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  1. So is it worth paying the extra for a deluxe cabin. They look a bit bigger but do they have any other advantages?
  2. We are going on our first Alaskan cruise Next June. We have sailed on the Miracle and the Legend. I know they are the same class of ship. The photos of the Legend after being in dry dock are lovely. Has the Spirit had the same? Second Week in June. One week round trip from Seattle.. What would you pack? Where would you stay at the airport if you flew in a day early? Thank you in advance. Most of what I know about cruising I learned from this board. It is a true treasure.
  3. Yesterday Spirit of Discovery left the sea lock at Emden to start her sea trials.
  4. Have sailed NEITHER. The introduction of the SPIRIT class made the TRIUMPH old school, whereas lipstick doesn't change a pigs demeanor. Have read enough reviews to get a pretty good picture of the Sunrise, however. But, what was it again, the nearness to its cruise port, cheap price, shortened itinerary, loving large , long lines, and packed venues? Or, as they say, "whatever floats your boat". I personally cruise Carnival because of the cheap cabin pricing and even the ole Fantasy Class now and then for a short CHEAP getaway. But, mainly, because there are NO SURPRISES.
  5. So we sailed on grand Classica 7/14-7/16 in an ocean view stateroom. Calling this the spirit airlines of cruising would be an insult to spirit airlines. The food in the dining room was not good but halfway edible. The breakfast buffet was awful. The bbq buffet on the 2nd was however the best meal I experienced over the 2 days. I was impressed. The last morning on the ship was about as chaotic as I have ever seen. First there was a power outage early in the morning. The electricity came back relatively quickly but the problems lingered. I jumped in the shower around 730am and when I got out, while standing in a towel the room steward just opens the door with no knock and yells that we have 30 minutes to be out. I slammed the door and tried to quickly get dressed and stuck my head in the hallway where he was apparently doing it other rooms. I went in the hallway but he just ignored me and went the other way. We then to try and call the guest services to find out why this happened a log a complaint but that made everything worse. We were basically told it was our fault. We went to the buffet trough to get a little something before leaving. They had no water or juices so we decided to go before things got worse. They got worse. We asked where to go to get off the ship with US Passports and were directed to a hallway. We then stood in the line for an hour and a half with no air conditioning. So now we are crammed in a hot, dark hallway with a few hundred other people and no direction from anyone. Finally a lady came and told us she had been making announcements about passports which was entirely untrue. The whole process is terrible and they need to do better. i have called customer service and was simply given an I can’t help you but here’s an email address. I sent them an email and was given a generic reply. good luck if you go. Just because the initial fare is cheap you will end up spending what you would for a real cruise line.
  6. Do you require a visa for Oman, we are visiting there on our March 19 cruise on Silver Spirit.
  7. At the break of Dawn one January morning we were Sky high and in the Spirit to find a Gem of a cruise so we chose to Escape on the Epic hoping our Getaway would turn out to be pure Joy and a Pearl of a cruise. We had never been to the Eastern Caribbean and had never experienced cruising on a large mega-ship so I began searching the Internet for a cruise that might meet both criteria. I stumbled onto an excellent price for a balcony cabin on the Epic for a Dec 10th cruise and at the time NCL was also offering the choice of 2 of the “Free at Sea” promotions. I booked the cruise though an Internet TA and chose cabin 10075 because looking at the deck plans, I thought that cabin might have a bit larger balcony but without the price of the larger balconies. I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to put down a deposit. Before I start this report I want you to know that both myself and my wife are senior citizens and at times I can be a grumpy old man. Keep in mind that the opinions expressed in this report are just that, opinions. I’m giving you a heads up, if you don’t want to read any negative comments about the Epic then stop reading this thread now. Besides, with all the recent reviews of the Epic mine is probably just going to be more of the same and very boring anyway. The only difference will be my viewpoint is that of a second-class passenger as opposed to those of the first-class passengers. My sister and her husband, hereafter referred to as J & M, would be joining us on this cruise and had booked a mini-suite on deck 11. DAY 1 December 8th We started our trip two days early because anytime we cruise we always plan to arrive in the port city one day early and since this was December we decided to head to the St. Louis airport one day early too. December weather in St. Louis is always iffy and can range from snowy and cold enough to freeze fire to warm and balmy. It’s not unusual for the airport to close due to weather conditions. We always choose to spend the night at the Marriott Hotel by the airport because they offer a free shuttle to the airport and they allow us leave our car on their lot without charge for the week we are gone. Soon after checking in at the hotel we met up with J & M and ate dinner at the hotel’s restaurant which was aptly named “The Restaurant.” After dinner we went to the hotel’s bar for an evening nightcap before retiring for the night.
