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Found 44 results

  1. Saw this pop up in the news - intrigued where the new destination will be! Princess Cruises has announced it will cancel all sailings aboard the 2,670-passenger Diamond Princess throughout Japan and Asia between October 2021 and April 2022, in favor of redeploying the ship to a new destination. Princess announced the ship will instead set sail for a maiden season in another part of the world, though the company did not specify where that would be. The inclusion of the word "maiden" implies a cruising region not normally visited by the ship, which has spent most of its service career in Asia and Alaska. Princess stated that details of the new voyages would be announced later this month. The cancelled sailings run from the October 24, 2021 voyage to the April 19, 2022 Northern Japan Spring Flowers cruise. Built in 2004 at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki, Diamond Princess was extensively refitted in 2014 for the Japanese market, to the tune of $30-million dollars. Added features included the first Japanese onsen bathing experience at sea, new food and dining venues, and contemporary Asian motifs throughout.
  2. The New York Times has published an article analyzing the outbreak of Covid-19 on the Diamond Princess and aerosols transmission. Very interesting reading. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/30/health/diamond-princess-coronavirus-aerosol.html
  3. What is everyone's opinion of the future of the Diamond Princess? Curious, as we are booked on it a year from now. Thanks!
  4. Have been reading reviews of the Diamond Princess before the virus. Many negatives about the ship. We booked a Japan Cruisetour for Oct 2021 before the virus hit. 1. What do people think about a refurbish of the ship? 2. I can't find reviews of the Cruise tour (3A). Has anyone been on it? Many thanks!
  5. Have been reading reviews of the Diamond Princess before the virus. Many negatives about the ship. We booked a Japan Cruisetour for Oct 2021 before the virus hit. 1. What do people think about a refurbish of the ship? 2. I can't find reviews of the Cruise tour (3A). Has anyone been on it? Many thanks!
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I noticed on the marine traffic site that, after an extended stay in Yokahama, the Diamond Princess is sailing again. Feels like a noteworthy milestone.
  7. We are booked on Diamond B2B April 2nd thru the 20th . We are healthy in our 60’s. We have been debating should we cancel. Why risk it. If we cancel by Wednesday we lose about a $1,000 after that it will be about $3,000. I know this is a popular cruise for Chinese passengers. They say about 20% of the passengers. Right now it looks like they would be denied boarding. Right? Anyone’s thought or opinion are appreciated. Thanks, Rich and Deb Hong Kong media are reporting on Saturday evening that an 80-year-old cruise passenger has been tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, pending further testing. Early reports are suggesting that his cruise itinerary involved a stop in Kagoshima and he had not visited mainland China the entire trip. Prior to the vacation, he had visited a local hospital for follow-up on Jan 15. Ming Pao reported that the man flew to Tokyo on Jan 17 and went on the Jan 20 Yokohama > Kagoshima > Hong Kong voyage. Diamond Princess arrived and left Hong Kong on Jan 25, the first day of Lunar New Year. The man reported that he has been coughing since Jan 15 and developed a fever on Jan 30. But it is important to note for now that it cannot be concluded that if the five-night voyage was "in the loop". Authorities are investigating if the old man caught the virus from his wife, who might have recently made trips to mainland China. It is now known that your healthy family member may still pass you the virus - a Taiwanese man had returned from Wuhan and infected his wife with the virus, while he has shown no symptom. It is also entirely possible that he caught the virus locally in Hong Kong after the trip, as incubation period for the novel virus is believed to be 2-14 days.
  8. There is a very nice write-up in the Washington Post at 6:37 this evening (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/03/02/coronavirus-live-updates/#link-6C3HH4CT3JE3LCWOJKVAIT7VIY). It begins with and includes additional information on Captain Arma: With his uniform on, bag packed and mask secured, Gennaro Arma, 44, disembarked from the Diamond Princess on Sunday. The captain was the last member of the crew to step off the ship after a coronavirus outbreak sparked an international drama that kept thousands of passengers on board and in quarantine. “He is a hero in our eyes,” Princess Cruises tweeted, alongside a photo of the captain walking away from the ship docked in Yokohama, Japan.
  9. Posted on Princess website the MODIFICATIONS & CANCELLATIONS are listed for the Sun Princess, Sapphire Princess & Diamond Princess. Here: 02/10/2020 Health Advisory on Coronavirus 02/10/2020 Letter from CDC to Diamond Princess 02/10/2020 Caribbean Princess Itinerary Change 02/09/2020 Updates on Diamond Princess 02/08/2020 Guest Experience on Diamond Princess
  10. Hi: I am booked on a Japan cruise in June on Diamond. I called Princess and was told they are up to March with giving people options. Does anyone know what the options are Princess is offering so far?
