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  1. Good Evening! I, and my husband and son (14), just returned last night from an amazing 2 week adventure in Alaska. I love reading reviews before we cruise, and hope someone will be able to find some of this information useful. We did a DIY land tour for one week before boarding Radiance, so I am going to start with that. Day 1 (July 12th): Flight from Boston to Anchorage via Salt Lake City. We flew with Delta Airlines. Upon arrival in Anchorage, we got our luggage and hopped on the hotel shuttle bus. We were booked at the Microtel at the airport, but it was overbooked, so we were put up in the Motel 6 (at no cost to us, of course!). We were super tired, but that, and the 4 hour time change, did not prevent us from getting up early. Day 2 (July 13th): Picked up rental car and drove to Fairbanks. There we stayed for three nights at the Best Western Pioneer Park Inn. It was about a 7 hour drive, but we did stop for lunch at the "49th State Brewery" in Healy, just north of Denali. A great quirky place with very yummy food. I had crab stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon (very Weight Watcher friendly) and my husband and son both had Yak burgers. For the next day we had booked a 14 hour (roundtrip) excursion to the Arctic Circle, so we need to buy snacks for that trip, and for the hotel, e.g. wine and chips. There are 2 Fred Meyer stores in Anchorage, and we went to the one closest to the "mall" as I wanted to check out the local author section of the Barnes and Noble there. As it turned out, our tour guide to the Arctic Circle wrote a book, so I went back to the store a day later to pick up a copy. The Barnes and Noble store there has a fireplace for cozy reading! After shopping we went for a dip in the hotel's heated pool and went to bed.
  2. Interesting. When I asked for a kettle on Radiance in Alaska a couple of years ago they told me they didn't have any. Same here but live in Canada. Has to be boiling water and I bring my own Yorkshire Gold teabags.
  3. After having done some of the bigger ships in recent years, I was thinking it would be nice to do some more traditional and quaint cruising again next year. To me, the Radiance class ships pretty much are just that, not too big, cozy, understated elegant. And the Med is just the easiest to get to. So I started to look around for some Radiance class cruises to in the Med, but didn‘t find any. Are the 2020 itineraries just not all out yet or is RCL not using any Radiance class ships in the Med anymore :-0
  4. My son is 13 now and he still wants to go with us. Wife and I have been doing cruises every jan/feb without him for the past 4 years. He thought he was missing out until being on Radiance this past July. Told me that the ship was boring for him. Reminded him that mom and dad have been sailing on sister ship Serenade in jan/feb. Mentioned he was glad he was not on board with us for those cruises. Said that he would be bored out of his mind for 3 weeks.
  5. Hi there fellow DS! The weather here has been surprisingly HOT and HUMID the past 2 weeks. Lack of trade winds adds to the heat index. We are at low to mid 90's but with the heat index it is up to 97&98 degrees. How is the cruising on the land yacht? The Ovation CL was pretty empty this past July. Never a problem for seats and there was another D+ couple in there most nights. On the Radiance there were 6 P and we were all in the CL for happy hour. But it was never crowded and pretty much just the bartender and concierge by the time first seating for dinner started. On radiance and ovation it would have been even more of a ghost town without the d+ being in there. In another month, I was will see how busy over the course of 2 weeks the SL gets. Will also take that loooong walk over to the starboard side of the VCL and visit the DL also. Whatever fine folks we meet and have conversations with will determine where we go for happy hour. Wonder if liberty has a high contingent of d and above during October?
  6. Just wondering what is the best side of the ship to be on with a Northbound cruise from Vancouver to Seward? (Inland water ways) Port or starboard, or does it really matter. At present we have a Port side room, just need to know if we should switch to other side of ship. Its our first time to Alaska and just want to make the best of it. Also we have never changed rooms before, is it a difficult thing to do and what do they end up charging for swapping rooms. We are on the radiance of the sea’s. Thanks for any info
  7. Totally agree! We are back again next August on Radiance. This time doing not just one week, but two weeks land tour in advance on our own. Agree...it's nice to see the places the ships don't go. Round trip for us however, is B2B on Radiance. 😉 Never say never again, we thought our first Alaska trip was it, but now we are returning for trip #4.....it really does draw you back. Hope you get to go visit again! 🙂
  8. We were on Radiance in August in Alaska and there were a kettle and mugs in our room and son's next door. We are not British, well except for many generations ago. We put them in the closet to free up space on the desk.
  9. I would like very much to join my sister and her husband on their cruise in May of next year on the Radiance. I am willing to pay for my part. How do I get the reservation(booking number) from Carnival without getting into trouble and them(my sister and hus) finding out. I think you can still add a person after booking.
