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  1. Just found out from Captain Merick(sp?) On Radiance that a family of 5 was left in Ketchikan. He stated that he waited as long as possible for them as there were 2 children in that group. Let's hope they make it to Icy Straight to catch up with the shop.
  2. My family and I just returned from a great cruise on the Radiance of the Seas! Our group consisted of 2 adults in mid 50’s, 2 teenagers, and 1 adult in early 30’s. Overall the trip was fantastic, had a few hiccups but I would do it again! This is my first cruise review and I want to include the things that I look for in a cruise review or have a hard time finding answers to online. Sorry I do not have any menus or compasses. Canada Place Cruise Port We arrived via taxi at the cruise port at 10am. We dropped our luggage off with the porter within 10 ft of being dropped off by a taxi. Then shown through the port where to check in and get our seapass. There was a small line, about a 5-10 minute wait. After receiving our seapass, we walked through security and then to customs, again a small wait, which took about 10-15 mins. We were then seated to wait for boarding the ship by 10:30 ish. There were maybe 200 people in line before us. Unfortunately, they did not start boarding people until Noonish. We heard from others, a few people from the previous cruise got off the ship sick and as a precaution, had to do extra cleaning. We boarded the ship, headed to the windjammer and ate before the crowds got there, then checked out the ship. Rooms We had two interior rooms: 2013 & 2027. Had no issue with noise, even though we were on the second floor. You tend to run into more crew and “ship items” but I’m guessing it’s because we share the floor with them. On the 2nd floor you can only access guest rooms with the aft elevators and stairs, which was kinda annoying. Room had enough space for three and didn’t feel cramped. Enough drawers and shelves for clothes. We brought a 3 USB outlet plug for all our electronics and didn’t have an issue. The room shows it’s age, but it was always clean and our attendant was great! Ship Radiance of the Seas is definitely showing her age. There is rust here and there, things that should be painted, and some of the windows either need to be cleaned or they are stained. It’s clean and overall well maintained, but if you are expecting something like the newer ships, you’d be disappointed. Personally, I had no issues, knowing it’s an older ship. Dining We did not eat at any speciality restaurants. Breakfast we tried the main dining room once. NEVER AGAIN! The service was horrible and the food was cold and it took forever! Not worth it! The rest of the time we had breakfast at the windjammer. It was the same food everyday, but it was good. Lunch was also at the windjammer, with a little bit more variety by the day, but typical buffet food. Dinner was My Time Dining and was great! I made reservations for the same time everyday before the cruise. We had the same waiters and table, so it was just like traditional dining. Our waiters Harish and Jun, were excellent! The food was pretty good. My favorites were the french onion soup, eggplant parmesan, and molten lava cake. Also all the bread and pastries were amazing!! Entertainment The magician and Eagles tribute band were great. The comedian and Royal’s two original shows were okay. The singing and dancing in the original shows were great, but to me the shows themselves didn’t make sense. The band Beta 4 is amazing!! A must listen to and they play in multiple locations on the ship.We enjoyed going to the different trivia events during the day. The activites crew was great! Weather Alaska weather was all over the place. It misted/rained most of the day in Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, and Juneau with the temps in the low to mid 50s. In Skagway, it was mostly cloudy and very windy. Hubbard Glacier was the best weather day with bright sun and temps were probably upper 40’s by the glacier with a little wind. I wore a t-shirt, sweater, and jeans and I was comfortable as I went in and outside to view the glacier. On our Land tour, the weather was much warmer. Anchorage was low 70s and sunny. Talkeetna was in the 80s and sunny. Denali was in the low 70s and partly cloudy, did have a little bit of rain here and there in Denali, but never lasted long. Ports/Land Tour Ketchikan: Lumberjack show and Totem Trolley Tour- The show was fun to watch, the trolley guide was knowledgeable and the totem park was nice, but time was short with only a 20 min