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Found 73 results

  1. We are considering a cruise on the Maasdam later in the year and are wondering about entertainment on board. Are there shows in the Lounge? We know about the lectures etc which should be very interesting, but I read somewhere else where someone complained about the lack of entertainment. Can someone who has recently been on the Maasdam tell me about it, please?
  2. Hello one and all. My DW and I will be sailing on the HAL Maasdam out of Sydney, AUS on December 23, 2019 through January 6, 2020, around Southern Australia. Anyone else going to be onboard this cruise? Anyone have suggestions for non-HAL excursions/explorations at the various ports? I just figured I would make this post to provide a thread for discussions regarding this trip. Looking forward to exchanging ideas with fellow travelers, and meeting up with you onboard in December.
  3. With an unusual visit to Juneau, Maasdam gives us three HAL ships to watch. Nieuw Amsterdam will be at the CT dock from 1300-2200. Eurodam will be at the AS dock from 1300-2300. Maasdam will be tendering from 1400-2300. Also in port are Ruby Princess at the FKL dock from 1100-2215 and Solstice at the AJ dock from 1330-2200. We are back to typical weather in Juneau with a 90% chance of rain (1/4 inch predicted) and a high of only 56F/13C and a low of 52F/11C. Sunrise is at 3:53 am and sunset at 10:02 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Oosterdam on Tuesday.
  4. Please share your experiences of the first Alaska Explorer cruise. Since this anew approach by Holland America, I am curious as to what to expect. How where the speakers, how many a day and the entertainment? Did they have the Orange Celebration? Was the Pinnacle open for lunch? Has the cost or the menu changed?
  5. Here are highlights including Dolphins, a shark attack, Sting rays & Manta rays....the 24 night cruise in 20 minutes! Hope you enjoy the scenery.... so , ‘Welcome Aboard ... again! Youtube link:
  6. Anyone know how many regular US outlets are in Oceanview cabins (not Lanai) on the walking deck, where head of bed is up against window. Hubby has a CPAP machine to plug in. I am sure there is 1 or 2 at the desk. We will need to plug in chargers for my cell phone & tablet, plus run the CPAP machine. We may also be bringing his SoClean machine too. (In case I decide on an upsell & end up in a Lanai or Verandah, how many & where are outlets in those cabins.) THANKS FOR THE HELP!
  7. I’m looking at these 14 day cruises and they are intriguing to me. Is it worth getting a window cabin and forgoing a balcony to experience this cruise?
  8. While the new Explorations in Depth cruises sound very interesting, I have read that while some “traditional” activities eg night time big show productions and art auctions have ceased, the usual trivia and bingo games remain, but no mention has been made of whether painting classes are still offered.
  9. Sorry - another silly cabin question. Have had success with magnets on the newer ships, but not on the Amsterdam, so thought that might be the case also on the Maasdam.. Wondering if anyone remembers if one can use magnets on the Maasdam cabin walls. I like to put up maps, some pictures, etc.
  10. Do the bathrooms in the Lanai Stateroom Catagorey have 110 Volt outlets for items such as WaterPicks/ToothBrushes/etc?
  11. Maasdam will be making a rare Sunday appearance in Juneau. She will be tendering from 1400-2300. Also in port are Island Princess at the FKL dock from 0630-1600, Ovation OTS at the AS dock from 0700-2100, Millennium at the AJ dock from 0900-2100, and Grand Princess at the CT dock from 1330-2200. Another nice day in Juneau (in fact, the whole week is looking good) with a 0% chance of rain and a high of 67F/19C and a low of 44F/7C. Sunrise is at 4:24 am and sunset at 9:24 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: the Signature Sisters on Monday.
  12. We are considering the 21 night Alaska itinerary leaving end of May, so VERY soon! Will call PCC tomorrow morning. So please help me with some reassurance: I'm expecting that Maasdam will have multiple EXC lecturers aboard, in spite of recent changes occurring. Will they only have presentations on the 4 Sea Days of a 21-day cruise? Might they also have presentations on the glacier cruising days? Probably not on port days unless in the evening? DH would be very disappointed if there was no classical music, so I'm hoping Maasdam will at least have Adagio, but probably not Lincoln Center musicians. The one Zodiac tour I saw listed in the shore excursions for this itinerary was the only Zodiac tour, and it was limited by age to 75... is this the case for all Zodiac tours? Thinking they may add some Zodiac tours...? We have been on Maasdam many nights but not for 5 years, so not since EXC. Many thanks for the last minute help! Maureen
  13. Hearing a few different things. Anybody know? BTW The AFT pool is on Navigation Deck not Lido Deck. Thanks in Advance
  14. The Maasdam will be in Alaska in September 2020 and in Australia in December 2020, but there are no cruises listed on hollandamerica.com for October and November. I would assume dry dock, but how is she going to get from Alaska to Australia?
