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  1. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Also in port are Golden Princess at the FKL dock from 0630-1700, Azamara Quest at the AJ dock from 0800-2300, and Star Princess at the AS dock from 1230-2215. Another beautiful day is forecast for Juneau with mostly sunny skies and a high of 76F/24C (!) and a low of 55F/13C. Sunrise is at 3:53 am and sunset at 10:08 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Westerdam on Thursday.
  2. I have tried to see the teak walking deck on Noordam, can't find which ship deck it is on? Have looked at several websites. I'm sure it is there.....
  3. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Also in port are Star Legend at the FKL dock from 0700-1600, Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2000, and Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 1100-2100. The weather continues to improve with only a 10% chance of rain and a forecast that calls for cloudy skies in the morning and mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. High will be 70F/21C and a low of 51F/10C. Sunrise is at 3:51 am and sunset at 10:08 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Amsterdam and Volendam on Friday.
  4. We recently took a Collector’s cruise that included a 14-day trip from Sydney around New Zealand and back to Sydney, and then a 22-day transit of the Pacific to Vancouver, BC. I took photos and scanned some paper things, and decided to do a review of the ports we visited and what we did there. At the end, I will post the daily When and Where files and the MDR dinner menus. (I think I might have figured out the new CC website enough to be able to post photos and things.) Here is a map of our cruise: Pre-cruise We live in the Seattle area, and asked our PCC to cost out some flight options for us. There are no direct flights to Sydney, but we could change in LA, San Francisco or Vancouver, BC. The flight from YVR was most convenient, and we decided to just book the one flight and make our own way to Vancouver. With the HAL Flightease program, our PCC was able to get us good fare, cheaper than we could have gotten on our own for the one-way flight. We booked the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle and spent a night in Vancouver before our flight. We stayed at the Delta Suites hotel, part of the Marriot family of hotels, and booked a night and a half-day (6 p.m. checkout) for the next day, which was good because our flight to Sydney was not due to depart until just before midnight. That allowed us to spend the morning in Stanley Park and rest in our room in the afternoon before checking out and getting a cab to YVR. We had paid for business class seats on Air Canada, and were able to lie flight and actually get several hours of sleep en route to Sydney. We arrived in the morning of April 3, were met by HAL reps and taken by limo to the HAL hotel – HAL has two they use in Sydney, one in the Circular Quay area and one near Darling Harbour. We had chosen the Hyatt Regency on Sussex Street, at/above Darling Harbour. We had stayed in the hotel on a 2016 trip, and really liked how easy it is to get to shopping on George and Pitt streets, and to Darling Harbour with its many restaurants. We had four nights, to allow us to adjust our body clocks, which takes longer as we get older, and to see a bit of Sydney. Our rooms were ready for us when we arrived – HAL guarantees the rooms will be available if you book through them; we found out from the desk staff it is because HAL books the night before as well. We thought it well worth it as we could drop our bags in the room right away and not have to hang about the lobby for hours with our luggage. During the four days, we did quite a lot, but still want to do more – we are thinking of going back to Australia and spending more time, two weeks or more exploring at least some of southeast Australia. But, this trip was enjoyable on its own. The first/arrival day was devoted to shopping for essentials like mouthwash and shampoo, which is easier to buy at your destination than to take on an airplane. We also bought Opal cards (for the Sydney transit system) and loaded them with some money. The next day, we went to Taronga Zoo, which we had missed in 2016. We walked about a mile to Circular Quay and took a ferry to the Zoo. We spent about 4 hours there, and it is an amazing place. The weather started partly sunny and then switched to mostly Seattle (showers and sunbreaks). Luckily, the main shower hit just after we got back to the zoo ferry wharf and ended just before we arrived back at Circular Quay. I took a couple of photos, below. One is a view back to Sydney from a viewpoint at the zoo, and the second is one of the two quokkas they have. We had to go to the Kid’s Trail and walk past the goats and chickens, and then the wallabies and a very friendly emu, who was walking about freely, before we got to the quokkas. But, they weren’t quite so lively as the ones I saw in photos online. In fact, we