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Found 119 results

  1. I thought it would be a great idea to have a sticky so everyone can put their questions in one place for any questions about the ocean medallion so others who have experienced it or have answers could help out rather than having many threads open. This is a great way to share experiences and knowledge. Plus maybe we can get some official answers on here at some point! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Figured I would start with what I have experienced in regards to the medallion. I know one of the big questions asked if when the medallion sailings get added to the Ocean ready app. It appears for now that it's somewhere around the 60 day mark. Mine have been added on their own without having to add them myself. Another question I have been seeing posted here with frequency is when when the medallion be mailed. It appears for now that Princess is mailing them out so cruisers receive them around 2 weeks prior. I know when you order the email received does say 2-4 week however. Also see people questioning whether or not you need your cell phone all the time to use the medallion. Without carrying your cell phone, it does work for opening your door, charging at any venue like stores, bars and speciality restaurants as well as using in the casino. You can also use the large screens that are around the ship to locate those in your party and other things. Perhaps other posters can share their latest experiences with it. I've used in twice on the Regal and I'm using in next month on the Caribbean Princess and excited to see how much more it can do now.
  2. We usually book an Ocean View Cabin as we like to see daylight, thus an inside is out, and don't find the necessity for a balcony. That said, I notice that Princess and Norwegian do not seem to have couches in their Ocean View or Inside Cabins. Holland America and Celebrity have couches in every cabin. Have no idea why they would put couches in their Balcony Cabins and above but not in the Ocean Views and Insides. Since we have never been on Princess but would like to travel with them Are there any of the Princess ships that do have couches in the Ocean View Cabins? Just cannot see traveling from 8 to 14 days in a cabin that has only the bed or maybe one chair for seating. 😕
  3. Never got an upsell offer before. Sailing 10/28 for 10 days on Crown. Is the $99 a good deal. Seems like it!
  4. Thought I would start another thread for Ocean Ready questions or answers to try and keep the other thread to Ocean Medallion! Hopefully this makes things easy for people to ask questions and find answers!
  5. A friend is trying to set up their account on the Ocean Ready app. Has been trying for two days and can’t get into set up their profile. There has been different reasons. First name and email don’t match, then system not working. They even called Princess, but they were no help. They are an older couple and really getting frustrated. PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, we just purchased our first cruise on this line recently. I just received an email from Ocean Rewards that promises rewards by using your own credit card for shopping and travel. Apparently it is not exclusive to Princess because they had other lines listed also. Does anyone know anything about this or have you used it? I did attempt a search but did not find anything. Thanks Diane
  7. I have several upcoming bookingson the sky princess starting in December. I've noticed that my booking still is not showing up on my ocean ready where I can also order my medallion. Is everyone else having the same problem?
  8. Any opinion on the new category of cabins? Deluxe Ocean View. These are available on the Regal, Royal and Sky. We are booked on the Sky next year and thinking about changing to one of these cabins. I am a little concerned as the are Forward and on a high deck. We usually stay on Emerald or Dolphin decks at the rear of the ship. How much difference in movement Forward vs Aft? Thanks
  9. As I was prepping for my upcoming voyage on the Royal Princess in a couple weeks I was updating all my apps - OceanReady, OceanNow, Ocean Compass - and ran across a new app: It's by the same Global Experience Innovators that did the other Medallion apps. It looks like they've listened to all of not wanting to download so many apps and have combined them into this one. Here are some screen captures: It looks like some of the features are active now. Others, like OceanNow and JourneyView will be activated once on the ship like before. It's a 1.0 version right now so it appears to be in the early stages, but it's exciting to see things being moved into one app. Right now I'm working on a video of all the features, and once on the ship will be posting a video of those features, too. (If you are wanting to play with it, it's a bit hard to find in the app store. I actually had to click on "Global Experience Innovators" and it took me to all the available apps.)
  10. I know there have been endless posts around the whole Ocean Techie thing, however I have a simple (I think) question. Our TA contacted us yesterday and we jumped at the cruise. It leaves the day after we get back from another cruise. I finally have the first cruise all loaded up (or at least I think I do) however I can't seem to find any way to add the second cruise. Any of you folks who can help out an old tech illiterate type I would truly appreciate the assistance!!!
