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Found 224 results

  1. Greetings. We are due to embark on the Koningsdam in 22 days. I have been watching to see if the photo package became available online, and today, it popped up as an option under Indulgences. It is almost double the price we paid two years ago, though, which surprised me. Can anyone who has been on the Kdam recently confirm whether there are different packages available (we don't need the 8x10 prints as I do digital scrapbooks of our trips), and give me an idea of the prices? As a family of 6, I value the group photos we usually get on our cruises, but the current price quoted ($289USD) surprised me compared to previous trips. Thanks to anyone with any information/recommendations!
  2. We dislike those short 7 night cruises ,so we booked ( 2 ) 7 night cruises ,going to the same destination on Koningsdam .My thinking is the MDR & lido menus & the entertainment will be the same for both cruises .If we miss some entertainment on the first cruise we can see it or hear it on the 2nd cruise We had sailed a prior 10 night cruise on Koningdam & love this ship Has any one done this before & how did you fell about the 2 cruises after disembarkation ? TIA
  3. Just looking for opinions from you all (southern a little) on whether or not you feel crowded on these ships. My DH and I have been on the Zaandam twice and the Nieuw Amsterdam once but that was only for 3 nights. Thanks
  4. Hi. Does anyone have any comments or pictures of the oversized balconies towards the aft on deck 4? VBs I think Please and thank you.
  5. Does anyone have photos or cabin layout ? Very difficult to find info for this specific cabin type. Looks like you can’t really watch TV as behind the sofa and on the wall to the side of where the bed faces.
  6. I am considering a cruise on the Koningsdam In October. I will be a traveling solo and looking for some advice on cabin selection. I am looking at booking an inside cabin do to cost of paying single supplement. There appears to be a good selection of cabins to choose from on decks from 4-8 and aft, mid and fwd. Can someone suggest a deck and pros/cons of location. My understanding is there is less motion midship
  7. Hello, I thought this maybe helpful to some. I recently stayed in cabin 1111 on the Koningsdam's July 17th Midnight Sun Cruise (I have a full review of the sailing in the member review section) Cabin 1111 is a category I large/standard interior stateroom. This particular stateroom is considered a large room (but not all rooms in category I are large). Cabin 1111 measured around 185 square feet and the extra room really is in the entry. Shower space was excellent, the TV was wonderful (complimentary on-demand shows and movies), comfy bed, bedside USB and plugs, and lots of storage. The room could have used a chair. I heard some noise from the public floor above but nothing major. My friend was down a few doors in cabin 1101 and heard some vibrations from music venues until 11pm or so. See the link below for some pictures:
  8. We are going on Koningsdam in March and will be using a handicap room. We are doing Vista Suites. Has anyone used HC on this ship?
  9. We sailed on Koningsdam last year and I heard some creaking at night in the wall near my side of the bed. We were in cabin 4043, which is one of the sideways oriented cabins and the bed was against the wall with cabin 4041 (I was in the top right corner of the cabin when looking at the attached deck plan). I just read a review from someone who was on board this March and he complained about creaking in cabin 4057 which is a normally oriented cabin (his review is titled "Room 4057 - The Creaking Room"). I recently booked another cruise on Koningsdam so I'm wondering how prevalent this problem is and whether I'll run into it again. I booked a VF guarantee this time so I won't be in VH (both 4043 and 4057 are VH) and won't be in that immediate area. Is this only a problem on cabins in that area of deck 4, or is it a problem on other decks as well? I could potentially end up on deck 4 again since there are also VB and VF cabins there (but at the front and aft of the ship). I also wonder how aware HAL is of this situation and whether it's a problem on Nieuw Statendam as well.
