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  1. rotation on Empress, Anthem, and Independence, and Capt Faevelen is still on Harmony (11 weeks?) Adventure OTS - Capt Shawn McDuff (started rotation 5-11-19) Adventure OTS - Capt Krzyszthof Szymkarczuk Allure OTS - Capt Ron Holmes (started rotation 6-9-19) Allure OTS - Capt Tore Grimstad Anthem OTS - Capt Henrik Loft Sørensen (started rotation 6-7-19) Anthem OTS - Capt Felix Srecko Ban Brilliance OTS - Capt Ante Cavala (started rotation 4-10-19) Brilliance OTS - Capt Ole-Johan Gronhaug Empress OTS - Capt Diego Lombardic (started rotation 6-3-19) Empress OTS - Capt Carl Graucob Enchantment OTS - Capt Nils-Petter Hoeydal (started rotation 5-24-19) Enchantment OTS - Capt Toni Tomljanovic Explorer OTS - Capt Kjetil Gjerstad (started rotation 4-13-19) Explorer OTS - Capt Malvin Bardsnes Freedom OTS - Capt Frank Martinsen (started rotation 6-2-19) Freedom OTS - Capt Thomas Busto Grandeur OTS - Capt Patrik Jukes (started rotation 4-20-19) Grandeur OTS - Capt Thordur Thorsson Harmony OTS - Capt Gus Andersson (started rotation 6-2-19) Harmony OTS - Capt Johnny Faevelen Independence OTS - Capt Iv Vidos (started rotation 6-6-19) Independence OTS - Capt Teo Strazicic Jewel OTS - Capt Dustin Castelsky (started rotation 6-7-19) Jewel OTS - Capt Trym Selvag Liberty OTS - Capt Anders Ingebrigtsen (started rotation 5-26-19) Liberty OTS - Capt James MacDonald Majesty OTS - Capt Daniel Budzelewskiis (started rotation 4-27-19) Majesty OTS - Capt Per Kristoffersen Mariner OTS - Capt Toni Calne (started rotation 6-3-19) Mariner OTS - Capt Angel Oviol Navigator OTS - Capt Mattias Persson (started rotation 5-31-19) Navigator OTS - Capt Trond Holm Oasis OTS - Capt Claus Andersen (started rotation 5-26-19) Oasis OTS - Capt Göran Peterson Ovation OTS - Capt Henrik W Loy (started rotation 5-3-19) Ovation OTS - Capt Sverre Ryan Quantum OTS - Capt Sindre Borsheim (started rotation 4-19-19) Quantum OTS - Capt Erik Standahl Radiance OTS - Capt Marek Slaby (started rotation 5-31-19) Radiance OTS - Capt Espen Been Rhapsody OTS - Capt Kjell Nordmo (started rotation 6-1-19) Rhapsody OTS - Capt Tobias Oster Serenade OTS - Capt Aris Medina (started rotation 6-2-19) Serenade OTS - Capt Stig Nilsen Spectrum OTS - Capt Charles Teige (started rotation 4-18-19) Spectrum OTS - Capt Flemming Nielsen Symphony OTS - Capt Rick Sullivan (started rotation 5-11-19) Symphony OTS - Capt Rob Hempstead Vision OTS - Capt Michael Lindberg (started rotation 4-6-19) Vision OTS - Capt Juan Luis Caranti Voyager OTS - Capt Huimin Wu (started rotation 5-19-19) Voyager OTS - Capt Pehr Pehrsson
  2. I understand where you are coming from but have another perspective to offer. My Alaska cruise history includes Radiance and Voyager class plus M class on Celebrity. Two one-way Seward/Vancouver and two Seattle area based. In many ways I think Ovation is a perfect ship for families who desire to experience Alaska for the first time or for families in general. For anyone who has sailed Alaska but hasn't sailed Quantum class Ovation is compelling. Looking back over this experience there is a lot to like about Quantum class in Alaska. Great indoor pool space for families Great indoor Solarium for adults, one of the best in the fleet North Star Two70° SeaPlex New ship feel, new technology, new decor Great Windjammer experience (I have always liked the WJ on Quantum class) Great entertainment Better suite amenities including Coastal Kitchen Affordable balcony options for a reasonable fare difference On Radiance and Voyager class it's common for a balcony to be twice the price of interior. Quantum class is mostly balconies. The higher balcony ratio means the fare difference is often reasonable to upgrade into a balcony on Ovation. Juneau and Skagway are quintessential Alaska ports of call. Both offer so much to do for Alaskan cruisers. Ports like Sitka and Icy Strait Point are different and unique but specialty ports in their own ways. Port intensive cruises are fine for some but can be too much for new to Alaska or families paying for more excursions at more ports for more people. Flying roundtrip to Seattle is easier and typically less money compared to Anchorage/Vancouver for a family living in the US. Seattle is domestic, Vancouver is international. For some travelers that does make a difference. For families