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Found 87 results

  1. This is not exactly a day by day trip report… It’s really more about feelings about my first cruise with HAL, and a note of appreciation to everyone who helped me plan my Alaska cruise on the Westerdam last month, especially @CrewNews for maintaining such an excellent site http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/ of useful HAL content. Your feedback and trip reviews made planning faster and more fun. A key benefit of thorough planning - I could quickly divert from Plan A to Plan B when things changed and - Not waste any minutes evaluating what to do now - Not get out of my ‘Zen’ mood. I just trusted the plan. i.e., I tried to not re-analyze, “OK, why did I think this place would be interesting?” from my notes made when researching in a spare 5 minutes 6 months earlier. Pics below are only cell phone pics, not my real camera pics, but I wanted to post this before my next work trip across the pond. Two enduring memories of the cruise: - An overall feeling of happiness and peacefulness that began on the day after embarkation. Sights like this were just icing on the cake. - The minutes evaporated so quickly. Physics principles of time seem different on cruises. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA2LBP_vqcw Of course things went wrong, starting with an aggressive homeless man on night #1 after dinner in Anchorage… Was very glad I keep a “pen" in the external back compartment of my purse. Thankfully I didn’t need to use it as a kubotan. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M6CW8DG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Placeholder: I’ll post a separate topic at some point; “Challenges Overcome”. Once the cruise started, the challenges just didn’t seem to matter. The Westerdam’s inner passage cruise from Seward to Anchorage was my first cruise in eons, first on HAL, and first solo vacation ever. Even with the planning, a lot went differently than I expected when actually in-the-moment, on the cruise, in terms of what I enjoyed and wanted to do or didn’t want to do. One example: I got into such a zen state that, even though I had thoroughly researched what and where to eat and even what I’d order, for some reason I lost interest in eating and skipped the majority of dinners. This had nothing to do with the quality of the food which I felt was overall good to very good. Ex: The first sea day’s singles and solos MDR lunch: My entree was a moist and flavorful salmon over warm cabbage slaw entrée. It was perfectly cooked in a way I rarely see salmon cooked - not with a crust like I typically make at home, but more... poached in a yummy broth. The cabbage slaw had delicious flavor with seasonings unlike most any I’ve had with ‘cabbage slaw’. My rationale in not going to dinners became, in the moment, “Yes, I could go eat dinner but then I’d miss the sail out and the sail in was so beautiful…” I would then go quickly to the Neptune Lounge. Get several hor-d’oeuvres. Return to my balcony for a while and then check out the sights from the other side of the ship. I kept canceling or rescheduling my booked specialty dinners till the only one I finally made myself actually use was a complimentary Pinnacle Grill dinner rescheduled to the last seating the night before disembarkation. Then, magically, during the 1 minute check-in line, I talked with a wonderful couple whom I had met earlier on the cruise and we spontaneously shared an excellent dinner together and are still in contact. And I was drowning in un-drunk alcohol ;)! I swear that I really do enjoy wines, liquors, and interesting mixed drinks. Yet, the alcohol remaining unconsumed or unopened as of Wednesday included: - The complimentary welcome bottle of Champagne in the suite, 2/3 full. - The gift bottle of Syrah from my Travel Advisor. - My own bottle of Chardonnay I bought on board from Seward’s Safeway grocery store. - An apology bottle of Champagne from the dining room manager**. I thought OK tonight I’ll bring the apology bottle of champagne to my MDR dinner and share it with the table whose guests I totally enjoyed during the one MDR dinner meal I attended. But then, I decided to setup the DJI cam to film the coast again, and check out one of the shows while the camera was filming, and… and… suddenly it was 10pm. Oh, and on Day 4 I realized I still had $70 of $100 my beverage gift card to