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  1. Just curious where assembly station F is on the ship. I couldn’t find a map of assembly/muster stations anywhere online. Thanks in advance!
  2. We just got notice that the Caribbean Princess has had a slight increase in gastrointestinal incidents on board. Therefore they will be doing an extra intense cleaning in port. Now we cannot board until 3:00 but we all must be checked in by 6:00. They made it very clear that the terminal doors will not be open until 3:00 because that too will be cleaned and sanitized. They said if we arrive early we can check our baggage in and then go check out the neighborhood. I was able to change our car service pick up to a later time. Will probably still get there a little early, oh well. Last time this happened to us the ship was amazingly clean and sanitized. So much so that you could have eaten off the floor. They also would not let us serve ourselves anything.
  3. I have searched this forum as I KNOW there are posts about this...but have not been able to find anything. (I'm sure this is user error....) The search just got frustrating after a while. 😀 I'm hoping someone will be willing to just give me a quick answer without reprimanding me for not 'searching and finding my own answer'. Are there still a/c issues on CB while sailing in WARM climates? Were these addressed at her most recent dry dock? (I know she's just come from New England where I would assume a/c is not as 'strained'....I'm questioning the possibility of issues in hot climates where the a/c system WILL be strained...) If there ARE issues, are they concentrated in certain areas of the ship or prevalent everywhere...and if they are in certain areas of the ship, where are those areas? We're thinking we'll book today or tomorrow but this issue MIGHT be a deal-breaker?? possibly??? I just know that trying to sleep in sweltering heat can really be miserable... 🙂 Thanks for any info!
  4. Hi all, hoping you can assist our family with deciding on our April 2020 cruise. We have sailed primarily NCL ships (most recently Escape and Breakaway) and have done one on RC’s Majesty of the Seas. We’re trying to get a sense of activities and general vibe of Caribbean Princess in relation to those ships we’ve been on before. We will be traveling with our 1 year old, and our parents who are in their 70s. From our research so far, it seems like the ship is nicely appointed but perhaps a little more sedate and than what we are accustomed to on NCL. One of our parents really prefers casual dress, dining and activities, and I’m concerned that they might feel this ship/ line is too “buttoned-up”. Any insights greatly appreciated!
  5. Hopefully there will be a few of us posting "live" from the Caribbean Princess as we sail from Fort Lauderdale to Quebec City starting on July 27.
  6. Just received notice that the Caribbean Princess Canada/New England cruise will have delayed boarding tomorrow out of Brooklyn, N.Y. The current cruise has a "slight increase in counts of gastrointestinal illness among guests". There will be a "prolonged and additional disinfection" and the terminal will be closed till 3 pm. (We may need the extra time to get to get to the terminal due to the numerous traffic jams in Manhattan as a result of the UN Summit. Most of the roads outside of our hotel are blocked!)
  7. What type of coffee is served in the dinning rooms of the Caribbean Princess specifically. Syrup or brewed? Is it any good. Without the coffee card where can I get good coffee for free? I drink more than one cup in the morning.
  8. Hello Princess Gurus, We are experienced cruisers but have never been on Princess before. We are considering December carbibbean cruises on Regal Princess or HAL. I am familiar with HAL so I know about their pool deck. Can you all tell me about Princess? Is it lively? Completely packed on sea days? Live music? Fun atmosphere? What is on screen during the day? This may help us decide.
  9. We have a hold on a family suite on the Caribbean princess for April 2020. We are traveling with our 3 yr old and 9 mth old at the time of the cruise. We are interested dinner this ship because we found good pricing on a 2 bedroom family suite and understand they have added a splash pad and updated kids area. Does anyone have pictures of D105 2 bedroom family suite? And pictures of the new kids splash pad? Also interested in the updated buffet any other improvements that might be family friendly. Our oldest have cruised 3 times, 2 times on celebrity and once on Disney. Disney was great for family friendly activities but very small pool area and service was pretty bad. We have grandparents and Greta grandparents sailing with us, both prefer princess, we cruised princess 6 times per kids, any other her family or kid tips very much appreciated!
  10. So at the suggestion if another passenger on the roll call, I'm starting a “live” thread so everyone can read about the ship/activities/excursions and so very much welcome other passengers recommendations on activities and restaurants. Awesome 👍😀 The more I think about it, the more I'll look forward to the margaritas/gin & tonics & Pina coladas at the social events! My work supervisor mentioned margaritas today, so let's get this started! ⛴️🛳️☸️⚓🚢🍹
  11. My wife and I care considering a cruise on the Caribbean Princess. We do know that this ship is one of the older of the Princess Ships. Any news on when the ship was last dry-docked, and what changes were made?