  15. From reading the information on Sydney, it appears that there are 3 different ports where cruise ships dock for embarkation and disembarkation. My wife and I just booked the 14 day Sydney cruise on the Maasdam, departing on December 23, 2019, and returning in January 6, 2020. We will need to make hotel reservations for one or more nights before the cruise departs, and want to consider proximity to actual port, amongst other considerations when selecting a hotel. Does anyone know which port the Maasdam will dock at for this trip?
  16. Out here in the deep Pacific (5400ft) it is as calm as a mill pond, making our way towards SAN Francisco from Auckland. some of the best sunsets we have experienced. enjoy the pics: Bora Bora-Moorea-Equator ceremony-Nuku Hiva-Rangiroa
  17. Considering the Maasdam for next year but have never been on her. We've seen AC issues, questionable food quality, etc. from the past. Am looking at Promenade forward for cabins--actually the little sets of three cabins between doors to promenade deck. Can someone with recent experience tell us what is the current condition/experience on the Maasdam? Or what we need to be aware of with this ship? Thx!
  18. I posted in another thread that my family was disappointed to get an e-mail from HAL announcing that our previously-booked 14-day Alaska sailing on the Maasdam was now an "EXC Voyage", meaning (among other things) they would not offer Club HAL. I interpreted that to mean that HAL is trying to market these voyages as adults-only without being quite so blunt about it--fair enough (though curious given their huge push over recent years to attract a younger crowd including families). We ended up booking a Veendam voyage instead, and when I was researching the Club HAL facilities on *that* ship, I noticed that the website now includes a footnote that "Club HAL is offered on all ships except the ms Prinsendam and ms Maasdam." So, I guess it's not only EXC voyages (unless all Maasdam voyages are considered EXC). Now I wonder what they're going to do with the spaces dedicated to the various kids' clubs?
  19. We're getting ready to buy a power strip with USB ports that does not have surge protection so that it will be acceptable to HAL and other cruise lines. Does anyone remember what the power outlets look like in Maasdam staterooms? I can't remember (even though we've sailed on her many times) if the outlet takes a three-prong plug or only two. The power strip we'd like to get has three prongs. Thanks!
  20. I wonder what the plan is for the Maasdam on May 4, 2020. Will she be in Vancouver or Seattle......or both???
  21. Would appreciate any thoughts on lower priced ocean view cabin on the Maasdam. Specifically, HH 375, 376. If a category or two higher would provide better views and location, I would greatly appreciate the input. I have never been on this ship. Thanks.
  22. After extensive research, I've narrowed down a time and destination for a 2020 family vacation cruise with my two 70 something Parents. It's been a dream of my Mom's to visit NZ and want to maximize the experience, without running them ragged. I've been several times to NZ and am in love, so I know both my Parents will enjoy as well. Since they've been to Australia once before and loved it, I'll focus my decision making on NZ. We've cruised before and of course, are hooked. We most recently cruised on Oosterdam last summer on a Med cruise. Having been on the Oosterdam, I know what to expect on the Noordam. The two cruises I've narrowed down to are a 14 night Maasdam or a 15 night Noordam. My priority has been the itinerary, then price, then ship amenities. Comparing the two cruises, they're nearly identical with the Maasdam calling at Stewart Island/Halfmoon bay and Napier. The Noordam doesn't see Stewart Island or Napier, but calls at Gisborne. For this, the Maasdam gets my vote. However, the Maasdam is about a $1,000 more expensive. To get a cabin that will fit the 3 of us somewhat comfortably, I need to book a "suite" which is simply a verandah room on the Maasdam (BC). On the Noordam, it would likely be a VC cabin, or for $800 more, a verandah suite (SY). I'm not concerned about the Maasdam age, as I've read many great reviews here, but I'm a little concerned about the EXC format and it being boring. While we want to learn and be immersive, one can only listen to so many lectures. After exploring during the day, we enjoyed the pool, gym or thermal pool, then after dinner, we like to go to the show, listen to music or find some sort of evening activity. The question I suppose... is it worth the premium to sail on the Maasdam for 1 less night but the addition of two ports in particular? The other wild card is a far cheaper pricing on the Soltice, but the itinerary is somewhat less appealing. Any thoughts? Ideas? Something I may haven't considered?