  10. We love all the Radiance class ships. Sailed the Radiance to Alaska. Enjoy it.
  11. On the Radiance class deck plans, there is a narrow space between cabins 8614 and 8616. Does anyone know what that is?deck.bmpdeck.bmpdeck.bmpdeck.bmp
  12. Nothing like the Grandeur, I can assure you. Serenade OTS is a Radiance class ship. The Radiance was actually built with Alaska in mind. Not too big, not too small, with views out of the ship EVERYWHERE! A great ship for a great cruise. You won’t be sorry. Enjoy.
  13. Updated 9/09/19 --- My hope is to put update this thread every few days or at least once week. To do that, I need cruisers (or others that somehow have 'insider information') to let me know who they come across on sailings. HAPPY CRUISING! What Activity Manager have you come across? Post the name, ship and sailing date to help keep this thread as accurate as possible. ****Adventure OTS – Cian has been identified as currently on AD. Cian has told a cruiser that he will be onboard until Nov. 23 when he goes to Grandeur, ****Allure OTS – Moe was reassigned to Allure instead of going to Coco Cay probably from early August possibly as a 4 month contract. ****Anthem OTS – Kat joined Anthem in mid August for 2 months. We just sailed on the first NE/Canada cruise of the season and she was terrific. We will see who takes over from Kat in late October. Kat hosted the Quest and did a great job….I personally was not very fond of where they hold the Quest, but realistically there may be no other location. ****Brilliance OTS – TT has been reported as onboard on the completed sailing 4/20/19 and still onboard for the May 4 – 19 transatlantic sailing. No information on when he started to guess how long he might be onboard. ****Empress OTS – Tanya was on board, as per a cruiser in June. Probably took over from Eric Lopez. ****Enchantment OTS – Saini has been onboard, but could be completing a contract and departing the ship. Who is currently onboard? ****Explorer OTS – Katie (unknown last name, but not to be confused with Katie Turner) took over on June 26 and she is expected to be onboard until the end of October. ****Freedom OTS – Bern has been identified as on board. No information on contract timeline. ****Grandeur OTS – Katrina Blair should have returned on 8/13 and is expected to be there until 11/23. *****Harmony – Chris Turdo should have taken over from Mosese on July 28. ****Independence OTS – Katie Turner took over in June and should be onboard for a 4 month contract until Sept/October timeframe….unsure of exact dates. *****Jewel OTS – Luana from Brazil returned to Jewel in mid May. As of the 7/14 sailing she was still on board. Probably a 4 month contract through sometime in Sept. *****Liberty OTS – Kim is now on Liberty, unsure of start date… ****Majesty OTS – Who has taken over from Mauricio Diaz who departed the ship on 6/15 for vacation. WHO is currently onboard? I have asked Mauricio if he is going to return to MJ when he returns from vacation. *****Mariner OTS – Gemma Stubs has taken over from Alex Paul late July. She is scheduled to move into the CD role sometime in Mid September. Perhaps Alex Paul will be returning at that time as the AM…..time will tell. *****Navigator OTS – Looking to find out who is onboard now? *****Oasis OTS – In late September, Oasis heads to drydock and comes off the sailing schedule until February 2020. ***** Ovation – Angelle took over on 5/13 and she should be on a regular contract length, so onboard until mid Sept. Aysy should be taking over at that time. *****Quantum – Who is currently onboard? *****Radiance OTS – Sophie is currently onboard on the 7/30 sailing as reported to me, by the CD on the ship, Mark Rous. **** Rhapsody OTS – Thiago Motta has been reported on board. Waiting to learn more details of his contract. **** Serenade OTS – Elizabeth Hackett was on the March 25th sailing. She may have arrived in mid February, and could be on a 4 month contract until June. I do know she is still onboard of 5/30. **** Spectrum OTS – Chinese young lady named Raphael (unsure of spelling). **** Symphony OTS – Hannah has joined the ship late June. Hannah will be on the ship until Sept 21, when Flavio Maeda takes over when he returns from his vacation. ***** Vision OTS – Palo has been identified as onboard, unsure when his contract began. *****Voyager OTS – Kitty has been onboard since May 3, 2019. We don’t know if it is a 2 or 4 month contract.
  14. So I thought that I read here that the beds alternated next to balcony and next to bathroom in alternate cabins. We had 8140 on Radiance and son and DIL had 8138. Both had the bed next to the balcony, ours foot toward bow, son's foot toward stern. We didn't care but this did not go along with the alternate theory.
  15. What would be the earliest flight time you would book out of Vancouver after an Alaskan cruise back to the East Coast? Also does anyone know if you clear customs in Vancouver or once you land in a US city? Struggling to find a flight that would get me back home on the same day and don't really want to do an overnight flight either. Thanks in advance.