seemed to be the only people paying them any attention, and they were mostly interested in a nap, not us. The next day was also a bit Seattle-like, so we walked to Circular Quay to book a harbour sightseeing narrated tour of two hours. It was great with nice views of the extensive and amazing natural harbour. and all the tea/coffee and Anzac biscuits we wanted. The latter are basically dry oatmeal and dessicated coconut cookies that last a long time – they were invented when the women back home sent them to their soldiers in the Australia New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during World War I. We each had four of them; they were surprisingly good. I forgot the camera, so I got no shots of the scenery or of some of the other tourists dropping their ANZAC biscuits when we hit heavy swells coming in from the sea at the entrance to Sydney Harbour. It was a very nice relaxing morning on the water. For late lunch/early dinner, we went to a spot on Darling Harbour/King Street Wharf waterfront near the hotel, and I finally was able to get some bugs. These were Moreton Bay Bugs, which are a type of slipper lobster. Quite tasty if you appreciate members of the sea cockroach family as much as I do. April 6 was our last full day before the cruise, and we had thought to visit the Australian Museum. But the forecast promised a spectacular sunny fall day with a high around 26C/80Fal degrees), and it actually came truo. So, we blew off the Australian Museum and did walkabout, back to Circular Quay for cappuccinos and then around the Opera House and through the Botanical Gardens where we had a sparkling water and carrot cake, and then passing Wooloomooloo (really, a section of central Sydney) before skirting Hyde Park back to our hotel. Attached are some shots I got. The first photo is of Sydney ferries. There are two smaller ones going to/from North Sydney, Taronga Zoo, etc., but the larger, huskier ferry is, of course, the Manly ferry. I also got a shot of the Opera House from the side, and then on the bank just inside the Botanical Gardens, I got a photo of the Aussie greeting to the tourists arriving by sea. Actually, this was advertising an exhibit in the Gardens of carnivorous plants. So, we spent several days in Sydney doing nothing much important but enjoying ourselves by walking a lot of miles, drinking coffee, beer and wine, and eating things like bugs. What a great time! More later, Dave
  5. Hello all, We’re trying to figure out which evening to skip dinner in the main dining room and eat at one of the specialty restaurants. Is there somewhere that lists current dinner menus so we have an idea what to expect? The plan is to pick the evening in which the menu sounds least appealing and then make dinner reservations that evening. This is for the Alaska Cruise departing on 6/23. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Also in port are Silver Muse overnighting at the AJ dock and leaving at 1800, Golden Princess at the FKL dock from 0630-1700, and Star Princess at the AS dock from 1230-2215. Same old same old for the weather in Juneau. 80% chance of occasional showers. The high will be 59F/15C and the low 50F/10C. Sunrise is 3:52 am and sunset at 10:04 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Westerdam on Thursday.
  7. Curious if anyone knows the outputs on the TV’s on the Noordam???? Trying to find out if it has a standard headphone jack or RCA outs? Two reasons... first the hubby likes using his wireless headphones when watching TV and I’m sleeping Second and the real reason I want to know is we have a aft balcony so want to hear the broadcasts when in GlacierBay... thought is instead of his headphones we can pair to a Bluetooth speaker for that... So????? Any thoughts on the TV options???? Yes I know some just leave the balcony door open and say they can hear fine... others have commented about using baby monitors... I’m trying to use what we have that’s small and we own plus has multiple purposes
  8. On this 75th anniversary of D-day, Noordam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Also in port are Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2000 and Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 1100-2100. The morning is going to be cloudy and there will be showers in the afternoon (30% chance). It will be a little warmer with a high of 68F/20C and a low of 48F/9C. Sunrise is at 3:56 am and sunset at 9:57 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Amsterdam and Volendam on Friday.
  9. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Also in port are Golden Princess at the FKL dock from 0630-1700, Seven Seas Mariner at the AJ dock from 1000-2300, and Star Princess at the AS dock from 1230-2215. Wednesday is predicted to be nicer than Tuesday. There is only a 10% chance of rain with a forecast of partly cloudy. High will be 65F/18C and the low 43F/6C. Sunrise is at 4:07 am and sunset at 9:43 pm. The PTZtv webcam will be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Westerdam on Thursday.
