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  1. Not Radiance. Couch layout is wrong, or someone moved the couch and painted the piano white.
  2. Photo posted for effect.... LOL, expressing the glands? With the Radiance RS the piano faces the other way.
  3. Horizon Dec 26, Legend Mar 14, Magic Jan 23, Feb 27, Mardi Gras April 17, Radiance Dec 27, Jan 2, April 24
  4. shof515, you are one of my favorite Cruise Critic members! Back when all this crud was starting I seen a photo about the Victory going into drydock, in May I mentioned it and when asked for my source I could not for the life of me find the photo. I figured it had been fake news. So this old soul does still retain his memory. Is it ok if I copy and paste your quote to another thread about the Radiance? Thanks! Don
  5. Question about all the overhead activities being installed on the Radiance. Has anyone ever cruised on a ship with all the overhead activities and rides? Just wondering because in amusement parks from time to time those people overhead lose their lunch. I am thinking about when we would be laying by the pool or on deck and moisture from above falls on you. Sorry for the gross visual picture, but asking for a friend. LOL But I do have concerns.
  6. The 3 of us are scheduled on the Radiance for the Thanksgiving cruise. I booked our cabin back in September 2019. so our final payment is due this September. I had planned to make a payment this last March and then all this CORVID 19 started to happen. I have held off any payments and plan to pay it all off at once come September. I figure by the middle of August I should know if it will sail. LOL, Ok I HOPE I know if it will sail by then. Tomorrow is July 1 so there just might make another announcement then. I am looking forward to a turkey leg and thigh at dinner. Don
  7. What Royal "Said" about all Jewel Canceled dates: "Given the closure of shipyards along with the disruption to the supply chain caused by this pandemic, Liberty of the Seas’ amplification has been postponed to a later date, and the ship will sail to Galveston earlier than planned. Regrettably, only one ship can dock at the Galveston pier at a time" ...Vision is doing the 10 & 11 nite Seasonal Caribbean Cruises next 2 yrs that Serenade had before. If retiring Vision I'd love get Jewel back doing these longer Seasonal. Been doing these longer Cruises for 18+ yrs, love my Radiance Class ships...
  8. Many people often ask what is the best time of year to visit Alaska. Having been on Explorer in June in this exact same spot watching Radiance sail out from Juneau at the exact same time of day highlights one of the big differences between the months. Sunlight. Our stop in Juneau on Radiance was in early September. My Explorer cruise was in early June. June has longer days and as a photographer that's something I pay attention to. Here are pictures I took from Explorer of the Seas in June at the same time of day watching Radiance depart compared to my last post above from Radiance in September. June 2018: Fast forward to September and standing on Radiance at this exact time of day looking back at Explorer: This should give you an idea how much brighter it is in June due to the longer days.
  9. Even though Carnival announced cruises starting in August who in would put even $1 on a deposit for a cruise. With all the news and the difficulties with being socially distant nearly impossible on a ship I find it hard to believe that things will ever be the same. I am platinum on Carnival and we cruise at least 3 times a year. Already had one cruise canceled. I have the Radiance booked the end of November but who knows....I rolled my cruise credit from March to this cruise. I wish I took the refund but I will not risk anymore money until I see how things will work.
  10. GS 1556 is in a great location on the hump but curious to hear opinions from those who have stayed in this cabin on Radiance 1. Is there is noise from the Centrum 2. Where is the smoking area? and if it's above on deck 11 could you smell the smoke if on your balcony? 3. If you sailed in this cabin would you choose it again?
  11. Has anyone heard anything about the Carnival Radiance refurbish? Last I heard was back in March when it was suspended due to the port closing in Spain. Has the port opened? Did they start tp refurbish? Since it is a $2 million dollar expense, maybe Carnival will postpone it entirely, until they get in a better financial position.
  12. Well, first off, you are looking again at "Gross tonnage", while scrap value is per "displacement ton". As I noted, Oasis, while having a GT of 224,000 (and this is widely considered to be how much she "weighs"), actually has a "displacement" of about 100,000 tons (how much water it displaces, or truly how much it weighs), so Radiance would have a displacement (not readily available figures) of around 35-40,000 tons, so she might bring about $12 million in scrap (my previous post regarding Oasis had a factor of 10 error, she would provide about $30 million, or 1% of cost). Radiance's cost, in today's dollars is $511 million, so she might recoup 2% of cost. As there is no corporate income tax in the Bahamas, there is no tax write off value. A large factor in the scrap price for a ship is how easily it can be run up on shore, and how far up the shore. Cargo ships with no cargo or ballast almost have the bow completely out of the water, so they can get well up on shore, but cruise ships don't tend to carry much "deadweight" (cargo (pax) and liquids) in comparison to their displacement, so getting the ship up to where it can be cut apart can be difficult.
  13. I read on a social media site that someone called Carnival and they confirmed that the dry dock was completed for this ship. I had a free moment at work just now and called and the rep said that it is scheduled to be completed in two days and that they did not stop working on the refurbishment. I am not sure if it is true but here is to hoping! Our sailing is December 5th, 2020. Now we just have to worry about this Virus!