  12. Hello...I will be boarding the Caribbean Princess for the Panama Cruise on Oct. 8. I was wondering if anyone happens to know what the Head waiter (person who greets you at the door) is on the ship. Also if you just got off that cruise.. was the weather bad? Thank you so much in advance
  13. Hi, first time on Princess. Have cruised in the past mainly with Holland America, Royal Caribbean and P&O. 1. I am not a great fan of movies under the stars as there are too many distractions, kids playing around the pools etc, does the ship show films anywhere other than the big screen outdoors? 2. I am cruising over Christmas and New Year in the Caribbean. How does the ship celebrate Christmas? My daughter is 15 but still likes the whole Christmas thing. I will bring a present for her but will there be a surprise gift from 'santa' or is she too old? Are we allowed to hang tinsel in the cabins to make it a little bit more festive? 3. On Holland America we were able to text each other on the app so that I always knew where she was on the ship and what time to meet up etc? Does the Medalion have this feature? 4. On Holland America we are able to book the unlimited laundry package for a very good rate which means we can send out laundry every day and it came back the following day washed and ironed. Does Princess have this on their ships? If not, do they do a bag of laundry wash as this will work out cheaper than paying for each individual item. I know there is a self laundry but I don't fancy spending my holiday washing and ironing. If they do a bag wash - how much is each bag? 5. What is their thermal spa like? What facilities does it have and does anyone know the cost? In particular the thermal pool - is that large. On one ship on Holland America it was no bigger than a small hot tub. If you sign up for the spa, other than the thermal pool does it have an adults only pool? 6. I normally use the casino in the evenings. What are the minimum bets on blackjack? Is the casino normally busy on a Caribbean cruise? 7. We have an outside view cabin, is there anywhere quiet on the ship, outdoors, where I can sit in the shade and read a book? 8. Are there many teenagers on a Christmas/New Year cruise that my daughter can hang out with? 9. Which shows are good and worth arriving early for and which ones can I give a miss? 10. We have four sea days, what sort of activities do they have that maybe my daughter and I could spend some time together doing? 11. They have a good deal on wifi at the moment. How good is it to stream Netflix or do facetime (nice for Christmas day to speak to family. 12. Is there anywhere I can see the current 14 day mdr menus so to know when to book the other restaurants. Also anywhere I can see the daily "patters" to see what activities they do. Sorry for all the questions but it would be great to hear back from anyone.
  14. I have E725 booked and was wondering where the smoking section is. Is it aft on starboard or port on promenade deck?
  15. Any idea of about when we will be able to book summer/fall Caribbean cruises? I know they are out up till April but was just wondering when these will be available to book?
  16. I was just looking at the deck plans on Caribbean Princess. I noticed that the ship still has the Skywalker’s Nightclub at the stern on located on Deck 18. I thought that Princess had elected to remove the rear structure from the Grand Princess and other ships of the class. Why did they decide to keep it on the Caribbean Princess.
  17. Hi all, I'm hoping someone who's cruised before on this itinerary at this time might be able to help me with this. I'm looking at the Crown Princess 10 day Caribbean in early January, however we have a 19 year old son that will be with us. I'm wondering if there are some families with kids/young adults on board at this time/on the longer sailings? To clarify, we enjoy Princess and have no issue with people of all ages, but I know it would be nice for him to find a few friends closer to his age. We've cruised over the Holidays and have done 7 days right after New Year before, but I know longer cruises tend to have less families. I appreciate your insight and experiences Ilana
  18. Going on the Caribbean Princess 1/3/20 panama canal sailing. Wondering if anyone has the latest MDR menus? Thanks, Jeff
  19. The Caribbean Summer 2021 schedule has been released. (See attached.) Caribbean 2021.pdf
  20. I am looking at the Caribbean Princess balcony cabin for 3 persons. It shows balcony cabins for 3rd people that state “3rd & 4th - 1 rollaway bed permanently placed in cabin”. Do they not have upper bunk beds in any of the cabins? Do they take out the barrel chair by the balcony door to put the rollaway to sleep on? When the rollaway is folded up, where is it placed in the cabin, - in front of desk, or refrigerator? Not much room to move around?