use, yet I was completely out of the sparkling lemon lime water and fruit juice that I brought on board. Time to drink! Totally enjoyed the Admiral’s Choice recommendation from the topic about Gin drinks on HAL. I went downstairs to that bar that was still open late and ordered one. Things I loved, big and small: I loved being on the balcony (Neptune Suite) and watching the landscape change minute by minute as we sailed into and out of ports in Alaska. The extra long Alaskan daylight and gorgeous weather showcased such beautiful images. That hill in the Tongass Narrows while leaving Ketchikan looked magically lit up. Watched it with my binoculars till I couldn’t see it anymore. So much for Friday night dinner… I loved the Westerdam. First impression from outside: Wow. Handsome ship. No garish paint job. Second impression: Wow. That’s a lot of steel. I hope it floats. @CrewNews would have told us if it didn’t float. I loved that there weren’t bumper car races or a million kids. It just seemed so… serene like a “proper” cruise should should be with lots of teak and a real promenade deck for walking around the entire ship. I loved looking at towns like Haines and Ketchikan nestled against the hills. Wondered what it would be like to live in those towns year round or even just in summer. I also loved taking it all in from my in-room desk that faced out the window. I could still keep an eye on the gorgeous scenery changing while doing other things (writing a friend, figuring out my camera mounting accessories, enjoying room service breakfast etc.) My favorite day was probably Glacier Bay day because that was when I realized how happy I felt. It was a dream day: sunny blue skies, beautiful sights for 12+ hours, no real time-table to be on. Though here was the official timetable: Enjoyed the crew and really enjoyed 3 of the travelers I met, 2 of whom have kept in touch. Enjoyed every single excursion and the variety between them, everything from the train ride into the Yukon from Haines / Skagway to the small 6-person Harv & Marv boat in Juneau to the Exit Glacier hike in Seward. Saw a family of whales including the most adorable baby whale trying to do everything its 65 yr old mom and dad were doing, sea otters, seals, etc., on the Harv & Marv Juneau excursion. On the Phillips 26 Glacier cruise from Whittier before the cruise, saw dozens of glaciers and amazing nature and wildlife. I would be totally happy doing these same excursions again. Narration on many of the excursions was 10 star excellent. I was impressed at how much energy the speaker put into it and the relevant interesting detail. Ex: The person with the microphone on the Haines to Skagway fast ferry ride explained everything we were seeing, and with some humor. I wished I had taped him. This was just a transfer. He could have ‘phoned it in.’ He did not. I tipped him. Loved the town of Seward. Such an awesome feel to it. Loved shopping in Ketchikan. Rain Barrel. Enjoyed the 10:00am pea soup service on Glacier Bay day. Loved the pre-cruise “critical situation" that occurred on board the Phillips 26 Glacier cruise from Whittier. Somehow the other Phillips ship had received both ships' rations of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. The captain stated they did not want to deprive us of the afternoon freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, so there would be a boat to boat transfer. Of course I immediately started thinking about the risks of 2 big boats being that close together in a place where they are normally never that close together (RIGHT IN FRONT OF A GLACIER no less), what if the glacier calves at the wrong moment, collision, survival minutes in water this cold. (Like those insurance commercials that show someone’s visualization of disaster situations unfolding ;-). So… maybe we don’t need the cookies? In any event, right in front of one of the glaciers, the Surprise Glacier maybe?, the Bravest (name of ship who absconded with our cookies) transferred to my ship our frozen chocolate chip cookie dough in a BIG box from a BIG fishing net to another fishing net transfer. Hand off person on the Bravest warned, “It’s heavier than it looks.” Indeed. Not sure the receiver was strong enough to be handling the receiving fishing net, because the whole box dipped downnnnn into the glacier water for a couple seconds right after the transfer. I thought we were all about to witness man