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Found 442 results

  1. What are the advantages / differences between these two classes. Are there any disadvantages to the Aqua class other than most cabins being under the hangover?
  2. Are there any Aqua Suite Cabins on Summit that don't have the overhang on deck 9? Are deck 9 cabins noisy in the morning?
  3. - Embarkation We had priority embarkation, so even though it said we were to arrive at 1, we arrived at 10. Dropped our luggage, parked the car, and entered the cattle call. We were a bit nervous being this was the first time sailing without passports. Ours expired 5 years ago. Showed the lady our BC and DL, and we went through. I mentioned that I didn't know if it mattered if we were Concierge Class. She said YOU KNOW IT MATTERS and led us right to the second row of seats. They started boarding at 11:15 and we were on that ship in minutes. Went straight to our room, dropped our stuff, evaluated the room and balcony, and it was off to the Lido. Well, sadly, no lido. Just "DEAK TEN". Eventually, we made it to the OC. Although we were offered sit down lunch, my group decided we would do the Buffet. Usually I prefer to head straight there AFTER checking out my room and then having my first FOO FOO, my party sort of disseminated, so first in line never happened. I found the quality of the food to be a bit sub par, but ample. That changed as the week proceeded luckily. After lunch, I was pleased to see our luggage outside our cabin, so I donned my suit and made it up to that VERY LOUD pool. - Muster Drill Now this was interesting. Having done 24 previous drills, I knew what to expect, but I would have been lost if I never had. It was kind of a big secret. It was also the first time I didn't need to don a jacket or put one on. I've known about this for a few years reading CC. But it was interesting how they scanned everyone's card, making sure EVERYONE attended. My wife was one of those that never went, and ended up hiding in the bathroom or the balcony. But she went to this one. And although our muster station was in the vicinity of our cabin down a few decks, I found it odd having a lifeboat completely fore, when our cabin was completely aft. - Sailaway No clue what time it was scheduled for, but I was sitting on my balcony around 3:45 when I noticed we were moving. There was some announcement that we were to be sailing past the SOL. I thought I heard it wrong, and thought they were using extreme language knowing she was hanging out there on the left, but sure enough, we made a left hand turn and sailed UP the Hudson to the Statue. The QM2 was also in Red Hook, so we got some good views of her as well. We stopped for photo ops of Ms. Liberty, then suddenly we were turning 180 degrees and were now facing the VNB, with a bunch of educated cruisers on this sailing. Not one person was heard calling it the GWB. And shortly thereafter, out to sea. - DINNER: We were scheduled for early seating at 6, but somehow, that first night, was at 5:15. A bit early, but we went at that scheduled time, and the doors were closed with a long line. Eventually they opened, and we were led to our table, rear aft port, in the center of that area. Had great views port and aft when the shades were up. It was also the first time we noticed a bit of rocking. Odd that we watched people arriving at their table past 6. But our service was never interrupted, so I didn't have an issue. I also noticed that, although it specifically said no ball caps or shorts allowed, every night, except chic, shorts seemed to be allowed or unnoticed. Personally, I would have loved to be wearing shorts all those non chic nights. I had asked prior to my cruise if you could order multiple starters and entrees, and was told yes. So that first meal I did, and boy was I glad. Celebrities portions are SMALL! And I never left the table hungry. Service was GREAT. We had both an efficient waiter and busboy/assistant. In fact, watching all the servers, they all hustled their butts off. We also had a pleasant somalier and bar waiter, but they were inconsistent in charging for Cappuccinos. The rest of the week's dining time was listed as 5:30. Second night, again, doors closed with a long line. The rest of the week we showed up at 5:45, and never waited in line again. Still also observed people showing up extremely late, but no bother to my service, so I didn't care. Following dinner we noticed the entertainment was already engaged in the theatre. Somehow, the concept of early dinner syncing with late show escaped us. We tried so hard to go with the X app, but were so happy when we started getting hard copy event listings. BTW, while home, my wife asked if I wanted to throw a bottle of Bacardi in the suitcase. I told her I assumed Celebrity was strict, and kept the alcohol if found. When we were unpacking, my wife pulled out a full bottle of Tito's. I guess she showed me. - ENTERTAINMENT: It was refreshing to see live entertainment once again. And a live band. The only thing we thought was poor was the dancers. The choreo was good, but the execution, not so good. The singers were all fabulous. The acrobats were also excellent. The rest of the week we had a repeat of the first group doing a different show (SOUNDTRACK), a singer (Laura Wright) from Vegas, A singer/comedian named Jesse