  8. We are also keeping a close eye on what is happening in the Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz. This Fall we will be on the Spirit, Venice to Athens to Dubai, finishing on November 10. I hope that Silversea has some contingency plans to alter things if the area remains this tense. Posting photos of commandos on the pool deck would not be fun!
  9. Spirit was last in dry dock in May/June of 2018.
  10. For those of us who sailed on and remember the little sisters, Windstar is spending $256 million to stretch (adding 50 new suites) and modernize them. See the following article. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/19952-windstar-to-stretch-three-ships-in-250-million-refurbishment.html
  11. Fishing from deck 10 balcony! Face blacked out to meet cruise critic guidelines.
  12. My soon-to-be 21 year old daughter is embarking with us on the Spirit in a couple of days and asked me if there is cheesecake or gelato available on the cruise. This girl loves her desserts. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen reviews that mentioned both desserts but can anyone confirm? It doesn’t really matter one way or another, but we’re getting excited about this cruise and visualizing sitting after dinner and enjoying a piece of cheesecake or bowl of gelato will contribute to the excitement.
  13. Time for another adventure! This summer we are heading to London for two nights and then on a 14 day cruise. We will be posting here and on our blog, alpacamybagsblog.com For now we are at the airport, waiting to board our flight. See you in London!!
  14. This is probably for the upcoming china brand, CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping, starting service with Costa's Atlantica and Mediterranea (Spirit Class) then adds two Vista class ships in 2023-2024. Carnival was suppose to bring the Miracle over to Asia but that got cancelled.
  15. Just off the Norwegian Spirit at Southampton after visiting Eire, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. Carlos Inis (?) was the General Manager. He hails from Portugal but makes his home in Australia with his Australian wife and two grown children. Carlos was terrific. A real gentleman. Grrreat cruise. Captain was Stefan Nordberg. CD was Lorena Tapia. Executive Chef was Canadian Matthew Cole. The ship is due for a six week extensive drydock in January and is supposed to be, so we heard, completely remodeled. The Spirit is a lovely ship and, hopefully, the dry dock will make her even better. Cheers...CV...
  16. Hello Cruisers! We recently returned from a 12 day NCL cruise to Norway on the Spirit. We had an amazing time in such a beautiful country. I'm going to give you a detailed trip report. I have dozens of pictures, menus, food porn and more. I go into a lot of detail in my reviews. Some people like all the details, while others think I am too nitpicky. I don't consider myself either a cheerleader or a critic of any cruise line. I'm just sharing my observations which may or may not be relevant for you. I hope you'll find some useful information here. This was our seventh cruise. We have cruised with Carnival four times, once with Celebrity, and once in Tahiti on the Paul Gauguin. We looked forward to trying NCL to see how it compared to the other lines, particularly Carnival since that is the one we had the most experience with. I'll make some observations about how I think they compared. We started planning this trip many months in advance. We booked the trip in August 2018. We soon joined our roll call where we had an exceptionally good leader. John created a spreadsheet where he kept track of all the people who joined the roll call along with all the excursions we were planning. This roll call really enhanced our trip so much and we were very grateful to John for all the work he put into making it happen. I am a big planner, so I spent the next months making plans for our time pre and post cruise in London. We booked air travel, hotels, and transfers. We purchased travel insurance. Excursion planning was a big deal. I'll spend a lot of time talking about this here. Our roll call was very helpful with this and we planned a number of excursions with our fellow cruise critic members. At the time we booked our cruise, and for several months after, NCL did not have any excursions listed for our cruise. When they did finally list some excursions, we found the prices to be extremely high. We did not book any excursions through NCL. We had a $50 per port excursion credit included as one of our perks but even with that credit, the NCL excursions were exorbitantly priced and we did better making our own plans.
  17. Aloha! Wear what you want and makes you feel good...that's the Aloha spirit. 😎
  18. Makes sense...the Spirit, Sky, and Sun will probably go first...
  19. Hi. Does anyone have any dailies from the Spirit, recently? Thanks! Gail
  20. I'll toss in my two cents.. My two favorite ships are the Magic and the Miracle (which is a sister to the Legend, I've also cruised the Pride, the third of the four spirit class ships). I LOVE the Magic. The layout (super easy to navigate), the size (not too big and not too small), the food (the bbq is fantastic!), and the rooms. I also LOVE the Miracle (Legend). The layout is also very easy to navigate. There isn't much ship to get lost on, and I don't hate smaller ships. They are somewhat outdated compared to the newer glitzier ships. The last time I was on the Miracle it definitely could have used the facelift, but the rooms are just as comfortable as on the Magic. With that said, we picked the Magic for our winter break cruise this year when I decided paying 2500$ for airfare to san juan was stupid and not worth it. I really struggled because I wanted to pick Harmony of the Seas (my name is Harmony and how cool would that be!) but I also struggle on massive ships. The Kiddo (she's 15 now, but was 12/13 the first time we were on the Magic) LOVED the Magic and really thought the activities were awesome, so we went for that and I haven't regretted it. I don't know much about the Glory, except she's bigger than the Legend, and smaller than the Magic.