overboard. They really needed 2 people on the stick end of the fishing net - one in the middle and one towards the back. Despite the brief dunking, warm cookies were delicious. I loved going to an evening Mass. The room was almost full! This was my first mass alone. Loss is hard... But overall the mass was good for my soul. I have never been to a mass with playing cards on the ceiling like this before  . Loved the shower mat. Standing on it felt like a foot massage. Most shower mats are ick. This one provided traction like it’s supposed to do, but most of all, felt GREAT to stand on. LOVED complimentary laundry. Even my most delicate scarf was beautifully done. Nifty interior of the closet across from the makeup area. Those things in the back are drop down shelves. Do other HAL ships have these? Being able chango-presto from dress space to folded clothes space is SO clever. < placeholder for One other thing I really liked. Needs its own different topic. Appreciated how itinerary building in Google Docs made trip execution effortless. I added 1 doc per event, per excursion, or important thing to remember to do at a specific time of day. Titled each doc as: < yyyy mm dd tttt - Event Name> This resulted in a self-sorting itinerary beginning to end of trip, easily searchable on my phone. SO happy I did this. Made it easy to build the itinerary in the months leading up to the trip when I just had 10 min every so often. ** The Apology bottle of Champagne from the Dining Room Manager was for being served Kiwi on my room service breakfast fruit plate. Yes: The night before I had written on the room service breakfast card “kiwi allergy”, circled it next to the fruit plate selection. Yes: I had submitted in advance the medical form about my Kiwi allergy. Despite doing those 2 things, the kitchen staff put Kiwi on my room service breakfast fruit plate. My zen mood prevented me from being upset about anything. I called Room Service simply to ask, “Would it be OK to eat just the sliced banana in the separate dessert glass with Saran Wrap over it? Because… given that I have anaphylaxis reactions to Kiwi which IS on the plate, I need to know if the banana and kiwi were cut with the same knife? " Within 5 minutes, a very concerned dining room manager and 2 HAL crew were in my room…. Dining room manager gave me a new fruit plate, 2 HUGE bananas, and OMG more alcohol. Another bottle of Champagne. In my zen state I simply told the apologetic dining room manager something like, “It’s really not a big deal. If I die, I've had a great cruise.”
  2. I've read that all HAL ships now offer pickleball playing. Can anyone tell me if they are dedicated pickleball courts and open almost all the time or the courts are used for other sports at different times? If they are shared, how often do they offer pickleball playing? Especially on Westerdam. Also, are paddles and pickleballs supplied? Thanks!
  3. Westerdam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Also in port are Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 0700-1315, Seabourn Sojourn at the FKL dock from 0700-2300, and Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2000. The long range forecast shows showers in Juneau through October 2 which is the last day of the season. Thursday has a 90% chance of rain with a high of 56F/13C and a low of 48F/9C. Sunrise is at 6:36 am and sunset at 7:06 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Volendam on Friday.
  4. We have just booked and leave soon for a one week alaska cruise and bringing friends on first cruise soany bad reviews - can anyone else give me some insight thanks
  5. Has anyone experienced Club Orange on the Westerdam since it was implemented? I saw an earlier post showing it was scheduled to go live on 8/11/19. I'm looking for any info on how it has worked since it has been implemented. Also curious if you can still have breakfast in the Pinnacle if you have a Neptune Suite. Thanks!
  6. A quiet day with only three ships in port. Westerdam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Royal Princess will be at the FKL dock from 0630-1700 and Star Princess at the AS dock from 1230-2215. Wednesday's weather looks a little better than it did on Monday with only a 20% chance of rain and mostly cloudy skies. High will be 65F/18C and the low 49F/9C. Sunrise is at 6:18 am and sunset at 7:29 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Noordam on Thursday.
