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Found 442 results

  1. Are there any special discounts for Bermuda? Like the old 123 Go Package??? We did get Mothers Day $5 Per Day Premium Drink Package, that was nice (we know, don't buy anything till on board). Blu was our favorite, have they changed it much (check below)? Celebrity Summit 11 Night Dutch Antilles Caribbean Cruise Dec 12 — Dec 23, 2017 Celebrity Summit 7 Night Bermuda Cruise May 8 — May 15, 2016 CaptDave
  2. Planning cruise mid jan 21 for wife’s 65th been on summit 3 times and loved it !would apex be a disappointment even though new ship?
  3. After the announcement yesterday of the 30 day time out, Celebrity posted a list of cancellations which included the Celebrity Summit sailing of April 11, 2020 from San Juan. After seeing the post on this site and Celebrity's site, I contacted Flights by Celebrity who acknowledged that the sailing was cancelled and they refunded my airfare back to my credit card. This morning I start seeing posts on cruise critic that the sailing is in fact NOT Cancelled. Cruises will resume on April 11. I pulled up the Celebrity site and sure enough there was a NEW list of cancellations that didn't include my trip. So, we already cancelled our airline tickets, cancelled the dog sitter, and accepted the fact that we would either get a full refund or 125% future cruise certificate.....Soooooo, at 7:00am this morning I called Celebrity and explained the dilemma. I was working with a very nice rep who understood and asked that I send him the "screen shots" of the original list of cancellations which included my trip and I did so. After being on hold for quite sometime, the rep told me that he had to wait until the Resolutions Desk opens at 9am for resolution. At first the resolution desk said they can't help in any way because my screen shots came from Cruise Critic which was not accurate. It was from their site. I told them that their Rep with Flights by Celebrity confirmed the original cancellation and refunded my air fee's. Due to that revelation they agreed to refund my full cruise fare. I said wait a minute, I'd rather have the 125% future cruise certificate as originally offered but they refused to honor that portion. My only remedy was to accept the return of the fares....... I then asked, what happens if the April 11 cruise is cancelled at a later date; can I then get the 125% future certificate? They said they can't respond to "what if's"..... In conclusion, I feel that I was not given a choice of remedies based on what they called "a mistake" by originally listing my cruise as cancelled. This was going to be my first cruise on Celebrity after 15 cruises with CCL. I guess I'll look elsewhere where maybe customer service has some integrity.......
  4. My husband and I are booked on a cruise on Summit over the 4th of July. We just found out some former cruise mates of ours booked a cruise 2 weeks after us. After our 4th of July cruise we will reach elite tier. If we grab a balcony cabin for the cruise our friends will be on, at the lowest price we can get it, (1)will the elite tier kick in for that cruise and (2) what can I expect the amenities will be on Summit? I have read the comparison chart, but the latest ads say 90 minutes Wi-Fi. Any elites been on Summit lately? Do they have the cocktails 5-7 and coffee in Tuscany? If I am giving up all the perks for the lowest fair as per the latest sales, how much can I gain back as an elite? Thank you for any info.
  5. Sharing from the FB page for the Celebrity Summit: https://www.kitchenertoday.com/local-news/two-more-local-cases-of-covid-19-confirmed-2157614?fbclid=IwAR23ht_AjmnjyvTMYbihjJ3t28n8DebpQ-6DeZZCNs7f-S2rrYfVF_5xHPw
  6. Will be sailing on the Summit in April in Aqua class cabins 9042, 9044, 9046. Got a great deal...now I may see why. Have read multiple reviews about noise being unbearable from above Solarium and pool deck. Has anyone stayed in these cabins and could provide some honest feedback about noise levels, when you hear it, and what kind of noise it is? I live in a 20 story apartment building and have constant noise above my head. I didn’t want to have to hear it on vacation as well! Thanks
  7. We canceled the current cruise from PR to the ABC Islands. Is everything on the ship open and functional? How is everything going? Just curious. Be well, everyone.
  8. We're traveling to Bermuda from NJ in July. This is my first cruise and my wife's second. We're so psyched. A couple quick questions: 1. Is breakfast or lunch served in the MDR on the Summit? If so, does anybody have a picture of the menus? 2. Does anybody have a picture of the 2020 by the glass wine selections? We will be on the premium beverage package, so we're interested to see what is available. I'd love a link to the by-the-bottle list in the MDR if that is possible, too. 3. Has anybody tried purchasing a day pass to the beach in Bermuda from a hotel (like Elbow Beach). Is it worth doing if we want to spend the day on the beach, and easy to do? Thank you very much for helping out. I have had so much fun researching this trip here!!!