  16. We love the Vision and Radiance class ships. More attuned to when cruising was a elegant affair...not a floating theme park. We are booked again on Rhapsody for B2B in February, and as always looking forward to it. Sure she is older, but so are we all getting there. Age happens. 😉
  17. One FYI about the helipads on the classes that have them readily accessible (Radiance, Voyager, and Freedom) is that they'll generally be closed at night or if there are high winds.
  18. Same coverage for us with the Voom. Had no issues at all on Radiance last year Syd to Honolulu, via Tahitit.....even with the two lots of 5 sea days. Streamed Netflix, used Skype and Messenger for calls, and did video calls etc. Very impressed with it.
  19. @Host Clarea Help! All readers of this thread are also invited to help please I never dreamed that Empress of the Seas would have Interior Rooms that are so much smaller than the Radiance of the Seas we were on in 2018. I thought that although the Empress was less decks and less guests....yet an inner stateroom is an inner stateroom....gonna be the same. Wrong! .............but no.....oh no..... * A google search of the Radiance of the Seas Inner Stateroom dimensions shows we had 165 sq feet A google search of Empress of the Seas shows we will have 117 square feet. * I just booked it on 8/31.....just 22 hours ago. Yet it seems they offered me an option to add over $100...was it $140? for the chance to cancel and receive a full refund. I didn't choose that, now I have to upgrade or lose "some" money if I cancel? Advice please...
  20. We just received a comped casino cruise credit with specific dates and ships. (We have only cruised on brilliance and radiance, so not super knowledgeable about other ships). Our options are Empress, Majesty, or Enchantment. I know these are smaller ships and we can make dates work for any of them. All similar 4 or 5 night itineraries. Which one is most desirable out of the 3?
  21. Breeze is scheduled to be there at 8am to 5pm Sunrise is scheduled to be there 9am to 6pm Radiance is scheduled to there at 11am to 6pm There is a small tender pier near the main ship pier, the Radiance might tender people to the pier like what they usually do for the smaller luxury ships that sometimes stop at Grand Turk.
  22. After looking at a virtual tour of one of the mega ships (Independence), I will be quite happy to sail on the smaller ships like Rhapsody and Radiance -- love the solarium -- even though they are older. The huge ship reminded me of going to a shopping mall, you could get lost! Maybe it's because I am in my sixties and appreciate a more relaxed, peaceful environment without lots of crowds.
  23. We just got back this weekend from doing the 7 day Southbound on the Radiance of the Seas. We added the 3 day land portion on before this. I am going to post the cruise compass' first and then will type a review on the cruise. I will then add a review of the land portion. Feel free to ask any questions. I will try to answer then to the best that I can. Dave Radiance Alaska SB Day 1.pdf Radiance Alaska SB Day 2.pdf Radiance Alaska SB Day 3.pdf Radiance Alaska SB Day 4.pdf Radiance Alaska SB Day 5.pdf Radiance Alaska SB Day 6.pdf Radiance Alaska SB Day 7.pdf
  24. My family and I just returned from a great cruise on the Radiance of the Seas! Our group consisted of 2 adults in mid 50’s, 2 teenagers, and 1 adult in early 30’s. Overall the trip was fantastic, had a few hiccups but I would do it again! This is my first cruise review and I want to include the things that I look for in a cruise review or have a hard time finding answers to online. Sorry I do not have any menus or compasses. Canada Place Cruise Port We arrived via taxi at the cruise port at 10am. We dropped our luggage off with the porter within 10 ft of being dropped off by a taxi. Then shown through the port where to check in and get our seapass. There was a small line, about a 5-10 minute wait. After receiving our seapass, we walked through security and then to customs, again a small wait, which took about 10-15 mins. We were then seated to wait for boarding the ship by 10:30 ish. There were maybe 200 people in line before us. Unfortunately, they did not start boarding people until Noonish. We heard from others, a few people from the previous cruise got off the ship sick and as a precaution, had to do extra cleaning. We boarded the ship, headed to the windjammer and ate before the crowds got there, then checked out the ship. Rooms We had two interior rooms: 2013 & 2027. Had no issue with noise, even though we were on the second floor. You tend to run into more crew and “ship items” but I’m guessing it’s because we share the floor with them. On the 2nd floor you can only access guest rooms with the aft elevators and stairs, which was kinda annoying. Room had enough space for three and didn’t feel cramped. Enough drawers and shelves for clothes. We brought a 3 USB outlet plug for all our electronics and didn’t have an issue. The room shows it’s age, but it was always clean and our attendant was great! Ship Radiance of the Seas is definitely showing her age. There is rust here and there, things that should be painted, and some of the windows either need to be cleaned or they are stained. It’s clean and overall well maintained, but if you are expecting something like the newer ships, you’d be disappointed. Personally, I had no issues, knowing it’s an older ship. Dining We did not eat at any speciality restaurants. Breakfast we tried the main dining room once. NEVER AGAIN! The service was horrible and the food was