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Found 61 results

  1. When was the last dry dock for Zaandam and does anyone know what updates, if any, were made to the cabins e.g. bathroom tiling, soft furnishings etc. I thought I had read somewhere that there was a not so long ago drydock, but can't find it now and wonder if I was dreaming!
  2. Hi - just booked Zaandam South America cruise on Nov 18th 2019 and cannot find a roll call. Am I missing something or is it possible there is not one?
  3. Hello everyone! It’s me with another LIVE (ish) thread, although this one is an unplanned surprise. It has been a tumultuous year, thus far, so we booked some “You-and-Me-and-the-Sea” time. Cost was a factor as we have a big trip coming up in the Fall. We also had a narrow window of availability. We were lucky to find a *Private Sale on a Canada/New England itinerary which fit within the parameters. (*Proof positive that I can be bought. Or at least worn down.)
  4. I booked a short notice Vista cabin on Zaandam because my other cruise was cancelled short notice. I am enjoying myself, but am shocked at the low tech in-room TV. First I had a remote that had no mute button and no way to select channels without randomly scrolling one by one, with no menu choices, no on demand excursion info. I was also surprised that the TV only has two music options, one basically elevator Musaak option and another background Musaak on the channel that shows the bow view from bridge. I have had three different people look at it ( each one passed the buck, blamed old tech or winged answers just to get me out of their hair ), better like Musaak or bring your own speakers and run them off your iphone. One maintenance guy came up with a new and different remote which got me a mute button ( hurrah— other crew just claimed mute option does not exist) but still said there is no music other than the two Musaak options. Too bad, so sad. You also have to rent physical CDs to see movies, ( allegedly100 available) but nothing is available on demand in the cabin. The main news channel I like has a buzzing sound, was told to live with it, that is the way it is. No way to view account on TV. Have to log on to wifi and use the Navigator website at logon.com, which consumes paid internet, app alsodoes not work despite attempts to repair. Very 20th century tech, but we are well into the 21st century. I like many other aspects of this old fashioned style but super comfortable ship , ( will write a fair and balanced review when done) but would be hesitant to take a long cruise with such a lame TV, if information given to me by three crew is actually correct. Has anyone been able to get more than two music options on a Zaandam TV? Is this the TV music standard throughout the HAL line? Are there upgrade plans? Thanks to anyone who responds.
  5. My husband and I are booked on an early August 7-night cruise on the Zaandam. I've read the most recent reviews and they are mixed. I'd appreciate any comments regarding this ship as we have not sailed HAL in many years. I am not worried about food or service but have a few concerns about noise in cabins (we have a Guaranteed OV so I can't research any particular cabin). Thanks for any help.
  6. Visiting Quebec City today, where unfortunately the ship cannot continue to Montreal due to the high water level on the St. Lawrence River, we will be disembarking here tomorrow and enjoying a bus trip on to Montreal for our trip home. So much extra work for the staff logistically.
  7. we are sailing this saturday and even with reading message boards, i still don't feel i know anything about zaandam. what should we know that i don't know? lol
  8. Zaandam will be our next to the last FLL sail-away of the season. She will be at pier 19 from 0500-1600 (although one schedule says 1700). She is doing a 10 day Atlantic Coast cruise in preparation for her summer of Boston-Montreal cruising. She will be the first HAL ship back to FLL on October 16. Boston, Massachusetts (27 Apr 0800-1700); Bar Harbor, Maine (28 Apr 0700-1600); Halifax, Nova Scotia (29 Apr 0900-1800); Sydney, Nova Scotia (30 Apr 1000-1800); Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (01 May 0800-1700); Quebec City, Quebec (03 May 0800-1700); Montreal, Quebec (04 May a0700) There are no other cruise ships in port. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/. Zuiderdam will be in Bermuda from 0800-1700. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.portbermudawebcam.com/. For the Addicts : San Diego will be visited by Nieuw Amsterdam on April 28, Eurodam on April 29, and Oosterdam on April 30. Next up: The Juneau HAL season begins on May 6 with the first visits of Nieuw Amsterdam and Eurodam. No toots but at least we can see our ships sail in and, if you stay up late, sail-away. Our last FLL sail-away will be on May 16 when Amsterdam returns from the 2019 World Cruise and then heads to the west coast for her summer season in Alaska.