  21. My Review is up from our cruise a few weeks ago. It’s a long one, so pour yourself a drink, put your feet up and enjoy.😀 In a nutshell, it was a great cruise - nice ship for its age, loved Quebec City and the ports, especially Cape Breton, NS. Caribbean Princess-Canada NE 08/09/19
  22. Here are some thoughts/ impressions/ experiences--with headings so you can skip to what interests you. Or skip the whole thing--the tl;dr is that we had a terrific time and would gladly cruise on the CB again. Technology: I unplugged for the cruise and it was wonderful. This means that I don't know anything about internet pricing. I still used my phone occasionally to text or locate my husband and to check our stateroom account. The locate feature worked beautifully about 50% of the time. The chat feature was similarly hit or miss. Not a big deal, but we quickly learned not to rely on either and to instead make plans to meet up. I used Ocean Now once, to order my free drink. 🙂 I think that's a nice perk. Ocean Now did work well, but I bet it would've been faster to walk my lazy self to the bar and ask in person. Pools: I went to the Terrace pool once, in the afternoon while we were in Belize. It was lovely and shady at that time, with not too many people. We didn't really bother with the pools, since we could sit out on our balcony. People were definitely saving chairs and I just didn't want to deal with getting cranky about that. We did talk about going early in the morning (we're morning people), but never got around to it. Stateroom: Beautiful! We loved it. We got a free upgrade to a midship balcony (had booked a balcony guarantee) on Caribe--and the balcony was HUUUUUGE. I had planned to book the Sanctuary for an afternoon, but we ended up just enjoying afternoons on our balcony. When we first arrived, there was some dripping onto the end of the balcony from a rusted pipe on Lido. Uh oh and yuck. We called guest services and they sent someone within 5 minutes. We were very satisfied with the response--basically, there was no way to fix it until they go back into dry dock, but the dripping was from a drain for rainwater/ cleaning water, nothing dangerous or unhealthy--and the reason it was still dripping so much was from the huge rainstorm in Fort Lauderdale the previous evening. Sure, I would've preferred no dripping, but it was a minor problem in an otherwise amazing location. It turned out that it was a non-issue for the rest of the cruise. Coffee: Buffet/ room service coffee was horrible (as advertised). We got my husband the coffee card--International Cafe coffees, including the brewed coffee, were pretty good (as expected). While we used most of his specialty coffees, I don't think we'll get the package again (if it's even still available) unless we're on a longer cruise, as the prices on board for coffee are very reasonable indeed. We basically broke even. I thought he would drink more specialty tea, but he only got tea once. Bars/ Alcohol: I'm really glad I didn't get the PBP, as we would not have come close at all to breaking even--even though we drank plenty. I found bar prices (like coffee prices) to be very reasonable. We don't drink beer--we love cocktails and wine. We paid corkage for 2 bottles of wine to drink with dinner (since we could pick wines we knew we liked) and we each had 1-3 cocktails a day, mostly from the Wheelhouse Bar, where we loved listening to the music. Every cocktail I got was excellent, with generous pours. Since we had a balcony, I had also pre-ordered liquor and mixers from room service, which I would definitely do again for a balcony stateroom. Without a balcony, probably not. Air Conditioning: Air conditioning was great in the common areas. It's a little iffy as you first go into the World Fresh Market from Lido, but that's because of the constant opening and closing of doors. If you get a seat back in Steamers or Planks, it's fine. While it worked in our stateroom, my husband said, "It's less 'Luxury Caribbbean Cruise' in here and more 'Gramma's On a Fixed Income.'" That said, even though we definitely like it very cold at night--which it definitely was not--we both slept fine. Vibrations: People have asked/ wondered/ worried--I did notice some vibrations on occasion, mostly aft and never in our cabin. That said, it's not something that bothers me so perhaps it didn't often register. Formal Nights: The first night, everyone that I saw in the dining room was dressed up--not many tuxedos and evening gowns, but lots of jackets and cocktail dresses. I didn't see anyone in shorts or jeans. We ate in the buffet for the second formal night, but again, lots of people dressed up all over the place. We "dressed" for dinner every night--I like wearing dresses, and my husband always wore pants and a collared shirt. Activities on Board: Everything we did was fun. We saw one show (Bravo, I think?), which was a revue featuring an American soprano. It was really well done and fun to watch. It was my