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Found 250 results

  1. When is the scheduled drydock to fix the propulsion issues ?
  2. Does the good spirits bar on board the Caribbean Princess offer specialty drinks that are not on any other bar menu? If so does anyone have a picture of the menu?
  3. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/06/articles/drownings/passenger-drowns-on-caribbean-princess/ Early one morning when we were on the Caribbean Princess, we awoke to an announcement in the hallway. It woke me up but I could not clearly hear what was being said. Nothing further was said during the last days of the cruise (obviously) Seems there was a drowning in the Neptune pool at about that same time. Sounds like a 30 year old man drank a bit too much and ended up in the pool after hours. This is was the only article I could find regarding the incident... Sad.
  4. I can only speak for ourselves but this has been a very good cruise. Just finishing the Western Caribbean and next week is the Eastern . No worries with the medallion , we love them😎 I have the bangle bracelet and DH has black rubbery band 😎 No issues using old coffee cards 😎drinks are great 😎booked all Princess excursions and they were stellar 😎evening performances were very professional and I went early 😎this week was Shark week and we had a very knowledgeable speaker😎we booked the last and only cabin on the ship (L217) on the 15th and front and would book it again . First time with inside cabin and it wasn’t bad at all😎 We did anytime dining... food and service were excellent😎we do not do formal night so I can’t comment 😎my favourite spot was adult pool at the back of the ship 😎 Can’t find any fault on Princess other than our very full tummies 🤪 ... so anyone one coming on next week ... no worries ... it’s all Good! Thanks for for all the tips beforehand, they were all appreciated .Cheers and we’re ready for week 2😎😎
  5. Headed out on the Grand for the first time soon and was curious as to how people think it compares to the Caribbean which is the only Princess ship I’ve been on. I’m also wondering whether anyone here happens to have the MDR menu for the first night. I’m thinking about booking Crown Grill for the first night since we have early dining and I don’t want to have to cut short the sail away party.
  6. I've scoured the various cabin review sites and have not been able to find some specific information on the Showers in Balcony Cabins on the Caribbean Princess. I have some very specific questions which are: What are the physical dimensions of the shower. Don't care about the height too much. Looking to know the foot print (LxW). Does it have a lip between it and rest of the bathroom area. If the Answer to #3 is Yes, what is the height of the lip. I'm looking for very accurate information here, for reasons I'm not going to get into. Thanks to anyone who can provide this level of detail. Cheers,
  7. Sorry if this has been asked. I did a search and couldn't find answer. After the last drydock, did the ship get the larger TV's (like on Royal class) and on demand movies? My husband always brings his own device with preloaded movies. Would rather not take it if there are movies like the Royal and Regal has in cabins. Anyone recently on the ship that knows for sure. We are cruising in August and am looking forward to being on Caribbean Princess again. Have sailed on the ship4 times but before the last two drydocks.
  8. I will be on the Caribbean Princess later on this month (June 2019) and wondering if any of the hot tubs are in the shade or under cover.
  9. We are looking at booking the specialty dining restaurants on CP for our upcoming cruise in June. Wondering if anyone has a favorite or feedback on the restaurants? Is it even necessary to pre-book before the cruise, or can we just make reservations once we are there? Is it better to book these on non-formal nights and eat in the main dining room on formal nights? Also trying to figure out what time the production shows are so that we can plan our dining reservations before those. Thanks!
  10. Sorry if this has been asked multiple times, but I did a search and couldn't find the answer. We are on Caribbean Princess next month and are wondering if the times listed at each port are the ship time, or local time? In Belize it says we arrive at 7 am, but is that ship time, which is East coast time...in Belize that would actually be 5am ( CST with no daylight savings) ? We are doing a private excursion and the tour guide asked if we wanted a 8am pick up. Also doing a private excursion in Cozumel and it is listed as 10 am arrival and wondering if that would be 9am (CST) local time? Thank you!
  11. Currently sitting on the priority lounge waiting to board the ship! The terminal and and surrounding areas were calm since no guests were getting off the ship. Never boarded a ship alone as my husband is joining me in a few hours after working. This is a first!