Hamilton Jr.,, and another comedian who I found to be a bit racist. He was also unaware (I hope) of the El Paso shooting, while making jokes about Walmart. I wish I had walked out when I first had the inclination. Drink service was good, and there wasn't a bad bottle neck at shows end, although we did run when the lights came on. Although I was disappointed there were no broadcast TV available, I was thrilled they offered FoxNews. They also offered MSNBC.There was no CNN to be found. - DAY 2 SEA DAY Early morning and first day at sea found our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet. It was actually the first one I signed up for and attended. Not sure what to expect, but I was quite surprised at the poor turnout. I don’t think more than ten of the registered 45 people even showed up. But more surprising was finding the Captain, the officers, and the Cruise Director all in attendance. Rich spoke of Celebrity things, and coffee and light refreshments were served. There was one woman visiting each of the guests, who stated she was an active poster in CC as well as a contributor to the CC roll call. Being this was our first Celebrity cruise, I wanted to check out the MDR breakfast that first morning. I was quite pleased with the service and selections, including the made to order omelet option. Having done that, the rest of the week we did breakfast in the cafe After breakfast, and every sea day, we set up camp at the raised area between the two pools. Also, by now, I would have explored all corners of the ship, but that just never happened. It even took leaving Bermuda to make it up to deck 12, but got there during the non crowd times. Got some nice views of one set set, and the sail in under the bridge. But I never found the heart of the ship. To me it's the casino area (although not a gambler) or a promenade, which doesn't exist. I did resort to using the outside promenade on deck 4, but that was quick lonely, as well as a partial smoking area. An odd design of these pools is the loud skimmers of the filtration system. Quite annoying and over the top noisy, especially when IN the pool. My party was thrilled to find a service ice station upon boarding, and even more thrilled and shocked to see it open and serving the whole week! A nice touch I may add. I visited it myself a few times in the course of the week. Upon returning to our cabin that night, my daughter, who was sleeping in the pull out, was a bit distressed to find a bug in her "bed". I went over, and found a second. I collected them and went to the concierge. Emotionless, she picks up the phone and tells someone we have bed bugs. "Someone will come to our room." Some 30 to 60 minutes later someone shows up, and immediately starts telling me how bugs can get in the room. Then he starts educating me about bedbugs. I let him quickly know IT WAS HIS PERSON BEHIND THE COUNTER that called them that. I guess he thought I needed an education. Never once asked to see the bugs, he gets someone to come and change the sheets and examine the couch. I requested they do the same to our bed, which they did. The bugs remained in the glass for the duration of our cruise. By now, I was surprised how smooth sailing this class ship was. We were however going very slow, but even on the return trip, the ship and seas were smooth as glass. We also were following some ship off in the distance, mysteriously and silently leading the way. We eventually came to understand this was the Norwegian Escape. Their passengers told us they were curious as well as to who was following them. They were in port with us in Bermuda the entire 3 days. - DINNER CHIC NIGHT Kinda glad to see formal gone. No suit. Not Tux. No tie. LOVED IT. At least we knew beforehand what was expected. - DAY 3 SEA DAY CHILL OUT DAY. Calm before the storm. Tomorrow: BERMUDA! TBC
  4. Greeting's CCs, Finally got around to working on the video for our wedding onboard the Celebrity Summit back in 2013. If you've ever wondered what a wedding on a cruise ship is like, this is the video for you. Enjoy and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos. We have other videos from sailings with Viking, Oceania, Cunard and of course Celebrity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrululmP_wI
  5. Sitting at Rainbow Beach in St Croix while I post. This is our 5th time on the Summit. The ship is gorgeous overall and love the new color scheme. Unfortunately it wasn’t very well thought out and doesn’t function. More on this below. I’ll start of with the good. Alexandra in the Retreat is absolutely the best. Great personality. Always smiling and engaging. Always willing to go above and beyond. Jess the Retreat concierge has been lovely and helpful but haven’t had the need to utilize her much. Cabin 6146. Love the overall color scheme and bath BUT......biggest issue was the a/c didn’t work. They replaced the thermostat, but DH said where is the vent???? They covered up the ceiling but forgot the vent. So today while we’re at the beach, they will be opening up the ceiling😳 The balcony furniture is horrid. Just one small cafeteria style table with 2 wooden hard classroom chairs. A cushioned bench. We received 2 lounge chairs after complaining several times. Flipped the bench width wise on the balcony and moved it to the other side so you could have the table in front