first time attending a show on a cruise and it was worth getting there early to get a good seat. We also went to see the culinary demonstration and galley tour, which were both entertaining and interesting. Other than that, we played a lot of trivia. I found Michelle from sunny South Africa to be pretty annoying, but the rest of the entertainment staff doing trivia was great, especially Gabi. Fitness Center: Clean, beautiful, lots of cardio machines. Definitely not enough free weights if it's at all busy. I went between 6 and 7 am on at sea/ Roatan/ Cozumel/ at sea. It was not crowded except for the Roatan day, which makes sense because of the time change--6am felt like 8am so all of the 6, 7, and 8 am gym goers were there at the same time--and no one could use the treadmills yet. I was still able to get in a weights workout, but the only cardio available after I was done was a rowing machine. More than about 15 minutes of that is hard on my back, so I did my 15 and then planned to take the stairs all day 🙂. Laundromat: I planned to do a load of laundry so I could bring half as much workout gear. However, it was kind of a pain--the token machine on our floor was broken, and there were more people doing laundry than I expected. It also took 1.5 cycles to dry the clothes, so $9 for one load of laundry. I can definitely see why included laundry service is a real elite perk, especially on longer cruises. For another week-long cruise, I'd just bring more workout gear. Excursions/ Destinations: In Grand Cayman, we just walked around Georgetown and did some shopping, had lunch, and returned to the ship. For Roatan, we booked a clamshell at Mahogany Bay (like Amanda from the live blog thread)--and like Amanda, we found it to be hot and not nearly shady enough. Can't recommend it. The water was lovely, though! We rented some snorkel equipment and got to see some coral & fish. The beach chairlift was fun, too. That said, it seems that you can just walk there, stake out a chair (and there's lots of shade), and enjoy the beach for free. If we were to return to Roatan, I wouldn't pre-book anything at Mahogany Bay. I was concerned we wouldn't be able to get chairs, but there are hundreds. In Belize, we did a snorkeling excursion which was AWESOME. The provider picked us up from the ship (so no need to tender), then we had about a 40 minute trip to a tiny little private cay. The snorkeling was really fantastic, and we also had some time on the island to relax at the beach. This one was 100% worth the money, and one of the tour guides who spoke on the way there and the way back was really knowledgeable about his country and made us want to go back sometime for another vacation. (That said, we never went into Belize City--just to the cay and back.) In Cozumel, I had booked Nachi Cocum, which is an all-inclusive private beach club that limits visitors to 130 a day. Total cost was $170 for the 2 of us: $110 for the club, $40 round trip for taxi (included tip--would've been less if we had found someone to share a cab, of course), and $20 for a tip for our waiter. For us, one hundred percent worth it--the lunch was delicious, and the drinks (particularly the margaritas) were terrific. We stayed until it closed at 5--and it really started to empty out at around 2 or 3. My husband is ready to go back to Cozumel just to return to Nachi Cocum. Food: Day 1: Lunch at the buffet, Vines for afternoon snack, anytime dining (Island) for dinner. Buffet was crowded and staff was having a hard time keeping up with restocking. What I got (salad greens, deli meat, cheeses, and a premade southwestern corn/ bean salad) was good. I knew the buffet on embarkation day would be a trial so it wasn't a problem. We grabbed the first table we saw and took turns getting food. Sushi at Vines was tasty, but definitely grocery store-style sushi (and not Wegman's, either. Harris Teeter.). Dinner appetizers were great. Our entrees (fish & mussels) were only ok. Service was meh. This was my first time with anytime dining--we chose it because we booked too late to get late traditional and I can't imagine eating dinner at 5:15. I never had difficulty getting a reservation at our desired time (8pm), and we were always seated immediately upon arrival. That said, I missed the excellent service I have always gotten in traditional dining. Service was hit or miss with anytime. Day 2: Ultimate Balcony breakfast, skipped lunch, afternoon tea, anytime dining (Island) for dinner. Breakfast was absolutely amazing. Wonderful service and wayyyyy yonder too much food. Quiche, salad, bacon, smoked salmon, brioche, pastries, and half a bottle of champagne. Now--the food is all available elsewhere on the ship, but for me the experience was worth it. I'm not sure if we would do it again for breakfast--but it was a lovely experience for our opening day. Afternoon tea was nice! We arrived early and were seated quickly. We were seated with two sisters from New Jersey and had a friendly