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  1. I'm looking at a cruise from Tokyo on the Norwegian Spirit. I love the ports! However, I'm looking at the Sailaway inside, but on this ship it states that there is only one room assigned as a Sailaway Inside, specifically #4493? I haven't seen this on any of the other Norwegian ships. I can't find a review of this room, but my instinct says there's probably something wrong with the room if it's the only one. Am I missing something? Has anyone stayed in this room?
  2. Well I'll give you my take. Spirit will likely not dock at the port. Usually they have smaller ships dock there on the Grand Prix. Yes you will save money buying tickets on your own. Woud I? No. Why? Because you will be tendered back and forth and at this port there is a risk and it does happen where tendering will be haulted for part of the day or worse yet for the day. If you have purchased the tickets on your own you might end up not seeing much of the race, a portion of it or miss the race. So like some things in life it depends on how much risk you are willing to take. I know of people who purchased tickets on their own when another cruise line was there a couple of years ago and they were unable to go ashore when the tender service stopped. I was there last year on a different day and for a few minutes had one of the worst tender experiences and I have been on many tenders over the years. So if it was me I would buy them through the cruise line. As to the event. It is amazing. It is very well organized in the area with lots of people directing you and it is very organized given the number of people there. I am not sure if Spirit is there for the day or for a couple of days. If a couple of days it is very busy so it makes getting to and from the city a bit challenging should you wish to tour other areas such as Eze but it can be done, but patience for traffic is important. Keith
  3. BACKGROUND We took our first cruise 21 years ago and fairly quickly became addicted. We have now taken over 40, until a few years ago mostly on the mainstream lines Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Princess with a sprinkle of one-offs on others. Looking for something a little more special we sailed on Azamara for the first time in 2013 and have now cruised with them 5 times. We loved those trips but the prices for the future have risen so much we were wondering if another line might suit us. In August last year we saw the new Saga ship advertised and the advance pricing for this cruise was excellent, given that it would be a balcony cabin with lots included. At 67 and 74 we decided that we were now of an age to hopefully feel comfortable on Saga. We do still fly long haul quite a lot as our family all live abroad but we’re aware that we may be less inclined to want to do so as we get older, so thought it would be worth finding out if Saga would suit us in future. WHY A BLOG? I have been active on Cruise Critic for many years and read many ‘Live From’ blogs on various lines. I’ve learnt a lot from other posters and really enjoyed ‘travelling vicariously’ with cruisers who were willing to share their experiences live and answer questions whilst still onboard. Whilst I wasn’t blessed with the talent to write in a humorous style (as many others have been) I hope that for those following along it will be interesting, particularly as Saga has only recently had its own section on CC and the number of posters has been fairly limited. In the past we have enjoyed the International feel of other lines and it will be very different to have such a British experience. I’ll be bound to compare the ship, food and service with Azamara but am going with an open mind. We have cruised to Norway three times before and will not be visiting any new ports this time. As the weather is unpredictable we haven’t booked any tours in advance but have ideas of what to do. For us, cruising in Norway is mostly about the beautiful views in the fjords.......assuming you can see them. LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO GO. We’re looking forward to being picked up by shared transfer tomorrow morning, due at 11.05. I’ll have free WiFi onboard and 4G in the two cities so hope to be able to post at least once a day. Fellow Azamara fans P&M have also booked this cruise and we’ll meet up with them onboard tomorrow. Do let me know if you are ‘Following Along’ by putting those words in a reply. Also, feel free to ask questions during the week and I’ll do my best to answer them. 😀 Cinnamon.