even more so. A ship like Ovation has a lot going on for those days at sea. Flowrider! North Star! Two70°! SeaPlex! Endicott Arm is by itself pretty amazing. While Hubbard is the largest tide-water glacier Dawes Glacier is pretty cool as well. For an experienced Alaskan cruiser I can understand the argument that one-way Seward itineraries offer a different experience however for those living in the US, Seattle round trips cruises are more affordable and still a great way to experience Alaska for both new and experienced Alaska cruisers. They are just easier to plan and book for us South of the border. For a family the experience on Ovation will be better than Radiance class. For suite guests the Ovation experience is superior to Radiance class. I agree that for empty nesters or a couple on their own seeking a more port intensive unique Alaska experience a one-way North/South Radiance experience should be considered. To this end Celebrity should also considered for this type of Alaskan experience. Seattle is also a pretty cool city to explore with lots going on. Like a Western Caribbean cruise is different than an Eastern Caribbean cruise both have compelling reasons to book them. I disagree that you "hardly see Alaska at all" on Seattle based cruises. I can totally see myself booking another cruise to Alaska on Ovation from Seattle.
  3. Just booked an 11-night on the Radiance- Sydney to New Zealand. The cruise is in January of 2020 and there is only one person on the Roll Call....which got me to wondering who my fellow passengers would be. Any idea?
  4. We stopped eating in the MDR a while ago (unless foreced to on family cruises) but it was b/c my wife is picky so there's more for her at WJ and I like buffets so it works for us. Our MDR service has actually been quite good over the years when we've eaten there. Still hoping someone recently on Harmony could give some feedback on WJ dinners since we're embarking Sunday. I know this past week there was a Mexican night with a chocolate buffet as well. Is there a theme every night (there was for us on Radiance in Alaska last Summer)? I've read about cook to order stir fry and crepes. Are there different cook-to-order options each night? Basically, anything specific anyone wants to share would be greatly appreciated. We'll be there no matter what but I like hearing about what to expect. Thanks!
  5. We are sailing Alaska. I have heard that the scenery is breath taking. Is there a place on the ship that has floor to ceiling windows? It would be nice to sit and enjoy the scenery indoors? Thank you!!!
  6. The Sunrise has the same aft balconies on deck 5 as the Radiance coming out next year. We are sailing on the Radiance but looking for those on the Sunrise to give us the cabin scoop. Has anyone sailed in cabin 5344 or 5345 who can share impressions or pictures of the space? We are very excited to try the aft balcony on the Promenade.
  7. HNL TO VANCOUVER .. Big disappointment, but RCI did a great job. Opened VCL, and the best part breakfast in Giovanni's for D+. RCI really needs another Diamond level.
  8. 2nd cruise to Alaska for my DH & I. 1st was on HAL. We were set on I Millie but now wondering on ROTS. We have only gone on 2 cruises. 1sr was New Amsterdam & Summit. If if you have sailed on both what are the pros & cons any specific to Alaska? The itinerary is the same starting in Vancouver and ending in Anchorage. Sailing inside passage. We are definitely booking a veranda and maybe Aqua class if we go Celebrity. Good service & helpfull staff is extremely important to us. We also enjoy food. I’m a vegan but my husband is an omnivore. Were usually in bed by 11 so nightlife is not that important to us. We enjoy going to shows. Thanks for any help
  9. 2nd cruise to Alaska for my DH & I. 1st was on HAL. We were set on I Millie but now wondering on ROTS. We have only gone on 2 cruises. 1st was New Amsterdam & 2nd Summit. If if you have sailed on both what are the pros & cons any specific to Alaska?  The itinerary is the same starting in Vancouver and ending in Anchorage. Sailing inside passage. We are definitely booking a veranda. Good service & helpfull staff is extremely important to us. We also enjoy food. I’m a vegan but my husband is an omnivore. Were usually in bed by 11 so nightlife is not that important to us. We enjoy going to shows. 