  11. We are booked to do a 9 day cruise from Yokohamar to a number of Japanese ports only on the 2nd of April, however due to the current situation on the Princess diamond we are very concerned about our cruise, and if indeed it will go ahead, i.e. will Japan want to have this cruise ship visiting its ports, also listened to the Princess CEO video and all of the crew are been given 2 month leave when they are allowed to leave the ship, (which Iam sure they well deserve) but this being the case where are they going to find the numbers of crew members they need in the next two months. There is plenty of communication from Princess regarding the current situation, but complete silence about the near future cruises, do others have similar concerns, has anyone been able to get any information from Princess in relation to this
  12. I tried to login to my cruise personalizer for my cruise on the Diamond for May 10th, and it says that it has been cancelled. I checked my Roll Call and didn't see anyone else mention it (its also early still). My cruise was paid for already, but I haven't seen or heard anything from Princess about future cancellations. The cruise is still listed on their reservation page, but maybe that doesn't mean anything? Has anyone heard that other cruises going into May are cancelled?
  13. I just booked the Diamond for 7 nights around Japan for next June. The personalizer said that they adjust the menus for the mostly Asian guests. I want to make sure there are things my husband and son will eat. My husband is trying to become more of an adventurous eater and my son can be kind of picky but does eat some weird stuff for a picky eater.
  14. How long until you would cruise on her? I know after a significant Boro outbreak that bookings fall for a few weeks, but this has been portrayed as much worse. Multiple cruises cancelled and ports closed. We are in New territory. Cannot recall anything similar.
  15. Hello, We are set to go on the Diamond Princess this May (to Japan/Korea) and I noticed that they are having a “medallion” upgrade in March. It appears that this is just an internet upgrade and not the full Medallion upgrade? Does this mean they will still use key cards at the room but offer faster internet? I don’t even see internet service as something I can purchase but maybe it would appear after the upgrade is complete? Also, can’t seem to find a lot of people on here who have been on this ship to Japan. Is this because most passengers are from that region and don’t use CC? If anyone has any sample menus or experiences with the chefs table, I’d love to hear it. We’ve been to Japan several times before but first time on a ship.
  16. I would like to know the following questions and I've posted the itinerary below: 1. When we sail from Yokohama, are we able to see Mount Fuji from the ship while sailing from the below itinerary? 2. Is there any way to visit Hiroshima during one of the below ports and if so if there is a tour company someone can recommend? 3. I have 3 post nights after the cruise. I would hoping to visit Osaka/Kyoto and Tokyo. Could I do 1 night Osaka/Kyoto and 2 nights in Tokyo or just do 3 nights in Tokyo and skip Osaka/Kyoto? If there is a private tour company that could arrange it, love to hear your thoughts. 4. Has any one taken this itinerary in March and recommend any of the excursions offered by Princess? 5. Are there many flowers that bloom in March? 6. Anything else I should know? Cruise Start March 15, 2020 Destination Arrives Departs Sunday Yokohama 5:00 PM Monday At Sea Tuesday Aburatsu 7:00 AM 4:00 PM Wednesday Hakata 12:00 PM 10:00 PM Thursday Busan 7:00 AM 6:00 PM Friday Sasebo 7:00 AM 6:00 PM Saturday Kagoshima 7:00 AM 6:00 PM Sunday Beppu 9:00 AM 4:00 PM Monday At Sea Tuesday Yokohama 6:30 AM
  17. I read somewhere that the Diamond Princess has hot water pots in the cabins for Japanese cruises. Can anyone verify this?
  18. Hello! Just returned from 13 days on the Diamond Princess cruising Japan. I don't see the exact cruise I did but its very similar to this one: http://www.princess.com/find/cruiseDetails.do?voyageCode=M818A Since there's not a lot about these cruises on here, I wanted to open myself up for questions. A few things to know: -I don't gamble or drink so I can't really speak to those. -This cruise is 90%+ Japanese cruisers. On our trip IIRC there were over 2100 Japanese & the ship holds about 2600 passengers. I don't have a complete passenger breakdown but I do remember about 160 Americans and between 250-300 Australians. -We only took Princess excursions. So, ask me anything!!
  19. is there a charge to use the japanese baths on the diamond princess
  20. Hi all, I would like to know from anyone that has been on the Diamond recently as to whether the tv's are locked or if you have access to all of the functions like most Princess ships, I just want HDMI access and am on the Diamond in January. I'm only asking as I was on the Majestic during it's transformation into a western ship back in 2018, The TV's where actually locked and not a single crew member on the ship could assist me. I ended up buying myself a TV at Samsung in Busan. As you can tell this is a big deal to me. Any information appreciated.
  21. Are you required to pre pay for shore excursions on diamond princess in Japan? I have heard conflicting things from different people.
  22. I was on the Ruby Princess last year and really enjoyed the International Café for premium coffee and treats 24 hours. The Diamond Princess does not have an International Cafe. The regular coffee on the Ruby was very disappointing so if premium coffee is not readily available on the Diamond, I might have to find another cruise. Where do they serve premium coffee and snacks 24 hours on the Diamond? Does the buffet have extended hours on the Diamond? Thanks!