  9. Thought I'd found good dates for B2B Panama Canal San Diego - Fort Lauderdale - San Diego until I noticed that HAL shows the Zaandam both arriving in Fort Lauderdale and departing San Diego on Dec 19, 2020. See enclosed. Must be magic! Seriously, I've written to HAL about the apparent mistake. Zaandam_PanamaCanal_Dec,2020.pdf
  10. We are considering a seven night cruise to NE/Canada this fall. Both ships have the same itinerary between Montreal and Boston. I only see small differences in the ships. We prefer a balcony or small (cheap) suite. There's some difference there. Possibly an aft cabin? Same restaurants? Bars? Coffee/Crow's nest? We are not interested in the casino. If you have sailed on both what is really different?
  11. I wasn't planning on taking a cruise this month but I was playing around online and stumbled across a 5 day Pacific Coastal on HAL. The days fit in perfectly with my work commitments and best of all it was on Zaandam. For a long while I have wanted to try this class of HAL ship having previously sailed on the larger vessels. She did not disappoint. I know much has been written about Zaandam so I won't bore you with every little detail but I would like to share my thoughts of the ship. I literally booked this a couple of weeks ago and was trying to find information about the interiors since dry dock. I had done a fair amount of research for this class of ship and was familiar with what they ship looked like prior to this recent dry dock (thank goodness for the internet and for Youtube videos). There was very little out there on the new decor so I have taken a bunch of photos which I will upload at the conclusion of this review. I hope that it will excite those of you with Zaandam bookings and I hope it will encourage some of you to book a Zaandam voyage. Embarkation: What a breeze. One of the joys about joining a cruise mid-way is the pleasant boarding experience. Only a handful of us were joining for the 5 day San Diego-Vancouver itinerary so we were processed very smoothly and went on board around 1:30pm and into our stateroom. Accommodation: We have only sailed on larger HAL ships; Westerdam and Eurodam to be exact. For our prior three HAL trips we booked Neptune Suites. However, for this short trip we had a mid-ship Vista Suite. Upon entering it felt like a calm space. You could tell instantly the room was recently refreshed. I only had internet images to compare to but I could identify the new components easily. It had that new room smell which I love. New bedskirt, new bed accent throw, new sofa or possibly just new upholstery (I could not get a straight answer out of anyone!), new curtains, new net curtains (very pretty ones), new accent pillows, new desk chair (or newly upholstered). I found the entry way a bit cramped. The hallway as you entered the stateroom was narrow and I felt the many closet doors were awkwardly placed especially when trying to access the bathroom. Overall storage in the Vista Suite is really good. The bedroom and living area can be separated almost completely by a curtain which is always a nice feature. The living area is spacious and very comfortable. The cocktail table was incredibly heavy and took some effort to move it. It did not raise in height so dining ensuite as a couple might be challenging. We only had room service once for breakfast and found the table height an issue. The new TV (I think it was new) was very small and it was screwed into a large black platform that you could pull out and swivel. The whole thing looked like a make-shift improvement and was not thought out well, in my opinion. The balcony furniture was comfortable and clean so I wonder if that was also new. I did not take specific photos of the balcony furniture but when you see the images I will upload at the end of this review you can see it through the balcony door. Dining: I will keep this brief as we all have different tastes, different levels of expectation and different ideas of what constitutes good food. For context, I live in San Francisco where we are spoiled with amazing restaurants. I also primarily sail on Crystal, Silversea and Oceania so my cruise cuisine expectations are impacted by my personal experience. we dined one night in Pinnacle Grill and one in Canaletto. Both meals were very good and I regretted not booking Pinnacle on the last night for the chef tasting menu (next time!!!). The main dining room food was good, but to me it looked and tasted like banqueting food - like you would get a a nice wedding. I have no complaints I just didn't feel the food was outstanding. In saying that please know we had lovely evenings in the dining room and enjoyed our meals. Beverages: We purchased an Elite package. I know there have been many threads discussing the beverages on board. Here are my two cents... I certainly don't need 15 drinks a day but I really loved the fact the package included large bottles of Evian and the specialty coffees from