cold and it took forever! Not worth it! The rest of the time we had breakfast at the windjammer. It was the same food everyday, but it was good. Lunch was also at the windjammer, with a little bit more variety by the day, but typical buffet food. Dinner was My Time Dining and was great! I made reservations for the same time everyday before the cruise. We had the same waiters and table, so it was just like traditional dining. Our waiters Harish and Jun, were excellent! The food was pretty good. My favorites were the french onion soup, eggplant parmesan, and molten lava cake. Also all the bread and pastries were amazing!! Entertainment The magician and Eagles tribute band were great. The comedian and Royal’s two original shows were okay. The singing and dancing in the original shows were great, but to me the shows themselves didn’t make sense. The band Beta 4 is amazing!! A must listen to and they play in multiple locations on the ship.We enjoyed going to the different trivia events during the day. The activites crew was great! Weather Alaska weather was all over the place. It misted/rained most of the day in Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, and Juneau with the temps in the low to mid 50s. In Skagway, it was mostly cloudy and very windy. Hubbard Glacier was the best weather day with bright sun and temps were probably upper 40’s by the glacier with a little wind. I wore a t-shirt, sweater, and jeans and I was comfortable as I went in and outside to view the glacier. On our Land tour, the weather was much warmer. Anchorage was low 70s and sunny. Talkeetna was in the 80s and sunny. Denali was in the low 70s and partly cloudy, did have a little bit of rain here and there in Denali, but never lasted long. Ports/Land Tour Ketchikan: Lumberjack show and Totem Trolley Tour- The show was fun to watch, the trolley guide was knowledgeable and the totem park was nice, but time was short with only a 20 min visit. Got off a Creek street and walked around. There was alot of construction going on, so it was hard to navigate the streets. Icy Strait Point: No Excursions. We walked along the rocky shores and through a short walking trail in the woods. Also stopped by the museum and shops. TIP: The tide is very low in the mornings so it allows you to view much of the shore. Highly suggest walking the rocky shore in the morning. By late afternoon, the tide was high and you really couldn’t walk the shore. Juneau: Whale watching and Wildlife Quest Tour. Saw some whales, sea lions, eagles. It was an okay tour. The guides were knowledgeable, but I was expecting more. Walked around town, ate lunch at the Alaskan Crepe Escape, which was awesome. It was pouring rain for most of the afternoon, so we did not get to ride the tram like we wanted. Skagway: White Pass Railroad tour. My favorite tour of the whole trip. Train goes up the mountain and the views are amazing. Highly recommend! Seward/Anchorage: Talkeetna: Mahay’s Jet boat Tour. The guides had great information about the land, water, animals, plants, and life in the area. I nice relaxing tour. Our hotel also had a fantastic view of Mt. Denali. Denali: Natural History Tour. This bus trip took us about 30 miles into Denali national park. Didn’t see many animals and could not see Mt Denali. It was about 4 hrs, which was long enough for us. Two of our stops were cut short due to rain. Husky Homestead Tour. This was my second favorite tour of the whole trip. We learned all about Husky’s and their life and training for the Iditarod. Jeff King, four time Iditarod winner who owns it, also spoke with us. They let us pet and hold the puppies as well. All the speakers were knowledgeable and it was an overall wonderful experience. Highly recommend! Tips/FYI Bring a light rain coat with hood, don’t bring an umbrella. The coat doesn’t need to be big and bulky, just light weight and water resistant. You can wear a sweater under it and feel warm enough. Also great for windy days in port or on ship. Layers, Layers, Layers! Starquest lounge on the 13th floor is the best place for indoor views and a great uncrowded place to view the glacier. Only found this place the last two days on the ship and I love it! Looking for a quieter place to view the majestic mountains indoors during the cruise? This is the place. There is also outdoor space, which is why I think it’s the perfect place for viewing the glaciers! Magnetic hooks for your state room. These were so helpful to hold up the daily compass, hats, coats, sweaters, lanyards. First time using them based on a suggestion on this board and it was very helpful. Want to see Mt. Denali? Go to Talkeetna, not Denali National Park. While Denali park is beautiful, we never saw the mountain and were actually quite far from it on our tour. (other tours do get a little closer). We stayed at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge and had wonderful, close views (30 miles away). We also were really lucky and had a clear night and morning, and are now part of the 30% club that got to view full Mt. Denali, without haze or clouds in the way
  25. I cruise out of NY, so my options on Carnival are somewhat limited. The 2020 season has two ships available: Sunrise and the upcoming Radiance. The deck plans are different but similar. Sunrise has JiJi's, which I liked when I cruised on the Horizon, but Radiance will have an Asian area and Big Chicken. I've been reading about the issues on the Sunrise and I'm wondering if the Radiance will also have the same issues like overcrowding. What's your take?
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