  12. Just boarded. Medallion boarding went so smoothly and easily. The boat seems to be in great shape and everyone seems very happy. Standard first day on the boat with lots going on in people milling around trying to find their way. We have an after balcony and our room is quite cool. The medallion stuff is everywhere - all the crewmembers have them on and lots of people are available to coach you and how to use it. There are huge panels with Ocean Medallion stuff and of course the panel by your door. We might as well get used to it it is clear it is here to stay. We are headed to the buffet. I will try to answer any questions you might post but I did not buy an Internet package so when we sail I’m off for the week Everything looks very promising and very nice. The TV in our state room is brand new and HD. Our balcony is huge. This is going to be a great trip!
  13. Hello!! can anyone help me with some dimensions? Anyone have any idea how much room is in between the beds? 40 in? 36in? we are having some nerves about sleeping in bunch beds and I am trying to figure out our options!!!!
  14. We have been on the Caribbean Princess before, but it has been awhile since we have cruised on Princess ships. I cannot remember anything about their dining room experience since it has been awhile. Does Princess have large tables where at least 10 people can sit at one table? We have family going with us on our Caribbean Princess in June 2019. Looking forward to this cruise. Thanks, David
  15. Hello All- We will be on CB in August and are currently in D110 (Mini-suite). It is pretty much all the way forward. For people that have been in that room - or in that part of the ship, please comment (good or bad) regarding that location. Also, any other recommended locations on this ship will also be welcomed. I did several 'searches' on this forum and didn't come up with anything worthwhile. However, if I did miss an old topic, please direct me to that so I don't waste anyone's time. Thank you all in advance.
  16. Hello everyone, I am sailing on the CB in July. We requested the late seating (7:15 PM) which reads as confirmed on the personalizer. Cruise Critic's review of the ship says there is no traditional late seating, only early. I have been on the CB before but we did ATD then and it was several years ago. My assumption is to go by the cruise personalizer, but I am curious if anyone has knowledge of recent sailings and whether this has been recently changed. Thank you!
  17. we just got off the CP prior to the updating of the ship, I need to be certain that they have not eliminated the adult pool just below the Sanctuary. please help we are planning another cruise.
  18. What brand of water can you buy on the Caribbean Princess besides Crystal Geyser?
  19. Do you have any experience with cabin P 331 on Caribbean Princess? I’m worried if it is not too much noise being so closed to Plaza.Thanks.
  20. A couple of questions (for now!) - Are the balconies on Deck 14 covered? Also, from the hallway on 14, can you walk right out to the Terrace Pool and is that the Adult Pool? Thanks.
  21. I’ve been reading HostCJSKIDS live review and concerned about the problems with the AC. I’m currently under treatment for cancer and wanted to take a cruise for relaxation, especially for DH who has been an amazing caregiver; he loves AC (we live in Florida) and not a fan of sweat lodges😳 which some people are currently experiencing on board the ship. We are in cabin R744 (interior) and would like to know if deck 14 aft is experiencing the AC problem.🥵. My understanding is the AC problem has been going on for some time but this is first I’ve heard about it. Thank you
  22. Does anyone know if a wine package is offered in the dining room? When we were on RCI they offered a package where you could purchase 3 bottles of wine (up to a certain price) for a discounted price. By any change does Princess offer the same or do you have to purchase the wine bottle by bottle?
  23. How can you find out which pier Caribbean Princess will be docking at on 6/1?
  24. During the current drydock of Caribbean Princess, they will be adding a feature called "Splashpad with Whale Feature". What will this be replacing on the deck?
  25. Just booked the October 2019 Panama Canal with Costa Rica and Caribbean cruise on the Island Princess today and when I looked at the CDC information regarding vaccinations it appears that there is a long laundry list of shots required and recommended, with Measles at the top of the list for every port. My husband and myself were both born prior to 1957 so should be exempt for the Measles and of course do not have a written vaccination record from when we were children. However it appears that Princess may require written proof. Are we expected to be re-vaccinated just so we have written proof? Got the HEP A prior to doing Northern Europe and the Baltics three years ago and brought written proof and never had to show it. Anyone know what is really expected by Princess?? I will be contacting my family doctor this week to see what she is recommending in the way of shots.
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