Explorations Cafe. I would have two or three coffees throughout the day and two bottles of Evian which made life very easy with the EBP. Throw in a cocktail before dinner, maybe a glass of champagne and a couple of glasses of wine and we were ahead of the game. On paper the beverage packages always seem to be a bit pricey but for us it worked out nicely. I think the water and coffee could easily add up so it made the daily rate for the beverage package worthwhile. I felt the splurge for Elite was worth it alone for the champagne and better choice of wines. For others it may not be necessary to upgrade. Entertainment: Sadly we did not participate in any shows or events. For us we wanted a quiet relaxing time at sea enjoying each other's company and having some nice meals. It would have been nice to see the production shows but we opted not to. We also did not visit America's Test Kitchen. Next time we will. Zaandam: LOVED it. I know its an old ship - that does not worry me. I know there is rust if you look closely - again that does not worry me. I know there are pipes on the promenade deck that are wrapped in old white sticky tape - does not worry me. I know there are occasional smells and issues - again that does not worry me. Why did I love Zaandam? Firstly the size. 60,000 tons is perfect. I am used to sailing on smaller ships - its just my preference. Despite the fact we sailed full I did not feel crowded. The public spaces were laid out well and there seemed to be plenty of little nooks and crannies where you could curl up with a book and a coffee and enjoy a calm day at sea. The Lido, at times, was a bit busy but name me a ship where this isn't the case. We timed our visits to the Lido accordingly and did not have to battle crowds. I love the promenade deck. It is wide and was never busy. We would walk and talk for 'miles' with the sea surrounding us and breathing in fresh clean air. I could not be happier. I also liked the new decor in the areas that have been refreshed. I am certainly used to the brighter and more colorful HAL interiors so, for me, it was refreshing to see the new color palette. I found it calming and the blue/grey/gold resonated with me. Carpet has been changed out in many places such as the elevator and stairs, the main dining room, Pinnacle Grill, Crows Nest and I was told more carpet is on its way but apparently it was not all delivered during dry dock. I am sure some of you know more details than I - but that is what I was told when I asked the crew. The newly reimagined Crows Nest is welcoming with lovely seating areas which have been refreshed (I never saw the old one, remember, so I did not have the image of the DJ booth and dance floor of yesteryear). They changed up the bar in Crows Nest apparently and this new one is really nice. The Explorations Cafe and new library is really lovely and well laid out and its a great social spot or perfect for a quiet read and a coffee. I am not sure what was in this area before but I was very happy to see this new-to-Zaandam feature. Disembarkation: A breeze! We decided to spend the day in Vancouver seeing friends and visiting the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens so we were able to disembark around 9am. Being independent and being able to choose from a selection of disembarkation times was convenient. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast ensuite and then walked off the ship when our color was called. Overall: Were there a few things that could be improved - of course there were, but overall we had a great time. I loved the ship, we met some nice people and we will be back for another HAL cruise and most likely sticking with the smaller vessels. I would like to sail on Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I also have my eye on Prinsendam as that is one I really want to experience as she is steeped in so much history. I will upload some photos of our cabin #6166. I will also include some photos of the newly renovated spaces. There are two photos of the main dining room carpet and a couple of photos from the Pinnacle Grill. The chairs and carpeting in Pinnacle are really elegant. If anyone has questions I will be more than happy to try and answer but please remember this was my first Zaandam so I won't be the best resource if you have specific questions about what she looked like before the dry dock. Thanks for reading, Ashley
  12. Can someone confirm that the walls in the staterooms on the Zaandam are magnetic? I was on the Veendam last May and they were no longer magnetic. Thanks!
  13. I would be interested in any info on the above cabin. I recently forfeited our prepaid gratuities from our Main deck Ocean view cabin for our Canada/New England cruise for this cabin without having to pay anything additional except for our new gratuities. I know, I should have booked a Vista Suite to begin with but at the time it would have been $1000 more 😥. Thanks in advance for any info.