visit. Got off a Creek street and walked around. There was alot of construction going on, so it was hard to navigate the streets. Icy Strait Point: No Excursions. We walked along the rocky shores and through a short walking trail in the woods. Also stopped by the museum and shops. TIP: The tide is very low in the mornings so it allows you to view much of the shore. Highly suggest walking the rocky shore in the morning. By late afternoon, the tide was high and you really couldn’t walk the shore. Juneau: Whale watching and Wildlife Quest Tour. Saw some whales, sea lions, eagles. It was an okay tour. The guides were knowledgeable, but I was expecting more. Walked around town, ate lunch at the Alaskan Crepe Escape, which was awesome. It was pouring rain for most of the afternoon, so we did not get to ride the tram like we wanted. Skagway: White Pass Railroad tour. My favorite tour of the whole trip. Train goes up the mountain and the views are amazing. Highly recommend! Seward/Anchorage: Talkeetna: Mahay’s Jet boat Tour. The guides had great information about the land, water, animals, plants, and life in the area. I nice relaxing tour. Our hotel also had a fantastic view of Mt. Denali. Denali: Natural History Tour. This bus trip took us about 30 miles into Denali national park. Didn’t see many animals and could not see Mt Denali. It was about 4 hrs, which was long enough for us. Two of our stops were cut short due to rain. Husky Homestead Tour. This was my second favorite tour of the whole trip. We learned all about Husky’s and their life and training for the Iditarod. Jeff King, four time Iditarod winner who owns it, also spoke with us. They let us pet and hold the puppies as well. All the speakers were knowledgeable and it was an overall wonderful experience. Highly recommend! Tips/FYI Bring a light rain coat with hood, don’t bring an umbrella. The coat doesn’t need to be big and bulky, just light weight and water resistant. You can wear a sweater under it and feel warm enough. Also great for windy days in port or on ship. Layers, Layers, Layers! Starquest lounge on the 13th floor is the best place for indoor views and a great uncrowded place to view the glacier. Only found this place the last two days on the ship and I love it! Looking for a quieter place to view the majestic mountains indoors during the cruise? This is the place. There is also outdoor space, which is why I think it’s the perfect place for viewing the glaciers! Magnetic hooks for your state room. These were so helpful to hold up the daily compass, hats, coats, sweaters, lanyards. First time using them based on a suggestion on this board and it was very helpful. Want to see Mt. Denali? Go to Talkeetna, not Denali National Park. While Denali park is beautiful, we never saw the mountain and were actually quite far from it on our tour. (other tours do get a little closer). We stayed at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge and had wonderful, close views (30 miles away). We also were really lucky and had a clear night and morning, and are now part of the 30% club that got to view full Mt. Denali, without haze or clouds in the way
  3. Which two bedroom suite has the largest balcony? On some of the ships, the aft balcony gets larger as you get lower in the ship. (Due to the design). Would the eighth floor have a slightly larger balcony than the tenth (which is tiny-tiny)? Anyone know?
  4. On my last RCL cruise I fell in love with the jalapeño cucumber margarita. Only one bar had it and that bar is not on Radiance. Does anybody know if this amazing drink is served on Radiance??
  5. Yes, this. ☺️ We are sailing on one of three Ovation cruises to Glacier Bay. So far, only 5/22, 8/28 and 9/4 sailings include it. I only now see two Radiance cruises that are changing to add GB, even though for a while, their new bookings showed half of the northbound cruises going to GB. I'm over the moon about our sailing. And I need to go back and reschedule our Victoria tour. I had just booked it when the email came. Love to have this kind of problem!
  6. I saw the you tube video and it was pure conjecture of all cruise lines. On Royal, I can see the Majesty and maybe the Vision Class, but I can't, for the life of me, see selling off the Radiance Class. Of course, if the price was right, they could sell off any ship.
  7. Getting a head start on the trip report. Our cruise planning report can be found at... DW and I are retired and have only cruised a few times in the Caribbean and this is DWs 1st time in Alaska. We're doing a DIY 8 day pre-cruise prior to ship boarding in Seward.
