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Found 442 results

  1. sullyd


    where are the best outside cabin location?
  2. Hello! I will be sailing this starting on April 4, 2020, and I am wondering how well the WiFi will work on the WiFi plan. I have never been on a cruise before and therefore have no idea. How slow is the internet? Would I be able to watch videos or no? would I be able to call or would I only be able to text? How well would social media work? And also if I’m from the United States would I be able to use my phone as if I’m in the US when I’m in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas? Thank you for any answers I have no idea 😂
  3. Is it 18 and over or 16 and over I’m confused, and this is for the Celebrity Summit
  4. The celebrity app is really nice on here. Able to get reservation for dinner, book an excursion, and open my door with my phone! Also able to chat with my husband when not together. Also, we were on prior to refurbishment and I absolutely love the changes. Vegan selections, a lot of gluten selections in the buffet. Washing stations in buffet are a great idea. Chairs are fine. I have an inside cabin that has a glass shower door with shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Really like everything I see so far!
  5. Any thoughts or feedback on recent Puerto Rico earthquakes? Looking for reassurance from anyone who is there this week. We are scheduled to fly to San Juan on Monday and on Tuesday will sail on Celebrity Summit. I was really looking forward to this trip, but I am so wishing this cruise was leaving from Florida. If we weren't sailing with another couple, I would be tempted to contact our insurance to see if we could cancel! We are frequent cruisers and travelers but have not experienced a situation like this. Thanks.
  6. We saw the show last night. It was sensational and full house. OntarioCruiser
  7. Welcome aboard to all those that choose to follow along on our next adventure. All are welcome and I will try my hardest to answer any qustions and post information that may be helpful to other Cruise Critic Members. We weren't planning on doing another cruise until October but I was bitten by the Cruise Bug. I was browsing the Fishy Site in the "Deals" section and found a really inexpensive Aqua Class Senior rate of $1,199 pp plus 289 Tax & Port for a total of $2,976 for an 11 day New England and Bermuda cruise on June 5. When looking a bit further, I found the June 16 cruise priced about the same. As many of you who have followed our blogs may surmise I am the planner and love planning cruises as much as the cruise itself. Hmmm, how was I going to talk Iain into taking a cruise so close to our last? To my delight Iain was on-board and suggest I book both. These prices included NO PERKS, which was what we were looking for now that we are Zenith and get most of our perks gratis. Our agent was able to have a B2B credit applied as well as offered us $250 OBC for each cruise. I next applied for a Stockholders Credit and was given a partial credit due to receiving the B2B credit.
  8. I saw a video of the family ocean view staterooms and it appears that there is not a mirror above the desk to get ready. We happen to be booked in that exact stateroom (7199) and that would definitely be a problem for me as I do my hair and makeup while everyone else is showering. Do you have any first hand knowledge?
  9. I am looking to see who are the current captain and cruise director for the Celberity Summit thanks in advance
  10. I fell victim to the Cyber Monday sale and booked a 3/20/21 cruise for spring break on the Summit. I didn't run it past my husband first since he's super busy at work catching up from being on vacation for over a week. I emailed him and framed it as I was looking out for his well being because he was super cranky this March because we didn't have a cruise booked this year. I know the Summit sometimes gets chartered during this time frame because a couple years ago we had to resort to sailing Royal since the Summit wasn't in San Juan during the only week we were able to travel. The Summit out of San Juan is our go to for the Caribbean.
  11. Also, is it large enough to fit an Ipad pro? Was wondering if keeping valuables in the safe, particularly cash, is a good idea or bad. Does one simply pay what I would guess will be a large ATM fee ($6.50) to grab cash as we go or should I have the confidence the safe will do what it is intended to do when we are off the ship and away from our room? I guess there are 2 levels of protection, the locked entry door and then the locked safe coupled with Celebrity personnel who have access to the room being screened as trustworthy. Guess I'm just curious what others have done and if an Ipad pro will not fit should I keep it home?