  14. I understand that the amenities in an ocean view cabin are not quite the same as a balcony, but will there be a hairdryer and a nightlight in the bathroom? It's been many years since we sailed a HAL ship. Thanks.
  15. I hope that nobody will be annoyed at this question; I know it's a sensitive and controversial topic. It has been many years since we've sailed on HAL. In the passing of those years, we have become more sensitive to smoking. We are looking at returning to HAL, and the itinerary we are considering (NE/Canada) uses three different ships. Is this correct? Zaandam and Amsterdam allow smoking in the casino. Zuidederdam does not allow smoking in the casino. Logically, it seems to me that a ship that allows smoking in an indoor area will have more smoking passengers than a ship that only allows smoking outside. Is that a reasonably assumption?
  16. We're looking to book a fall NE/Canada cruise and were wondering if anyone has a favorite Vista Suite stateroom on the Zaandam? We were thinking that Port side on Deck 6 would be better to avoid being directly under the Lido deck or above the Explorers Lounge. We would like a quiet cabin with nice views. Tried doing a search, but couldn't find anything recent pertaining to these cabins. Thanks
  17. Sorry if this has been asked before but does stateroom 2610 on Zaamdam have shower only or tub/shower combo? Thanks
  18. We will be leaving for a New England/Coastal cruise on the Zaandam from Ft Lauderdale, Florida in April...Can anyone recommend a hotel close to the cruise port that offers transportation to the port? Really appreciate your assistance and opinions! Steve in Kansas
  19. I did not see this addressed anywhere else. If the topic is out there, I missed it. Karen and I will board Zaandam on 21 March of this year. The ship will sail from Buenos Aires the next evening. Our roll call has been considering a group excursion the evening of the 21st to a local Tango Show. We have about 20 (so far) and I am working on getting decent transportation between the ship and show. However, a thought was put out that maybe Holland America Lines just might have local talent come on to the ship that evening of the 21st and perform their version of a tango show. Very interesting. Anyone with experience with being in Buenos Aires for two days? Does HAL bring local talent on? Jim
  20. Just wondering if there are any specific cabins /areas that are less desirable locations on this ship than others? Also, wondering the difference between EE and E category? Apart from price that is :) Appreciate your help and many thanks in advance.
  21. Did the Zaandam get a upgrade to the new tv opposite the bed? Also did it get new outlets and USB ports in the Vista suites?
  22. I guess I'm the first .... but still a long way to go. We are interested in joining / creating a tour.
  23. Hello all! I'm sort-of just off the Zaandam (we disembarked on Monday) so I thought I'd return to give a report back. I posted here A LOT before we sailed; some of you will recall me as having serious reservations about the ship and the sailing due to over-researching on my part (when you over-research, you WILL find negative things!) I'm happy to say that all of my concerns were unfounded and we very much enjoyed the Zaandam. If they would have let me, I would have gotten right back on for another 14 day sailing. Here's why, in semi-review format: Embarkation: could not have been easier or faster. Our given time was 1pm; we boarded at 1:30 and were THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE. We walked right on and went right to our room to drop off our luggage. We did carry on bags only; yes, I know that is insane, but it worked out well for us. I am a chronic light packer. ;-) Cabin: we had an inside cabin on deck 3/lower promenade. It was cabin 3395, the first inside cabin aft of the aft elevators. I was initially concerned about the location, but it turned out to be IDEAL. I’d spend another 14 days in that cabin gladly. We were twelve feet and one staircase away from the dining room, the elevator took us right up to the lido deck in between the buffet and the aft pool deck (the latter is where we spent the majority of our on ship time). And we were right near the door to the walk around promenade deck (this ship feature is THE BEST THING EVER) which we used to get some fresh air each morning, check the weather, and give each other some privacy when getting ready in the morning. The cabin itself was clean and surprisingly large for an inside cabin (see video link below for video of our room). We moved the coffee table off to the side and had plenty of room. I was glad to have the small love seat. Our bathroom was not renovated, but it was functional and the hot water was plentiful and the water pressure was great. I showered with the shower curtain open, as the draft causes the shower curtain to attack you. Which is gross. The only negative I can come up with regarding the cabin: the AC could have been stronger. It did get warm at times, and stuffy. But we also had crazy good weather for most of the trip. Like it rained ONE out of what is really 15 days. And was in the 70s more often than not. We were super blessed with weather. But I digress. Public spaces: we felt crowded maybe three times the entire 14 day sailing. And we never couldn’t find a great place to sit and