  9. Celebrity Summit - May 2019
  10. Does the Summit still offer a concierge lunch on embarkation day in the MDR, after the refurb?
  11. Hi all! Despite all the talks about the Covid-19 I’m still pretty excited about our cruise in April and had a few questions as a newbie to Celebrity. 1. In-room refrigerator. Can this be emptied by the stateroom attendant so we can store our own items? 2. Alcoholic drinks - does anyone recall there being anything like a “bucket of beers” or something similar when out on the pool deck? We do not have a drink package and on other cruise lines I’ve seen deals like this before. 3. Does anyone have a current drink menu from any of the bars they could share - looking for prices mainly. 4. Entertainment - how is it? Are there a variety of shows? We love comedy and playing bingo - are those typically offered on the Summit? Thanks in advance all 🙂
  12. Summit 1/25/2020 Sailing – Live Blog, Cat Blog, Vlogs! Good Evening. After a year away from Celebrity, mostly involving a summer trip to Yellowstone to commemorate my mother’s 75th (!) birthday (complete with a room in the Historic Lodge with a Geyser-View – sadly, the 4 perks were not included – and the memorable theft/gift of a bar glass) we are once again ready to get back on Board and see what has changed. Lingering suspicions remain that this ‘Live’ Blog will quickly become a ‘Recap’ after day 3 as is usually the case, but until then, we’ll try to keep things tight. I’d like to give a big thank you and shout out to Arno, ChicagoPaul, DRJKRetired, HCat, Bo1953, Jim_Lain, Patty Knapp, and all the other frequent Celebrity posters who provide far more accurate commentary than I ever will. Note: This Blog is rated H for hu-mor. Curmudgeons are hereby advised. Background DW (who I will refer to by her initials XZ just to circumvent convention) and I are mid 30’s/early 40’s with no kids and one cat who hates it when we go cruising. We were big Disney Park fans until their pricing structure got WAY out of whack and made the spontaneous experience entirely unenjoyable and, for my 40th, we decided to give cruising a try. Our first trip was in an RS on the Infinity for Halloween in 2015. We came right back for more, booking a RS on the Summit for 2016, an SS guarantee on the Reflection and another SS on the Summit, both in 2017. Starting 2018 we did an SS Aft on the Equinox, and SS on the Summit and, in 2019, an SS on the Equinox. This time, we are back for yet another SS with yet *another* set of move-up bids which we suspect will amount to nothing. As near as we can tell, these bids are like job interviews – if you don’t hear back within the first few days, you aren’t getting it, despite Celebrity’s stated policy to tell you 2 days before sailing. (I will note that the whole thing feels kind of weird – waiting and hoping for the opportunity to pay someone more money. That said, the move up bids are *so much less* than the initial prices of the upper tier suites when we booked a year ago it makes such forlorn hopes worth it). This Trip We booked this vacation a year ago on the Equinox and continue to benefit from cruising on the least popular week of the entire year. For an added discount, we are sailing from Puerto Rico, and with the OBC offered this was perhaps the best rate we have ever received. A note on PR; a few trips ago a snowstorm took out a good chunk of the Mid West on the day of our return flight and we got an extended vacation in the Old City (along with about 6,000 other people) for a few days. We really enjoyed our time there and can’t wait to spend a few pre-cruise days there this go around at El Convento. These will likely be briefly summarized as other people’s pre-cruise pictures are always the ‘scroll throughs’ for me; it’s not that I don’t find the Newark Radisson interesting…it’s just that I don’t. Goals this go around include: --The Edge-i-Fi-Cation, also known as ‘The Hoppening’ – since we were last on our favorite ship has been dry-docked and then wet-docked. We can’t wait to see and document the changes! From the Retreat Lounge to the…whatever they call the thing at the Front? The Sun Deck at the Retreat? The Retreat at the Lounge? to the un-themed Casino, to all the little differences in-between. We’ve heard of some pretty hilarious changes on these boards and, puns in hand, we are ready to experience them. After all, what’s the worst that could Hoppen? --Truffle-Shuffle: So this is an interesting one. Last time on the Summit the Shuffle Board equipment was basically two sticks without pushers and 3 disks, one of which may have been a drink coaster. Since we enjoying Shuffling so much XZ got me a professional, collapse-able, travel shuffleboard set (the pucks weigh like 20 lbs. in