conversation. The savories were tasty and the sweets were delicious. For dinner, once again, appetizers were great and entrees much less so. I sent my snapper back because it was unbelievably overdone. The second one was better, but still overcooked. My husband had the lamb, and it was fine--a bit overcooked, but still tender. Dessert (something chocolate...I forget) was delicious. Service was much better than the first night, but the waiter definitely was always in a huge hurry. Day 3 (Grand Cayman): Buffet breakfast, ate on shore, Crown Grill for dinner. Loved the buffet breakfast every morning that we had it. I usually got made-to-order eggs or an omelet, plus bacon and muesli. I did have pre-made egg dishes a couple of times and they were usually good. On disembarkation day I had the pre-made scrambled eggs because we were in a hurry and they were pretty yucky, as anticipated. We ate at Rackham's in Georgetown--lovely view, got to feed some tarpons (at the waitress's suggestion), and the food was good. The conch chowder was fantastic. Drinks were expensive and weak. We had a very late dinner reservation (8:30), so we brought some meat and cheese down from the buffet to have with an afternoon drink on the balcony (we bought liquor and mixers from room service and brought a couple of bottles of wine on board). Crown Grill was fine. My husband's steak was a little overdone, but mine was perfect. I'd say that overall, $58 is a reasonable price to pay for the quality (ours was comped by our travel agent), but a little disappointing if you're used to going out for good steak. I doubt I'll go back to CG unless we're comped again. Service was excellent. Day 4 (Roatan): Buffet breakfast, skipped lunch, snacks from the buffet on our balcony, Ultimate Balcony Dining for dinner. Ultimate Balcony Dining was amazing--easily the highlight of our cruise. The room service manager (along with one other person) waited on us, and he was able to be both charming and mostly invisible. We started with canapes and drinks in our room while they prepared the table (with a fresh floral arrangement of 3 roses). Then our photographer arrived and took several pictures (one print for free, and you can buy others if you want). All of the food was terrific: crab cake, salad with pear, surf & turf (especially the lobster!), and SO MUCH DESSERT. Also another half bottle of champagne. We will absolutely do this again in the future. The only thing I will change is that I will not eat the whole crabcake--it was delicious, but pretty large and very filling, and I'd rather save room for the rest of the menu 🙂. The food was the best of the cruise--kudos to room service. Day 5 (Belize): Buffet breakfast, skipped lunch, snacks from the buffet on our balcony, buffet dinner This was the second formal night, and because I wasn't able to make reservations right at 8am (we were on an excursion), we decided to skip the dining room and eat at the buffet. The buffet was great for dinner--I had a slice of prime rib and some salmon. The salmon from the buffet was far better prepared than either of the two fish dishes I had in the MDR. Day 6 (Cozumel): Buffet breakfast, lunch at Nachi Cocum, anytime dining (Island) for dinner We decided to take our chances with the MDR again after being underwhelmed twice--and this time it was considerably better. It was Italian night, and we brought our bottle of Chardonnay. The service was better, too--much more like what I had expected. I had the chicken (saltimbocca, I think) and my husband had the veal. The panna cotta I had for dessert was terrific. He had the creme brulee, and it was tasty but had separated (not too surprising for a banquet-type situation). Day 7 (At Sea): Buffet breakfast, lunch in Coral dining room, anytime dining for dinner This was our only sit-down lunch. I chose poorly: ham roll for appetizer, which was very mayonnaise-y and which I did not care for, and chicken caesar salad, which was perfectly fine but boring. My husband had jambalaya and goulash, both of which were terrific. Fancy menu for dinner...once again, appetizers were great. My husband special ordered a small portion of the fettuccine Alfredo from the favorites menu and we both loved it. I had the surf & turf (petite filet and grilled shrimp) and he had the seafood skewers--both delicious. In the end, the MDR redeemed itself. tl; dr for food: Buffet was consistently good, MDR was inconsistent--both excellent and not good, depending on what we ordered, anytime dining service is adequate but not fantastic, Crown Grill is good, Ultimate Balcony Dinner is 100% worth the extra cost.
  23. Hi Everyone, I'm booked in C716 on an upcoming cruise and was wondering if anyone knows whether the pullman bed pulls down from the ceiling or is attached to the wall. Would appreciate any insight!
  24. I'm on the CB right now and I've blogged this trip. If you want to read my blog: http://linfish69.blogspot.com/ One thing I forgot to post is the crew is awesome!
