the Radiance refurb. I wonder if they could do anything to save the Sunrise? I'm sailing in to weeks from today and have a May 2020 cruise booked - based on all I'm reading I have a feeling the May cruise will be switched to the Legend. We don't do the buffet often, accept the first day. We also try and spend time in the Serenity area. Hoping September is less crowded.
  16. thanks, interesting post. We are on the Radiance TA and I had not yet thought of rebooking the steakhouse and other popular for pay restaurants. While we are in assigned seating in the MDR, the way you describe it on a TA does sound inviting.
  17. Day E3, Tuesday, August 20, 2019, At Sea, Empress of the Seas As is my normal custom I was up at 5, got coffee in the WJ, and headed out to deck 6. I traditionally walk 5 miles on sea days. I'm not sure if it's my age or the heat (likely a combination of the 2), I was pretty beat after 3 miles. It certainly wasn't the deck, it is very nice. The photo starts at the port aft corner, continuing to the starboard side, crossing at the bow, and back on the starboard side. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/deck6.jpg I walked another mile when I went out on deck for sunrise, and a final mile about 9:30. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/dawn0820.jpg The Empress shares a number of unusual traits with ships from my Holy Grail collection (Crystal and Prinsendam) and in one case with the Vision class but not There with the rest of Royal's fleet. There are 2 mini decks above the walking deck that I like to call "porches". I'm not sure where I'll use them on Empress but they are somewhat sheltered with great views and have been among my favorite hangouts on Glacier Bay and Panama Canal cruises. Also like my Holy Grail ships they have the odyssey of no Diving Boards (those little platforms that swing out from the bow during docking). https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/porches.jpg Finally, like the Vision Class, the mooring deck is open for viewing and not covered by another deck. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/thebow.jpg Royal does a Cruise Critic "Meet and Mingle" on cruises of a week or more. Since this is only 6 days they did not sponsor one but the Roll Call starter took the lead and we met at 10:30 in the Viking Crown Lounge and had a good chat for about 45 minutes. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/meetgreet.jpg A slot pull was held after the Meet and Greet with about 20 people participating. I did not but watched. People had fun but the highest theoretical winnings were $25. The 3 best scores got prizes from Jonathan. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/slotpull.jpg My afternoon started in Boleros with a talk by lecturer Janis Leader. Sadly, drowsiness overtook me and I missed most of it. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/leader.jpg My other afternoon activity was a visit to the Next Cruise desk. I'm heavily booked for 2020 but the Empress has some very nice itineraries. The one that I could work into my schedule was to Bermuda July 20. It's a great itinerary with 2 nights in the center of Hamilton and another in Saint Georges. Empress has a few "Studio" cabins and I got that (oceanview) for less than I would have paid for a regular inside. The Crown and Anchor "Top Tier" event was held at 5 with several people making welcoming remarks including Captain Diego. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/diego.jpg Awards for the top cruisers followed the introduction of the key staff. Hotel Director Denton called the Empress "The smallest ship with the biggest heart. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/srstaff.jpg The evening dress code is variously called "Formal" or "Dress to Impress". I noted that the Compass said "Tonight's Dress Suggestion". I like that idea of a special night where people are encouraged to dress up without forcing it on people. I went a little more casual than usual with a dress shirt, sport jacket, and tie. There were the usual 3 of us at table 463, along with the usual 3 empty chairs. I wish people who don't plan to go to the dining room would choose anytime dining. My choices were the Caesar Salad, Chicken Parmesan, and the Fruit Plate for desert. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/dishes20.jpg The Captain's welcome was in the Centrum between dinner seatings. I have always preferred a Centrum over a Royal Promenade, although I think Centrums were done better in the Vision and Radiance Class ships. On those ships there is a great view of the action on the floor most anywhere around the circle on most any deck. The Empress Centrum has consecutively smaller circles on each higher deck and I found that even from deck 7 the view from the back of the circle looking forward gets pretty restricted. I watched mostly from the front near the scenic elevators and while the view was good it was mostly of the backs of the line of staff. I still enjoyed the welcome. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/welcome.jpg The featured entertainment was the group "Horizons", a Detroit based trio featuring the Motown sound. I came in late for the first (6:45) show but returned for the start of the second show, taking a seat near the back of the balcony where I could slip out quietly at the point where I had come in. https://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/horizon.jpg I'll take my parting shot on the subject of loyalty. These Top Tier events are typically called a welcome to "our most loyal cruisers". Moi? Much of the traditional wisdom holds that a "Loyal Royal" would never even look at another cruise line. My response to that is that when a cruise line stops courting other customers I'll stop courting other cruise lines. It's a business relationship, not a marriage. I've been pretty open that Royal is my 4th choice among cruise lines but that's out of like how many? I'll stake my case on coming back a number of times and while staying within the truth always emphasizing the positives of my choices. I hope that's a pretty decent alternative definition of loyalty. One area where to me Royal has missed the boat is the elimination of the basic Crown and Anchor parties. To me the person who has come back a second time is likely the time where showing the cruise line's appreciation for repeat business makes the most business sense. Roy
  18. Starting this off again on our new Board. Walt , could you please lock the thread on the old board. Many thanks. David. Who is cruising ? A list for Australian and NZers who are cruising, both locally and overseas on any Cruise Line. and for overseas guests cruising down here to visit and cruise with us.. *This colour denotes International Guests and Destinations. This list is not intended to replace Roll Calls or Signatures, it is merely a summary of who has a cruise coming up. Your name will only be added , should you wish it to be, by you posting personally . You can join the list by using the Post Reply button and giving us the Departure Date ,the Ship and the Destination. Who is cruising in March 2011? 29 Mar davenmarcia Pacific Jewel Crystal Reflections 30 Mar flatron Pacific Pearl NZ 30 Mar Skyrules 30 Mar Kruzein 30 Mar silky*** Who is cruising in April 2011? 01 April terrydavidphoto MSC Magnifica Mediteterranean 04 April suey Rhapsody of the Seas South Pacific 08 April purpledragon Dawn Princess Hawaii 35day 08 April Babsjo 08 April Stevie39 09 April thied Pacific Dawn South Pacific , Fiji 09 April ambo25 09 April Palocruiser 14 April Debsta Sun Princess Brisbane to Sydney (2 Nts end of Cherry Blossom ) 14 April macca46 14 April luvToCruise13 14 April Gold Coast Cruisers 14 April Billy and Charlie's Mum 16 April bussletoncruisersSun PrincessNorthern Explorer Sydney to Perth 17 April tassie cruiser Pacific Pearl South Pacific 17 April barnsey1802 17 April Debsta1802 20 April lorry like a truck Pacific Jewel 21 April Sven51 Pacific Dawn Easter Cruise 24 April dougo in oz Pacific Pearl 3 B2B cruises 29 April luvToCruise13 Pacific Jewel Going Nowhere 30 April Rasa Sayang Pacific Dawn Brisbane return Noumea/Lifou/Vila Who is cruising in May 2011? 02 May didanz Pacific Pearl Bounty Discovery ex Auckland 02 May bizzygurl 02 May dougo in oz (3 B2B cruises ) 03 May killigrew Sun Princess India and South Africa 03 May windsor26 06 May Billy and Charlies Mum Diamond Princess Asia/Alaska/Canada 07 May evansy78 Pacific Dawn South Pacific 08 May Agelmar Pacific Sun Week Fantasique ex Brisbane Return. 10 May ausielil Sea Princess San Francisco/Alaska 12 May dougo in oz Pacific PearlFood and Wine Cruise ex Auckland (3 B2B cruises) 13 May johndon Dawn Princess South Pacific 13 May mezza 13 May Zanny 14 May macca46 Pacific Dawn Pacific Islands 15 May stki Sapphire Princess Alaska 15 May Kruzein 15 May Youngjude Pacific Pearl Auckland Norfolk Queensland 21 May shaddow101 Pacific Jewel South Pacific 21 May robinph 30 May kiwipete Pacific Pearl Pacific Discovery Who is cruising in June 2011? 