  8. In my research for my cruise next year I stumbled upon some 7N NE/Canada cruises on Brilliance our of Boston in sept/oct 2020. I’ve never done a NE cruise, and am possibly considering it over a Bahamas itinerary for something different. Couple questions: 1) on my last cruise out of Southampton I found the food lacking compared to my previous cruises out of Baltimore & Fort Lauderdale. My thoughts were maybe this was due to the departure port. Specifically I found a lack of good seafood options. Would a cruise out of Boston going north have menus that reflect that region? Will there be more abundance of seafood options? On independence out of Southampton the only venue I could find scallops on the ship was in Izumi hibachi. 2) what are some overall opinions on radiance class ships? I’ve sailed on vision, freedom & oasis class. I liked the layout of grandeur (vision class). From some videos it seems like brilliance is an upgraded vision class ship, is that the overall feel? Much appreciated
  9. Does Izumi restaurant on the Radiance have the Hot Rock menu option?
  10. I cruise out of NY, so my options on Carnival are somewhat limited. The 2020 season has two ships available: Sunrise and the upcoming Radiance. The deck plans are different but similar. Sunrise has JiJi's, which I liked when I cruised on the Horizon, but Radiance will have an Asian area and Big Chicken. I've been reading about the issues on the Sunrise and I'm wondering if the Radiance will also have the same issues like overcrowding. What's your take?
  11. I never said it would. If they had a Radiance class ship I would book the sailings that don’t do the 5 day Bermuda. I live less than an hour from the port. I won’t book Grandeur or Carnival Pride. I would book a 9, 10 or 11 day cruise on Radiance class. I just did an 11 day out of Bayonne on Summit which is a semi sister to Radiance class. I will sail out of New York or fly to Florida rather than Grandeur. I flew to San Juan for a Radiance class ship. Carnival is expanding their Bermuda sailings from Baltimore to have more with 3 days in Bermuda.The length of Bermuda sailings from Baltimore is a business decision. http://www.royalgazette.com/tourism/article/20190713/carnival-expands-its-schedule-to-island
  12. When is Radiance scheduled for the refresh ?
  13. Tempting but I think I'll wait for Royals BOGO 50% off sale for the Radiance class!
  14. You can't believe everything you read or see on the internet. Radiance has a multi-million dollar refresh scheduled and immediately after that she headlines in Brisbane opening up a new market and home port there. She isn't for sale.
  15. Does the Carnival Radiance have a disco? I'm looking on the deck plan and can't find any. If you have cruised on the Radiance where is the disco and dancing?
  16. We just did chops and Giovanni's with our 10 year old son a few weeks ago on radiance. They charged $10 and he had the same size filet mignon as I did with the same choice of sides. They even let him order 2 appetizers (ceasar salad and bacon). For Giovanni's, we chose to have everything served family style so we could all try different stuff.
  17. Wow...that is indeed rare to have that many Pinnies on board. We have been on Radiance 3 times already, (love...love it!) and am looking forward to our fourth time (another B2B) next year. This year we are spending the summer up here in northern Maine, which parts of do remind me of Alaska. Just no glaciers and smaller mountains. 😉 Last time we were on the Alaska Radiance route, there was one solo Pinnie, and two couples with just over 350 points making up the top three C&A level members. We ended up being one of those, and were 2nd to top cruiser...go figure! Usually not that many higher tier C&A members on those Alaska runs. The best thing about that was the wonderful dinner the HD, LA, and new beverage manager invited the top three to in Chops. Robert from Vancouver was the HD at that time. I assume he is not on the ship any longer? He was great! Hope you continue to have a fantabulous time! And no Spam! 😄 😄
  18. The differences between The Radiance class and the Millennium are insignificant. I have seen lengths for the Radiance class ship at 963 ,964 and 965 again, no more than a rounding error for practical purposes. The fact is both class of ships were built to utilize the maximum dimensions for the legacy locks at the Panama Canal. Those dimensions for passenger ships and container ships are 965x106. The other items that makes them "semi sisters" besides the near identical dimensions and tonnage is they both have gas turbines for the prime mover. While they both have podded propulsion, the Radiance class has ABB's azipods and the Millie class has Rolls Royce's Mermaid pods. The RR Mermaid pods have had many more problems than ABB's azipods. I would think if Celebrity had a do-over in choice of pods, they might have made another selection.
