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Found 442 results

  1. First time cruisers. We are in a balcony suite and got a free upgrade to a concierge cabin - yay! We purchased the upgraded drink package because we like specific brands of alcohol. I've read on several posts that folks have their cabin steward empty their fridge as soon as they arrive so that they don't get charged for consuming those items. But, I've also read that you only get charged for alcoholic drinks and snacks. How does the whole in-cabin fridge thing really work, and can we "stock" it ourselves with item we got on ship (i.e, bottled water)?
  2. 😀😀😀 Hi all, I am inquiring about internet packages on the Celebrity Ships. I see the pricing but it does not say exactly how many minutes you get on the SURF INTERNET PACKAGE 2 DEVICES.🙈😎🤷‍♀️I realize you can only check email etc no streaming but no other info. Anybody have any info on this? Please let me know Thanks everyone Keira😎
  3. Can anyone tell me the location of the window washing equipment on Summit? Thanks
  4. Set sail today from Bayonne to Bermuda. This is our 5th time in Summit. Last year sailed from Bayonne to Bermuda and New England. Loved it so much we came back again this year. We have the same cabin as last year (Sky Suite, same room). Big changes post revolutionization! Cabin is brighter but seems smaller without the wall of mirrors. We miss the coffee table. Not sure where the butler will put room service. Disappointed that flowers and wine we paid to have in our cabin today (as well as chocolate strawberries) required repeated inquiries to have delivered. Still waiting on some items which should’ve been in our cabin upon departure and were paid for well ahead of time. No flowers and chocolate strawberries did not arrive until after 10 pm and repeated requests. When we got to port in Bayonne before boarding, and our luggage was taken by the stevedores (whom we tip generously) we were told we could not bring our case of bottled water onboard as luggage which we have done previously. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT as I have a kidney issue which requires me to drink lots of water constantly and it has never been an issue checking a case of water with a luggage tag on it before (ships luggage tag). Otherwise the renovations seem fine, but there is less storage space in our suite. The Retreat is very nice too, tho we liked Michaels Club, it’s still a nice quiet place with great service. Just a heads up that bringing a case of water aboard this time was forbidden. 😕. So far a lot of things are falling thru the cracks. We booked this cruise far ahead of time for a big anniversary which is on 7/9. Hope things improve. Please no flaming on this post; Im just reporting on our experience so far.
  5. Well first of all, is the Summit quite similar to M class ships - for some reason I thought it was from a previous line, like the Zenith that we sailed years ago. Anyways, looking at a New England cruise 2020 - my goodness those sails seem to be booked - no verandahs. So I would appreciate some guidance on picking an OV cabin - I know there are the "stickies" but I find them a bit tedious. Maybe I don't know how to use them. Anyways I'm a bit concerned about noise from ship mechanics or areas above. I'll admit, we've always stayed much higher up so I'd love some encouragement about a lower deck OV cabin, specific numbers appreciated. Also if I call Celebrity to book, will I get good advice from the agent as to which available cabins would be a good choice? Thanks
  6. 8046, found this review on the google docs in the thread sticky. Yes - occasional noise other side of bed wall as a closet was out there in the hall for stewards. ------------ a passenger onboard was able to procure this pic for me and now i understand what they mean by the closet being an issue near the bed. in case you cant figure it out, imagine you open that closet and continue thru the wall. thats where the bed is. didnt make any sense until i saw the pic. so anyone stay in a cabin that had a steward closet near their bed? any idea what time they actually start cleaning? id imagine no issues late at nite nor overnight but i've also had a room similar to this where they parked their carts all day due to the space. no biggie there
  7. Anyone receive this invite recently? Evidently it takes place in Tuscan Grille. Just trying to figure out what this is like. Is it genuinely a sit down dinner with the captain? Or do they invite a couple dozen people and he “hosts” them. Any experiences?
  8. ive searched the internet and did find some pics looking out cabins from millennium (9020 below). thats the same as summit from what i gather? specifically i'm looking at 9016 9020 9022 since those are under rooms on deck 10. and from the pics i looked at i see its probably under the huge part of the overhang. but wanted to confirm i'm correct and circled what i believe is those cabins. as long as i know what i'm running into i'm ok with it. i think the location sounds much better than 6 mid ship i was considering. any negatives other than the overhang and poles?