of it with the two chairs we won’t sit in. We are trying to get a new table and the mesh style chairs that the other cabins have. I’ve seen them in Aqua and FV. The full size size couch didn’t come in so there is just an oversized chair that pulls out to a bed. No coffee table. I was told they want you to utilize the ship not cabin. When I asked where you have breakfast room service or the afternoon snacks. I was told no more afternoon snacks. They want you to utilize the Retreat Lounge that has snacks and bites out all day. We told the butler that we want the snacks in the cabin at 4. We’ll see if they come today. The storage is very limited and not enough especially drawer space. Only 2 drawers. The rest of the storage is behind doors that has shelves. It is underneath counters and low so you have to open the doors and bend. Bath. There is no place to hold the soap, shampoo, razors and conditioner etc. They are resting on the floor of the shower so you have to bend down each time to use. The shave bar is located on the wrong side so the water is coming down your front and in your face when shaving. If located on the opposite side which it should be then the water would drip down your back. Also no rain head shower head. Just a handheld. A hook would be great for a bath this size to hang a towel. The person in the cabin before us spilled coffee the butler said when brought up, and there is a large coffee stain on the floor as soon as you come in. Seriously. No effort to remove it. The cabin has only been used 2x previously before us. Also the stain is large enough that it looks like a pot was spilled. As soon as you walk in there is a huge brown stain on the gray carpet at your feet. Lovely. The desk isnt that great. No side drawers and just 2 draws underneath that aren’t even deep enough to hold my makeup mirror in. In fact I actually went out and bought the battery operated light up makeup mirror that used to come in the SS in that drawer. The hair dryer is in the closet in a shelf since it doesn’t fit in the drawer. And, that chair is awful, plastic and hard. It doesn’t fit under the desk. To just check yourself in the mirror before you run out or for whatever you have to push the chair out because you can’t lean over the desk because the chair sticks out. I removed all the Kelly Hoppen coral, plants, vases etc and put them away. The poor room cactus is sitting in a drawer. The cactus on the balcony table is on the balcony floor. There is just no room for them. Cruise cabins are small. They just don’t work. Overall the cabin looks nice but the furnishings are not comfortable or functional. Bed is nice though. Slept great. Oh, there is a small sewer smell coming from the floor drain in the bath and out on the balcony. Nothing overwhelming but you can mildly smell it. More on on the ship and Butler later. Will post pictures if I can. I will do my best to answer questions.
  6. Has anyone been notified this cruise has been cancelled/affected due to the ship being chartered? The jazz cruise website shows the ship will be used for an 8nt sailing from 1//13/22 to 1/21/22. I was very excited to book this cruise as we had never been to St Vincent and now seems it's a no go 😪 I read another post re: poster received call from Celebrity that their Infinity 2/26/22 was cancelled due to a charter so I'm curious if anyone got a call from Celebrity for this Summit sailing. We're booked with a TA and have not heard anything yet.
  7. My wife and I have recently returned from the 14-day New England/Canada cruise aboard the “revolutionized” Summit that departed Cape Liberty on September 8, 2019. This was our fifth cruise on Celebrity, and our second on an M-class ship. We sailed on the Infinity back in 2013, and she was fairly worn and in need of updating back then, so we were very much looking forward to seeing what the “revolution” had brought to the Summit. In the posts that follow, I will give my thoughts about the ship (including food, dining, entertainment, etc.), as well as the itinerary, and of course I’ll be happy to answer any questions that I can. (the Summit anchored in Bar Harbor, by turtles06)
  8. The title says it all. What did Celebrity do with the Normandie memorabilia that used to be placed at the entrance of the Normandie restaurant (original wall panel, etc) and the Normandie statue in the MDR? Thanks
  9. We are 90% Princess cruisers and like the Atrium as a 'hub' on their ships. We enjoyed one cruise on Celebrity Reflection but felt common areas were a little chopped up. Looking at a cruise on Celebrity Summit - layout looks different on their site, Is Summit a different class from Reflection ?
  10. By chance, does anyone know where the window washing platform is located on deck 8? We’re considering a C2, 8046 and 8048. Back in 2015, the window washing platform was outside 8048, ruining the aft view for both of those cabins. Anyone have more up to date information?
  11. Seems that the Summit has been chartered for the 13 Feb 2021 cruise. LGBT cruise company is taking over the whole ship. Second time we've been bumped from Summit. Anyone know what the latest offer for a NONVOLUNTARY bump is? Thanks, g3
  12. Do some of our knowledgeable Summit cruisers know who the new Captain other than Capt. Matt is ? Know one of my favorites Capt. Ioannis I believe is now on Millie.