  12. Wondering if anyone has experience staying on the Resort Deck. Noise? Is the proximity to pool area a positive or negative? Considering a March cruise out of San Juan. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know who is the current Cruise Director is on the Summit?
  14. Good day! Has anyone attended the concierge lunch recently? Can you tell me about it? Is it a set time? Will we receive an email or invitation prior to sailing? Typically sail in Aqua Class and this is new to us. Thanks so much for any information!
  15. I have seen from several photos they now have warming trays in the Summit Retreat. What kind of food do they have at the Summit Retreat since the remodel? Is it all day or during certain hours? What do they serve during afternoon Tea? I was hopping to have scones and clotted cream along with finger sandwiches. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. I appologize if this answer is on the forum boards already...I use my phone and I do not see a 'search forum' button. We are sailing soon on the Summit and one of my favorite things to eat is escargot in the main dining room...do they still offer it there? Thanks.
  17. We will be in this cabin and want to know if the sofa is L shape in the living room. thank you in advance.
  18. We booked this while onboard the cruise we just got off of. We only have 573 days to go and I’m already excited! 😂 We will be doing a Southern Caribbean out of San Juan. The gentleman that helped us book this cruise said this suite was better than the other Sky Suites. Our friends had a sky suite on this cruise so we know what they look like, but does anyone have a picture of 6145? We tried to see it before getting off today, but they wouldn’t let us. Also, we were shocked at how fast everything to do with debarkation went. We’ve never experienced anything like it before! No dealing with customs, no passports, just a photo and we were off. It was literally less than 5 minutes! Is that because we only went to Bermuda? We are accustomed to long lines waiting to clear customs.
  19. Very excited about my first penthouse suite experience next month. I am curious about amenities and opportunities. I see there is a kitchen and wine fridge. Can I ask for wine/liquor to be stocked? Is any of this included with the penthouse suite, or am I purchasing it? Is there a way to make requests about what we want stocked in advance? Or do we just make the request with our butler after boarding?
  20. I just noticed that my April 4, 2020 Cruise from San Juan does not depart until 8:30 PM, so I’m just wondering what time I am able to/should get in line by, this is my first cruise as well so feel free to walk me through how it all works 🙂
  21. Anyone know? Will Summit dock at Crown Bay or Havensight in St. Thomas?
  22. I've posted this in the East Coast Departure forum as well. Can anyone tell me if I can comfortably make a 10:30 flight out of EWR following a Bermuda cruise on Summit? The itinerary says we arrive at 8:00, which seems awfully late. I've not cruised from Bayonne before, so I'm not sure if that's just some padding built into the schedule. Thanks for any help.
  23. I just wanted to know if I can get a sunburn/tan in the solarium. It just looks like a really nice area that’s also bright but I’m just wondering if I even need sunscreen or not, like do the windows block out UV light? ... thank you!
  24. I'm debating whether to check in for our September cruise on the Summit the old fashioned way via Celebrity's web site, or whether to use the new Celebrity app for check in. I have read some older posts about using the app to check in (one was a horror story), but am hoping folks can provide recent experiences checking in via the app. Any problems? Any benefits to using the app versus checking in on line? Also, the fine print for the app says "Expedited Arrival is available to select guests" using the app. Any intel on this would be appreciated. Does it just mean that "Expedited Arrival" is available to the guests on the ships for which the app has been activated, or only to certain guests on those ships? If any recent Summit cruisers can comment on "Expedited Arrival," that would be great. (I can't say I've ever had a real problem getting on a Celebrity ship....) Thanks for any advice and info!
  25. So, after some hemming and hawing, I finally decided to book LPC on our upcoming Summit cruise. I checked yesterday and it appeared to be completely booked for our sailing and I thought I would contact shoreside (we are in a Celebrity Suite), to see if they could fit us in somewhere. I then checked again this morning and LPC isn't even listed as an option on our cruise anymore. Ironically, Qsine is still listed, but, of course, no times are available. Is there something going on with LPC on the Summit?!
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