  10. We booked the Canaletto Restaurant on embarkation night from Vancouver on the Noordam. We depart Vancouver at 4:30pm and thought we would have a better view cruising up the east Vancouver Island passage in the Canaletto. Our 10 year old grandson is with us and he loves Italian food. My questions are how good has the food been recently in the Canaletto and on the Noordam will we have any scenic views from there? We booked at 5:30pm because of the 2 hour time difference from home and we are flying in that day to Vancouver, we figured our GS will be hungry early.
  11. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Also in port are Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2100, Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 1100-2100, and Queen Elizabeth at the FKL dock from 1400-2200. The nice weather is taking a break on Thursday. There is a 60% chance of rain with light rain in the morning and a cloudy afternoon with showers. High will only be 53F/12C and the low 44F/7C. Sunrise is at 4:17 am and sunset at 9:32 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Volendam on Friday.
  12. Westerdam (on a Gertrude Byrne Irish charter) will be at the AS dock from 0700-2100. Noordam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Also in port are Eclipse at the AJ dock from 0800-2130 and Star Princess at the FKL dock from 1230-2215. The weather is going down hill as the week progresses. 60% chance of rain and the high will be 56F/13C and the low 41F/5C. Sunrise is at 4:33 am and sunset is 9:15 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: We will shift our focus from Juneau back to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday. Amsterdam will return from the 2019 Grand World Voyage and will be our last FLL HAL ship until October.
  13. Took my first ever Alaskan cruise on the Noordam. We stayed on the 4th deck, no view except a life boat, but it didn't matter as we were rarely in our room. The floor, contrary to some reviews I read, was very quiet and we were pleased with the room. The food was very good (I'm near New Orleans, so I can sometimes be too judgemental on food). However, some of our traveling friends signed up for specialty dinners and all but the Italian night were disappointing. My wife and I also did the Italian night dinner and we were pleased. It was also the best deal out of all the specialty dinners. Our excursions were amazing, with all but 2 being booked through the cruise line. I highly recommend the e-bike and hike booked through the Ketchikan Kayak company (though I don't think they ever want to see us again...see the video below!) Here are some links to videos of the cruise. Be kind! I'm not a professional! (copy and paste the address/link into youtube, not the description) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLR2cZKNE2s&t=99s inside passage; rain forest (part of the e-bike and hike); whale watching; rain forest and glacier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L79oE8Rnd8I&t=35s Takshanuk Mountain by 4x4; glacier landing by helicopter (the least expensive, but unbelievable heli excursion!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTn_I0iq5PM&t=328s Glacier Bay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FhYiBxy6iI&t=171s 2 scenic train rides https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvMjvl01E_E&t=330s E-bike part of the e-bike and hike. No adults were seriously harmed in the making of this film! Hope you enjoy!
  14. After extensive research, I've narrowed down a time and destination for a 2020 family vacation cruise with my two 70 something Parents. It's been a dream of my Mom's to visit NZ and want to maximize the experience, without running them ragged. I've been several times to NZ and am in love, so I know both my Parents will enjoy as well. Since they've been to Australia once before and loved it, I'll focus my decision making on NZ. We've cruised before and of course, are hooked. We most recently cruised on Oosterdam last summer on a Med cruise. Having been on the Oosterdam, I know what to expect on the Noordam. The two cruises I've narrowed down to are a 14 night Maasdam or a 15 night Noordam. My priority has been the itinerary, then price, then ship amenities. Comparing the two cruises, they're nearly identical with the Maasdam calling at Stewart Island/Halfmoon bay and Napier. The Noordam doesn't see Stewart Island or Napier, but calls at Gisborne. For this, the Maasdam gets my vote. However, the Maasdam is about a $1,000 more expensive. To get a cabin that will fit the 3 of us somewhat comfortably, I need to book a "suite" which is simply a verandah room on the Maasdam (BC). On the Noordam, it would likely be a VC cabin, or for $800 more, a verandah suite (SY). I'm not concerned about the Maasdam age, as I've read many great reviews here, but I'm a little concerned about the EXC format and it being boring. While we want to learn and be immersive, one can only listen to so many lectures. After exploring during the day, we enjoyed the pool, gym or thermal pool, then after dinner, we like to go to the show, listen to music or find some sort of evening activity. The question I suppose... is it worth the premium to sail on the Maasdam for 1 less night but the addition of two ports in particular? The other wild card is a far cheaper pricing on the Soltice, but the itinerary is somewhat less appealing. Any thoughts? Ideas? Something I may haven't considered?