relax. My favorite spaces were the aft pool deck, the two public aft balconies (I have never seen this before on a ship, as cruise lines usually monetize that space and turn it into aft balcony cabins. Not on the Zaandam!) And in bad weather, the crows nest. Oh—and I need to again list the walk around exterior deck on deck 3 as a virtue. Honestly, I’d have a hard time sailing on a ship without this walk around deck (which other ships have this?) Not once did I ever need to walk down a long, depressing interior hallway. For real, the outside spaces on the Zaandam really shine. We also spent some time each evening in the Ocean View bar listening to music and having a drink. Oh and PS: there’s a forward balcony on deck six which is open when the bow is open. Try to find it; it’s great for glacier watching! Food: we ate dinner in the MDR fewer times than I anticipated; maybe seven out of the 14 nights. The food was good—some of it very good, some just ok—but we found that when we said ok to being seated with others, the meal took FOREVER. Which is fine if that’s what you want. We wanted to be outside enjoying the gorgeous views. Of the MDR food, the red meat was pretty good, specifically on Gala nights. I had a fantastic scallop dish (actual sea scallops, not sad little bay scallops) and I had a life-changing coconut lime souffle (and I don't have a sweet tooth, so that's saying something.) The buffet was only passable, and it’s the only place where I felt service lacked. The buffet was consistently understaffed. And it was a nightmare at breakfast. I had a hot breakfast MAYBE three times in 15 days; the other days I grabbed a tiny box of cereal and a banana. We did room service breakfast once and that was a bust; the food was terrible and then we had this giant tray in the middle of our little inside cabin. Getting dressed that morning was a comedy of errors! :') Service: everyone was lovely, helpful, and welcoming. We also got the laundry package and the drink package, which worked out well for us. Laundry was typically returned same day, and we for sure saved money with the drink package. Feel free to ask more about either of those things. Itinerary: I could not imagine a better all-sea Alaska cruise itinerary. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The eight port stops, two days of scenic cruising, and 4 sea days were a perfect balance. And please don’t make me pick a favorite port, because I can’t. But Tracy’s Arm Fjord was a huge highlight. The only port we did not get off at was Kodiak, which was a bummer--I was really looking forward to it--but it was cold raining SIDEWAYS and 100% fog. The people who DID get off the ship said they saw nothing (because fog) and got freezing cold and wet. So we decided to use that day as a day of rest and took a nap. Oh well. Next time! Excursions: we don't do cruise ship excursions, so me reviewing this part is unfair. But we had an AMAZING time in each port. I'll post something on each port stop at some point; I have blog/vlog posts planned as well. Final summary: I didn’t think I’d love the Zaandam. But I loved the Zaandam. It is the perfect size, and the public outdoor spaces made 14 days in an inside cabin easily do-able. We would have enjoyed an additional dining option (neither of the specialty restaurants appealed to me as I’m not a steak person and the Italian place was just a sectioned off area of the buffet. I really liked Tamarind on the Eurodam.) The entertainment wasn’t great and yeah, there’s not much to do after like...10pm. But we were sailing to see Alaska, not the evening cabaret show. And the Zaandam is ideal for seeing Alaska. If you are sailing on the Zaandam, feel free to ask me questions--or do what I did and read @CruiseNews's lengthy and detailed live trip report from a couple of months ago (that was SO HELPFUL; it's in this forum somewhere.) And if you, like me, are crazy enough to do 14 days in an INSIDE CABIN (I know, I know), here's some video footage of our cabin over the 14 day sailing. I did a sort of video diary which is embedded in this blog post (my blog is ad-free; it's a hobby, not something I make money from.) http://www.suitcasescholar.com/2018/08/04/14-day-cruise-inside-cabin/ Please note: I'm not a professional vlogger so this isn't amazing quality video. But I hope it is amusing and entertaining! I will also be doing a series about how to do Alaska ports on your own, as that's what we did. But those will take a while to put together; I have SO MANY VIDEO CLIPS. And like 1200 photos. And you know...a job and stuff. ;-)
  24. Are all the Zaandam's 14-day Canada New England's closed loop (Boston) itineraries gone? We're trying to find this itinerary, but we wonder if they were purged when the Prinsendam was sold. I didn't think Zaandam was affected directly? Searching for this itinerary, I only found two cruises on 8/3 and 8/10 so I could do this as a B2B. Am I not doing the right search on the new website? I tried searching by Sail To, Depart from, Departure Date and Duration. Filling in all four fields at once in the find a cruise section. I tried to get help from Alex on the Veendam, asking for several questions, including which in an itinerary was a tender port (something that was dropped in the new revised hal.com). She said she uses a DOS system, and I wasn't allowed to use it. Didn't tell her I started on DOS.