  9. Can anyone who has recently been on the Summit & eaten at the Tuscan Grill provide some info? In some of the reviews I’ve read several commented on the poor quality of the beef & chicken. Simply put the meat was “tough”. As with all of the Celebrity Ships , the tables are getting closer & closer. My brother is celebrating his 30th Anniversary onboard the Summit to Bermuda in July. We took Select & I will reserve his dining times in advance. Can anyone suggest any areas in the dining room where the tables are more spaced out? Saw some photos with the high back chairs by the wall? Unfortunately select dining is on 4 , so no opportunity to request a table on the rail. Would greatly appreciate any information that can be shared.
  10. First time cruising on Celebrity; I typically cruise on Royal ships. I realize that Celebrity does "Evening Chic" as opposed to "Formal Nights." Are there still 2 of these per 7-day cruise? Anyone know which nights? Any other traditional Celebrity activities I should be aware of? (For example, like the 70s party on Royal ships.) Do you know where I might be able to view some RECENT daily newsletters for the Summit out of San Juan? Many thanks!!
  11. Can you please share your recent experience of internet on the Summit? I'm curious if we would be able to stream movies at night in our room or not. I'm also curious about WIFI calling - thoughts? Thanks for feedback. Sheila
  12. Hello All! DW and I are DINKs in our 30s and this will be our very first Celebrity cruise! We started off on Princess and loved the line so much we stuck around until we hit Platinum. After that we wanted to try the other lines out there, and we have finally hit Celebrity and couldn’t be more excited. We are heading out tomorrow to the beautiful Island of San Juan, PR. The cruise doesn’t begin until Saturday but we wanted to come into San Juan a little early. Our first time in San Juan was on a Royal Caribbean cruise last year and we immediately fell in love with the city. Beautiful rich history and wonderful people, we knew we wanted to go back. So being that we wanted to go on a Celebrity cruise and we wanted to do it out of San Juan that brought us to the newly remodeled Summit! We have been to every island on this trip (St Thomas, St Kitts, Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados) so this will be more of a go with the flow and relax type of trip. We always go with a balcony cabin, we love the extra space and our own little part of the ship to enjoy especially at night and early in the AM. I was reading about move up offers and when they became available online I threw a bid in for Aqua Class at $200 pp (the minimum was $100 and max was $800) so i figured we wouldn’t get it. Much to my surprise I opened my email on Tuesday and our bid was accepted and we moved up to Aqua Class. While we are spa people I mainly did it for Blu. DW has a number of food allergies (Gluten, Dairy and Eggs) and while every cruise line has been more than accommodating i figured the more personal service in Blu may be easier on her and also possibly give her some more options. Our last cruise for her was basically chicken and rice every night, so it was kind of boring. Please feel free to follow along, post any questions and I will do my best to answer them along the way. I wont have the Celebrity Wi-Fi plan, wayyy too expensive, instead I will have service in each port thanks to Google Fi and the great service at an unbeatable price. So our bags are packed and it couldn’t have come at a better time with this arctic chill hitting almost the entire US. Going to be an early morning tomorrow with a flight before the crack of dawn. Next stop ...... the Caribe Hilton in San Juan!
  13. On Summit in a couple of weeks and heading to St Thomas. Where does Summit dock, crown Bay or Havensight? 25dbb
  14. X doesnt list prices on their site so wondering how much it will be for just a single login? it's 350 more from my TA to get 4 perks vs 3 so obviously it would pay me to forgo the internet perk and pay
  15. We are on the Summit in March ( leaving SJ) and wondering what is the earliest time we can board ship. We usually get on around 10ish in Florida but this ship sails later in the evening. Thanks in advance.
  16. A couple of photos shows she really is looking great again. A couple of questions, were cabins given any sprucing up as well? I realize that deck 3 received new cabins #3115-3123. Does anyone have anything both pro and con to pass along about your recent experience with this ship, crew, menu, daily and nightly activity and anything else. All comments appreciated.