  13. Are any of the beds in a standard balcony cabin on the Summit located near the veranda instead of the bathroom? I searched the spreadsheet but could not find one near the veranda. TIA
  14. Very small! Veranda is tiny. But convenient. These are the added cabins where salon used to be. Can see why downgraded to verandas.
  15. I am interested to find out more about the new Deck 10 Aquaclass cabins on Revolutionized M Class ships. Anything good or bad about the location? Could you open up between balconies? Was the hallway private or were there people wandering in from the public areas nearby?
  16. All, I've writing over on FB about the cruise that I should have boarded yesterday, and a few people asked me to post here as well. Hope it bring a laugh or two...
  17. Hoping everyone can open this link. Video credit: Dan France
  18. Anyone know the reason for the Summit beginning a voyage today to Freeport, Bahamas? She has been anchored for a while off the west FL coast. The only thing I can think of is a possible dry dock situation. Thoughts from the boards? Celebrity Cruises response?
  19. It’s in our local news, but I haven’t seen any comments from Celebrity, or otherwise. Have passengers been notified that Feb 29/Mar 01? sailing of Summit had a post-cruise case? https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/two-more-cases-of-covid-19-confirmed-in-waterloo-region-1.4849266?fbclid=IwAR27udkywJsmEXXNyvfaRlGvRQwVx9q02AoS6n4wmVq5DVKFz3gOh3Nq-0U "In one case, a female in her 60s who had been aboard a Celebrity Cruise acquired the virus. Public Health officials say the cruise left Puerto Rico on March 1, and visited St. Thomas, St. Martin, Barbados, Dominique and Grenada before returning home to Puerto Rico on March 7. The woman was reportedly asymptomatic when she was travelling and self-isolated at home when her symptoms developed."
  20. Hey everyone, I hope that all of you are doing well post cruise! I am wondering if any of you are in the same situation as my family. On March 14th, there was an initial announcement made for any travelers who had flights leaving from San Juan on March 14th before Noon (additional times were later announced as well) to come to Customer Relations. We were told to book alternate travel from San Juan and that we would be refunded for the cost. We booked new flights from San Juan for later that day as well as a hotel for that night and these purchases were approved by Celebrity with receipts provided to staff. When the announcement was later made that we would be sailing to Florida instead on March 16, we were NOT able to cancel our new bookings for March 14th from San Juan as phone lines for travel services were very busy. We later booked new flights from Miami to home in Canada on March 16. To our surprise, we have been told that we now may not be refunded for the bookings from San Juan, and may only be refunded for the less expensive flights from Miami to Canada. We haven't had much luck in getting more information from Celebrity other than to send our receipts and that we might not get our money back as promised. I would be interested to know if anyone else is in the same boat and how you have been getting along in your communication with Celebrity, as so far the communication has not been as reassuring as it was onboard. Thank you!
  21. Has anyone done Facebook Live on the Summit Cape Liberty - Bermuda??? Pro Photographer, serious question. New iPhone 11 Pro Max, love to test it's capabilities on the Summit. We normally shoot Stills & Video, the new cutting edge iPhone 11 Pro Max is stunning, photography wise. CaptDave
  22. Last year we cruised in May after Celebrity did the renovation on the Summit. We noted they took out the large couch and put in a useless large chair. They also removed the table from the cabin so you have to drag in the balcony table (also smaller than before) into the cabin to put the food tray on when you order from room service. Many Summit passengers had commented that they were disappointed with these changes. Have they provided a table in the room yet? Or put the couches back? Would love to know if they made these improvements as we sail on the Summit again in about 2 months. Thanks for any information.
  23. Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you find the review helpful as you anticipate or consider your next sailing. http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=5401814548bd390046853c90f8a571e1c14ad3a93250696beba015ac980dcb45f4369e7a6f34d949c028db16eee1c3bbdcdfa65d1e56c310f647dc3f9dbe818e May your sailing be smooth ahead!
  24. Wondering if anyone out there was on the March 7 Summit out of San Juan. Since we were not allowed to disembark in Puerto Rico we had to sail an extra 2 days to Fort Lauderdale. The captain announced we would all receive a 50% refund as well as 50% off a future cruise. As of now have not received any info from Celebrity. I realize they are swamped but wondered if there is something I need to do/ or if anyone has heard from them. Thanks in advance for any help.
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