  15. We are doing an Alaska Cruise in July with our 10 year old Grandson in our SS cabin. Does the love seat make into a bed or is there a pull down murphy bed? I asked HAL customer relations and was told a pull down Murphy bed, but from looking at pictures of the Signature Suites I can not see where this bed would be located. Also we are doing a Double Denali land tour, will we have a rollaway for our grandson at the hotels, or do they have double queen or king beds. My wife can not sleep in a double bed and we requested no less than twin queens. I asked HAL about these accommodations and was told they have no idea what we will get for bed configurations. Thanks for any help
  16. I'm looking for information on the Signature Suites on Noordam and Westerdam. Can anyone tell me if the balconies for those rooms are covered on any of the decks? Thanks!
  17. Noordam is in Auckland today. Do you recognise the ship sharing the wharf? It is Albatros which was originally the Royal Viking Sea.....one of the 3 Royal Viking sisters. Noordam is due to leave at 5pm and her place will be taken at 7pm by Pacific Princess who is on her world cruise and who is arriving early due to missing a call in Tonga and skirting around a cyclone.
  18. This cruise video highlight link will take you on a journey to some of the most tropical unspoilt Pacific islands both on the surface and under, plus a tour of the Noordam. Warm up and enjoy the cruise! https://youtu.be/9InwcX1SoaU
  19. Where is Noordam? Is she still down under ?
  20. Hi y'all! We took our first Alaska cruise in 2015 on the Crown Princess. We want to go back, but are considering HAL because the itineraries and rooms look better. I'm sure this has been asked before, but which ship is better, Eurodam, Noordam, or Westerdam? I've heard that the lido deck lunch options aren't all that great but I'd love more input on that. On the Crown, we had several great choices for lunch. We only ate in the MDR for dinner, but that was because it was so amazing there was no reason to go anywhere else. Pros/Cons on any of those 3 ships?
  21. We are looking at a cruise tour package that includes a 3 night and a 7 night cruise, and a land package in between. Its Alaska based, on Holland America, on the Volendam and the Noordam. Only one TA has it, I can't find the individual cruises listed, I am wondering if anyone has ever done one of these? Maybe the agency books the entire ship? They apparently do a lot of business for American Express also. The price is good, not overwhelmingly great, but there are some nice perks and the itinerary is good. We would appreciate any input.
  22. Hello everyone We are on the Noordam leaving Sydney 14 January 2019. We are arriving in Noumea on 25 January, does anyone know which cruise terminal it will dock. I know there are two, previously on RCI and Celebrity we have docked around by the port terminal and had a shuttle to town. Does anyone know if it docks in town. Also, anyone catch a taxi near the cruise terminal. Many thanks.
  23. Hi there, Anyone on the current Noordam cruise? What price are the charging for the Greenhouse Spa Retreat Pass? We really want to do it when we sail on the 22nd! Thanks Ash
  24. Had a choice between flying to Rome to cruise Nieuw Statendam in Rome on 12/05 or fly to Australia on the Noordam. It was quite a toss up with DW, but decided to head, down under for a nice 15 day cruise, which will be the longest cruise we will be experiencing. We have done several HAL cruises, will be one cruise short of getting our 3 star Mainer status. Of course, just a rookie by most cruisers standards. Flying from PNW to San Francisco, then a long 15 hour journey to Sydney. It will be DW and our youngest daughter, who also has racked up some HAL cruises. Will be staying in a VC stateroom, though DW has been spoiled in the Suites, especially the Neptune. In sure we will be spoiled as usual by the HAL staff. Haven't had a bad cruise on HAL, and don't expect this one to be different. We will be doing the 07 Dec 15 day Sydney roundtrip, was hoping if there was any tips on excusions to any of those islands.
  25. Anyone out there sailing on this cruise? This will be our first Alaskan cruise. My wife and I are sailing on the Noordam with the added 14 day double Denali land tour. Hope to hear from others sailing on the Noordam on the 12th. Any hotel suggestions in Vancouver would be welcomed! Jim
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