03 June musicorn Norwegian Pearl Alaska 18 June Motynl Sun Princess Treasures of Asia, from Fremantle 18 June Annabelle100l Pacific Dawn Noumea,Lifou,Vila. 27 June luvToCruise13 Pacific Pearl Auckland to Sydney 29 June stevedonna Sun Princess SE Asia Who is cruising in July 2011? 01 July Kiwi cruiser Pacific Pearl South Pacific 28 night 25 July Lizard© Pacific Jewel Crystal Reflections 25 July NS. Who is cruising in August 2011? 04 Aug Palocruiser Crown PrincessBritish Isles 06 Aug terrydavidphoto Pacific Dawn Queensland Coast 06 Aug bundygirl 19 Aug am1984 Pacific Pearl Tropical Dreams 10 night 21 Aug AuzzieCruiser Carnival Valor Western Caribbean 28 Aug mezza MSC OrchestraB2B Baltic/ Norwegian Fiords then Western Med. 30 Aug oysterfiend Pacific Sun Indonesia 31 Aug Palocruiser Emerald PrincessB2BScandanavia/Russia..Copenhagen to Ft Lauderdale 29 nights Who is cruising in September 2011? 07 Sep paul929207Dawn Princess Circumnavigation of Australia 07 Sep TAN066 07 Sep kiwipete 13 Sep nenasmum Carnival Spirit Alaska Glacier Bay 14 Sep Jodez Pacific Sun Flowers of Asia 14 Sep killigrew 14 Sep cookie at home 17 Sep stki Pride of America Hawaii 24 Sep nenasmum Oasis of the Sea Caribbean 24 Sep bussletoncruisers Norwegian Star Coastal Pacific.Vancover to LA. B2B with Panama Cruise 1 Oct 23 Sep Grove family Pacific Dawn South Pacific 27 Sep Mothballs Radiance of the Seas Hawaii to Sydney Who is cruising in October 2011? 01 Oct nenasmum Disney Magic Caribbean 01 Oct Billy and Charlies MumPacific Dawn Brisbane to Christchurch NZ 01 Oct bussletoncruisers Norwegian Star Panama Canal . LA to Tampa. 02 Oct cotton93 Freedom of the Seas Western Caribbean 05 Oct Johhno Dawn Princess South Pacific 05 Oct paul929207 05 Oct Dizziedi Rhapsody of the Seas NZ B2B World Rugby Cup Cruise 09 Oct nenasmum Disney Dream Bahamas 13 Oct Seadreams27 Pacific Jewel 20 Oct luvToCruise13 Pacific Pearl South Pacific 20 Oct leggyliz 30 Oct Sailaway John Sea Princess NZ Who is cruising in November 2011? 15 Nov pippin10 Dawn Princess NZ 18 Nov stki Radiance of the Seas 2 day Cruise to Nowhere 18 Nov Molly Doble 18 Nov mezza 18 Nov rugbypopsie 18 Nov yamcrzrand friends Radiance of the Seas 18 Nov Raison 19 Nov lear Pacific Dawn NZ 19 Nov horrie33 20 Nov Billy and Charlies Mum Radiance of the Seas NZ 25 Nov callmewhatever Sea Princess NZ 27 Nov lorry like a truck Rhapsody of the Seas 27 Nov Debsta Diamond PrincessSingapore to Sydney 27 Nov silverwillow 27 Nov resordanis 30 Nov CarmicCelebrity CenturySydney to Auckland Who is cruising in December 2011? 03 Dec Topaz-M Oasis of The Seas Eastern Caribbean 11 Dec Topaz-M Celebrity Solstice Western Caribbean 17 Dec Sven51 Pacific Dawn Christmas Cruise 18 Dec musicorn Radiance of the SeasNZ Christmas / NYE 18 Dec traveller4fun Pacific JewelNZ Christmas Cruise with 20 family & friends 27 Dec simmo67 Rhapsody of the Seas South Pacific , NYE 28 Dec Flipper133 Sun PrincessNZ ex Brisbane return , NYE 29 Dec barnsey1802 Diamond Princess Auckland to Sydney , NYE. 29 Dec tassie cruiser Who is cruising in January 2012? 15 Jan yamcrzr Radiance of the Seas NZ 22 Jan Jamar 72 Rhapsody of the Seas South Pacific and Fiji 23 Jan luvToCruise13 Diamond Princess Auckland to Sydney Who is cruising in February 2012? 12 Feb bundygirl Radiance of the Seas Tasmania 12 Feb coastidee 12 Feb wildweston 16 Feb Itachi Pacific Pearl Fiji Adventure 19 Feb The Fox Radiance of the Seas Sydney to Fremantle. 19 Feb robinph Radiance of the Seas Sydney to Perth/B2B Perth to Sydney 34 days 21 May shaddow101 Pacific Jewel South Pacific Who is cruising in March 2012? 06 March coastidee Radiance of the Seas Fremantle to Sydney 06 March robinph 2nd half of B2B Who is cruising inApril 2012? 05 April Dizziedi Radiance of the Seas Honolulu 05 April terrydavidphoto Radiance of the Seas Sydney, NZ, French Polynesia, Tahiti & Hawaii 15 April Billy and Charlies Mum Ruby Princess Eastern Caribbean 28 April Billy and Charlies Mum Star Princess San Francisco to Hawaii Who is cruising in May 2012? 01 May thied Pacific Dawn South Pacific 01 May ambo25 16 May killigrew Sun Princess World Cruise 16 May stevedonna updated to post no 308 on old thread and post No 1 over here.:)
  19. As much as I love the larger ships, I am concerned that an Oasis class ship will be all the more crowded and hectic getting on and off the ship at European ports. Anyone have an opinion on which class of ship may be best for a European cruise? Thanks all!