  10. Well, we are now in Valetta, Malta and I have a couple of minutes to give you a small update regarding what is happening on HAL’s largest... * The welcome Aboard buffet on Lido Market was absolutely stunning. FRESH Oysters, crablegs, clams, razor clams, etc etc. For us at least a first to see this onboard a HAL vessel that is doing a regular cruise. * Food is the best we have seen on HAL. The MDR serves delicious menus, lots if lamb by the way and portions that are large enough. The Sushi for lunch at Lido Market has been greatly improved and even includes sashimi and very inventive, attractive choices made by the Nami sushi chef. Not sure if other vessels have seen the same imorovement. * Service: mixed bag here. Most crew is as always HAL-friendly but we have seen some overworked crew and some grumpy crew as well, which is not normal for HAL. In the MDR, head waiters, assistant Maitre D’s and Maitre D’s are noted for their total absence except running around. * The Signature Beverage Package: UNLIMITED. I say again, UNLIMITED NON- alcoholic drinks. The 15 beverage limit is ONLY VALID FOR ALCOHOLIC DRINKS. ANY drink of 11$ or less is included. except large bottles of Evian or San Pelegrino ( and those are currently also included as no-more Perrier onboard) I trust that this settles the discussion once and for all. * NO surcharge for a second main dish although portions are plenty. * Pinnacle grill serves amazing food. new items are great. my Filet steak was fork tender and of excellent taste. Maybe a tad dryer than the absolute best South African and Arentinian beef ( best beef in the World without antibiotics and hormones). * Orange Party seems to become a new tradition. bring Orange on your next cruise .
  11. I notice some unusually shaped V category cabins on Koningsdam such as 8031 and 8136. These cabins are on the back of the forward and aft "humps" and seem to have an extra triangular shaped area at the balcony end of the room. Does anyone have any experience of these cabins or know whether there might be any extra furniture in that space? Looking at deckplans for other HAL ships (Eurodam for instance), the cabins with that extra space seem to be accessible cabins, but the ones on Koningsdam are not. Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share with this HAL newbie :)
  12. We are looking at the 17 day Hawaii sailing on the Koningsdam. Ship looks beautiful and we are leaning towards cabin V7109. Any info to share on this itinerary and any pictures on this cabin?
  13. We booked B2B Dec 5 & 12 th 2020 cruises in the same cabin on Koningsdam . We have sailed on this ship before & it is a wonderful ship .My question is will we be bored on the 2nd cruise of Dec 12th . The only port we usually get off the ship is Mazatlan to buy a few things , We have been to bothy Cabo & PV many times in the past Thoughts or recommendations ?
  14. I was looking into booking a B2B on the Koningsdam in the fall of 2020 but don't see any cruises listed for the week of Sept 26 - Oct 3 of that year. Does anyone know what is happening that particular week. She is in Vancouver on 9/26 and in San Diego on 10/3. Is she chartered? It does seem to be an awfully short dry dock with a re-positioning to boot. Hmmm?
  15. I just booked a cruise on the Koningsdam on deck 7. I understand the bathrooms are very small. Someone said the toilet is at an angle and you hit the shower door when your on it. Anyone have any comments on this. Thanks for your input.
  16. We’re sailing in July and would love to hear your thoughts on the specialty dining options onboard Koningsdam, including the pop ups like Cellar Masters Dinner and De Librije. We’ve previously sailed on the NA in Alaska and enjoyed both PG and Tamarind.
  17. We have booked a cruise on this ship for December 2019. We are two star mariners and this will be our fifth cruise on Holland America. For the first time we have booked an inside (sideways) cabin. So we are exploring the cabana rentals on the Koningsdam and have a couple of questions. If you have had one would you recommend booking for the entire week? Based on the layout what is the best cabana retreat to book for a couple based on total peace, relaxation, and of course the best views? DId you enjoy the perks included with the rental? IF we book now and change our mind would we get a full refund $ or an onboard credit? Thanks for your time.
  18. It's been a few years since our last cruise on Holland, and it may very well have been our last. For reference, the cruise date was March 17, 10 days to ABC islands with other ports. It appears that Holland, and rightfully so, has embarked on a campaign to reduce food waist. In the Lido restaurant they now dispense the food rather than allow self serve. Great idea. Some Holland ships are testing the idea of charging for an additional entree in the main dining room. Bad idea. They don't seem to care about the dietary needs of those desiring no sugar added desserts. Bad idea. No sugar free dessert on the chocolate parade featured on the 9th evening of the cruuse. Bad decision. But most appalling of all was the extra charge for a second entree in a specialty restaurant where we had already paid $25 pp for dinner. Overall, the food and service were just ok, but the shows were not. They have cut back to where there were no singers, only dancers for the production shows. The was only 2 production shows with encore performances in the last two nights. There was four shows, a comedian, ventriloquist, magician and singer, that were basically average. The music walk was ok. Reading this review, one might ask why would this be your last cruise on Holland. well here's why. Holland used to be just a little better than the competition. In my opinion they have lowered themselves to meet a lower expectation. They are using the spirit airlines approach of nickel and diming themselves to profitability. They used to distinguish themselves by making their mostly repeat customers feel special. That's no longer true. I can sail on Royal or Norwegian or any of the other average cruise lines of I want average. That was not my expectations.