  7. Holland America Westerdam Alaskan Cruise/Tour June 1st to June 13th Of all the bears that could kill me, it will be the gummy that comes the closest. I apologize upfront, I’m like that uncle that everyone has who, when he returns from vacation invites everyone over to look at his vacation photos and listen to his boring stories. Yes, that means if you read my entire report you will be bored to tears. Alaska has been on my bucket list for a very long time. With my 73 birthday approaching, I decided last year it was time to book an Alaskan cruise/tour before the Grim Reaper could catch up to me. In May 2018 I found a cruise/tour with Holland America that would fit my budget and still provide me with the Alaskan experience I wanted. The land portion of the tour was exactly what I was looking for. I sent out an email to many of our friends and family about the trip and invited them to join us. I was surprised by the rush of people who expressed interest and wanted more info about this Alaskan cruise. When the dust settled 7 couples, including me and my wife Joyce, booked the Alaskan Cruise/Tour. With the exception of one couple, the rest of us could be referred to as seniors…and not the high school variety. We booked the Holland America D5C – 11 day double Denali trip and at the time the gratuities were included in the cruise fare as part of a fare promotion. We all put a deposit down and booked balcony cabins on the Upper Verandah deck (deck 6) of the Westerdam for the June 2nd cruise departing from Vancouver. In July ’18 we booked the shore excursions we planned to take through Holland. I know, I know, it’s cheaper to do it on your own but I prefer doing things by the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. I’m willing to pay more for the convenience of not having to organize. The land portion of our tour would go from the debarkation port of Seward to Anchorage for a night, then to Denali NP for two nights, then to Fairbanks for one night. In Denali NP the Tundra Wilderness Tour was included in our cruise fare as was the Discovery II riverboat tour in Fairbanks. For our second day in Denali and after our morning Tundra Wilderness Tour we booked the evening Covered Wagon ride and dinner. In mid-January this year I fell off a ladder and broke my right ankle in three places and badly damaged the ligaments. After the surgery to repair my ankle I wasn’t allowed to put weight on it for seven weeks. The Orthopedic surgeon promised that I would be very mobile for the cruise/tour. There was nothing for me to do for the next 7 weeks but watch television and eat snacks. I kinda freaked me out when I saw the x-ray of my ankle and all the hardware that had been installed. After 10 weeks I started physical therapy for my ankle. In April 2019 we booked one more excursion, the Anchorage Flightseeing Safari, through Holland America. This would be a half hour flightseeing tour of the Anchorage area on a floatplane. Yikes, in mid-May there were two different floatplane crashes in Ketchikan. One crash was a mid-air collision of two planes resulting in six dead and 10 injured. Some of the dead and injured were passengers from a Princess cruise ship. The other crash involved a single plane and resulted in the death of the two onboard. After discussing the crashes with my wife we decided to go ahead and take the death-defying Flightseeing Safari. At 6 AM on May 31st we did the online check-in with Air Canada. We paid $30 each for each piece of our checked luggage. In the afternoon we drove to our hotel, The Marriott St. Louis, to spend the night and is very close to the airport we would be flying out of on June 1st. JUNE 1ST, OUR ALASKAN JOURNEY BEGINS. Although I was quite mobile, my ankle was still swollen and I had some residual discomfort from the surgery. This discomfort affected me more than I wanted and because of it I didn’t take very good notes or as many pictures as I normally do on trips. At least that’s the excuse I’m going to use. Our alarm was set for 3:15 AM so we could take the hotel’s 4AM shuttle to the airport. It’s was a very short ride to the airport and we were checked in at Air Canada by 4:30 AM for our 6:15 flight. Our flight departed on time and we arrived in Toronto at 8:45 AM EDT. This was a small 48 passenger plane and when we deboarded we used the steps that are built into the plane. That was a first for me, I’m used to walking off planes via skywalks connected to the plane. Passing through customs was quick and easy. Unfortunately we had a seven and a half hour layover before our flight to Vancouver. Killing time in an airport is never easy. One of the couples that joined us on this trip had booked the same flights so at least we had another couple to talk to as we waited for our next flight. Our plane departed Toronto for Vancouver at 4:15 EDT and we arrived in Vancouver at 5:58 PDT. After retrieving our luggage we walked outside and caught a cab ($35) to our hotel, the Days Inn by Wyndham, which is located just a couple of blocks from the cruise terminal. The cab ride was the most terrifying I’ve ever had and that includes the cab rides in Egypt. I don’t recommend the Days Inn, the room was very small, expensive ($331.54), and there was only one small elevator to serve the 7 or 8 floors of the hotel. Three of the other couples going on the cruise with us were staying at this same hotel so we met in the lobby and went to dinner together at a nearby restaurant. After dinner Joyce and I called it a night and went back to our room where Joyce made an ice pack for my ankle. In hindsight I should have cancelled the cruise when I broke my ankle and planned a much later cruise. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. I have to stop for now I will continued this report tomorrow.
  8. Our travel agent booked us in an inside room on the observation deck for an Alaska cruise. We want to be sure we're not going to hear noise from chairs and lounges being moved early in the AM. We'll be near the sliding dome cover. The Lido Pool is on the deck below, but not directly below our stateroom. Your feedback is most welcomed.