  25. This is going to be my first attempt at blogging any cruise. I expect to update it every few days, perhaps more often than that, as we go along, depending of course on internet connectivity and cost as well as whether I do anything noteworthy and can motivate my "short attention span" self to actually do it. I'm hoping that getting it started now might aid in that latter effort. Pictures; I hope to post a few along the way as well. We'll see how that goes too. Questions; I'll do my best to answer any questions anyone might have. If the information is readily available, shouldn't be a problem. If it's something I need to ask someone about, between my attention span issues and failing memory... I'll do my best. Give me a few days for those. :confused: Even in packing I'll walk from one end of my small house to the other and, upon arriving there, have no idea why I made the trip, only to leave and, half way back, remember what I was trying to accomplish and head back, usually interrupted by a maddening trip to the restroom. No, lists don't work as I usually misplace the list at some point (I often find them in the restroom or garage). I'm a visual person; I have to see it in front of me to know I've gotten it. Hence the following pictures. Shoes and other packing stuff. I like using the plastic bags that linens, sheets and such come in for containing like items. The Participants: Myself and my father-in-law, Roger (not to mention a ship full of others as well). We've gone on cruises together before without either of us wishing the other somehow would become shark-bait along the way. The most recent was the 29 day Amazon Explorer cruise in Nov-Dec 2016. Before that we'd done a couple of shorter cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska together. We get along quite well, mostly because he is so easy to get along with. I've been married to his oldest daughter for 40 years. She'll be staying behind working and caring for our 2 mini Schnauzers and her mother (not necessarily in that order) and trying to scare away any tropical storms eyeing Florida. It's thanks to her efforts that I get to cruise and I really and truly appreciate her. The pups aren't so happy with knowing they're being left behind and I've been getting the evil eye a lot.... Reigna swore last time (after my DW and I cruised to Hawaii in April 2018) that she'd not miss the next one.... Our cruise leaves Seattle on Monday 24 Sep and we are flying out of Orlando on Sunday morning. We'll be staying at the Marriott Waterfront near Pike's Market. I think it's the same hotel that the famous "gambee" of the well known cruisewithgambee.com blog site stayed at this summer. From Seattle we'll stop in Vancouver and then head all the way down the west coast of the new world, turn the corner at Cape Horn, skid out to the Falklands and then make our way back to the east coast of South America and wind up in Rio de Janeiro. With a bit of luck we will depart the ship in Trujillo, Peru and travel to Machu Picchu, rejoining the ship in Lima after 2 nights. We have a couple of other HAL excursions and a couple of private ones already planned too. In Manta, Ecuador Roger's brother (who has a condo and lives part-time there) will meet us and take us around for the day. The rest of the trip is mostly unplanned and we'll spontaneously decide from day to day what to do. Just as we like it. I hope to post next from Seattle on Sunday unless something spectacular happens before then or there's a question needing an answer. Please follow along and participate as you like! I do hope my efforts do justice to your expectations. :D
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