  4. I have had some bargains over the years but I think the best value bargain is 598€ including two free at sea perks for an inside cabin on Spirit leaving Rome on 15 December coming (my birthday). It was this price for a few weeks but now has gone back up again. We chose sailaway at 499€ then paid an extra 99€ for the perks (including perk gratuities). We have been assigned a 1D which is now selling at 682€ plus 99€. I'm happy I booked when I did
  5. Loved the Wind - that was our first NCL Cruise, during her final season in Hawaii... For NCL - We've been on the Wind, Dawn, Jade, Epic, Spirit & Jewel... We've enjoyed every cruise Our least favorite is easy -- the Dawn, many years ago - mainly food & service issues. Through joining Cruise Critic, we learned to upgrade to what was then Ultimate Dining (unlimited) & that really made all the difference. Our Favorite is much tougher: Wind - our first NCL ship - Hawaii to Fanning Island & our Honeymoon - missed the ship on boarding day, caught up on the Big Island - that's another story... Not a great start - but a Great Trip! Jade - Booked for Itinerary (Eastern Med, Turkey & Egypt) - However, the day b/4 Egypt, we did the 180 & headed to Istanbul, start of the Arab Spring Uprising. Startling to say the least to plan for 80F weather & get off the ship to cold & snowing 🙂 All & all - still a great trip & memories... Epic - booked as a side to side over Thanksgiving Holidays (Western Caribbean). Started on the Princess Regal (Eastern Caribbean) & 2nd week on the Epic. Lots of fun - for us the Ultimate Dining & Beverage packages were new. I classify the Epic as a Floating Las Vegas - we did notice that we spent less time outdoors than normal. Spirit - again booked for the itinerary - Fantastic Service & Crew!!! Jewel - itinerary (Transpacific - Vancouver to Yokohama) - Absolutely Amazing Cruise Critic Group & most FUN cruise ever!!! I believe @ this time it's a tie between the Spirit & the Jewel for favorite ship (not cruise - ship). We are departing on the Getaway in just over 30 days. As a rule we enjoy the mid-size ships - but you never know... The Waterfront looks amazing 🙂
  6. Hi all, my DH and I will be on the Wind Spirit for the Sept. 26th sailing. We are super excited to experience not only FP for the first time, but Windstar as well. I want to obtain solid confirmation of which night in Bora Bora the private island dinner will occur. My TA asked Windstar and they said it would be the first night. However, from what I could gather on here and various reviews, previous cruisers have said it was on the second night. I'd like to lock this info down as I'm trying to arrange plans for the first day in Bora Bora (which happens to be my DH's actual 50th birthday). I'm looking into a sunset cruise and don't want to miss the private island dinner. Thanks!
  7. Legend. Needed a good scrub and refit. The ship was filthy. Was a real disappointment after the Spirit. Hopefully, its in better shape now.
  8. We are sailing on the Silver Spirit in February. I am having a hard time finding out exactly where the Spirit will dock in Ho Chi Minh City. All of the details listed just show Ho Chi Minh City, but on other stops they show a different docking location for the port we are visiting. For example, our documents state we will be docking in Laem Chabang for Bangkok. I asked our travel agent and all she could get was Ho Chi Minh City. Anyone know exactly? trying to set up a private excursion. thanks!
  9. There are tour providers at the dock on Bora Bora, at Papeete and on Moorea. But why wouldn't you want to book the best early, because the very best excursions get booked up quickly. You may want to ask for recommendations for what kinds of things interest you here, or try Tripadvisor. Also depends on what size ship you are coming in on. If it's a behemoth like HA, Princess, NCL, RCL or Celebrity you might be hard pressed to book independently at the dock. Smaller ships like Wind Spirit or Paul Gaugain shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Did this on Silver Spirit in 2011. we bought our own tickets at the Hotel de Paris in the Garnier Suite. You can spend much less and still have a fabulous experience, SS guests we spoke to after the race who did the SS package were disappointed.
  11. For those of us who sailed on and remember the little sisters, Windstar is spending $256 million to stretch (adding 50 new suites) and modernize them. See the following article. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/19952-windstar-to-stretch-three-ships-in-250-million-refurbishment.html
  12. I'm on the San Diego to Miami Panama Canal cruise right before dry dock, so I guess I'll be in an "unrefreshed" cabin. 😄 I hope the Spirit class ships are around for a good long while. They are my favorite class of Carnival ship, and I've had my 2 best cruises on Carnival - Hawaii and Alaska - on the Spirit and Miracle respectively. Roz
  13. My favorite is the Epic... the rooms are interesting and it's a fun ship lots of places to go and things to do. My least favorite is the sky. That ship should have never been made it out of design. Talk a walk and run into dead ends way to often. Ships been on. Epic sky getaway Breakaway dawn spirit wind.
  14. Has anyone attended the shore excursion "Spirit of the Fiddle Kitchen Party"? That is the HAL title but other ships might have a similar excursion? I am looking for feedback as I would love to experience some live Celtic music on my one day stop to Sydney on the Veendam.