  25. We arrived at Port Everglades, and check-in was only delayed because some of the local agents seemed to be still learning the whos, whats, wheres, whys, and hows of the Medallion system. Boarding had not quite started, but within 15 minutes or so, we were on the ship. Our cabin wasn't ready yet, but I dropped off our case of wine and carry-on bags before heading to the dining room for lunch. Our waiter strolled in about 10 minutes later....he had just returned to the ship after spending several months at home, and he wasn't in his groove yet. We were in vacation mode, and apparently, so was he, so we chuckled about it. We ended up eating in the main dining room only a couple of times, opting for the buffet, and specialty dining more often than not. Once at both Sabatini's and Planks BBQ, twice @ Steamers, and four times in the Crown Grill. Sabatini's: It's been at least 7 years since we've tried Sabatini's. The meal was excellent. Everthing was fresh, and tasty. My only complaint....it's a loud room, Lots of hard surfaces. They also sat 5 tables in our waiter's section within minutes of our arrival, including a party of 10, swamping the poor guy, but everyone stepped up to get things served as timely as possible. He thanked us for being patient. Hey, I'm on a boat, with my wife, and a killer bottle of Chianti. What's not to like!? Planks: Service was great, but the food was only so-so. But when it comes to BBQ, I'm a tough cookie, because I live in Georgia, and I'm surrounded by great BBQ. Steamers: We really enjoyed the view from the window while chowing down on great seafood. Add the crab legs and lobster! Not everyone likes certain things, so it was real easy to say, no clams, or no mussels. They gladly offered substitutions. The service was outstanding. Crown Grill: Excellent service. I'd always drop off my wine a few hours before our reservation, and it would be decanted, waiting for us when we'd arrive. I had the lamb chops twice , and they were cooked perfectly. My wife had the filet each time. Only once, did she have to send it back for being under-cooked. It happens every once in a while, and they took care of it. The entire CG staff were kept busy all night. Princess would go broke if they had to pay these folks by the mile. Vines: We enjoyed 2 flights of wine, and the pricing was very reasonable. Service was perfect. MDR: We had dinner there once, and were seated in a section that didn't have a waiter. After a few minutes, the Maitre D' asked us who seated us there, and quickly found a waiter to serve us. He did a great job, even without the help of an assistant waiter, but we found ourselves missing the friendly faces of the servers on the Lido Deck. The Ship: They are keeping her up nicely, always busy working on something. They are dealing with a/c issues in both public areas and cabins. We needed someone to fix our a/c the first night at around 11:45pm. They adjusted everything, and it was ok for the most part, but not 100%. Fans were offered, we declined. Our cabin was R745, the very last inside on the starboard side, which we absolutely love due to it's location. Three steps up, and you're at the terrace pool. We liked to call it our own private balcony. We ate breakfast and lunch up there most of the time, and there's always someone willing to bring you a drink or take your plates away. Every member of the food & beverage team we encountered on the Lido Deck, were delightful. Service was excellent. The Crew: Everyone seemed to be in great spirits as they had just finished doing months of 7 day Caribbean sailings, and this was a big change for them. New ports, cooler temps, and a week off from dealing with a turnaround day. We rarely encountered any lines or delays going here or there, because we learned a long time ago, that the early bird gets the worm. We were usually off of the ship while most were just showing up for breakfast.We walked between 5-6 miles each day in port. In a stop like Charleston, it was nice to walk and see everything and be back on the ship before it was too hot. How do you avoid an hour long line to buy ferry tickets in NYC? You download their app, and buy your tickets on your phone. I realize that some folks were miserable on this cruise, while others, like us, hated to leave. It's all up to you how you want to spend your time. Do you spend the night complaining, or do you choose your battles wisely and roll with things. I'll give you an example, there's a special drink I like on the platinum/elite lounge menu, I'd order it every day, and it was consistently made wrong. Instead of sending it back each evening while my wife drank her cocktail, we'd joke about if they were going to make it correctly or not each time. They got it right only once. A miserable record, but great folly for us. Some people seemingly take comfort in berating the help, I witnessed some doozies on this sailing. I would never let folks talk to my employees that way. So....if you don't like standing in lines, go before or after everyone else does. Don't get angry at the Maitre D because it's your anniversary and you can't get a window table. If it's so important to you, make arrangements ahead of time. Plan ahead, so you can enjoy later. You're on a floating hotel in the middle of the ocean, if you can't somehow enjoy yourself, you deserve to be miserable.
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