  23. Topless sun deck on Maasdam: Another dress code thread? A topic I have never seen come up on CC before - Maasdam now has a public topless sun-bathing deck - aft deck 9 in full public view from the aft deck 10- Navigation - aft pool railing, as well as anyone transiting to the Lido from Deck 9 aft corridors. "Topless Deck - Adults Only" - only one small red sign on the outer of two doors leading to the aft deck 9, but no warning notice sign coming down the stairs or looking over the aft-pool deck 10 railing. Yes, I understand this is "normal" in European beach areas but is not a typical Northern American outdoor tradition. There could be other areas on ship that are not public thoroughfare areas that could accommodate this activity, without forcing others to be unwilling or unwitting witnesses. The two aft-wrap cabins on Deck Nine (220 and 205) look directly across this topless sun bathing deck preventing using these cabin decks for taking photos or just enjoying their more expansive 180 degree viewing options. Sign of the times? Is more public nudity now the norm on other HAL ships, or other ship cabana areas? If not, why just the Maasdam - why no warning to other passengers upfront this is now official passenger policy for in the formerly public transit and deck areas. Should those who want to engage in topless sunbathing be confined to reserving verandah deck cabins only. If those in ocean view cabins are the ones demanding topless bathing, should this topless deck be confined to the lower ocean view cabin decks only. Did I miss this change in ship policy? Was this disclosed in any promotional HAL literature? Have others had similar experiences on other HAL ships?
  24. Having just returned from an EXC In Depth cruise on the Maasdam from Singapore through the Indian Ocean, I would urge caution for anyone considering travelling on this ship in hot or tropical areas. Our booked cabin 788 on A deck lacked adequate air conditioning from day 1. We complained on days 2 and 3 and were ignored. The next day, we requested more firmly that the problem be addressed and adjustments made. Front desk staff visited the cabin and agreed that it was too hot due to inadequate air flow. A technician then removed a ceiling panel and appeared to make some adjustments. That caused the problem to worsen and the temperature to rise further, leading to very unpleasant nights trying to sleep in hot conditions with limited air flow. The cabin temperatures ranged from around 26 to 28 degrees C, even with curtains drawn to limit heat transfer through the window. We advised the front desk what had happened and were told at that time, that the Facilities Manager had stated that nothing further could be done. We requested a cabin change and were told that the ship was fully booked and no other cabins were available apart from one that "had a leak and was blocked out for this trip", and that this problem couldn't be fixed. After further complaint and an email to HAL head office, the next day the unfixable cabin was magically fixed and offered to us. This cabin 202, was a verandah cabin on deck 9. The cabin showed minor evidence of previous water damage to some woodwork but had functioning air conditioning, and was fully operational in every way. We did not request or seek an upgrade, and had this cabin been offered earlier, we would have been prepared to pay for an upgrade. Unfortunately, it took over 7 days to reach this point, possibly suggesting that stalling might make the complaints go away. During conversations with other passengers, we asked how comfortable their cabins were, and in several instances, the answer was that the cabins were unacceptably hot. Our cabin stewards also confirmed that a number of other cabins on A deck were very hot. That means of course, that many cabins were OK, temperature-wise, and if you had one of these cabins, you wouldn't know that any air conditioning problems existed in other cabins. Surprisingly, a number of other passengers told us that their cabins were so cold that they had to wear pullovers at all times in their cabins. I have now read posts that show that these same air conditioning problems have existed since 2003/2004 and have never been rectified. My conclusion is that this ship has a fundamental problem with the air conditioning system that is unfixable or too expensive to fix, and that HAL continues to operate this ship in hot or tropical areas in the full knowledge that a significant number of cabins will be either unacceptably hot or much too cold. Surely 16 years of similar complaints should be taken more seriously and rectified. Or the ship should be sold. I realise that I have few Cruise Critic posts so the first observation could be that I have little cruising experience, or am just a "newbie" to Cruise Critic. However, I post only when I believe that something needs to be said, not just to lift my rating. As a matter of interest, I am a HAL 5 star mariner and have been for several years. I have cruised widely on 5 other lines as well.
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