  17. Intro Why this cruise? Because I really wanted to visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Sounded exotic enough and I had never heard of the country until the US soccer team played a game against them. The cruise fit in the timeframe after Christmas when it’s not busy at work for me so I was able to get away without any issues and it was also good timing since my mother had visited from Germany for the holidays and she had always wanted to go on a cruise in the Caribbean. Although having cruised before, I have never been on Celebrity and did not know what to expect but I was definitely very surprised about how much I liked the ship, the food, the crew and of course the itinerary. It was a perfect getaway in the middle of winter and I already booked my next cruise with Celebrity (not till 2021 but there were already a few other cruises scheduled this year and I do not have unlimited vacation days). Day 1 - January 4, 2020 San Juan, Puerto Rico Our flight from DC down to Puerto Rico was supposed to leave at 8am, which it also did just a few minutes. We taxied to the runway where we were sent to the “penalty box”- an area where airplanes wait in case of delays. We would have been the next plane to take off but the runway direction was just changed and the pilots required a new flight plan, which would have increased the flight time from 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours. This would be thrown out the window 15-20 minutes later since we had a medical emergency and had to go back to the gate. Long story short- we eventually took off with a two hour delay due to re-fueling but we were able to go back to the original flight route so reached San Juan only a bit more than two hours late. Still plenty of time to get to the ship but not a lot of time to explore the old town So we skipped that part unfortunately. The taxi line was well organized and we were soon on our way to the Pan-American Pier. Maybe 15 minutes and $25 plus tip later, the driver dropped us off right next to ship. Check in was quick and easy through an employee only carrying an iPad (we just needed to show the Xpress pass and passports) and lines to get onboard were non-existent at that time. Definitely the easiest check-in I have ever experience while on a cruise. We didn’t do much for the rest of the evening except participating in the emergency drill and getting since dinner in the Oceanview Cafe, where we made the mistake and stopped in the first section getting something to eat from there. We didn’t realize until we had already eaten that there were other sections to the Cafe but we would definitely explore all the options over the course of the next days. (The scale at home clearly did not like the results when we got back but that’s a topic for another day). First impression of our Oceanview cabin (that we were actually able to upgrade through my the bidding program that Celebrity sends) was great- everything seemed new and well appointed. The bed was super comfy and it was spacious overall. The bathroom was also very nice and we never had any issues. The ship also was in great shape and we knew we would have a great vacation laying ahead of us.
  18. ive gathered and reviewed all the positive things so now id like to hear what the negatives or disappointments were as it applies to the ship in general, a veranda room or about NJ as a port
  19. Someone commented in another thread they like that they can drop their carry-ons in their room right away now. What's the deal? Are staterooms open and ready when boarding starts. Heading out soon and in the penthouse. Is it ready to go at boarding time?
  20. Is there Moscato on the Summit? And if yes, is it included in the Classic package?
  21. Was theater seating updated on the recent renovation? Just curious - the rest of the ship looks so different - didn't see any pics of the theater?
  22. We are looking into booking the above cabin. I do remember that someone wrote that there was a sewage odor in this cabin. Has anyone recently stayed in 6134 and if so were there any problems? Thank you in advance.
  23. DH & I have sailed the Solstice ships many times & the show times are typically 7pm &9pm. Never sailed on the Millenium Ships. We just booked my brother on the Summit for July to Bermuda with Select dining. I would like to reserve some nights for them as it’s their 30th Anniversary. Does anyone know if select dining is on deck 4 or 5 & what are the show times? I can’t find any of the Celebrity Today for the Summit. Also had to take cabin 6043 (port forward) as it was the only cabin available that wasn’t Concierge for $700 more!! Not my choice to be so far forward.Hope it will be OK Any info or comments would be much appreciated. Thank You. Paula
  24. though it really applies to any deck/lobby. i'm assuming theres no door between the lobby and the cabins so wondering what kind of noise you hear from the elevator lobby if you have a cabin where you literally come out of the cabin and see the lobby right in front of you? just with about half the deck having to go in front of your cabin it's a tad worrisome been trying to find vid online but cannot yet.
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