total and absolutely do not look like landmines…that should be fun to explain to airport security). The one question remains…did they tear up the playing surface? Or is it still there, abandoned and un-used. (If it’s gone, we’ve brought painter’s tape to mark out our own course – one way or another, there will be a Shuffle-Off!). The Cat Unfortunately to report, we have had a significant shift in cattitude. Our previous Cat Complainer vanished sometime last March, presumably and hopefully to live out the rest of her days as a free range mouser in a neighbor’s barn. We managed to make it an entire two weeks before one of us had 6 shots of Buffalo Trace at the local biker bar and then noticed we were passing by the town animal shelter on the drive home. We’re always had a fine tradition of adopting the unadoptable and it just so happened they had this chubby Tortoiseshell locked up for far too long. So, for the first time, we exposed ‘Misty Knight’ to the worst reviews that CC (and another site) had to offer and, aside from still being somewhat bitey (gotta love that Tortitude), she is ready to take up the mantle as our new official ‘Cat Complainer.’ Each day we will review one “Cat Complaint” about Cruising and see, in person, if it’s valid. This little tradition of ours comes from our very first cruise, where, during a thoroughly enjoyable Q & A session with the Senior Officers on stage, a guest took a little bit of everyone’s time to complain to the Captain about how there wasn’t enough Diet Coke on board which isn’t even possible. This section is a far more politic way of noting my displeasure with other rude and entitled passengers than inviting them to get off the ship for a self-guided tour on sea days. Social Our vlog site is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTrwSLzNW8FzVVdyz3yC4w XZ’s new, almost-ready personal blog site for cruising advice for Gen Xer’s is www.poshcruise.blog We are also making an attempt to step into the vastness of Celebrity’s own social media sites, including Instaspam, Twiffer, and Facebag. We draw inspiration for our begrudging social media efforts from: Bill Raffel (Gooooood Morning!): https://www.youtube.com/user/billwi Overy Joy’d (Isaac Matthews – Celebrity Activities Manager): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9zd-ZqvFtaV83qPKMu8iw Alex Codd Choreography: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgPCPqYTj5pfqMJVVRdHQkQ Duo Destiny (ship’s aerial act, currently on America’s Got Talent 2!): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjZQneUlKSAsJvf1CjDp9Bw A Note on Questions One of the most enjoyable features of CC is answering questions for future cruisers. However, to add a wrinkle of unhelpfulness, I will endeavor to ask the least appropriate people I can find. Want to know if Sky Vodka is on the Premium Package? I’ll find one of the Celebrity Singers to pose that question to! Interested in Debarkation Times? Perhaps the Chief Engineer will have some insights. All kidding aside, I’ll do my best to respond for at least the first 3 days, after which the ‘LIVE’ part of this blog becomes increasingly inaccurate. The Self-Indulgent Nature of this Blog “But wait! Where are the pictures of food? Sunsets? That Café El Bacio Frappa-dappa-Chino-meano that everyone uses their macro-zoom on? All I see are pictures of your wife in funny hats…what gives?” We continue to have our running debate about photographing meals. On one hand, we love to see pictures of plated meals, especially in Luminae. On the other hand, it feels…I don’t know…somehow a little weird to us to be photographing away instead of enjoying the dining experience. And Here We Go, the luggage has been spotted and the cat is…angrily ignoring us.
  13. Hi!! Just received a move up bid email. Currently inside but wanted to know the difference between aqua and conceige?? Big differences? Is blu alone worth it? thanks!!
  14. My sister and I would like to get massages at the same time. Does the Summit have a massage room that would accommodate us both at the same time? If so, was it hard to reserve?
  15. new to X and going to bermuda i watched a video and it appears there's a panini station. are there 'pre selected' types or do you make your own. for instance i love italian hoagies so would love a something like that. heck i could live on that for most of the week 🙂 also any other non traditional buffet offerings would be of interest to me. is there a night where you put your ingredients in a bowl and they cook it for you (something like your own chinese concoctions )
  16. Greetings, I have been searching the board for updated a la carte pricing and perhaps an updated menu as well as if there are any other purchase offers other than a la carte?