  20. They in the same class but is any thing different between them ? Both will be sailing from Australia In 2020 . Thanks 🙂
  21. Would someone please post the week's cruise compass for the southbound Alaskan cruise? Thank you so much for your help.
  22. I didn’t forget about you all! The first few weeks back at school is crazy. To be honest my suitcase still has some things in it and is on the guest room bed. I am almost settled now so I will hopefully get back to this for a few days, until kiddos come on Monday!! Cruise Day 2- Cruising Inside Passage My mom has really enjoyed cruising the inside passage on her first cruise (Southbound on the Radiance) so I was looking forward to this day. Unfortunately we went through much of the skinnier part of the inside passage overnight and in the very early morning hours. Also, when we woke up it was so foggy you couldn’t see the water and the fog horn was going. It took until mid-afternoon to clear. Regardless we started with breakfast in the buffet. I almost always get the eggs Benedict but I was disappointed. However the bacon and French toast I replaced it with was enjoyable! Our sommelier from the evening before saw us sitting down and came over to see if we wanted any drinks. I felt spoiled already! A latte please😍! After breakfast we went back to our cabin and had a notice that our table for dinner had been changed, which was great! We attended a naturalist talk and then went up to the solarium with books until lunch! After lunch we changed into swim suits, attempted to use the small heated kiddie pools (hot tubs) and then relaxed some more. After two travel days, and a crazy summer before it was needed. I know it was evening chic night but I have no idea what we ate but looking at pictures I think it was steak! We also did the senior officers party. I will say that there wasn’t a single night where I disliked my meal. After dinner we started a routine of going to the naturalist and then the show. We also started trying new drinks before the naturalist presentation. I had never had a Gin and Tonic but it is now my new ‘go-to’. The show that night was a Motown show and while I wasn’t super excited I actually really enjoyed it!! I didn't take a lot of pictures that day but I will leave you with these.
  23. I could not remember if Radiance had glass in our cabin rail so I brought one of those Ram suction cups and a small extension for it. Was going to suck to the glass sliding door and inside the window on flight tours. Turns out did not need it because the float planes have curved plexiglass windows and the excursion host said it might scratch it. I used the GorillaPod on the cabin rail. Worked out great.
  24. I suggest you give as much luggage to porters as possible. There is a pretty good walk to get on ship. You check in on the lower level. Walk to elevators and go up a level to check in. Goto checkin the walk back where you came from then outside the building. Go back down a level to clear customs. Then wait in an area to board ship. Also there was no c&a area for the different levels to board. Port personnel boarded on a first come first on principle. That was my experience on Radiance on our July 12 sailing out of Vancouver.