  21. My dream is to cruise in a Queen's Grill room one day... I work for government so that's a long ways off. They aren't going to be anything close to what is on Cunard. Grand suites are the largest suites on Carnival, and they range in size, but expect about the size of 3 "regular" state rooms. mid-ship. the vista does have harbour suites and the Havana, Harbour would be more geared to families I believe, and the Havana ones are cool looking and get you some early access to a pool. Whirlpool tubs with a shower. Not to sound mean, but at the price point of Cunard, they better be giving you the spirit of your choosing. It doesn't work quite that way on Carnival (nor Princess). I do believe you can order these (I'm not 100% sure, I do know in suites on RCCL, HAL, and NCL I have been able to obtain them, but I was traveling with family, when I cruise Carnival--always in a suite--I am with my kiddo and sister/s and their kids and that's not something I'd enjoy just us. No. Although, I didn't think the suite experience on Princess was all that impressive (nothing like the Haven on NCL or the Pinnacle (and to some degree Neptune) suites on HAL. I really don't think Carnival is something you would really enjoy. You sound very much like my family, which is totally fine and there is nothing wrong with any of them, but if you're used to that high level of luxury, it may not be the experience you are used to/wanting/find enjoyment in. I find Princess to be entirely equal to Carnival in every way, although I think the service in Carnival's dining room to be better. One of the reasons that Carnival's suites are so affordable compared to other lines is because they don't offer a whole lot (think like how Royal offers nothing but double points for Junior Suites, but you don't even get the good suite amenities until you're in the top tier). I do enjoy Carnival's overall product, but they are severely lacking in the area of suite amenities, outside of VIP embarkation, you don't get priority dining assignments or reservations to the specialty dining. There is no private deck area. I have always found the level of service to be phenomenal (and better on Carnival than Princess, and massively better than on Royal), and never felt like i wasn't treated well, but a place to at least be certain to get a deck chair on the pool deck would be so much nicer than having to fight it out.
  22. My guess is this is going to be on Princess, not on a Carnival ship. At least, not anytime before 2021/2022. I went through the ships and availability and nothing is "hiding" (as if they were going to announce) but with the terminal opening for the Olympics, I would guess that it will be Princess, which already has a steady presence there. I do wonder if they will do a swing or two up from the Spirit currently in Australia, as it seems as though the ships do travel up and down the Pacific with ease. I struggled decided who to book Japan through, since my kiddo and I are very loyal CCL-ers. I was going to book a back to back on Princess, but was really struggling to eat the price when RCCL has a ship that's just as acceptable for a back to back that was just about half as much for a balcony room. The price difference is letting me surprise her with a week in Japan and Hong Kong before boarding the ship.
  23. We’ve not been on the Cloud but I don’t remember any sewage smells on either the Wind or Spirit. Anybody who has cruised a bit, and we’ve been cruising for 25 plus years, and has not experienced a sewage issue is very lucky. Interestingly the one time we had a significant issue was on a ship that was on its sixth revenue cruise of its inaugural year. Point is that while older ships with older infrastructure may have occasional troubles it can happen on any ship. Quite often it’s actually the result of a passenger disposing of something that shouldn’t go down the toilet.
  24. I would not be worried about negative affects from lengthening. Fincantieri, Palermo, is the yard that is going to perform the refurbishments. It overhauled and lengthened the "Silver Spirit" last year by adding a new midsection and I have yet to see any negative reports about the quality of work performed or the the ship's performance post-refurbishment. Silver Spirit is a much larger ship than any of the Sisters and Fincantieri certainly knows what it is doing, so there is every reason to expect a good result. The Sisters badly need new engines for the purposes of fuel economy, ship speed, and conformity with environmental regulations which would have either required major and expensive surgery just to replace the engines and associated systems or simply scraping the ships. Something of a "do or die" moment. Windstar has already announced a new Spanish cuisine restaurant, an expanded pool and outdoor deck space, a bigger and better spa and fitness center and two new owner’s suites on the lengthened ships. The new verandah-type cabins also appear to be the same size as those of the Sisters. MHO is that this is a very smart move for Windstar.
  25. What toiletries are provided in the suites? I don’t want to end up bringing something that is provided in the cabin.
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