  9. Westerdam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Also in port are Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 0700-1315, Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2000, and Crystal Symphony at the FKL dock from 1300-2200. A rather nice day is forecast for Juneau with a mix of sun and clouds and only a 10% chance of rain. The high will be 64F/18C and the low 45F/7C. Sunrise is at 6:05 am and sunset at 7:46 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Volendam on Friday.
  10. We're considering a cruise on Westerdam which is a new ship for us as is the Vista class in general. As we in general love cabins at the stern and there are quite a few cabins in cat. VB/VC still available we can still choose but I wondered which deck and cabin to pick. Deck 4? Nearer to the water but over the MDR and perhaps more engine noise?? Deck 5 : Deep balconies but they might make the cabin darker? We won't need that much space really. Deck 6: Two cabins sandwiched in between two accessible cabins. Sounds good but are the cabins as big as the other VB's on the other decks? Deck 7: Good views but perhaps rather far from the views of the wake? Deck 8: cheaper as they are VC's but below the pool deck, not really an option for us. Any advice on which deck/ cabin to choose? Thank you for your answers. Our alternative might be a cabin on decks 4-7 with an angled balcony (VA).
  11. We are two experienced, enthusiastic cruisers from Seattle/Gig Harbor. We've signed up...very early...for this H.A. cruise to Antarctica from Santiago, Chile in January 2021. The itinerary is very intriguing to us, but we're seeking input from anyone who's previously taken this or a similar cruise. (Ted and Fran)
  12. We are two veteran cruisers who have signed up for this Holland America cruise to Antarctica and are looking for advice from people who have previously traveled on this or a similar cruise. We are from Seattle/Gig Harbor and have traveled on several cruises with HA and also with Celebrity. It's a long time in the future but the itinerary of this cruise is certainly intriguing. Ted and Fran
  13. Westerdam will be at the AS dock from 1000-2200. Our Wednesday ship is usually at the CT dock but the schedule says AS.🤔 Also in port are Royal Princess at the FKL dock from 0630-1700, Seabourn Sojourn tendering from 0800-2000, Grand Princess at the AJ dock from 0800-2100, and Star Princess at the CT dock from 1230-2215. All those visitors will be treated to an exceptional day in Juneau. The forecast is for sunny skies and a 65F/18C high and a 47F/8C low. Sunrise is at 5:48 am and sunset at 8:08 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Noordam on Thursday.
  14. Does the Westerdam have large flat screens in the outside window cabins ?
  15. Westerdam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Also in port are Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 0700-1315 and Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2000. There is a 60% chance of rain but the showers are supposed to be occasional. The high will only be 57F/14C and the low 48F/9C. Sunrise is at 5:35 am and sunset at 8:25 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Volendam on Friday.
  16. Hi guys! After 20+ cruises, mostly on Celebrity, we will embark Westerdam in Yokohama today. 2 years ago we did a Japan cruise on Celebrity Millennium and absolutely fell in love with Japan. We had to do it again... Because of a more Japan focused itinerary we decided to try something new and to book with HAL. So in the next two weeks we will have the pleasure of taking you along on our trip around Japan ... Japan Cruise 2019 - Day 1 After a 10 1/2 hours flight from Frankfurt we arrived at Tokyo‘s Haneda Airport. From there we took the train to Shinjuku Station. A loop bus runs from the station through Shinjuku and our hotel was just the second stop. The Gracery Hotel is easily recognizable by the huge Godzilla statue on the roof. The rooms are clean and efficient... but so small, they could be swallowed whole by the Godzilla. We only rested a few minutes and soon ventured out for dinner, diving into the buzz of Shinjuku. We had heard of some small alleys lined with tiny restaurants serving Yakitori skewers. Memory Lane aka „Piss Alley“ is the most famous one. It’s so narrow that two people can barely walk side by side. The air is filled with smoke from the many barbecues and the slurping sounds from the Ramen stalls. Delicious! A good start of our next adventure...