  15. We have been on all of the NCL’s current ships except the Joy and Sky. We will be going on the Encore in Nov for the inaugural TA. We do not really have a favorite as each ship has its own pros and cons. We prefer the larger class ships for the TAs as they are ideal for many sea days and we like having a wide variety of dining venues to go to. For the port intensive cruises we prefer the Spirit. We have always had good time, service, meals etc on the ships, and haven’t had a bad cruise. There was one time we had a bad room steward. We we have been on several of the ships more than twice, no two cruises are the same - it all depends on the crew rotation. So we go along with the flow, itinerary and whatever crew that is on the ship at the time.
  16. So, we are booked on the Spirit at Christmas this year on a cruise just before a dry dock. The cruise has been reduced from 12 to 11 days. I was half expecting something like this to happen, and don't have a problem with it. They offered us the choice of them booking us a hotel for the lost night or some OBC to cover it. Also the cruise fare will be pro-rated based on the revised itinerary. Quite fair I thought. Anyway, a few weeks ago my fare was revised and after a bit of messing around due to a rogue charge appearing, I found that our cruise has gone down a total of £45 (£15 each) My original fare per person was £1,465 and is now £1450. I'm sure that even those people with a very basic understanding of maths would agree that this isn't a correct pro-rating of the fare to take account of losing one day in 12. Anyway, I have been chasing up NCL for the past few weeks and finally made some progress in the last couple of days. I spoke to someone this morning who was going to look into it for me and come back. I've just received an email (sent, it seems, as the last thing she did before going on annual leave) saying that the calculation is correct. I have to say that previously I have always had pretty good dealings with NCL's shore based teams (although I read many comments on here that suggest others haven't), so this is quite a new one on me. Any suggestions as to where I go from here? I have copied Vivian Ewart in on a couple of my chasing emails, although I haven't received anything back that is clearly from her team (although they may have been responsible for someone actually replying to my original email). I have emailed by PCC (copying in Vivian) to say that I am not happy with the response I got and left a message on his answerphone. Any other ideas?
  17. Thank You Maryann. Someone on another cruise site raved about their taxi driver who took them to the best places, with no additional info. We are already doing the Spirit of the Celtic Fiddle in the afternoon. I play & my hubby makes Celtic harps & he is also a piper. We may head out to the Bell site or another point of interest in the morning. Any suggestions?
  18. I believe it's the majors, plus Southwest, which I think right now is also a major. Like Daniel, I doubt if Allegient or Spirit are included.
  19. We will be on Silver Spirit. Best to buy your own tickets or a package from Silver Seas?
  20. To Keith 1010: You are correct concerning private guides needing passenger passport information in Viet Nam (not just Ho Chi Mihn City) to access the port area: Viet Nam loves bureaucracy and there is lots of paperwork (and fees) connected with cruises and tourism. To Hot Root: Which ship were you on last February? I think that the Whisper operated the Asian program last winter and the Whisper, being smaller, can go further up the river to (almost) downtown Saigon. The Muse and Spirit cannot navigate that far up the River due to their larger size, thus, the dock on the River about 30 minutes from the Downtown area.
  21. We have 4 medical conditions between us, one of them quite serious, but not terminal. I also use a wheelchair as I cannot stand or walk for more than a few minutes. we recently went on a seven night Spirit of Discovery cruise to Norway where our conditions were covered. If we had booked with another cruise line and paid for a Saga insurance separately it would have cost just under £200. Quite a saving!
  22. Yes they are the taxes I was referring to. Still makes no sense for either of you. Unless the TA and/or NCL will cough up their calculations it is hard to tell what they have done. There have been time in the past where once you factored in sensible(not the retail) pricing for the drink and dining packages the cruise portion of the fare was tiny eg 2015, 10n Spirit, £50pppd inc the beverage package and the old unlimited dining package that allowed speciality lunch and dinner every day(that was also available solo). not seen one that good for quite a while now.
  23. He made no mention of the Whitsunday Islands, celebrating the seventh Sunday after Easter, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ's disciples? Is he not a Methodist or Anglican? Regards John
  24. Yes getting mixed up with our next cruise and the fact that the Shadow has previously done this but it actually is the Spirit we'll be on.Definitely not the Whisper.We wouldn't want to upset the World Cruisers now would we.
  25. At the time of writing there aren't any CC member reviews of Spirit of Discovery in the Reviews section of the site. I don't think I've seen any reference to CC's own review which people may find helpful: it covers the ship's various facilities and the onboard experience in a systematic way, and so fills in quite a few of the gaps in Saga's own marketing bumpf. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=861
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