  10. Don’t get me wrong, the June 4th 2010 cruise to Alaska was wonderful despite my disappointment with the view. Great service, good food and a great ship but the view out of our cabin was disappointing. Our cabin along with the surrounding cabins (left, right and above) are above the lifeboats, a canopy covers the lifeboats, so what you see when on your balcony is non accessible 15 foot (approx) canopy beyond your railing. No view below the cabin and no view of the water. Side note: while leaving Juno there was a whale swimming alongside the ship, we couldn’t see it, until it swam away from the ship and far enough to clear the canopy. We didn’t bother to investigate the balcony prior to booking the cruise, we’d had a balcony on Freedom and that one was fabulous. Made the assumption that the balcony on the Radiance would be equal, we were wrong. I think like most cruisers we started out on our first cruse in an inside cabin. Next cruise moved to an outside and then finally made the move to a balcony on the Freedom of the Seas. It made a big difference on Freedom and was well worth the extra money but I don’t think it’s worth the extra on Radiance and maybe its sister ships. You might want to check it out before you book. Attached are two views.
  11. Royal Caribbean sails Alaska starting in May, if you want April, you are going to have to sail a different cruise line. As far as what is cheapest to fly to, that really depends on what airline you will fly. We looked at what itinerary we wanted to sail and then figured our flights out based on that. Round trip cruises out of Vancouver or Seattle do not see as much of Alaska as the one way cruises on Radiance between Vancouver and Seward.
  12. ADVENTURE: Drew Devine #1027 ALLURE: Jimmy Rhodes, Mike Hunnerup returns in August # 1108 ANTHEM: Mitch Merucci until July 13. Mitch returns Augugst 29 #1051 until January 5, 2020 BRILLIANCE: Rob McNally #1169 EMPRESS: Elvis Pinto #803 through early July #907 ENCHANTMENT: Bobby Broughton until September #1158 EXPLORER: Graham Seymour until mid July then Cleo takes over end of July. #1168 FREEDOM: Patricio Honores as of February 24 #848 GRANDEUR: John Blair until June 13, then Cory Rogers until August 8 and John again until November 30 #1194 HARMONY: Marc Walker until July14 and then back on 9-29 #1097, then Dennis Charles for 2 months to cover Marc's break. INDEPENDENCE: Mark Rous as of 5-18 due to Jamie taking ill #1126, Cuddy Cudsworth as of June 11 for 4 months #1151 JEWEL: Andrea Oliviri returns March 13 #878 LIBERTY: Brian Leavitt new CD through August 11 #893 MARINER: Marcelo Alvarado #1192 MAJESTY: Mickey Urrutia as of 4-27, #1115 NAVIGATOR: Hugo Arenas #849 OASIS: Mike Hunnerup #973 OVATION: Chris Brown covers vacation until Joeff returns for AK in June#917 QUANTUM: Paul Rutter (until when?) RADIANCE: Susan Adams #1053, Cuddy to return approx 6-28 #1114 RHAPSODY: Michele Scarpato #1109 SERENADE: David Bradshawe #1086 SPECTRUM: Gordon Whatman through June 13, then Fang #1126 SYMPHONY: Mike Szwajkowski until August 17, then Ricky Matthews to cover vacation #1123 VISION: Cecy Del Razo #925 Steve Davis as of May 6 #1147 VOYAGER: Michelle #1141
  13. It would never detour us at all. This year Carnival for Halloween, next year, Sky Princess, Island Princess and Carnival Mardi Gras for Halloween, 2021 Carnival Elation and the Radiance. Plus others.