  17. Let me first say we loved our Alaskan northbound cruise, the scenery, the crew, fellow passengers but—I have never seen a word posted about the ventilation coming out of the ceiling, hot and cold 24-hours a day—just over our beds. I should have had the beds separated by day two, giving a few inches relief, but I didn’t. By Ketchikan, I had a full blown sinus infection. Am on antibiotics now. Meanwhile, good friend of mine got the flu on the Westerdam in early July and was led off with all the other sickies and their spouses to a separate train car, sent to a resort to recover for 3 days before Denali. Oakman58 in his wonderful Westerdam report from early June ended up at the Denali Clinic from cruise crud https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2677658-westerdam-alaskan-cruisetour-jun-2-13-2019/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-57890076 So do all the ships in this class have this type of ventilation? Am I the weakest link in our biological cruise-chain. I’m hesitant to book the Volendam for a 35 night Amazon cruise.
  18. Hi Everyone I am looking at Westerdam for the inside passage & then adding the land section for 7 nights to Fairbanks September 2020. I have a printed copy of the 2019 Alaska Land+Sea Journey Tips for HAL which states for the land section after cruise that you must pack separate bags to travel with as luggage will not be accessible until your final destination? I rang HAL in Australia today & was advised that luggage accessible every night at your hotel. Can anyone please clarify, thanks very much.
  19. Westerdam will be at the CT dock from 1000-2200. Also in port are Royal Princess at the FKL dock from 0630-1700, Crystal Symphony at the AJ dock from 0700-1800, and Star Princess at the AS dock from 1230-2215. Wednesday will be cloudy with occasional showers (40% chance) and a high of 66F/19C and a low of 54F/12C. Sunrise is at 5:17 am and sunset at 8:46 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Noordam on Thursday.
  20. The Westerdam approaching Margerie Glacier as seen from the Eurodam leaving Margerie Glacier last Tuesday.
  21. We tried some of the major cruise lines in the past years. Princess, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. We like them all, some things were better on one cruise line then on the other, but nothing major that would us stop from booking one of them again. But, we liked Princess the most, and I have the feeling that HAL is like a good relative of Princess quality-wise. Now we found a very interesting cruise on the Westerdam. And we are hesitating to book because we can not decide between a guarantee Signature Suite or a guarantee Neptune Suite. Both guarantee, because the price gap between guarantee and pick-your-own is so high that in this case a guarantee-cabin is the first time we are looking into this because it is really tempting. We understand that it is roulette, and I would be a little annoyed if we would be assigned to a suite directly next to an elevator - I assume this is a noise factor. If not, please let me know. But I am ready to risk it. But now back to the main problem. Signature Suite or Neptune Suite? It is around 650$ difference per person (2) for 14 days to book a Neptune Suite. Is more room and the perks which HAL offers really worth it? We do not need things like a personal concierge or even a butler like they provide on some cruise lines for suites, but I feel the suite perks on HAL are a little...weak. I would be very happy if some of you could let me know your thoughts and input about Signature Suites, Neptune Suites, the major differences rather than size and some words about the Suite perks. We need to make a decision to book our first HAL experience 🙂 Thank you all Greetings from Germany
  22. Westerdam will be at the CT dock from 0800-1800. Other ships in port are Norwegian Jewel at the AJ dock from 0700-1315, Eclipse at the AS dock from 0730-2000, and Grand Princess at the FKL dock from 0800-2100. Lucky are those visiting Juneau on Thursday. The forecast is for sunny skies and a 0% chance of rain. High will be 76F/24C and the low 52F/11C. Sunrise is at 5:04 am and sunset at 9:01 pm. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/. Next up: Volendam on Friday.
  23. During our Volendam cruise in Asia in 2017 (Hong Kong to Singapore), we enjoyed the "Taste of Tamarind" menu, featured (I think it was a daily option) in the Pinnacle Grill. Is this also available on Westerdam during her Asia sailings?
  24. I am considering this cabin SB7088 for an Alaska Cruise. But it is in a weird location at a bend. Anyone with experience in this cabin?
  25. Anyone have any experience with onboard dining venues? Are they more Asian influenced on these sailings?
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