  19. 1. I very sincerely ask... Do you wish to visit Croatia/Italy or actually see new and exciting places? If so the Radiance and Vision Class ships will do an excellent Med+Adriatic variety of ports, including Venice. These are the best ships (especially Radiance Class by a mile in my humble opinion) for the Adriatic and seeing the Med. Or are you sailing to Europe to build C&A points on a Freedom or Quantum class ship? Perhaps consider staying home and do cheaper/easier sailings in North America to build your points? Like Bob said Freedom Class from Southampton, but you won't get anywhere close to Croatia. In 2020, must see Dubrovnik is only visited by Rhapsody of the Seas. Venice is Rhapsody's home port. Her 7 day itinerary which includes Dubrovnik, Kotor, Santorini and Olympia from Venice all in one cruise is absolutely outstanding! Vision & Jewel (only twice in Sept 2020) also visits Venice and Kotor, two of the very best sail in/sail aways you could possibly experience from an aft balcony. Vision includes Split Croatia, the only Royal sailing with two stops in Croatia... plus the Western side of Italy including Rome and Florence, so this may be your #1 itinerary to see a bit of everything, and deserves to be at the top of your list of itineraries to consider 2. There were delays for me in Kotor & Corfu as many were trying to back on the ship at the same time later in the day, regardless the line went quickly and I was on a tender in about 1/2 hour each time. Maybe purchasing "The Key" would help you with this if you're concerned. Have a great time planning 😊
  20. Richelle, a lot of the ships have spotty wi-fi... they're making improvements but only one ship at a time (when in dry dock). I would only advise using Carnival's wifi for calling if you will be on Horizon, Vista, Panorama, Radiance, or Sunrise. (Not actually sure about the last two... the first three have upgraded their premium wi-fi to support Netflix.) And, yeah I don't know what the "$100" plan is as wi-fi is priced per day. I think you'd have to have Premium for it to possibly work for calls. Texting would work on the middle tier probably. Or just get the social media level and use Facebook messenger. I'm curious for myself... what was the pricing for AT&T?
  21. Thanks Mic, so much to think about! There were some good itineraries for Island and Crown princess but I thought Island was smaller so not too many people (eg we like Radiance OTS much better than Voyager with RCI) Also HAL gave great talks when we did Alaska whereas P and O and Carnival didn't make mention of any landmarks or wildlife the last few cruises we did.
  22. If you search the RCI website, it shows all 2020 Radiance northbounds and the 5/22/20 Radiance southbound going to Glacier Bay instead of Skagway. No mention of Ovation yet other than the reported emails. The Glacier Bay permits are structured to allow for extra visits in May and September versus June-August, so it could be that only the first and last Ovation sailings get in besides Radiance.
  23. There have been a few exceptions, but usually Elation and Sensation, along with Paradise out of Tampa, are on a 4,5,5 days rotation. Horizon has done a 2 day cruise out of Miami, but I wouldn’t say Horizon is used for short cruises out of Florida. On the the other hand, Victory and Liberty have mainly been on a 3,4 days rotation the last several years. This will continue in the future, with Conquest replacing Victory when she gets transformed to Radiance.
  24. I’m also curious. We still a lot on the smaller ships like radiance and brilliance. When last we were on the radiance of Tampa we found that almost nobody was in the specialty restaurants. The specialty dining manager offered us a phenomenal deal for the week. Essentially $70 to eat as many times as we wanted. I thought that they were being severely under utilized.
  25. We made it on the 7/5 sailing, but couldn't see the glacier for the glare from the sun!! I'm glad we saw Hubbard last year on the Radiance.
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