  19. On now for 22 day voyage. Internet has been out for six of the last 8 days. I addressed it to the captain last night and he said he was unaware of it before talking to some other people a few moments before I spoke to him. Many guests were upset. It is working now and I hope it keeps working but this is unacceptable for a relatively new ship especially since I paid a premium price for it. I did get a refund for the days it was offline but the internet manager seems overwhelmed and unable to get a handle on the problem.
  20. Hello, Could anyone please let me know which of the SB Neptune aft wrap cabins on the Koningsdam is your favorite, and why. I would really appreciate any insights and information you might have. Thanks, Michael
  21. So, apparently a crew member in the photo department tried to start an international incident in Gibraltar today. Poor Captain - probably had no idea that it happened, but the Hotel Director has no excuse since that department falls under him. Whoopsies! https://crew-center.com/cruise-ship-captain-apologizes-after-posting-wrong-sign-gibraltar?fbclid=IwAR3BuLfRWJC3Do5LH1AEQEQ07Xm7BEXJzBUpPDC8DMK17cl8N-rF0faiLBA
  22. Hello! Will cruise this fall on Ms Koningsdam, cabin V8032 and i was hoping someone here can answer my questions:) 1-Any pictures of the sofa bed (opened!) 2-According to deck plans, cabin and balcony seems a little bigger due to the location of the cabin, is that really the case? Thanks!
  23. Hi all. We are returning to HAL after a couple of Princess cruises, and for the first time, will be on one of HAL's larger ships (the Koningsdam). One of the things that jumped out at me as unique about the Kdam, besides the size, is the Coca Cola Freestyle fountain machines. My husband and I are not big soda drinkers (but will be spending plenty at the bars on other beverages), but the kids all are. I would rather not pay for soda pop package for all 6 of us if I don't have to, but also am aware that the three of my four kids prefer the taste of diet soda. What soda options would be available on the Koningsdam if I gifted them $50 fountain soda cards instead of doing the package? The full "Freestyle" gamut, or just a select few? Anyone know which diet pops would be included? Thanks so much for any help you can provide.
  24. Koningsdam 9nt 20th-29th April 2019. We stayed in a Vista Suite but decided to add Club Orange when it became available and we are so happy we did. A part from the priority boarding which was very helpful, I cannot really say that the other perks was of such a value BUT the entire restaurant experience both for breakfast and dinner was absolutely amazing so I will focus the review on that. The service is fast, really good, but also very relaxed. It really shows that the crew enjoy working at the place and overall it has a club feel. Loved the open seating with absolutely no wait time either at breakfast or dinner. It truly was a walk in and get service right away. Were got invited to Pinnacle on day 8 and it was so so. Service lacked and food was ok and we really missed Club orange. Chef keeping the kitchen absolute spot-less which is nice in an open kitchen environment For breakfast complimentary mimosas are served but we enjoyed the cappuccinos a bit more 😉 First night a glass of bubbly was served in the evening. The two high tops towards the open kitchen gives you an excellent view of what the chef is cooking up and we had some great conversations with the chef also. For the breakfast it's basically the breakfast menu served in the MDR, but the food felt fresher, warmer and it was nice seeing the food come directly from the chef a couple of feet away. The evening menu is the same as in the MDR with the exception of a wonderful MacNCheese and the daily special. The always steak/chicken/salmon is also prepared a la minute, and that is a big take away from this. Everything is served right off the grill/stove/whatever and it makes customization really easy. The best part is the daily special and for the 9nt it started with the Peruvian chicken (probably one of my all-time favorite dishes) and with new dishes for seven nights we started over on day 8 with the same Peruvian chicken so the order below is the order we received the dishes. I would highly recommend Club Orange and for the fortunate enough sailing in Neptune and Pinnacle this is a real enhancement to the dining experience. I would absolutely book it again and in the end I felt the 50USD upcharge was worth it. 7nt menu Peruvian chicken Braised short ribs mole Pork chop baby tomahawk Cream linguine with shrimp Scallops with grits Short ribs with polenta Coq au vin Chef and the Peruvian Chicken Braised short ribs mole Pork chop baby tomahawk Cream linguine with shrimp Scallops with grits Short ribs with polenta Coq au vin
  25. Spendin some time on the big K-dam from Ft. Lauderdale with stops at Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Amber Cove, Kralendijk, Willemstad and Oranjestad
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