  14. The $200 OBC given from the Mardi Gras cancellations will follow you to your next booking(s). We originally rebooked on a Radiance Bermuda cruise (canceled), rebooked on a Sunrise 9 day Journeys cruise (canceled), then rebooked on the Horizon ABC cruise next April. The $200 OBC has followed us on each rebooked cruise, along with the $600 OBC from the Covid cancellations. 😎
  15. I loved the Serenade last summer, and I'm booked on the Serenade again for a closed-loop from Vancouver in 2021. If other arrangements allow it, I hope to turn it into a side-to-side with a one-way northbound on Holland America's Noordam. Would happily go onto a Radiance northbound (intended for this summer, not happening) but in the week I'm looking at the Radiance is scheduled to sail southbound.
  16. Day 7 - Cruising the Inside Passage The Canadian inside passage is a channel of water within Canada's territorial limits of British Columbia that permits deep water vessels to pass through. At certain points it is very narrow and a local pilot is brought on board to assist the bridge with navigation. In other words, it's a sea day but... at times close to land on both sides with opportunities for marine life sightings. Cascades MDR offered a sea day lunch. I wasn't here for lunch, I came for the Galley Tour. A Sous Chef was our guide today. Here he is talking about the bread making capabilities which were impressive. Another cook getting the soup for the lunch ready. A mixing bowl that can mix 10 billion eggs, six million pounds of flour, 2,673 cookies or some astronomical quantity of each. The cook in charge of protein preparing steaks for today's lunch. Each type of meat has its own cooking area. Preparing the cake that will be presented in Windjammer for lunch. The galley is on two levels. The bakery one deck above the bulk of the galley. Being a relatively smaller ship, the galley tour was equally quick, leading many of us directly to the Bridge tour: Radiance is one of two ships in the fleet that feature Gas Turbines which accounts for the letters GTV on the aft side of the ship. Gas Turbine Vessel. I thought all Radiance class ships were GTV but apparently Jewel and Brilliance are not or so the bridge crew claim. Radiance and Serenade are the only GTV ships in the fleet they claim. They can burn cleaner fuel in sensitive marine environments such as Alaska. The bridge wing: With see through floors: The view aft from the bridge wing: The view forward: Flags carried on board that are displayed for various nautical purposes. For example, while in Ketchikan there were divers cleaning the hull. The ship had to fly the "Diver in the Water" flag so that other boats and ships would know to stay well clear.
  17. Before RCI mangled the Radiance class with diesel generators, they were vibration free as well with their gas turbines. Never knew you were moving unless the seas were rough.
  18. Vision Class (RhapsodyOTS) - 23 years old Radiance Class - 16-19 years old Sovereign Class (Majesty OTS) - 28 years old Millennium Class - 20 years old They're all getting up there and would not be shocked at all to see them all gone after this COVID period is behind us. Radiance Class is the only one where maybe they won't scrap them right away, but the Vision and Sovereign class are probably all but done. Millennium seems to be a good candidate to get outright sold given the introduction of the Edge and Apex.
  19. RCL will sail four ships on Alaska itineraries in 2021: Ovation and Quantum on round-trips out of Seattle, Serenade on RTs from Vancouver, and Radiance handling one-way trips between Vancouver and Seward. Ovation will visit Juneau and Skagway while Quantum visits Juneau, Icy Strait Point, and Sitka. RCL does not have a permit to enter Glacier Bay National Park so it’s not the best cruise line for that one-time bucket list trip to Alaska. I live about 25 minutes from the Seattle piers so for me this trip is more about a new ship than an exotic destination. Quantum is based in Asia now, will head to Alaska May-September 2021, and then move to Australia/New Zealand sailings in November 2021.
  20. The Radiance-class ships can sail from Tampa. Hopefully a few of those will remain.
  21. We stayed in 8088 NEVER AGAIN Like you said a LOT of noise from the Centrum. I don't remember if the other hump balcony cabins that that problem or not but we always book at leas 6 cabins down from the Centrum on any Radiance class ship
  22. We live in Central Florida. If you had asked me a month ago whether I would re-book my December cruise on Radiance should it get delayed, I would have said "yeah, sure!" Now, with the recent explosion of cases, I am very shy about whether I would re-book. I don't even want to vacation in my own state right now, and other states don't want me visiting (rightly so). If my cruise gets cancelled, I'll just take the refund and wait it out. Same for my booking on Mardi Gras in April-ish. If I never cruise again, I'll look back fondly at that time in my life when things were a little more carefree.
  23. I had an amazing deal with RC for Symphony Thanksgiving week so I took it, I am now double booked for Radiance & Symphony. If Radiance is ready I will have a big decision as Symphony is 1/3 the price of Radiance cruise. I decided to double book because I really an not confident Radiance will be done in time and another announcement is coming soon.
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