  23. Greetings Princess Cruisers and Friends, my Husband Tom and I are about to embark on our Journey to Japan to board the Diamond Princess for 9 nights Circle Island Japan that the cruise starts on September 9. It's been a few years since I have done a Live From report, most of my "Live Froms" have been done on the Holland America Board and a few on the Norwegian Board so some of you may recognize me from those Cruise Critic Chat Boards. We have been frequent cruisers for quite a few years now and basically have lost count on the number of cruises we have taken. This will actually be our second cruise on the Diamond Princess sailing around Japan, our first was October 2017. We fell in love with Japan as well as loved the Diamond Princess. This cruise in many ways will be almost identical to our 2017 cruise yet different with the ports being different with the exception of going to Busan SK and this cruise being 9 nights rather than 8 nights. Everything we have booked was booked through Princess, EZ Air, Hotel at the Keio Plaza, all transfers and Excursions. So I will explain along the way about how Princess does things and does them a bit differently for Japan. In my opinion Princess does an excellent job with cruises in Japan but then they really are the only North American Cruise Lines that has a ship full time or at least almost full time in Japan with many crew members that are Japanese. Shortly after returning from our previous cruise in 2017 we knew we wanted to return so I had originally booked the Diamond for another 8 night for October 2019 that spent a lot of time in Northern Japan with stopping in Russia. Unfortunately 9 months after I booked the October cruise in September 2018 Princess had a Redeployment that canceled the cruise that we had booked so we had to make a change so we decided to move it up a month for a 9 night sailing for September 9, 2019, of course I then had to try to get our same Mini Suite cabin that we had originally booked and to book at least 3 nights Pre Cruise Hotel stay at the Keio Plaza. We loved the hotel from our first stay and found it to be a great location in Shinjuku. Last time we stayed was also for 3 nights, the pricing that Princess offered was actually quite good since it included Transfers from the Airport to the Hotel and Hotel to the ship in Yokohama. Although this time was not such a great deal, Princess increased the cost through them about 60% higher yet the actual hotel price was about the same that they were charging in 2017 if we would have booked direct. The problem is that there is not an easy way to get to Yokohama pier with lots of luggage without costing a lot of money and taking the very efficient train system would be good if not for the luggage, so we did just bite the bullet and kept with our reservations through Princess. We do plan to return but will feel far more confident getting around Japan next time and will most likely book a hotel in Yokohama area and be able to walk to the pier. There were things I wanted to do in Shinjuku which was another reason we stay with this plan. We start our Journey this evening with a Red Eye out of Las Vegas flying to Toronto on Air Canada Rouge, ....yes you read that right lol We head to the East Coast of North America before we go the opposite direction. I booked our flights with Princess EZ Air the day it became available, we did that last time as well because we found that is when you will find the very best pricing for Business Class Air. When flying into Tokyo we prefer to fly into Haneda which is an Airport much closer to Tokyo/Shinjuku area than Narita is but often the cost of the air is more expensive so like last time we are flying into Haneda and returning through Narita. In 2017 we flew America but the cost of American this time was almost $1000.00 per person more then Air Canada. I had heard good things about Air Canada Business Class and their Signature Class Lounge along with the Maple Leaf Lounge in Toronto that and the fact that on the return we could do US Customs in Canada rather than in the US, then with the price being much better it made it a no brainer despite the fact we leave on a flight this evening at 11:45 pm and will arrive in Toronto at 6:52 am tomorrow morning, then have about 6 and a half hour lay over to board our flight on a 777 to Haneda. We will arrive in Tokyo at 3:40 pm on Friday. I plan to post daily filling you in on little details of what we are doing and will also post lots of pictures along the way. Hopefully you will feel like you are cruising with us.
  24. We did a 14-night Asia cruise on the Celebrity Millennium in Jan 2018 and LOVED IT!!!! We then did a 14-night Asia cruise on the HAL Westerdam in March 2019 and it was just okay. Loved the ship but the food was horrible!!!! We are now looking at another Asia cruise for early 2020 doing mostly Japan or Japan & Taiwan and like the itineraries on the Diamond Princess. We mentioned this ship to fellow cruisers on the HAL cruise and people were quite negative about it. (They weren't all loyal HAL customers) I always thought that Celebrity, HAL & Princess were comparable. Am I wrong? I like the idea of the Diamond Princess having more Asian type food. My husband is from Hong Kong and loves the idea of the buffet having a ramen station as well as Japanese cold noodles available. But overall is the food better, same or worse? I still have time to do research as we usually book last minute but would love to hear your thoughts.
  25. Thinking about an Asian cruise late 2020/2021. Singapore to Tokyo. Which ship do you prefer, Diamond or Sun? Heard the balconies on the Sun are metal and cannot be seen through while sitting. True?
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