  17. Heading out later this week on the revolutionized ship from San Juan for 7 nights. Planning to post a lot of photos, since I know how much I've enjoyed looking at what everyone else has shared.
  18. Hi all, can't find this on the the M class cabin spreadsheet. Does anyone know about bed location in cabins 8035 and 8037 on Summit? Also if there are any problems with these cabins I'd appreciate that info also. And pics would be awesome! :) Thanks!!
  19. Never researched the summit nor celebrity but in looking for a may/June cruise I see they have the 10 day that gives you 3 days in Bermuda and this sounds great on that basis alone. This would be the most days ive spent at sea. Ive done regal princess and NCL breakaway and bliss. Most recently in haven on bliss. I wont be in a suite if I pick summit as that’s out of my price range but I saw one user’s review of the new summit and it looked great even in the normal verandas. Just as did ½ the number passengers of NCL. Plus I heard NJ is a dream to sail out of and dis/embarking is an important consideration. Any ship can get me to Bermuda but I do value the on board experience. Pools aren’t important to me at all. I think I’ve been in 1 ever. But hot tubs are. I do like the specialty dining on the other ships ive been on. Even recently researched the RCL unlimited plans and was considering a crown loft suite on oasis in June as well. love the uniqueness. It appears summit only has 3 specialty restaurants but since I just usually get the 3 meal deal I guess I’d fit right in. Im guessing princess is more comparable to the summit rather than the big NCL ships and except for the haven I gotta say I much preferred Regal to the NCL ships. It has so much more indoor bad weather space except for the observation decks on bliss. So would it be fair to say princess would be more the experience than NCL , in regards to summit? Also ive priced out the cruise and it appears they really nudge you to paying for all 4 perks. However this seems to pay for itself. If I read this right, its 400 out of pocket and you get free grats, booze, internet and 300 OBC. I have to be wrong, that’s too good a deal. What am I missing?
  20. i see what it includes as they do a good job online. but it says it's only 2 hours. i did regal princess and it was 150 but it was 4 hours including 1 on the bridge with direct time with the captain. they also served snacks and a drink on the bridge. it was fantastic! also you went forward to what i call the 'anchor room' to see how thats done and it was amazing. i see this is in the planner which is great. with princess you had to reserve at the front desk only. are the tours generally not sold out that they do it online? what did you think of your tour and was it worth your money and what did you most enjoy
  21. Hi all! My husband and I are thinking of returning to Celebrity after 25 years (mostly not cruising but have cruised several times the past few years on other lines). We will be sailing in November with 4 young adults (our kids and their partners) in their mid-20s. We are seriously considering placing a non-refundable deposit on a a 7 night Eastern Caribbean sailing on the Summit. We have it narrowed down to this or Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas. We have done FoS before and we know we love that ship and Southern itinerary, but there are a few reasons the Summit might work better for us. How is the entertainment on the Summit? How are the pool areas and the food? All of your thoughts about the Summit for this demographic would be greatly appreciated. We dont need rock walls and water slides, just some great live music, fun bars and tasty food and drinks, maybe trivia. I'm pretty sure hubby and I will love it, biggest concern is the young 'uns. Thanks for your thoughts!! Eeyore
  22. Does anyone know where I can find the entertainment schedule for this summer's Bermuda cruises on Summit? I will be on it for the 4th of july.
  23. It was easy enough to complete all information for expedited boarding using the Celebrity App. The strange thing is - it lists MY boarding time as 2:30 and my wife's boarding time at 3:00. Now that does not make too much sense - we have always boarded Celebrity Summit in Cape Liberty by 11 or 11:30 a.m. Since we signed up for this expedited boarding - does that mean we CANNOT board till 2:30 and 3:00. If so, what is the point? We like to board early - it is like an extra day of vacation. Please advise if you were able to board in a.m. and a different time than you expedited pass states. Hoping to board for an early lunch - as we always did sailing on the Summit. Thanks for any input from someone using the expedited pass on the iPhone.
  24. Does anyone have any pictures of the Celebrity Suite on an M class ship after a revolution (millennium/summit) ? We have one booked for the Infinity after the revolution. Also, it's on the 9th floor and I know the pool deck is above this, so my question is, is this a good or bad location? Has anyone received an upgrade offer to a Royal Suite from a Celebrity, and if so how much?
  25. I would like to use the gym aboard the Summit and was just wondering how busy it can get. I would only be using the treadmill. What have cruisers experienced? Thanks all!
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