  11. My question is ....I have completed all the steps on my OCEAN READY ap...However the circle around cruise personalizer is still not green all other areas are green . We have completed all the parts of the check in and they are marked complete....what is left that will make this circle turn green and get me to Ocean Ready...Is it closer to sail date when I can download boarding passes and luggage tags? Anyone help with this..thank you in advance..Im stumped.
  12. Does it still come with a wristband in the box? I’ve watched one “unboxing” video that shows included wristbands, but then I also have read folks talking about ordering bands from Amazon. Or does it have a sleeve you can use to put it in your wallet or hang from a lanyard like many did with the card? And, speaking of card, do we still need to carry a cruise card? Any recent cruisers on a Medallion ship?
  13. I downloaded the Ocean Ready app on my phone, after I set up my Ocean Ready Account on my laptop. My app is acting really wonky. I type in my email and password and hit Login and it closes the app. I did it a few times and then I changed my password and it did the exact same thing. I have an iPhone Xr, which is up to date and my app is up to date. I deleted the app and reloaded it and it did the exact same thing. Any ideas?
  14. I am wondering if the apple watch bands will fit the ocean medallion. Did anyone buy one home BEFORE sailing? If so, what was it! thank you in advance
  15. I was able to get ocean ready with no problems whatsoever. My cabin mate however keeps getting a message that says details do not match. Has anyone ever had this happen? On hold with princess now for a very long time. Help....
  16. I would like to order wristbands for our upcoming regal cruise at the end of the month. I understand princess had problems with them and they are not available. I also have heard that people have used fitbit zip wristbands from amazon. Has anyone had any success with this? Do the medallions fit best in the "new style" zip wristbands or the "old style"?
  17. I have some specific Ocean Medillion questions that I need answers for: How soon before a cruise is the OM sent out to my home? If I am doing a back-to-back cruise, how does it work with the OM....will I get only one and then it will be adjusted on the ship? Or, will I get two medillions (one for each week)
  18. I know there are stickies covering these topics, but they are very long and it is hard to pore through them and get concise answers. Furthermore some posts are very old and so it is not clear what the current situation is. I see comments about multiple apps referring to Ocean Ready, Medallion and Medallion Internet. Who's on First - What's on Second. Would be nice to see a single post addressing these topics and current status.
  19. We love the Voice of the Ocean. I had fun and actually won it on the Crown last year. Do they have it on Royal in Alaska?
  20. We are sailing on the Regal March 17. Does anyone have experience with boarding without using the Ocean Ready App? Does it add extra time checking in at the port? I was told by a Princess representative that if you did not have the app set up on your phone before boarding, you would have to spend time at the port doing so. She stated that you must set up your profile on your phone to use the medallions. Is this true?
  21. Greetings, I collect the plastic room key cards from all of our cruise sailings and mount them in frames along with itinerary and ship info. I wondered if Princess still gives out the plastic room keys on sailings that have the Ocean Medallion? We will be on Royal Princess in September of 2020. I appreciate your responses.
  22. I have tried several times to add my reservation to ocean ready...It keeps saying they cannot find it....Does the cruise need to be paid in full before you can add it to the app. Thank you in advance.
  23. We have booked our 1st Caribbean cruise. Our flight is 2 nights before departure from Ft. Lauderdale. I'm looking at the Princess precruise option of B Ocean Resort (formerly Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hotel). I'm wondering if any one had any experience. Is the transfer process effective and timely? How's the beach, rooms and facilities? TIA
  24. My DW and I are going to be on the Crown Princess in February, 2020. This will be our first cruise on a ship with the Ocean Medallion available. Does it replace the old cruise cards? What are the advantages & disadvantages of the OM compared to the cruise cards?
  25. How well is the unlimited internet service performing in Alaska? Is it spotty or is the internet usage/streaming reliable and fast? After viewing a video on the Ocean Medallion sticky (thank you for the information, idahospud), I am rethinking purchasing internet service. Any more recent Royal Princess travelers who can update?
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