  25. Adventure OTS - Clo O'Connor July 6 for 2 months. Then who? Allure OTS - Jimmy Rhodes March 11 for 4 months, then Mitch Merucciis scheduled to return August 12 for 2 months. Anthem OTS - Dennis Charles May 12 until September 6, then Chris Brown starts September 6 for 4 months. Brilliance OTS - Mike Szwajkowski July 3 (for 2 or 4 months?) Empress OTS - WHO is the current CD? Enchantment OTS - Bobby Broughton April 6 until early-September. Then who? Explorer OTS - Topi Ylönen returns June 8 until July 27. Then who? (Graham Seymour may return as regular CD again for the rest of 2018, or Dennis Charles is also rumored to be joining Explorer). Freedom OTS - Drew Devine March 17 until July 28, then Topi Ylönen returns July 28 until September 29, followed by Drew September 29 for 4 months. Grandeur OTS - Bob Leininger June 2 until October 6. Bobreturns December 1 for another 4 month contract. (Mitch Merucci is unsure if he is joining GR in October as planned. It may be Mike Szwajkowski instead.) Harmony OTS - Dru Pavlov April 21 until early-September (need handover date) then Abe Hughes returns early-September for 4 months. Independence OTS - Joff EatonMay 28 until September 22, then Tim Connor returns September 22. Jewel OTS - Simona Ferraiuolo June 16 until August 19, then Andrea Olivieri returns (for 4 months?) Liberty OTS - Jeff Arpin May 27 until July 22, then Marc Walker starts July 22 for 4 months. Majesty OTS - Patricio Honores late-June (for 2 months). Mariner OTS - Ricky Matthewsuntil July 9, then Carlos Torres joins July 9 for 2 months, then Ricky returns in September for 4 months. Navigator OTS - Rob McNally May 6 until late-August, then Cuddy Cudworth returns in late-August. (need handover date) Oasis OTS - Dan Whitney early May for 4 months. Then who? Ovation OTS - Mike Hunnerup March 23 (until late-July? then who?) Joff Eaton returns November 28 for the Australian season. Quantum OTS - Is Fang Lixin is the current CD? Paul Rutter returns in the Fall (Sept/Oct) for a few months. Radiance OTS - Cuddy CudworthJune 15 for 2 months followed by John Blairin August until January. (need handover date) Rhapsody OTS - Tim Connor June 23 for 2 months, then Elvis Pinto returns mid-August for 4 months. (need handover date) Serenade OTS - Jamie Fentiman May 13 for 4 months. Then Who? Symphony OTS - Michele Scarpato March 11 until late-July (need handover date) then Bobby Brown returns through the TA November 9 Vision OTS - Steve Davis April 6 until August 6, followed by Ken Jones for 2 months. Voyager OTS - Michelle Oliveira began late-May (for 4 months?). Jerome Sueur is reportedly joining Carnival and getting married soon. Keith Williams has been cleared to return from medical leave, but does not currently have a ship assignment. Casey Pelterworks shoreside for Celebrity as Manager of Entertainment. Graham Seymour is semi-retired but fills-in from time to time as needed Rich Edwards sadly passed away in June 2017. RIP Rich. John Perry is Operations Manager at Hyatt Hotels (per LinkedIn) Ken Rush works at corporate in Miami as RCI's Director of Entertainment, and occasionally fills-in as CD Amy Fickert-Southgate works shoreside Luke Aerowsmith is working at the corporate office in London Gordon Whatman is retired, but fills-in from time-to-time if needed. Allan Brooks works for Celebrity in their corporate office. Richard Spacey is a CD with Celebrity Becky Thompson works for Celebrity Cruises in their corporate offices in Miami. Dave Chapman is a CD with HAL James Andrews is a real estate agent in Sydney Leo Papa is a Product Manager at Tauck Corp in Connecticut Anna Bass is a make-up artist João Pereira is the Cruise Sales Manager on the Liberty of the Seas. Kirk Detweiler is now CD with Silversea cruises. Simeon Baker- is a sales exec at a Porsche dealer in Saskatchewan Matt Baker - Sim's brother - is a radio presenter. Kieron Buffrey - CD with Viking River Cruises Tom Canosa - teaching 6th grade science in North Carolina Peter Benfield and Johnny Osborne have emigrated to Thailand Anthony Richards is working for Royal Media Partners as Manager Port Revenue Operations Rico du Breil is a CD with SilverSeas out of Italy Paul Lancaster is no longer with RCI, and resides in England Abel Jeney is with The World - Luxury Residence at Sea Parker Cristan is living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - staging/choreographing for local theater Ashley Kerr - married and living in Vancouver BC, working as a marketing rep for a PR firm Karen Maybury - has a consultant/pr/entertainment agency Jannie Cloete - leading expeditions on small ships Warren Allen (aka Warren Melhuish) lives in Ontario, Canada. He has retired from ship-life but still works on the stage Thomas DeCell is no longer with RCI Leigh Xuereb and his AM Frankie Portera are CD's for Carnival
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