  14. Some updates: Navigator -- Grecia is on Vacation as of Friday (5-31-2019) Explorer -- Jorge is the currently the concierge. Independence. Mihee in SL until 15 June. Junior returns to DL and Ooma to SL until August (not sure of exact date). Then Junior to SL and Mihee In DL and Ooma on vacation Radiance -- Eliana left 2 weeks ago and Francis Calemag is the the DL and Ricardo is leaving the company August 9th on Radiance. Updating the Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  15. Do any of the specialty restaurants on Radiance have an ocean view?
  16. We sailed on Equinox in 2011 and loved it! It felt a little "fancier" or more formal than when we sailed on Radiance, but I think a lot of that has to do with the location of the cruise (southern Caribbean vs. Alaska). We enjoyed the glass blowing demonstrations several times and loved the lawn club with real grass. Also the bar on the aft deck outside was a lovely way to chat with friends and have a couple of drinks and watch the wake. I would sail on Celebrity again if the price was right.
  17. Just wondering if Radiance has the usual free sauna and steam rooms in or adjacent to the Gym locker rooms? We were previously on Legend which had them but a report I read suggested that this wasn't the case on Radiance.
  18. Re the ship, Radiance, how did you find the smoke issue? Was it a problem? Radiance class is my favorite but the smoky casino with the smoke drifting out into the Centrum seems to be a deal-breaker for us, as of late....
  19. Need to know how comfortable is it in the public spaces on the ship? Is it too cool or too warm? Thank you in advance!
  20. Have just booked 5 night dining package on Radiance . September 20 th sailing 🙂
  21. In between a couple of long days of work, I've been able to download all my photos & videos when time permitted the last couple of days. As mentioned, there's a few things I wish to add to this review as the VOOM internet issue certainly put a damper into the timing of information during the sailing. So if you wish to follow along with a few more photos, videos and tips/info.... here we go. I wished to point out my cabin once again. I was able to pin-point my cabin while walking outside around Canada Place pre-boarding, and actually took a photo of it. I think this could really help those of you considering a deck 7 "obstructed" view cabin in comparison to the many view shots I took from that cabin while in Alaska. You can also clearly see which cabins would have the davits smack dab in the middle of your balcony taking over the entire view. regarding deck 7, I really don't think the view will be much different than the view from deck 8 for example at only 8 feet higher more or less. Ovation, like Radiance Class, will always have the life boats below you, even if you're up at the top deck 14 balconies. And like Radiance Class, the forward and rear balconies are not "indented" in to the structure of the ship, and thus look straight down to the water. Note the deck 14 & 12 cabins which are indented, fully covered by the top deck overhang and those structural beams. I would consider those more more obstructive than my balcony on deck 7, yet they would be an "upgrade" for example if you opted for Royals upgrade program. This is one ship you should not opt for the upgrade, as you truly don't know where you'll end up, and there's plenty of pitfalls with locations of balconies on Quantum Class, more so than any other ship. I'll say this now while I'm on topic of cabins.... in my humble and personal opinion, this class of ship (like Radiance class) is rather important to be close to the central elevators if at all possible for ease of going back and forth to your room whenever you feel like it. Those central elevators are the key (like the Centrum elevators on Radiance class) My cabin is circled in red, and here you can relate to those photos I took from in side and on the balcony during the live portion of the review
  22. I am going on the Radiance of the Seas. I know diamond members get 3 drinks on their card. Can I use it in the dining room.
  23. Just curious - anyone know where they're gonna put Shaq's new chicken place? I was wondering if it was meant to replace Guy's, but Guy's is on the deck plans released today, and I can't find it anywhere else.
  24. Someone on my upcoming Alaska cruise on Radiance of the Seas said that RC told them that Radiance does not have little hair dryers in the drawer in the stateroom like other ships. I have been on many RC ships and they have always had hair dryers. Just wondering if this is accurate and is there anyone who has been on Radiance recently. Thanks for your help. I don't want to pack anything extra.
  25. Hi there. Just wondered is there are any GBLT people on board this cruise or the previous cruise Vancouver to Hawaii.
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